I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 283

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Episode 283. Miles School Festival (5)


“Now, it’s an Americano with all the shots you want.”

Jaehyun is Faye. I sat down in front of the transfer student and folded my apron.

Fay smiled slyly.

“Is this the original service like this? No matter how much I do, it’s a bit burdensome when we sit face to face.”

“I think there must be something to talk about with me. yes?”

Jaehyun did not back down and gave strength to his neck.


In his opinion, this transfer student was most likely a dangerous person.

His strength is beyond standard.

Miles passed the transfer test. It was true that that alone already put a question mark on his identity, but… .

[be careful. It’s dangerous.]

Faye, whom she actually faced, was several times stronger than she thought.

Even Hella warned. He said he was dangerous in front of his eyes.

At the appearance of an unknown person, Jaehyun gasped.

My colleagues behind me were just watching.

At that time, Faye took a sip of Americano and said.

“I didn’t know this was a cat cafe.”


At that moment, Jaehyun raised his mana and watched him.

He noticed the hidden presence of Hella.

What is his true identity?

Aesir’s personal? another crow?

Or is it a being with another deity?

“Wow. calm down. I just came to say hello.”

“How can you believe that?”

“hmm… Then how can I convince you?”

The answer that came back to Jaehyun was somewhat eerie. Even when the enemy was in front of him, and even when he watched the menacing mana right in front of his eyes, he did not waver at all.

What is it?

By the time the question about him reached its climax, he drank Americano at once.

I saw a reenactment.

Deep, deep snow.

Jaehyun’s face is reflected through his bright red eyes, and a tremendous amount of magical energy comes into his eyes.

Faye mumbled for a while, then went on.

“What’s good enough?”

“What do you want from me?”

Faye shook her head at Jaehyun’s question. Are you saying you can’t answer now?

Jaehyun also swallowed.

‘I can’t fight here with my colleagues. At least elsewhere… .’

As he thought so, a voice whispered in his ear.

It was Faye’s words that came close to her before she knew it.

“How long do you think you can hide the second verse of the prophecy from your colleagues?”

* * *

After Jaehyun successfully finished the daily cafe, he was having a small party with his colleagues.

A little while ago Fay had already left. Without even paying for the coffee.

He disappeared as suddenly as he had come.

Jaehyun didn’t know his true identity, but he was able to grasp the true intention contained in his bright red pupils.

[You can’t do everything by yourself forever.]

But why are you saying that to my enemy?

Circumstances, it was correct to see Fay as her enemy and Aesir’s dog.

In fact, Hella has also spoken.

[I’m sure. He had the power of the Aesir. The power of the Awakening Stone in the beginning was also subtle, but felt. The front and back are too close to say there is no connection.]

[I think so too. But I don’t understand. You could just attack me, but why did you go through the hassle of transferring to the academy?

Also, why did you come to me and tell me about your colleagues?]

[This is a problem that needs to be looked into gradually. under… It’s overtime again.]

Hella murmured so softly.

Just a moment ago, Fay, that guy also saw through the existence of Hela at once.

Yuseong, an S-class radar, is an existence that even Lee Jae-shin did not notice.

How were you able to see through the identity of the demigod Hela at once?

how strong will he be?

I felt all sorts of questions swirling around, but there was nothing I could do now.

I plan to continue collecting information about him in the future, but… .

“What do you think?”

While thinking, Kim Yoo-jung suddenly asked.

Jaehyun shook his head.

“It’s no big deal.”

“… Was he your friend?”



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Seo Ina tilted her head and asked, but Jaehyun said no. She just answered.

It was then.

Geeing… .

“no way. What is it all of a sudden?”

Kim Yoo-jung gave a pin. Ahn Ho-yeon’s smartphone rang.

He waved his apology and got up from his seat to answer the phone.

“What, what?”

That was the moment. Ahn Ho-yeon’s expression darkened in an instant, and the hand holding her smartphone began to tremble.

“mother… Are you in critical condition?”

At those words, the expressions of all the party members hardened.

* * *

The number of people who have been harmed by the return of reproduction is quite a lot more than expected.

This is because Jaehyun has made choices that are best for himself at every moment, and that can affect others unreasonably in any way.

However, among them, there was always a person who suffered the most damage.

He was the former director of Milles Academy, Goo Jain.

“under… It makes me do such troublesome things.”

Two men covered in dirt came to a lonely forest.

One of them was someone who had recently been on a cruise with Jaehyun.

Congressman Park.

And, wearing a prison uniform in front of him, the one with a frown on his forehead was Gu Jain.

“sorry. Congressman. But wouldn’t it benefit you too? With his power, it would not be unreasonable to bring Miles back again.”

“hmm… that’s but… .”

“Do not worry. This time, I am planning to take down Kim Ji-yeon and Min Jae-hyun myself.”

“Is there a way?”

“of course. I am the one who knows everything about the academy. It’s Gu Jain. There’s nothing to worry about. Trust me.”


Rep. Park nodded his head at the cool answer.

It was because there was no other way.

Congressman Park was originally a politician who used Gu Ja-in to defend his position, but his power has weakened after his recent downfall.

It wasn’t that he didn’t have enough connections and strength to be dragged into prison, but it was true that he had suffered quite a bit.

In this situation, how can he regain his former power?

It was simple.

Gu Ja-in should be reinstated and take the position.

So I helped him escape.

After that, you can wash your identity, and if it’s enough to destroy the academy, Gujain alone can do it.

because. So far, in order to break him out, he has moved carefully out of sight of others.

At this level, it is true that Gu Ja-in and himself are secretive unless Yeon-hwa or Wind God directly step forward. And the news of Gu Jain’s escape from prison will not reach anyone.

Then, Gu Ja-in, who changed his face through plastic surgery, regains the position of chairman!

In that way, Congressman Park will also be able to regain his former glory.

‘I thought of it, but it’s a bright idea.’

he thought

His brain is extraordinary, and this job will never fail.

… However, he never knew.

The fact that there must be someone who immediately noticed the news of her and Gu Ja-in’s affair.

“yes. This is Park Seong-jae. It was as you said. Rep. Park helped Jain Goo escape, and it seems that Jain Koo is about to take action.”

I feel sorry for Congressman Park, but he really has Yeon-hwa’s radar. he was there

* * *

All members of Circle Nine rushed to the hospital immediately after hearing the news that Ahn Ho-yeon’s mother was in critical condition.

Recently, with the help of Yeon-hwa, she was moved to a high-end single-person hospital room, but her condition was not improving.

A situation where time continues to pass without even being able to wake up properly yet.

Seeing Hoyeon Ahn’s mother and oxygen respirator reflected through the glass, Jaehyun couldn’t stand the feeling of incongruity rising up.

‘weird. Originally, An Ho-yeon’s mother wouldn’t be in critical condition at this point. I told Yeonhwa in advance, and the teacher even alleviated the condition with Sacrifice. But why… .’

[This must have happened while the Aesir was actively attacking Midgard. Ordinary people will feel that even enduring the magical power that includes the godhead is too much for them.

I don’t know if I felt it there… The disease that An Ho-yeon’s mother is suffering from now has a part of her godhood. No matter how excellent magic Sacrifice is, it is impossible to cure it.]

It will be as Hella said. As a result of confirming through magic detection, Jaehyun also felt a slight divinity from Ahn Hoyeon’s mother.

This was something he didn’t even know.

“mom… .”

Ahn Ho-yeon muttered that for a while, then clenched his fists tightly.

Only money can save you. Because I thought so. Recently, he sold arc metal and delivered it to the hospital room to save his mother, but after the Red Gate incident, the amount of magic power in the atmosphere increased, making treatment difficult.

My mother’s illness continued to deepen.

Mother… She may not make it past today.

Ahn Ho-yeon had just heard such a story from the doctor.

But you shouldn’t be embarrassed.

that’s the radar

It’s not that I don’t feel sad, but I can’t move forward if I don’t endure it.

“Thank you all for coming.”

An Ho-yeon, even when her mother was dying, just said that.

one that moment. Jaehyun was more focused on other things.

Ahn Ho-yeon’s mother. The identity of the intense sense of incongruity felt in her condition.

He had just figured it out.

Her condition was obviously strange.

like… It’s like being attacked by someone and forced into a coma.

* * *

After getting out of the hospital room where Ahn Ho-yeon’s mother was hospitalized, Jae-hyeon continued to have doubts, unable to leave the hospital yet.

Ahn Ho-yeon’s mother whom I saw a while ago. Her symptoms raised ongoing questions.

“Hoyeoni’s mother… Anyone can see that he was addicted to the Godhead. But I don’t understand.”

Jaehyun was walking on a street with few people. All the other colleagues had already gone back.

“Why on earth did a person who is a god show his dignity against a mere human and put him in such a state? There’s no reason to do that, right?

And that power… Hella you said a little while ago. That belongs to Heimdall.”

“you’re right. The magic that made Ahn Ho-yeon’s mother sick was reverse flow magic. It is used by Heimdall, the gatekeeper of Asgard.

It is most likely the work of another being who received power from him.”

“But I don’t understand why he did that. Given the circumstances, there is a high possibility that it was aimed at Ahn Ho-yeon… .

No matter how much I think about it, I can’t shake the feeling that there is something missing.”

“I felt that way too. There’s a good chance it’s Asatru’s fault, but since you almost destroyed that during Limit Breaker… .”

It was the time when Jaehyun and Hella were talking.


A call came from somewhere.

Why? The moment he saw the name displayed on the phone, Jaehyun thought that this phone call might have something to do with this incident.

It was more of a radar intuition.

Seongjae Park. Yeon-hwa’s secretary called her.

After answering the phone, Jaehyun’s expression when he heard the contents was clearly ridiculed.

“okay. There was one guy. He coveted Ahn Ho-yeon’s talent, and even used her family to do so. Also, a dog-like bastard with ties to the Aesir.”

Jaehyun was convinced with a fishy sneer on his lips.

Guin. he started moving again.

* * *


AR test room at Milles Academy.

A man with gorgeous gray hair is brandishing a sword.

The tip of the sword was shaking because it had not been refined, but its destructive power surpassed the level of awe. It was Ahn Ho-yeon’s blue and white sword.

In fact, it was a sword that the usual An Ho-yeon would not be able to see.

It was not a bow-sword to save people.

To kill. With strong hatred, he only wielded it roughly once.

By the way, the enemy he is dealing with is Wraith. It was a monster, a kind of ghost. He was holding a scythe and a small axe, which were black unlike normal objects.

elite monsters. It meant they were much stronger guys. Grade is B.

However, Ahn Ho-yeon was treating them lightly as if he was cutting tofu.

The look was somehow creepy, but somehow sad. Also, there was a justification for his shabby shoulders.

A story I heard from Jaehyun a while ago. Because it disturbed him.

[Gujain… He might have made your mother that way.]

[…] what?]

[As I said. Your mother is under the control of a very special power. That’s why the disease you’re suffering from doesn’t get better.

It’s probably because Gu Ja-in noticed your talent from the beginning. To burden you and make you a strong radar based on this.]

An Ho-yeon felt his eyes go dark.

What the hell is Jaehyun talking about?

That your mother wasn’t just unlucky enough to get sick?

How the hell did this happen… .

[Gujain. The guy has escaped. It must have been because I heard it from manager Seongjae Park. You decide what to do. Will I cut off the bad relationship, or will I sit down here.]

After saying that, Jaehyun disappeared.

The doctor who treated my mother continued to complicate his mind.

[It will be difficult to pass today.]

That wouldn’t have been wrong.

It’s Yeonhwa’s exclusive healing radar. There’s no reason for them to lie.

At that moment, Ahn Ho-yeon’s heart shook violently.

I’ve been trying so hard to save my mother.

After all, I can’t do anything here either?

What the hell can I do here?

“The only thing left is to kill him. have to kill certainly.”

The thoughts that filled An Ho-yeon’s head. That it will surely kill Gu Ja-in.

That was all.

His eyes fall coldly, and he starts swinging his sword again.

The sword gradually begins to stabilize.

mother is dying

Despite knowing that fact, his sword was only slowly becoming sharper.

Meanwhile, at that moment.

Jaehyun was alone in the hospital room where Ahn Hoyeon’s mother was.

Of course, he secretly infiltrated this place without telling the doctor.

“under… I don’t know if it will work out or not… .”

Jaehyun murmured. said Hella, curling her tail.

[I’m going to try it though.]

“no. I will definitely do it.”

After saying that, Jaehyun raised his mana.

Now he was here to treat An Ho-yeon’s mother.

He is Sacrifice. It was planned to evolve this to a deeper level.

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