I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 282

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Episode 282 Milles School Festival (4)


A room located in the center of the Valkyrie’s shelter.

A woman inside was staring at the wall, sighing.

A long sword made of Asgard’s special ore hangs on the wall, and beneath it are oil-stained armor and helmets.

female. Sigrun looked at the deadly weapons and was lost in thought for a moment.

“I didn’t expect the day to use these weapons again would come so early.”

Among Freyja’s direct subordinates, the thing that made her, who is said to be the most outstanding, suffer.

It was a hellish war that would happen again.


This put her in deep doubt.

‘How the hell did things get so twisted?’

Sigrun looked back on his memories of 10,000 years ago.

At the time of the first Ragnarok.

The tower of countless corpses he had seen and the appearance of compatriots whose wings had been broken. It was hell.

Nine worlds are two factions. They were divided into those who followed Odin and Loki.

Every day there was a war between the two powers.

Odin thought he could easily subdue Loki, but it proved difficult.

Loki was cunning and strong.

At first he sided with Asgard, but parted ways with Odin.

It was because he was tired of Odin’s indiscriminate conquest and domination.

Loki said that every race has its own life and that we should not try to dominate them. But Odin thought differently.

The one who has to hold everything in his hands. That was Odin.

Thanks to this, the world will face its first end.

That’s a record from 10,000 years ago. It was Ragnarok.

Sigrun knew. That his own lord, Freyja, is against Odin’s second war.

But because of something precious Odin had in his hands.

Just because of that, she was obeying Odin’s words.

“I don’t know what the precious thing that Odin stole from Freya-sama is. But what needs to be done now is clear.”

As Freyja told herself, deal with the opponents of the prophecy.

That is exactly what she repays for taking care of herself who has nothing.

Sigrun thought so and put on his helmet.

There was a fishy smell of blood.

It was more likely the smell of an iron helmet, but to her it smelled like thick blood.

The blood of the terrible war of 10,000 years ago has not yet been shed. she thought so

and in such a state.

Sigrun and the Valkyries had to prepare for the second war.

Sigrun stepped outside, shouting at the Valkyries already lined up below.

“Is everyone ready!”


The unwavering voice of the Valkyries.

Sigrun nodded and spread the wings on his back.

“I will go. The antagonist of the prophecy, our goal is to destroy him.

keep in mind all Got it?”

At her words, all the Valkyries spread their wings and nodded in unison.

The goal was clear.

adversary. Jaehyun Min.

In that moment, why?

Huginn’s words lingered in Sigrun’s ears for a moment.

[The antagonist of the prophecy. Was he strong?]

[It was strong.]

His answer without hesitation sent chills down her spine.

You can die in this battle.

She had always lived on the battlefield with that thought in mind, but this time, the thought seemed to fill Sigrun’s head more deeply.

* * *

third day. Finally, the opening day of the cafe Nine prepared has arrived.

Finally, Kwon So-yul gathered all the members and finished the inspection, and finally took a breath.

He looked exhausted already after going through several checks.

The name of the cafe was simply ‘Nine’.

Since the name of the circle is worth it anyway, there was no need to promote it separately. It was not opened for the purpose of selling a lot in the first place.

It wasn’t something that I had to think too deeply about.

… of course.

“Hey, when do you open the store?”

The problem is that there are too many people for that kind of thing.

“Hey… Dealing with all of them? Do you want to see someone being carried away today?”

“I know yeah.”

Ahn Ho-yeon and Kim Yoo-jung exchanged words.

It was as they said.



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8:50 am. The cafe hadn’t even opened yet, but countless people were already standing in line arguing with each other outside.

He wanted to see the faces of Jaehyun and his colleagues at least once.

Anyway, I think this is a bit harsh.

Jaehyun let out a small sigh.

Scheduled opening time is 9:00. However, Kwon So-yul looked at the hands of the clock for a moment and then said as if he couldn’t help it.

“I can’t. It’s not good to make you wait too long. Let’s open a little early.”

With those words, the cafe door opened.


The greetings of Jaehyun, Kim Yoo-jung, and Kwon So-yul, who were in charge of serving, continued.

All four tables. People rushed in and quickly started to fill the cafe.

All of them looked at the members and had a strange expression.

“wow… It’s a real reformation period.”

Seeing the woman covering her mouth and pointing at him, Jaehyun gave a sales smile as if he couldn’t help it.

‘Well, in a way, it’s a natural thing.’

There was a reason they reacted like that.

Nine’s overwhelming performance in the recent circle competition!

This is because a recording of it was recently aired nationally on TV.

In the process, people admired their skills, and Nine gained such a great status that even a fandom was created.

It is even more strange that no one wants to see the real thing.

Kwon So-yul naturally guided the guests to their seats and gave full-fledged instructions.

“One vanilla latte at table 1, one tiramisu. You guys take orders for the other tables and deliver them to Jaesang Lee. can you?”

“of course.”

Jaehyun smiled and replied, while Kim Yoojung was slightly frozen.

In fact, Jaehyun had quite a bit of experience working at a cafe.

It was because being a radar was always an unstable job, so I often worked part-time jobs.

Of course, even that would have been difficult if it wasn’t for his handsome face.

‘After the demonic outbreak, people’s lives became poor, and as a result, jobs themselves were greatly reduced. It was difficult to find a part-time job.’

For this reason, Jaehyun thought that the cafe operation would not work properly.

But what Surprisingly, the cafe was doing insanely well.

There were even people waiting in line, so I said everything.

‘At first, I wondered if this would work… .’

Jaehyun once again admired Kwon Soyul’s insight.

It was her opinion that suggested opening a cafe in the first place.

Plus, the employee outfit you’re wearing right now.

Its design was also directly handled by Seo Na-na and Kwon So-yul.

It’s a simple combination of white and black, but it’s a pretty design that doesn’t match the clothes worn by the staff at any other popular cafe.

If there was a handsome and pretty employee there, it was the icing on the cake.

‘As expected, the world is unfair.’

When Jaehyun felt that way. Suddenly, a voice came from the table where the guests were sitting.

“I am Min Jaehyun’s older brother, right? could you help us to take a picture, please!”

“Please sign me too!”

“and! It’s Kim Yoo-jung! Aren’t you the strongest in the world?!”

“Seo Ina is there too! The face is really small… .”

“Ahn Ho-yeon is crazy… well done Are you almost an elf?”

“Brother Lee Jae-sang… Want… I want to put it in my pocket.”

… There were some people who were slightly screwed up, but it was true that the position of the circle members had risen sharply anyway.

More than expected, Jaehyun’s colleagues were popular.

Lee Jae-sang has a face and behavior that stimulates protective instincts.

Ahn Ho-yeon has a genuinely proud face and a slightly clumsy appearance.

Kim Yoo-jung is bright and cheerful.

It was because of Seo Eana’s pretty and mysterious appearance.

For some reason, Kwon So-yul’s ferocious impression was the dominant review.

It’s Jaehyun, well, he’s also the leader in the first place. Its cool look made it popular.

‘It’s not bad no matter what.’

Jaehyun gave a bright sales smile.

Before returning, I couldn’t properly establish my position as a radar, so I learned from work to and from work, but I never thought it would help me in this way.

It was unthinkable for him at the time.

of course.

I don’t think that would be very helpful in catching Odin… .

‘It’s not bad though. It would be pretty nice to live like this after everything is over.’

It was Jaehyun, who had spent the last few decades hunting monsters as a raider, but I thought that this kind of life would be fun too.

‘Let’s try a little cafe later with the money we saved up.’

Of course, you will need to prepare, but whatever it is, it will not be as good as what is in front of you.

Jaehyun smiled at that thought.

when he thought so

A noisy girl pushed herself into the cafe.

“brother! Jaehyun Min! Where are you! Come out right now!”

Jaehyun tilted his head.

Why is he there, that’s just the expression.

The identity of the girl who entered the cafe was Seo Ah-hyun.

He attacked theme dungeons with Jaehyun, and often hung out with his circle members. I haven’t dealt with him well lately because I’ve been busy, so it seems like he came to me in person.

“Aren’t you really like that?”

Jaehyun calmly asked Kim Yoojung. As she pretended to tilt her head, Seo Ah-hyun was almost about to explode.

“… That’s too much. If you’ve forgotten me… .”

“Because I didn’t eat it. sit down. Order something to drink.”

Jaehyun adjusted it properly as if he couldn’t do it. Then Seo Ah-hyun laughed and ordered a drink.

she said to Jaehyun.

“I’ve seen all of those older brothers and sisters doing their best in the circle competition! It was huge… !”

“When compliments come out of your mouth, it means there is a reason… .”

“I’m coming next year from Miles, so please accept me from Nine too!”

“I’ll think about it.”

Seo Ah-hyun clenched her fists and shook her head.

“That’s the same as not accepting it! Please accept me too! It also has a unique skill, so it’s quite useful!”

Well, it is true that she was helpful when attacking the themed dungeon. Not only that, but she also helped a lot during the defeat of the king of the Dark Elves.

Jaehyun nodded moderately, waved her hand, and sent her away.

After that, the cafe work continued for a while.

When it was closing time.

with my daughter

A guest came.

“I’m sorry, but Nine is closed… .”

Kwon So-yul’s expression, which was about to say that, suddenly hardened.

“you… .”

At the same time, Jaehyun’s eyes are also directed there.

There was a familiar face there.

Fay was a mysterious transfer student.

he said in a hoarse voice.

“I’m sorry, but bring me a glass of the bitterest thing here.”

Jaehyun smiled faintly. Kwon So-yul asked.

“how will we do it?”

“I accept it.”

Jaehyun thought it was okay.

‘I was going to approach from this side, but if you come from that side first.’

Nothing bad.

he thinks so,

I saw a boy with red hair and red eyes in front of me.

pay. A golden opportunity to reveal his identity has arrived.

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