I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 269

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Episode 269: Circle Battle (2)

“yes. Definitely took over. I understand that the matter has now been resolved.”


Yoo Seong-eun’s office. She is talking to someone on her phone.

The target was Camilla. A member of the European Union and who recently coached Jaehyun’s colleague.

He had been friends with Yoo Sung-eun for quite some time.

S rank in the same magic world, good character, etc. Because there was a lot of overlap.

Yoo Seong-eun smiled.

“I’m glad though. This German attack on the Red Gate ended well without any casualties.”

[Have we done anything? Jaehyun did everything. To destroy the Red Gate alone… I really hadn’t even thought about it.

Did you know the guild master from the beginning? That’s how strong Jaehyun is!]

“I didn’t know it would be like that either. If I had known, I would have assigned a smaller number of elites to this gate attack.”

Yuseong also had many questions about Jaehyun’s growth. He knew, of course, that he had a great talent for representation.

But will he surpass his S-class self in their first meeting?

I wasn’t sure about that.

S-class level.

It was a state that only those with hard work could reach, not just those who were born with talent.

However, Yoo Seong-eun first presented the condition not to miss Jae-hyun. It was just a possibility.

When you think it’s too late, it’s too late, because Jaehyun has enough talent to cure his own disease. So I tried to catch it there, and things continued like this.

But Jaehyun did a great job. Now, let alone S-class, he is showing abilities that far exceed this.

It’s to the point where there is an opinion in Congress that a new rating should be created for him.

Jaehyun is already an irregular.

A radar that far exceeds standards and redefines the case.

For a moment, a shudder lingered throughout Yoo Seong-eun’s body.

The scene he saw right before he collapsed during the capture of the Red Gate.

Like a film camera, there was a reenactment in the memory that was clearly left in my mind, and there was an awe-inspiring scene where countless magic poured out in an instant shattered like glass.

Among them, Jaehyun appeared… .

When I came to my senses, everything had been sorted out before I knew it.

‘I was saved by Jaehyun twice. Who the heck is the healer?’

When she thought of that time and smiled a little. Camilla’s voice continued.

[But the monster is not one.]

“… yes?”

[Jaehyun’s colleagues… Their skills were also overwhelming.]

Camilla took a moment to catch her breath, then sighed.

[Three people in first grade. Sooner or later they will rise to the ranks of the S-Raider like us. It will be good news for Korea.]

Even Yoosung couldn’t help but be taken aback by those words.

Did Jaehyun’s colleagues grow up to that extent?

It’s not grade A… S class?

* * *

“that… Our surname came to cooperate with you.”

The last guest who came to Jaehyun, the master key. She was Han Ji-an of Seong-eun.

Raider with very good utility and heal skills.

In fact, considering that Nine had no healers other than Jaehyun, it was a circle that could have been a pretty bad choice when holding hands.

There are a lot of healers in Seongeun’s circle, just like the circle leader, Han Jian.

They mainly use divine magic, and even at this point in time when the magic world is generally bad, they were also highly regarded.

Healers are rare in any guild, and it is difficult to easily recruit them into a team.

However, that alone was not enough to convince Jaehyun.

‘In a circle match like this, dealers are bound to get more attention than healers. It’s because they don’t actually get hurt, and if they receive more than a certain amount of damage, the barrier activates and they return to reality.’

In addition, you can heal simple wounds using the healer’s heal.

It is not possible to restore the protective barrier of the barrier that has been cut off. That was the decisive reason why the treatment of healers could not be high in a match like this.

“Why do we need to work with the Sung Eun Circle?”

Jaehyun said in a tone as if he was holding back his choice.

I would choose them anyway, but there was no need to tee off here.

Use it if available. That was Jaehyun’s credo, and if he could elicit a higher offer, it was absolutely right to do so.

Anyway, the only ones who can give Seong-eun more are herself and Nine.

“We don’t have an average military force like Yu, and we don’t have unique raiders like Kang Joo-hyeop. But one thing for sure is that you care about making your circle stand out… .”

“It doesn’t mean anything unless you win in the end.”

“Because I think you will win. That’s why you came.”

Han Jian said that while holding both hands tightly.

It was as she said.

Han Jian was in a situation where he was quite crowded.

Third Eye, led by Chae Ji-yoon, who disappeared during the Limit Breaker incident in the past. Quite a few of the members returned to the academy, but all of them chose a circle other than their last name.

The forces between the circles that were barely maintaining the balance began to crumble.

The members of Third Eye were separated into Yu and Aran respectively.

Thanks to this, compared to the days when it was called the 4th guild and praised, the castle now has become so shabby that it is hard to see.

It was the first time I even had to pay point debt to run the circle unreasonably!

For this reason, Jian Han had to somehow win this match. To recruit more Circle members and make up for the deficit, and as a Circle Master!

So what’s the best way?



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‘I’m attached to a strong person!’

The conclusion was simple and clear.

reappearance. He’s a freshman, but he’ll already have a solid plan in place for the competition.

The image of him attacking the dungeon at the time of the midterm exam in the past. Not only that, but you can tell just by looking at how he’s already earned the circle’s insolvency.

that their skills are genuine.

Jaehyun smiled as he looked at her eagerly holding her hands together.

He nodded and replied.

“All right. Senior Han Ji-an. We, Circle Nine, will participate in this competition in cooperation with Sungeun. Instead, if you agree to all of our conditions.”

“I, really… ?”

Han Jian, who couldn’t believe Jaehyun’s words, asked that question.

she hesitated.

“Didn’t the other circles go there a while ago? Yu or… Or Alan… .”

“You did?”

“Honestly, it’s true that they are stronger than our circle… Why did you choose us… .”

“I have a place to use them all, so don’t worry.”

“But you don’t have to ask other circle members for their opinions… ?”

“Any problems?”

It was a question that seemed to be an anti-coercive threat.

However, the answer is always the same.

There is no one here who opposes Jaehyun’s choice.

From the beginning, they believed in reappearance.

“Then, let’s start preparing. Please gather here with your senior circle members. I will explain the operation. first… We should start by dividing the units.”

“ah… huh!”

Han Ji-an happily shook her head.

confrontation. It occurred to me that Seong-eun might be able to rise to the surface again.

I don’t know why, but there was certainty in Jaehyun’s words.

sure you can do that. Should I say that I feel the will to do so?

* * *

“hello. Nice to meet you. I am Instructor Baek Ja-hong, who is in charge of explaining this competition. From now on, the final exams at Milles Academy. I will begin by explaining the circle competition.”

Instructor Kim Ji-yeon did not directly participate in this circle competition.

This was an effective decision.

After Gu Ja-in’s eradication, the circle competition itself was also quite negative.

In a situation where both positive and negative are mixed, there is no reason for her, the chairman of the board, to step forward and explain this.

After entrusting it to others, he examines public opinion behind the scenes.

That was a much better choice as a leader.

“For the detailed rules of the circle competition, it would be good to refer to the materials distributed to each person… For now, let me remind you of a simple rule.”

Instructor Baek Ja-hong started explaining the circle competition in earnest.

Jaehyun also listened to him and recalled the specific rules once again.

First of all, the first is a physical penalty. This was the most painful part for Jaehyun. Here, the radar cannot demonstrate its power beyond a certain limit.

Also, as in the past midterm exam, you will go into battle wearing a vest with barrier magic.

Apart from viability. Since all of these visualized HPs were the same, it was close to impossible to fight alone after being hit by a combined attack, no matter how recreated it was.

It meant that this practical skill was more important than resourcefulness.

The second was the harmony between viewers and broadcasting.

The radar transmits each broadcasting situation through the camera attached to the artifact.

In addition, each viewer can only enter one room, and cannot reveal the situation of the other camp.

Before entering the first broadcast, you must pay the Mana Pledge. This is because in the process, if you disclose information about other rooms, you will have to pay a large penalty.

Nothing specific is known, but… It would have been about tens of billions.

I don’t think there’s anyone going around saying that without going crazy.

This was a natural decision on the part of the school.

When the cadets taking the test find out what the other faction is doing, it can cause a lot of confusion. It won’t be a fair test.

Third is the sponsorship system.

This is a system in which viewers can directly support the cadets.

The points earned here can be used to purchase items needed in battle later, and the team with the most sponsorship at the end will receive additional points and rewards from Milles.

The fourth was that this confrontation was in contact with a kind of survival game.

Only basic equipment and minimum food are initially paid, and each initial starting field is different.

The field is divided into three, and it was the principle that each force gathered and decided directly in the desired method.

‘… There are three powers in all. As expected, Yu and Aran are separated.’

They were Jeong-hyeon and Kang Joo-hyeop, who were not on good terms. Again, it seemed that they did not agree.

Jaehyun had nothing to regret.

“The representative of each faction, please tell us the color of the team you lead, and decide the starting field through consultation.”

As soon as Instructor Baek Ja-hong’s words ran out, Jeong-hyeon and Kang Joo-hyeop exchanged words one by one.

“Is it like this too?”

“Damn it, Min Jaehyun. In a situation like this, it would have been better if you just joined us. Han Ji-an’s surname was the one who filtered out and brought us in… What are you going to do?

I bet you know how worthless the existence of a healer is in this competition, right?”

“That is for us to decide. I’ll tell you first. The color our team will take on this time is black. It is black.”

Along with Jaehyun’s words, Junghyun raised his hand and accepted the words.

“We have a hundred.”

“I am the enemy.”

white and black and red.

The organization of the three camps and three colored factions has been completed.

All that remains is the field.

There were three fields in all, each with its own rhythm.

Everyone has a different opinion, but most cadets are sure of one thing.

That is, the ‘cliff’ area must never be as uneven.

‘Even if you play rock-paper-scissors, you don’t have to be the last!’

‘Absolutely no cliffs. It’s too dangerous!’

When Jeong-hyeon and Kang Joo-hyeop thought so. Jaehyun smiled and crossed his arms.

“It seems that the cliff area is not popular. We’ll do it this way. Anyone have any complaints?”

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