I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 278

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Chapter 278

―All circle competitions have ended.

―The winner is Black (CEO: Min Jae-hyun).

―The winner will be rewarded.

―The black faction has earned the most points. Compensation will be added.

Jaehyun made a satisfied expression as he listened to the sound of the system.

The reward settlement time is always sweet.

It’s even more enjoyable if you know the value of the item you’ll get as a reward.

Jaehyun, of course, was well aware of what he was about to acquire. So he went into battle with all his might as he does now.

“what… Once I got 1st place. I don’t think the reaction from viewers was bad either.”

“I felt it during the freshman hunt, but can’t you be more happy? Your reaction is that even I worked hard, but I was exhausted.”

Kim Yoo-jung shouted, but Jae-hyun heard it with one ear and let it go.

Kwon So-yul was busy calculating the points he would get this time.

After all, the final exam is a big event, so high points are at stake.

As long as I can get good grades here, I want to eat too. This means you can buy as many things as you want!

It was a bonus to be able to freely use all the facilities in the academy.

“One, ten, one hundred… Wow, seventeen million!?”

As Kwon So-yul counted, he almost passed out in shock.

The total number of points obtained through this event is 17,000,000 points.

With this, Sungeun, led by Jaehyun and Jian Han, became the circle that earned the most points in a single event.

“Senior Han Ji-an. There are still things left to settle between us, right?”

“huh! Don’t worry, I don’t intend to eat it! Come on, here!”

Of course, just like the initial contract, Jaehyun ripped off an additional 8.5 million points, equivalent to 50%.

It was Jaehyun who had planned to team up with Seongeun from the beginning, but in fact, there were many ways to win without her.

It means that it was inevitable that she would be the one who felt frustrated.

Therefore, in the first contract, she signed an additional payment to the Nine side of the total 50% of the points she would get when she won this match.

‘Well, if it’s half, it’s a point that even seniors will be satisfied with.’

In fact, Han Jian also had a happy face.

Just like that, when Jaehyun and his colleagues from the black faction celebrated their success.

Two men huffed and approached Jaehyun.

It was a familiar face I had seen until the very end.

“you… At the end how… !”

“I’m sure you’re the only one who’s ever used the Mirror of Divinity like that.”

These were the words of Kang Joo-hyeop and Jeong-hyeon.

Well, it’s not that I don’t understand what they’re saying.

In the first place, the divine mirror is an artifact that has the effect of increasing the effectiveness of divine magic. Basically, it was never intended for attack.

divine magic. Among them, offensive magic was only basic like Holy Arrow, and the effect was not that great.

Because of this, no one would have thought to get a mirror and use it that way.

However, Jae-hyun uses his wits at that moment and uses Seo In-na’s magic. He duplicated Alf Heim’s sword, and at the last moment wiped out his enemies.

Thanks to that, I was able to keep the promise I made with the viewers.

“You knew something from the start! what the hell… you… How can you be so strong!”

Kang Joo-hyeop seemed angry. He had never thought of himself as weak in his life, and he had never been pushed around like he is now.

In fact, that was the reason why I didn’t get along well with Junghyun.

Although he was happy that for the first time an opponent with whom he could fight on equal footing had appeared, he was also wary at the same time.

The only cadet who can fight on an equal footing with himself. rival. To Kang Joo-hyeop, Jeong-hyeon was such an existence.

however. A cadet appeared in front of him.

Jaehyun Min.

A bold freshman who has been in trouble since entering school.

It wasn’t enough to show outstanding performance in the previous event, and in this circle match, he unilaterally overpowered the combined efforts of himself and Jung-hyeon.

Kang Joo-hyeop couldn’t even measure the gap between himself and Jae-hyun.

At this moment, the emotions in his head were clear.


and awe.

However, it was not only Kang Joo-hyeop who felt this feeling.

Jeong Hyun. Even Yu’s leader had such thoughts.

‘Min Jaehyun. Originally, I knew he was stronger than me. But this time he was also defeated in resourcefulness. what the hell is he How does he always look like that… .’

“Min Jaehyun.”

“Tell me.”

Jaehyun nodded at Junghyeon’s rhyming words and suggested that they continue their conversation.

It was after Jung-hyun calmly organized his mind.

“It wouldn’t mean much if someone like me would admit it, but… Still, I must say this.

you are strong More than anyone living here right now.”

Jaehyun felt a little grateful for those heartfelt words.

In fact, since he attained divinity, he had neither the time nor the time to feel this kind of emotion among humans.

I just ran and looked ahead.

To him, Jeong-hyeon’s now and pure acceptance were enough to make his heart tickle.

It was a moment that made me feel full in many ways.

Kang Joo-hyeop was also in a hurry.



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“I admit it. I really don’t want to, but… because it doesn’t matter I won’t stand next time.”

“You can come anytime.”

“And Han Jian!”

Kang Joo-hyeop hurriedly changed the topic of the conversation that was supposed to end well.

“… you saw it again It was strong, damn it. I just got ridiculous this time!”

Saying that, Kang Joo-hyeop trudged away and disappeared.

Han Jian sighed and shook his head.

Then, Hyeon Jeong also disappeared.

All that was left was the time for compensation settlement.


Jaehyun raised an eyebrow at the voice he heard from somewhere.

It belonged to the chairman, Kim Ji-yeon.

* * *

Academy Director’s Office.

All the main figures of the black forces who led the circle battle to victory have gathered.

They all look excited.

No wonder.

The final exam is one of the most important events in Miles.

In addition, it will have a big impact on the school festival that follows immediately.

Getting good grades here was like talking about getting a lot of attention there as well.

The settlement of compensation cannot but be expected.

“First of all, congratulations again. Everyone in charge of the black forces.

That was a really great score. He controlled the reaction of the viewers well without any major problems, and the connection with other teams was good. The performances of Nine and Seongeun stood out.”

“Ah, thank you.”

Han Jian smiled and said. She looked very happy.

Well, no matter how elite Han Jian was, there were always lots of other circles above him. It must be the first time it has been in the center of attention like this.

Moreover, before the rise of the magic world, this was the time when the martial arts world dominated. Isn’t she the one who mainly brought healers?

At this point, it was difficult for her shoulders to straighten.

Of course, Jaehyun aimed at this and proceeded to recruit Han Jian as part of it.

‘The mirror itself was able to operate with just my magic power. Even the difference in stats was nothing to me.’

It’s just that he can’t play an active part in many-to-one matches, but Jaehyun is already the strongest in subspace.

However, Jaehyun did not choose to make himself stand out in this attack.

A clash between martial arts and magic.

It was to alleviate that, and to exclude the strange war of nerves between them and the tendency to avoid each other in the upcoming event.

In reality, viewers reacted exactly as Jaehyun intended.

[Anonymous 12: Wow… this is cadet level magic?]

[Anonymous 83: The magic world alone can’t do anything? Ah haha, that’s enough for me to take!]

[Anonymous 91: But there seems to be prejudice in the magic world. Just looking at Camilla, she eats dungeons with her firepower, but she was covered by Balak.]

[Anonymous 13: Isn’t this the magician chewing on the real casting time if the martial artists buy it?]

Perceptions are slowly changing. at a much earlier point than before the regression.

However, it will not make the perception biased towards the magic world like before the return.

Now, on the eve of a great war. If you were to lose your strength due to the discord of your allies, what kind of loss would there be?

Traditionally, there is no winner in war.

This circle battle is nothing more than a mock battle in which no one gets hurt, but in a real war, in the end, a tower will be built with the corpses of countless people.

‘Memories of Hrungnir. There I saw the giant’s brutal death.’

Hrungnir. The sad look of him leaving the young Smir and dealing with Thor alone.

It remained very deep in Jaehyun’s mind.

Because he decided

At this point, we must somehow unite the power of the world’s raiders.

When Jaehyun was lost in thought, Jiyeon Kim continued with a faint smile.

“We have prepared three rewards in all.”


Jaehyun’s eyes widened at those words. Kim Ji-yeon nodded her head and looked around at the members of the black faction.

“The first, as you know, is the point. The second is the Divine Mirror you used this time. I’ll give this to Jaehyun, the representative, so it would be nice if you decide who gets it.”

Up until this point, Jaehyun had also expected the reward. last.

What is it?

I thought so, but all of a sudden Kim Ji-yeon appeared with a serious expression.

“The third and final reward is… .”

* * *

It was about two hours ago when Jaehyun and his party returned to the circle room.

A little while ago, in front of the party who were drinking champagne even though it was non-alcoholic, feeling a lot better after receiving the reward from Kim Ji-yeon.

Finally, the third reward the chairman said arrived.

When he quickly opened the package, inside it was something Jaehyun hadn’t even thought of.

“also. Because people have to be capable.”

Jaehyun muttered that and took out several brilliant artifacts from inside the box.

It was. Artifact she was supposed to pay. It was not one!

[We decided to give artifacts to a few key cadets based on merit. Please accept it and use it in a good place.]

Each party distributed the items received from Kim Ji-yeon according to the names written on them, and began to open them. All of them looked happy as if they had become children.

Kim Yoo-jung and Seo In-na were each given gloves and staffs that reduced the casting speed of magic.

For Ahn Ho-yeon, it was a pauldron, and for Lee Jae-sang, magic and a sword. All were given chain mail with high resistance.

For Kwon So-yul, a bracelet that temporarily increases the total amount of mana that can be drawn out so that he can expand his detection ability.

All of them were the best items with an A+ grade value.

However, not all of them were as good as Jaehyun’s.

With a smile on his face, he swept through the objects assigned to him.

‘I really didn’t expect to get it this way here.’

he chuckled.


―Displays the information of the newly acquired artifact.

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