I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 270

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Episode 270 Circle Battle (3)

All three camps basically have their own pros and cons.

The first is the forest area.

It was effective in ambushes and guerrilla warfare and had a variety of plants and animals, making it the most advantageous place for preparing food and potions.

Generally the most preferred place.

By the way, it is also the place that the two camps want except for Jaehyun.

However, as it was easy to ambush, it was also not suitable for concentrating troops in one place for a great battle.

Most of the raiders who show good performance here are non-fighting and tend to handle spears.

The second area was the coast.

Although it has the disadvantage of being relatively open compared to the first area, the forest, it is basically a fortress blessed by nature if you can use water magic.

The sandy beach restricts movement, so it can hold the ankles of martial arts with excellent mobility, and is advantageous for mages to buy time for casting.

In addition, food ingredients are not as good as the forest, but there is no problem in securing them.

The third and last was the cliff area chosen by Jaehyun.

Traditionally, this place is considered the worst, with no formation winning, but perhaps if you can show a good performance here, you will be able to capture the hearts of viewers.

That’s why Jaehyun chose this place, too.

‘But anyway, that’s when you win. Picking a cliff is crazy.’

Kang Joo-hyeop gritted it.

It was because of his choice that he did not understand.

Roughly speaking, Jaehyun seemed to be seeing something he was missing.

The cliff is not level unless you are crazy. It was a basic custom in Milles Academy’s circle competition.

The academy side does not give an advantage to this area separately.

Not even giving the cadets a chance to complain because they were at a disadvantage. Although it is said that it has become weaker than when Gujain came to power, it did not mean that Miles’ philosophy of survival has changed.

‘He’s overconfident. He said he could easily win against us. It’s very likely that he is judging that way.’

Junghyun thought so too.

To that extent, Jaehyun’s choice was a gamble.

Jeong Hyeon-do and Kang Joo-hyeop also wanted to choose the cliff in response to Jae-hyun’s will.

Let’s stick together properly there and determine the winner!

If you do that, viewers will like it even more.

But they weren’t stupid. If you don’t have the confidence to win, don’t intervene.

Radar is what sometimes has to be cowardly enough to be called petty.

You can’t embarrass your teammates either.

If Jaehyun took the worst case, it was perfect for them.

“i get it. Our white camp wants to choose a forest.”

“In that case, we will choose the shore of our enemy.”

It didn’t take long for the two to decide on their formation.

Kang Joo-hyeop unexpectedly gave up the forest easily, but it was because the new circle allied with him was led by the magic world.

It must have been decided that it was possible to use the advantage of the seaside.

“Anyway, is the strategy really working?”

Han Ji-an hesitantly stood next to Jae-hyun and asked, and Kwon So-yul smiled.

“well. I can’t give you a definitive answer, but… Considering what Min Jaehyun has shown so far, I don’t think we need to worry too much.”

The two were of the same age and had a one-on-one relationship.

‘It’s the first time I’ve seen someone Soyul trusts this much… what?’

Jian Han looked at Jaehyun with a strange sense of incongruity.

She was well aware of how calculating Kwon So-yul was.


That she believes in people… ?

“But… Soyul, didn’t you not trust people?”

“I don’t believe. But you can trust his skills. I’m sure.”

Kwon So-yul glared at Jae-hyun’s thin face for a while as if he was unlucky, then left.

Jian Han stared at her blankly, but was frightened by the instructor’s voice calling her.

“All cadets, please assemble here. Now, in one minute, we will start the circle competition in earnest.”

Nine and Han Ji-an’s Seong-eun’s black forces lined up.


One minute passed quickly, and they were transported to subspace with a strange sensation.


The lost spirit has returned.

Looking around, they are greeted by familiar sights and smells.

They were summoned to the top of the cliff as Jaehyun had chosen in the first place.

A wasteland of nothing. There was not a single blade of grass there, and water seemed difficult to procure.

However, Jaehyun knew for sure.

Choosing this place is the most certain way to win.

* * *

At the gymnasium of the European Union, for the first time in a while, Ballack was watching his pupils.

Lena Meyer. She was doing a two-ton bench press that she gasped for and only listened to in her words.

“Huh… Heo-eok… Master Joe, let’s take a break… no see… .”

Lina wanted to put the dumbbell down like a chimney, but her teacher did not allow it.

“I can’t. Thanks to you skipping training for a while, your level has reached the bottom. Thank you for making up for that here.”

“Oh, that can’t be… .”



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Recently, Ballack started to have fun in nurturing disciples by watching Jae-hyeon’s colleague, Ahn Ho-yeon.

Those blazing blue eyes!

Isn’t that the essence of radar?

Thanks to this, he had the desire to raise such disciples without fail… .

The damage was seen by Lina Meyer.

“Sah, live… .”

That’s when the bench press for basic physical strength was in full swing.

“Did it finally start?”

Where did the buzzing sound come from? After Lina secretly put her dumbbell down, she turned her head in the direction of the sound.

There was a huge screen there.

“It’s a circle competition… The only school that has final exams this loud is probably only Korea’s Miles.

By the way, it’s not a forest or a beach, it’s a cliff… You picked the worst place.”

The master didn’t seem to notice yet that he had put the dumbbell down.

His eyes are only towards the screen.

And there, even though he chose the cliff, he could see Jaehyun calmly greeting the viewers.

[iced coffee. mic test. mic test. Can you hear everyone?]

Lina felt deep gratitude to Jaehyun for even briefly drawing her teacher’s interest, and cautiously got up from her seat and raised her toes.

If only I could get out of here and go back to Korea… .

“Okay, I think you’ve had enough rest. keep going.”

However, a sharp gaze pierced his back before he knew it.

Lina finally lowered her head.

It seemed that it would take a little longer to return to Korea.

* * *

“iced coffee. mic test. mic test. Can you hear everyone?”

With a sly voice, Jaehyun lightly greeted the camera floating in the air.

With him, numerous chats began to follow.

[Anonymous 3: Wow! First comment! Gacha success! It’s a room with King God Jaehyun ㅁㅋㅋ]

The owner of the first chat was Anonymous 3.

He was genuinely delighted to have entered Jaehyun’s room.

Well, it’s a natural thing.

In the broadcast broadcast in this Circle Competition, it is completely random which force will enter the room.

This meant that even the viewers could not tell which cadets would enter the room.

Unsurprisingly, the hottest cadet recently is Jaehyun. Most of the viewers wanted to enter his room.

And now, Anonymous 3 succeeded in breaking through the 1/3 probability and entering his room.

Happy for him!

Jaehyun gave a nice greeting.

“Nice to meet you. This is Min Jae-hyun. This time, I was in charge of the circle competition with Seong-eun, led by senior Han Ji-an.”

[Anonymous 11: Wowaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)]

[Anonymous 14: ?But why the cliff terrain? Isn’t it a gacha chojin hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

[Anonymous 81: Well. If it was Min Jae-hyun, he might have chosen this place on purpose. Freezing Red Drake during the midterm is a legend?]

[Anonymous 93: oops]

Jaehyun’s popularity was also beyond imagination.

Fundamentally, there were some that were excellent in skills, and the outstanding appearance also had an effect.

There is even news that even people who don’t like cruel things participated in this viewer’s content to see him.

[Anonymous 17: [5,000 points sponsored!]]

“From the beginning… thank you.”

Jaehyun grinned at the message that came to mind.

Support exploded from the start. Those points can be used to buy things you need to survive later.

In fact, the support you can receive because you have recognition from the beginning.

But what to do?

What life drives a guy to be like this.

“Then, we will briefly brief on our situation and start in earnest.”

After Jaehyun got lucky, he started talking.

“The terrain we are in is a cliff terrain. Actually, it is known as a very bad place, but to my surprise, I picked it myself. I think I can show you something very interesting here.”

[Anonymous 1: Ah ha ha ha ha Gad Jae Hyun doesn’t disappoint us from the start ha ha ha cliff?! Is it true hahahahahaha]

[Anonymous 81: Like crazy. There hasn’t been a single person who’s ranked #1 here yet. Wouldn’t it make you a legend just by eating it?]

[Anonymous 7: A… No matter what, let’s eat physical ability restrictions here. No matter how strong Jaehyun is here, won’t it be difficult to win first place?]

[Anonymous 11: Do it anyway hahaha]

[Anonymous 65: Since I picked it myself, there must be a plan, inconvenient people ;;]

“Many people seem to be wondering why I chose the cliff topography. I’ll start off by saying this briefly.

First of all, the forest. It’s not a bad coastal area. Traditionally, the top terrain at Milles Academy was forest, followed by the coast. Because it produced the most winners. Each has its own merits.”

Jaehyun was moderately ground rice.

“But here, too, there is something available, albeit limited.

It is ‘tile’.”

At his words, question marks were plastered on viewers’ chat windows.

[Anonymous 1: ??????]

[Anonymous 21: ??What does that mean?]

[Anonymous 9: Pro explainer passing by] The tiles in the circle competition are footholds with special effects that cause various abnormal conditions. If you step on this, you will be screwed. Last year, the winning candidate stepped on a poison tile and fell behind in two days.]

[Anonymous 10: But how do you use that hahahahahahahaha]

[Anonymous 95: Let’s keep listening. I’m so damn curious

Jaehyun smiled at the burning reaction and continued.

“The method is simple.”

cliff terrain.

To the other cadets, this place might look like barren land, but to Jaehyun, it wasn’t.

There were countless things that could be used here, filling his head.

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