I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 271

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Episode 271: Circle Battle (4)

The terrain is of course bad.

It is difficult to find food and drinking water in the cliffs.

Plus, there’s so much dust that it’s hard to breathe.

However, because it is such a trashy terrain, the feeling of pleasure when winning first place increases.

Jaehyun knew the hearts of viewers well.

Viewers get excited when they do something that is stimulating and seemingly impossible.

“We will lure the enemy this way. See the plain below? It is traditionally the final battleground of the Circle War.

I’ll lure them there and then make them step on the tiles and sweep them away.”

There is a wide flat area under the cliff that Jaehyun pointed out.

However, this time, viewers also started chatting with absurdity as if embarrassed by his absurd description of the operation.

[Anonymous 4: How can that be possible hahahahahaha The tiles are ‘hidden’ in the first place. It’s impossible to find it, and it’s difficult to force it to step on it. In addition, the location has changed from last year, so it is impossible to memorize it.]

[Anonymous 19: So hahaha It doesn’t even make sense to wipe it out… In the first place, here, the stat limit is so damn high, and you can’t even use the upper level skills. Even if they attack all at once, it is impossible to sweep them all at once.]

[Anonymous 19: Therefore, it means that there is a fierce battle and bloody mess.]

[Anonymous 92: Jaehyun… Let’s change the strategy right now… Please… I want to see you win!!]

[Anonymous 56: Hyung, no matter how much I do this.]

[Anonymous 5: Hey, I guess you have something on your mind. You showed it during the midterm exam, right?]

[Anonymous 45: f*ck this shield. Oh, I’ll go to another room.]

It’s crazy.

Jaehyun suppressed the laughter that was about to leak out at those words.

This is the best reaction I’ve ever expected.

viewers’ hearts. Jaehyun knew it best.

They nail it as something that can never be done, but they want Jaehyun to do it.

Doubtful, but in the end you’ll want to overcome and wipe out all your enemies.

Jaehyun just needs to accurately grasp their psychology and use it.

“Now, let’s stop communicating here. Let us finish the operation.”

He turned his head and looked over the two united circles.

“First of all, we will be divided into two teams. One team with me as the leader, and one team with senior Han Jian and Ina as the leader.”

Jaehyun decided to move to find a foothold and lure the enemy there, and Han Jian and Seo Ina decided to move separately because they had something to put together.

The rest of the members moved with Jaehyun except for Jaesang Lee.

Lee Jae-sang remained on the cliff here, manufacturing potions, and was in charge of defending the fortress, attacking enemies pushing down.

In the past, it would have been difficult to take on a role like this without even the least amount of force, but it was a decision made because of his recent achievements.

The members of Seong-eun’s circle will also help, so there was no worry.

“Let’s go, everyone.”

“… huh. See you later.”

Seo Ina replied, and Jaehyun quickly moved along with her colleagues.

* * *

Shaaaaa… .

You can hear the waves crashing against the breakwater.

The red forces led by Kang Joo-hyeop were sent to the coast.

Aran joined forces with Chronicle, a magical circle, to fight this battle.

Baek Chang-hyeon, the head of Chronicle, had Kang Joo-hyeop on his back this time to make up for his lack of strength, and Kang Joo-hyeop planned to overcome the lack of a magic-using radar and the disadvantages of terrain selection.

Also, so far everything has been running smoothly.

They didn’t doubt it.

They will definitely be the winners in this Circle Competition!

“But before that.”

Kang Joo-hyeop had something he had to do even from a tactical point of view.

“Min Jaehyun. We need to find out what he’s up to.”

To ambush Jaehyun’s black forces and find out why they chose the cliff terrain.

It was an important issue that could determine the course of action going forward.

Kang Joo-hyeop divided the team into two separate units, one centered around wizards who would protect this place, and the other, a fighter-based raider unit that knew how to hide the signs of a raid on the cliff.

Managing audience communication… After all, it will be difficult if we don’t start now.

Thinking so, Kang Joo-hyeop caught his breath and opened his mouth.

“Oh, hello. This is Aran’s circle leader, Kang Joo-hyeop… This time, I will lead the red forces with Chronicle.”

The words were incompetent.

In fact, he was the type to freeze whenever he went live.

In the past, when Aran performed well, he also did not say the broadcast comment himself. At that time, she had a skilled and competent senior who was good at talking.

That’s why I was able to create a dramatic situation and seize the chance to win.

‘Damn it, I should have brought Min Jae-hyeon to our side somehow… !’

At the time of the midterm exam, Jaehyun handled the viewers very skillfully and continued to attack without obstruction.

Thanks to this, the number of playbacks of Jaehyun’s attack videos on Milles Academy’s official video channel reached almost hundreds of millions.

“under… .”

When he was trying to say something, the reaction of viewers’ comments came back.

Admittedly, this wasn’t the kind of thing that made you feel very good.

[Anonymous 22: Ah… I wanted to enter the room with Min Jaehyun. Gacha failed.. Please comfort me]

[Anonymous 12: Yes, you have to go to the room where Min Jae-hyun is to get comforted. Are they all the same people? X feet.]

[Anonymous 74: I came to another room, but why do all the kids talk about Min Jae-hyun? So, when will Jaehyun Min come out?]

All chats are looking for a reappearance in unison.



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Kang Joo-hyeop honed his teeth.

It was all the more so because he knew Jaehyun’s skills the best.

At the time of the camp, he said that he was hunting a stronger monster in the depths. For security reasons, his true identity was not properly disclosed, but there were still many unknowns about his ability to recreate.

It’s the same with S-class magic.

How many more of those things can he use?

Although there are limitations in artifacts and skills, he was undoubtedly a dangerous enemy.

but… .

No matter how blatantly you put on a tee like that in your room.

Of course, the people who started such chats quickly disappeared. It was kicked out by the manager. Kang Joo-hyeop was angry, but thought this was also one of the significance of this test.

If I was going to be frustrated because of my overwhelming talent, I wouldn’t even think about becoming a raider.

He had already made his decision and had no intention of reversing it.

“let’s go. First of all, it’s better to hit Min Jae-hyun’s circle to weaken their power. If you have a disagreement, speak up anytime.”

No one answered his words.

Although he liked the strategy, everyone here could tell that his stern-looking face was also playing a part.

* * *

“In fact, just because they were divided into three factions to battle, it would be difficult to see the battle going on in a 1v1vs1 format.”

Jaehyun searched near the cliff to find a foothold and communicated lightly with viewers.

The place he was heading to was the plain below the cliff. It was the place where they would fight in the end.

“Both forces will target me. It’s the strongest, so you’ll want to get rid of it first.”

[Anonymous 1: Vigor… Shout out! God Jaehyun!]

[Anonymous 56: So let’s just change the strategy, brother… this is not…]

[Anonymous 14: Uh-Don’t doubt this Jaehyunjwa?]

[Anonymous 14: No, I don’t want to be suspicious, but this is a bit harsh ;;]

Jaehyun just smiled as he watched the chatter pouring in.


“By the way, how are you going to find and use the invisible tiles? As viewers have said, tiles are almost impossible to find by looking at them with the naked eye.

Unless you bring a special machine… .”

Ahn Ho-yeon asked as they walked side by side. In the back, Kim Yoo-jung is wary of her surroundings.

Jaehyun nodded.

“don’t worry. Because I have thoughts.”

―Active skill 《Insight Eye》.

Jaehyun used his insight eye to read the flow of magic that existed nearby.

This is an EX-class skill, and is not restricted in this subspace. This skill basically integrates an S-class skill called Guanpa.

It was a skill specialized in finding something, so there was no need to explain.

‘Basically, a tile is a trap constructed using magic as a medium. It was originally intended to hunt monsters, but… This time, it was specially designed to hunt raiders, not monsters.’

However, it is said that cases of witch beasts setting traps and using them to hunt radars have been observed in several places recently. As a result, the contents of the test to prepare for traps like now were added from last year.

Of course, Jaehyun had already experienced it once, so he was used to it.

Before long, Jaehyun smiled and looked at the camera.

“Looks like you found it. I think there are about four on this side. One is Paralysis, one is Poison, and the other two are slow enchanted tiles.”

[Anonymous8: ?? What are you talking about hahaha I didn’t do anything so how do you know haha

[Anonymous 10: Now I’ve decided to give up thinking. It’s because I found out that it would be easier to do that.]

[Anonymous 81: You found the real tile?]

Jaehyun nodded his head as if he couldn’t help it.

“All right. It would be quicker to confirm.”

He kicked a stone that had fallen under his feet and fired it at a point.

Soon after, the stone kicked by Jaehyun’s foot landed on the ground, and unexpected things started to happen from there.

Koo Goo Goo!

At the same time as the ground trembled, poisonous arrows began to shoot from all sides.

Jaehyun somehow seemed to be able to know the reaction of the viewers without looking at the chatting.

[Anonymous 1: … ?]

[Anonymous 71: Hahahaha where did those bastards who said they couldn’t do it earlier go? Adak row;]

[Anonymous 12: ㅁㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ What a mess. Please explain.]

“It is not very difficult. I just amplified the feeling as much as possible and picked the point where the mana was unevenly distributed… It’s just a classification of its types.”

[Anonymous: No, so what do you do with that?]

“Oh, there was one thing I didn’t tell you.”

Jaehyun laughed.

“It was a story that it wasn’t very difficult because it was me.”

At those words, the chat window flared up again.

Jaehyun Min, he was the best talent you can trust! Chatting like that was the main thing, and some people suspected manipulation of the contents of the test.

But even in the midst of that, one thing is certain.

Right now, Jaehyun is drawing a big resonance in the radar world, and it was inevitable that it would draw a lot of people’s attention in one way or another.

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