I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 280

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Episode 280 Milles School Festival (2)

Jaehyun returns to his room.

He thought about the transfer student he had just seen.

pay. An exotic-looking boy who was said to have come from Sweden.

What is his true identity?

A new intervention by a person who did not exist in one’s memory before returning. It wasn’t like that hadn’t happened before.

However, it was the first time that he had suddenly and directly put pressure on himself in this way.

A transfer student with the best talent.

It is said that among faculty members, there is even talk that Fay has a talent comparable to Jae-Hyun.

Is this really a coincidence?

‘No way.’

Jaehyun smiled.

“I have never heard of a transfer student at Miles, let alone when I was in school, and even before the return. He’s a suspicious guy.”

“Certainly there is a point. I also think something is strange. furthermore.”

Hella agreed.

She now sat cross-legged in human form.

She crossed her arms.

“Actually, I felt it a little while ago. A very deep and gigantic magic that emanates from somewhere.

Perhaps the subject of that magical power… .”

“I’m sure he’s a transfer student.”

Jaehyun quickly came to a conclusion.


He was the one who pressured Jaehyun with his huge magical power.

I don’t know for sure yet…

That he was also looking at himself.

That kept bothering me.

“I must prepare. I guess… It’s most likely the Aesir’s dog. We need to show that we are not pushed back here.”

Jaehyun has already made a decision. I will fight if necessary.

If I don’t do that, I won’t be able to protect mine.

* * *

a few days after that.

The first day of the school festival finally dawned.

The booth preparations for the cafe run by Nine were proceeding smoothly.

Under the direction of Kwon So-yul. After setting up a signboard and setting up the basic frame, they bought various items to redecorate the interior.

Ahn Ho-yeon learned how to make coffee and Seo E-na learned how to make dessert. There are no major problems with operation now.

All that was left was an inspection.

“Are you done with this now? The opening is in two days.

what… It doesn’t seem like anything special.”

Kwon So-yul muttered that while holding the pen. She was almost her secretary now.

Jaesang Lee nodded from the side.

“I think so. Since it is only open for one day, you have to pay that much attention and do well.”

“Then, today and tomorrow are free, right?”

It was Kim Yoo-jung’s question. Kwon So-yul nodded with a slightly subtle expression.

Kim Yoo-jung first took off her apron and folded it neatly, then looked back at Jae-hyun and said.

“It’s tonight. Didn’t you forget?”

“I am not you.”

When Jaehyun answered like that, Kim Yoojung slightly crumpled her forehead and left first.

The expression of Seo Eana, who was watching this from behind, also changed subtly.

Following Kwon So-yul, even Ahn Ho-yeon asked in a whisper if he had come to grasp the unusual atmosphere.

“senior… Is that maybe… .”

“Say no more. now i don’t know The kids will take care of it.”


Ahn Ho-yeon quickly shut his mouth.

In that situation, the only bright light was Lee Jae-sang.

“There should be a lot of customers in the cafe… .”

* * *

Night came quickly.

Summer is coming, so I thought the days would be long, but I guess I was wrong.

Even if it wasn’t completely clear, the darkness was steadily descending. The sky above the academy was filled with dark clouds.

During the day when he had time, Jaehyun inquired about rumors about the transfer student Fei, but to no avail.

Just came from Sweden. Exotically handsome. That was it.

If there’s anything caught, I’d ask you to investigate that side a bit more.

Even though he had connections and money, he couldn’t get his hands on any information about the transfer student.

Suddenly, after wasting time like that.

“Oh right. I had an appointment with Kim Yoo-jung.”

Jaehyun remembered his promise with Kim Yoojung.

He went back to his hotel room and changed his clothes.

I was thinking of wearing a light hoodie, but since it was a festival, I decided to choose something I liked more.



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After thinking about it, I decided to wear white sneakers and light blue jeans. It was a white short-sleeved T-shirt and a light beige blazer.

Meanwhile, at that time.

Kim Yoo-jung was also in trouble with her clothes lined up on the bed.

A denim dress, a white short-sleeved tee, a blue skirt, and black hot pants are lined up on top. Naturally, a decision had not yet been made.

Which of these would work best?

I searched the Internet for a girlfriend look, but I couldn’t come up with a sharp answer.

The sound of everything.

[As long as it’s pretty!]

It’s just bullshit… .

“under… What did he say, I went this far… .”

I had a sudden thought, but I shook my head and brushed it off.

Can not help it. If your heart has already been shaken once, it will only lead to a sluggish state without an end in any way.

When Kim Yoo-jung woke up in a hospital room a few days ago, choosing clothes.

I remembered the conversation I had with Seo Ina.

[Inaya. I have something to tell you.]

[This is a story about Min Jae-hyun.]

* * *

a few days ago.

A private room at a hospital affiliated with Yeonhwa.

Kim Yoo-jung and Seo E-na were having a conversation. There is no one around.

In the slightly flowing silence, Seo Eana’s answer to the question came back.

“… A story about Jaehyun?”

With those words, for some reason, her voice was a bit hoarse.

Seo Ina felt that one side of her chest was choking.

He knew best what she would say now.

Seo In-na mustered up the courage to face Kim Yoo-jung. she asked.

“… what to say I know. You mean you like Jaehyun?”

“… that’s right.”

“… I have come to realize it now.”


The conversation between the two had the same theme, but ran parallel lines.

We have something we want from each other.

Also, in order to achieve this, no one had to give up.

For a while, the two were silent because they knew each other so well.

Surprisingly, Seo Eana was the first to break the silence.

“… thank you. For being honest.”

“Sorry. I should have noticed my heart sooner… .”

At Kim Yoo-jung’s words, Seo In-na shook her head as if she was okay.

She held the hand of Kim Yoo-jung, who was barely holding back her tears while holding the duvet cover tightly.

After all, she didn’t do anything wrong. She’s just a little late in noticing her own feelings. She was nothing anyone would call a sin.

Even so, the reason she is in pain must be because of her feelings of guilt and sorry for herself.

Thinking like that made me feel sad again. He himself hadn’t decided on Jaehyun for a while, and he finally revealed it on a field trip.

Kim Yoo-jung, who watched the reenactment for a much longer time, thought that it must have been even worse.

Seo Ina said in a friendly voice.

“are you okay. I really. rather like this For Jaehyun and for us.”

Kim Yoo-jung and I somehow became partners, but in any case, the relationship between the two did not diverge. She was a colleague and a friend.

The relationship between the two was not something that could be sorted out so easily.

Seo Ina stood up from her seat with a rare bright smile.

“… Either way, you both have no intention of giving up. right?”


Let’s not say sorry to each other.

Seo Eana said so, and Kim Yoo-jung nodded slightly.

And Kim Yoo-jung a few days later.

While preparing the booth, I mustered up the courage to tell Jaehyun.

[Hey, Min Jae-hyun.]

[that… Do you have time during the school festival? On the first night.]

[I have something to say then. Shall we see that day?]

* * *

Many cadets had already gathered at the main gate where Jaehyun and Kim Yoojung were supposed to meet.

There were a lot of people who were already married there. As if the atmosphere of the street also reflects that situation, there were several booths prepared for couples to enjoy.

When Jaehyun arrived, Yujeong Kim came out first and was waiting. She was wearing white short sleeves over blue hot pants.

For some reason, the faint redness on her cheeks must have been made up.

The shoes are all white Converse. It wasn’t a shoe I wore often. Jaehyun waved his hand as he thought about it.

It was 5 minutes earlier than the scheduled time.

“You came out early. What are you doing?”

“Uh, huh? Just by chance?”

“Have you thought about what to do first? Then let’s go.”

After Jaehyun said that, he remembered the calendar he had seen earlier.

In fact, it wasn’t for any other reason that Jaehyun decided to be with Kim Yoojung on the first day of the festival.

He recalled a memory he would never forget.

‘It’s getting closer and closer to the day Kim Yoo-jung died. In order to protect it, it is advantageous to stay by my side as much as possible.’

The butterfly effect has already occurred with its own regression.

A lot has changed and twisted again.

But Hella said.

[The butterfly effect due to regression is only affirming the minimum interference for the adversary. After all, whoever dies is most likely going to die.

Unless you ask.]

Kim Yoo-jung will also die if she does not save her.

Jaehyun was thinking of somehow preventing the tragedy before returning. She could not refuse her words because she said let’s enjoy the festival on a busy day as she does now.

“First, from there.”

But she won’t know this feeling.

Jaehyun also enjoyed the present time without expressing any more.

Kim Yoo-jung must have thought of all the schedules, and went around well here and there.

The first was a restaurant, and the next was a game room. After that, we ate street food and chatted at street vendors.

It was not a bad atmosphere even for Kim Yoo-jung herself.

But that time didn’t last forever.

The night grew deeper than the first, and there was complete darkness all around. The people around them were slowly disappearing from the side of the road, as if they were slowly returning.

Since there is a curfew at the academy anyway, he must have decided that it was better to go back now.

So, time goes by fast.

A time when no one except for the two of them were completely gone.


Suddenly, Kim Yoo-jung’s heart starts pounding and beating repeatedly.

It was a feeling I felt for the first time in my life.

“Then we’ll go back soon… .”

“after… .”

After exhaling a dizzying trembling breath, she looked up at Jaehyun, who was one head taller than herself.

Jaehyun was looking down at him with a worried expression.

“hey. Are you okay? Is it weird to breathe? Are you sick?”

After she made up her mind, she ignored Jaehyun’s words and took her luck.

“We saw each other for a long time. right?”

“What is it, you worried about it, so it’s all over again.”

After Jaehyun said that, he decided that Kim Yoojung was fine and left.

“It’s not quite like that. It seems like it’s already been over 10 years… .”

Jaehyun looked at her and smiled.

“If you think about it, how much trouble I suffered because of you. Did you always leave something behind and take care of it for a day or two? It bothers me when I think about it.”

“It was then… .”

Jaehyun couldn’t help but be a little taken aback by Kim Yoojung’s reply.

If it was normal, wouldn’t she have shouted ‘when me!’ and kicked her in the shin? Why is she accepting her own words with such a submissive smile today?

By the time the doubts were added, Kim Yoo-jung stopped for a moment and lucked out.

“I don’t know because you’re not interested in children’s stories, but… Do you know what the other kids said to us every time we went home after school?”

“What did you say?”

When Jaehyun asked indifferently, Kim Yoojung said in a trembling voice.

“Are you dating us?” That’s what he asked.”

“Seriously, did something like that happen? so. Are you in a bad mood and want to ask me?”

When Jaehyun asked with a smile, Yujeong Kim looked at Jaehyun and said,

“… no. I was not feeling well.”

“… what?”

At that moment, Jaehyun’s footsteps also stopped.

Kim Yoo-jung’s voice continued in a situation where she couldn’t even grasp what the hell she was hearing.

“I feel bad.”

“… … I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“What are you talking about?”

At that time, Kim Yoo-jung’s two cheeks came to mind, and a faint smile leaked out.

With a face that finally made me feel relieved. She said.

“It means I like you.”

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