I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 274

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Episode 274: Strategy (1)

A subspace dungeon famous for having final exams.

Ordinary people look at it and evaluate it like this.

[Isn’t that too scary?]

[Is this a dungeon made for students to attack?]

[I can’t seem to break the current radar ;;]

Although this is a story that viewers overlook that the cadet is a raider and an overwhelming predator. In any case, their opinions largely converged.

Too hard for a cadet’s test!


The subspace dungeon is a picture of the ecology of numerous actual dungeons.

As it was with Red Drake in the past, it is the same this time.

This time, it will be safe as there will be no rampage of monsters, but the difficulty of the attack is quite different.

At that time, it was the midterm exam where only freshmen were evaluated. But this time, what a circle and union units.

Isn’t it an event in which all students struggle?

There was no need to explain the difference in importance and difficulty.

‘But there is a dungeon with the highest difficulty among them. This is where it is. An ice prison that is said to have been modeled after parts of Nastrond’s Hell.’

Jaehyun muttered as he looked at the entrance to a dungeon at the end of a cliff.

You can see the entrance is frozen white.


Even though they didn’t touch it, it looked very cold to them.

It must be at least tens of degrees below zero.

‘At this temperature, even the cadets would be frightened. Even if you find this place, you won’t even dare to enter if you don’t prepare properly.’

It was a story that ordinary cadets were like that.

Jaehyun and his party used the points to buy various items they needed. Thick clothes and equipment for when the temperature drops like now.

And crampons and other items with anti-slip.

They had all the items they needed to attack.

‘Of course, if there is skill, the icing on the cake.’

Jaehyun thought so and lightly raised magic in his hand.

―Active skill 《Fire Lv 5》.


A bright red flame burns.

fire. It’s a basic magic, but if you set it to the highest level, its effectiveness will change.

Melting this much ice was not even a task for him.

For reference, Jaehyun has already mastered all low-grade skills. This was a repetitive process that could have been boring, but it wasn’t particularly difficult.

Before the return, even if he swung his sword thousands or tens of thousands of times, his skill level did not rise.

But now, new horizons are opening every moment.

There was no reason for him to be sad or bored.

Also, thanks to that effort, we can show the highest level of magic to the viewers.

Chiyi… .

The ice melts gradually, revealing the entire entrance covered by the ice wall.

The pure white door looked like it was tangled up in huge chains. It was an iron gate, and there were rust-colored moss in places.

Jaehyun sincerely admired the appearance of the sub-space, which was implemented down to the smallest detail.

And he was not alone in admiring it.

“wow… .”

“That is great. Again.”

Ahn Ho-yeon and Kwon So-yul, and.

[Anonymous 1: Wow… crazy… !]

[Anonymous 16: I heard that subspace technology has gotten better these days, but this seems to be the best in the world?]

[Anonymous 55: ㅇㅇ I’m looking forward to what’s inside.]

The reaction of viewers is also good. This was enough to draw aggro.

Anyway, one of the main themes of this exam is broadcasting.

If you don’t pull the right aggro here, you won’t be able to get points, which will work against your black forces later.

Thanks to that, Jaehyun was able to pull all the aggro needed here.

… Of course, a suitable villain to do so. So there must be an actor, too.

‘Are you finally here?’

Jaehyun smiled.

He felt a very weak magic power coming from behind him.

Kang Joo-hyeop’s Aran. And the dungeon raiding unit of the enemy forces, led by Chronicle, arrived here.

The target must be an artifact.

Jaehyun smiled.

‘As expected.’

* * *

The time when two teams set out to raid a dungeon with the same artifact.


A boy who had fallen into a deep sleep suddenly awoke. His body was covered with cold sweat.

A strange feeling, as if the mind had been forcibly disconnected and then reconnected.

The boy’s name is Wonseop.

Kang Joo-hyeop’s right-hand man, and to him, behind the cliff. He was, therefore, the one who proposed the same dungeon raid as Jaehyun.



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Now, he clearly knew that his condition was strange.

My heart was beating wildly, and I felt as if I had been dreaming for a long time.

Won-seop calmly sat down and remembered what happened yesterday.

So, after I definitely stepped on a tile that day and got poisoned… Captivated by Min Jae-hyun… After that… next time… .

Mind is broken.


At that moment, Won-seop couldn’t help but be seized by an intense sense of incongruity.

A thought passed through my mind a moment ago. Because it was very dangerous.

The thing that breaks your mind and comes back.

Isn’t this what happened mainly when I was affected by mental magic!

Won-seop was sure.

He fell under Jae-hyun’s mind-altering magic, and left the black forces that had released him on purpose to come here.

and… What Jaehyun ordered… .

“… Guide Kang Joo-hyeop and the dungeon raid team to the dungeon behind the cliff.”

At that moment, he jumped up.

Kang Joo-hyeop, there is a possibility that he will be out of there because of the information he gave to Jae-hyun… .

No, no.

‘Today is the day we can’t put each other out. for 24 hours. At least today, there is a high possibility that Kang Joo-hyeop will return alive.’

But if so, I have my doubts.

Why did Jaehyun let him live, and why did he lead Kang Joo-hyeop to the dungeon?

It was something that was not clear.

* * *

It’s been a while since I’ve been to a dungeon that isn’t dark. Jaehyun muttered as he said that.

“I know. I’ve been wandering around dark places all the time, and I’ve had a boner.”

Kwon So-yul looked inside the dungeon full of transparent mirrors and said. But Jaehyun laughed at her wryly and touched her with her elbow.

“But you must not be careless. If I added it here, it would have been added. It’s not less.”

“What does that mean… Yay!”

“Is it a monster!”

Kwon So-yul was frightened, and Ahn Ho-yeon shouted and raised his sword.

However, Jaehyun stopped him and stepped forward. Huge red eyes appeared there and slowly began to approach us.

The Witchbeast was moving quickly on multiple legs.

Kwon So-yul sighed.

“As you may already know, it is a spider called Frost Bane with an ice attribute. Unlike other spider-type monsters, it attacks by shooting cold spider webs.

However, my hearing is not that good, so if you pass by as quietly as possible, there will be no problem.”

At this point, it was a time when Jaehyun was not so strong.

First of all, get items and become stronger. It was much better to face it then.

‘Moreover, spider-type monsters cannot turn their necks and have one eye. Other insect-type monsters have compound eyes, so they can see multiple places at once with a pair of eyes, but this one isn’t.’

Although it has eight eyes and gazes in all directions. Even that doesn’t make any sense if it’s covered like that.

It’s like his own size becomes poison again.

Jaehyun thought and continued walking.

‘Now it’s a better decision to develop my colleagues. Here I give you the right cider, but I don’t overdo it.’

There are, of course, grounds for judgment.

This is because hunting monsters in this final exam won’t suddenly raise your level.

Jaehyun took the exam in the sub-space in the past midterm exam, but he couldn’t expect to level up. After all, everything you see here is an illusion.

It was just that the space was constructed through magic, and the beast was implemented through the AR system on top of it.

This place was never real.

Because of this, Jaehyun decided that it would be much more beneficial for his colleagues to accumulate practical experience.

“Let’s go.”

Jaehyun looked at the side road next to him and started to move inside cautiously.

After that, a few dark shadows formed, and soon followed him.

It was Kang Joo-hyeop and a group of enemy forces.

* * *

“so. Are you saying there could be a spy from the opposing team in it?”

“you’re right. So, the cadets I call out should come forward and drink this potion. Don’t worry, I won’t ask personal questions.”

“but… Until now, I have never seen anyone who has shown such a tendency… Could something be wrong?”

Another cadet asked, but Jian Han shook her head.

“I am sure. From all the circumstances, I guess there is a spy here. And you will be shaking now. They must be in a state of fear that their identity will be revealed.

Here I am definitely going to cover up that identity.”

“Here is the ‘potion of truth’. I will call the three cadets by name from now on.”

Lee Jae-sang brought the potion and said. He was with a calm expression.

“Lee Jung-min, Sung Woo-jin and… Kim Yoo-jung.”

That moment.

Kim Yoo-jung’s expression hardened coldly at the unexpected name called at the end.

No, everyone else here had the same reaction.

It was Kim Yoo-jung who always helped the party members to fight well without getting tired. But is there a possibility that she might be a traitor?

She was one of the members who could be confident that she was even on Jaehyun’s side.

From the time of the first freshman hunt, she spent time together with Jae-hyun and Seo In-na. Wasn’t there nowhere else to fall apart here?

But Jian Han and his colleagues did not reverse their decision.

“All three of you, please come forward and drink the potion of truth.”

Kim Yoo-jung stepped forward with a slightly firm expression. Same for the other two.

Standing in front of them, they slowly drank the potion as instructed.

After confirming that they all drank the potion, Jian Han asked Lee Jung-min, who was in front of him first. He was one of the members of the Surname Circle.

“I will ask. Are you a traitor?”


The answer fell immediately.

Next was the second voice actor.

He was also one of the members Han Jian trusted.

This is not compatible with betrayal at all.

“Are you a traitor?”


and last.

Finally, it was Kim Yoo-jung’s turn.

“Kim Yoo-jung, are you a traitor?”

“… yes.”

Words that should never have come out of her mouth.

Everyone there looked at her dead eyes with a look of bewilderment.

“I won’t let you out. However, I will banish you from here.”

Han Jian said so without hesitation.

Neither Jaesang Lee nor Eana Seo helped her. He just looked at Kim Yoo-jung, who left the guard without saying anything.

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