I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 287

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Episode 287: Hoyeon Ahn (2)

―The system responds to your will!

―The user has awakened a unique skill!

―You have succeeded in acquiring the passive skill 《Sword of Faith》!

Even Jae-hyun could fully understand that Ahn Ho-yeon’s momentum had changed.

Enormous mana and power emanating from his whole body.

It was something that could not be obtained without opening the level of S rank.

Jaehyun thought of the first time he met him.

The time when we were hunting monsters by establishing a common front.

Ahn Ho-yeon was a coward.

I turned my eyes to the problems surrounding myself and believed that it was right.

It is impossible to break the wall. Now here I can’t get any better.

In fact, I didn’t expect much from him at first.

Ahn Ho-yeon. Even though he is the best genius with a martial arts aptitude of 92, he didn’t grow properly before returning and remained a mediocre raider.

So I thought it would be the same this time.

It wouldn’t even reach the level of other B-class radars, let alone S-class.

But no.

Ahn Ho-yeon has grown and now stands in front of herself and awakens to her unique skills.

monster. Jaehyun was not the right word to call others, but Ahn Hoyeon was clearly a monster.

Jaehyun’s lips twitched.

Yeah, it had to be like this from the beginning.

“Don’t let go of the sword and hold it properly.”

“of course.”


At the same time as the two were having a conversation, the thrusting swords collided.

Waves of magical energy spreading out in a circle once again filled the hall.

“Ah, Cadet Ahn Ho-yeon, you are suddenly showing a surprising figure… !”

“It is the same with student Min Jae-hyun. He can’t believe how the hell this is a performance that can come from a cadet level… .”

Even the commentary and the caster couldn’t speak properly and stuttered.

The scene, which is now being broadcast live nationwide, was so amazing that no one in front of the TV could easily believe it.

Two raiders who opened the S class are facing each other despite being cadets?

Did you see the other side?

In fact, the reaction of the anonymous bulletin board and chat window was hard to open.

[Anonymous 2: Crazy… Ahn Ho-yeon Didn’t you open an S-class over there? Is it possible????]

[Anonymous 21: Did you reawaken after fighting?]

[Anonymous 18: It seems… I don’t quite understand. I’m not sure if that’s real talent or hard work. I heard it’s very rare to reawaken after fighting like that.]

[Anonymous 51: You’re really over the limit… I can do it. I can do it later!!!]

[Anonymous 91: I don’t know, they’re both great. Who would you pick if you asked me to date?]

[Anonymous 72: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha who chooses who?]

[Anonymous 11: ㄴㅇㅋ]

In addition, Nine’s colleagues who were watching also felt this sentiment.

“how… How can you… .”

Lee Jae-sang calmly replied to Kwon So-yul’s voice.

“Hoyeoni has also reached the level of S rank. It must have been the result of trying to keep the promise I made with Jaehyun.”

“… Both Hoyeon and Jaehyun look like they are enjoying the battle.”


At Seo Ina’s words, Kim Yoojung clenched her fists.

Ahn Ho-yeon. He reached the rank of S faster than they did.

It was like presenting new possibilities to them.


The tone of the two fighting was changing once again.

The atmosphere of Ahn Ho-yeon, who had always been pushed by Jae-hyun, began to change rapidly.

He was preparing to bring something out.

Jaehyun frowned, and Ahn Hoyeon put strength into the hand holding the sword.

‘Now… can do!’

―Active skill <Union of Divine Swords> is activated!


Ahn Ho-yeon’s blue flower starts to burn up as if it would take away the entire stadium in an instant.

Reduce the radius of action of reappearance, and expand the range of the flame in between.

Jaehyun’s eyes narrowed.

‘That’s the new sword union. A skill used to defeat the elite knights of the Dark Elves. … But even among the least S-class, it wouldn’t be possible to activate it unless you’re a skilled raider.’

Jaehyun licked his lips thinking about it.

There is only one conclusion.

Hoyeon Ahn’s newly awakened unique skill. It was most likely what made him handle the sword better.

A skill that could never be used by risking one’s life in the past. However, An Ho-yeon was able to use it without recoil.

It was also a daunting moment as a reenactment.

At that moment, Ahn Ho-yeon said.

“I did my best.”



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“I swung and swung my sword every day. I stabbed again and again.”




The two swords intertwined and collided as if devouring each other.

Seeing this, Jaehyun raised his mana even more without realizing it.

No matter how much he was an S-class existence, he thought that there would be no reason to bring out his divinity here. But he knew he couldn’t.

Ahn Ho-yeon’s will. It is never outdone compared to its own.

Jaehyun finally admitted it.

―The 1st level of Deity is unlocked.


Two swords dance.

It was wild, as if they wouldn’t release each other until they killed each other. But my colleagues knew. In the meantime, consideration for each other is mixed.


And finally for a moment.

The swords of the two cut through each other’s skin, and the victory or defeat was decided.


Ahn Ho-yeon’s sword touched Jae-hyun for the first time. His shoulder is slightly cut, and a feeble stream of blood gushes from it.

Ahn Ho-yeon smiled lightly. Blood splatters on the cheeks.

He said, facing Jaehyun directly.

“My sword must have touched you at least a little bit.”


With those words, Ahn Ho-yeon’s body fell to the floor.

Jaehyun held his bloody shoulder with one hand.

okay. Ahn Ho-yeon is weak compared to herself. It was something I knew.

He had attained divine status, and had already reached the level of S-rank a long time ago.

Didn’t you try your best? That’s right.

But why did Ahn Ho-yeon show her at the last moment?

Jaehyun realized that he deeply recognized him.

He hit the hand of Ahn Ho-yeon, who had fallen and lost consciousness. And he put something on it.

A name tag that has fallen indifferently.

It was the first thing Hoyeon An gave to herself.

It was the name tag given to him during the freshman hunt.

“You deserve this back. Ahn Ho-yeon.”

The moment Jaehyun turned around after saying that, the commentator and caster, who finally came to their senses, raised their voices and called out the winner.

“This, the winner of this quarterfinal match is… I am cadet Min Jae-hyeon!”

* * *

With a man and his presence erased, he sees radars waiting nearby.

Goo Ja-in and Yeon-hwa’s radars watching him.

Park had left a while ago, so Gu Ja-in was left alone. Park Seong-jae also left for a while to take care of work.

For this reason, Yeonhwa’s radars were all very tense. This is because if Gu Jain shows even the slightest signs of strangeness, he must report it immediately.

That’s how it was when the undercover duty lasted for about eight hours.

“ha. It looks like there is a fly attached to it.”

Gu Jain muttered that and suddenly turned around.


Yeon-hwa’s radars, who were waiting behind him, hesitate at his strange behavior. Gu Ja-in shrugged his shoulders and began to slowly approach him.

Yeonhwa’s radars swallowed their saliva and continued to closely watch Goo Jain’s actions. They didn’t say anything, but they thought the same thing.

‘Have you been caught? location? But we are using stealth magic. There is no reason to be caught… !’


At that moment, the head of one of the Yeonhwa Raiders was blown off.

A neck that flies through the air and then drops suddenly. The raiders around him unknowingly raised their voices.

“This, you freaking bastard!”

“A monster. I think the words are a bit harsh. On the topic of flying flies, whose hobby is stalking.”

“The monster who ate the cadet… Why do you want to come back… !”

“I’m just going to get mine back. hmm… It looks like Yeonhwa’s dog. Let me tell you one thing for sure. Nothing changes just because you go out.

I have great ‘Him’ power. how is it? Can I show you a minute?”

After saying that, Gu Jain gestured lightly. Then, suddenly, five raiders hiding in the air came to mind, and the mana in his body slowly began to flow backwards.

It belonged to the god he worshiped.


Then, all five people’s bodies exploded and rolled on the floor in pieces.

A god who was watching the scene from behind opened his mouth.

“Are you just using it because it’s not your strength?”

“Could that be? I was just testing my strength.”

The moonlight spread transparently below, revealing the god’s face.

white man. It was Heimdall, carrying his horn on his back.

“When I first gave you the power of backwater. Surely you said you could devour the human world. but you failed If that happens again, I will not tolerate it.”

“I know.”

Despite the cool reply, Heimdall muttered with a disgruntled expression.

“Anyway, the guy who is thin is good at talking. Anyway keep in mind I must not disappoint Odin any longer.

Because he’s always watching over us from the bloodscalp.”

Heimdall said, and Gujain nodded.

This will be the last time he will be active as Gu Jain. After destroying Kim Ji-yeon and Jae-hyun this time, I will take over the academy with a new identity next time.

Congressman Park is looking after him, so there won’t be any big problems.

There is also brainwashing magic, so it won’t take long to coax people out.

if you put your mind to it You can create a second gujain again.

“Min Jaehyun. I’ll admit I’ve looked down on you so far. But not anymore.”

Gu Jain muttered that, looking at the deity that had filled his body.

Heimdall’s case. If you have this, you will be able to deal with it without difficulty.

Of course, it is true that it is dangerous when a human body contains more than a certain level of divinity.

During the Limit Breaker Incident. Gu Ja-in watched all of this from prison.

buggy stuff. That’s what Gu Jain thought as he looked at the people who died because of it.

godhead. To die because you couldn’t handle that great power properly. Where is such a miserable, trashy death?

‘Of course, Godhead is a dangerous power. But being human doesn’t mean you can’t use it properly. I’ll show you. The power of Gujain.’

Goo Ja-in intended to end the bad relationship with Min Jae-hyun at this opportunity.

Moreover, this time Heimdall had also spoken.

Odin and Freyja’s direct unit, Valkyrie, are also moving together to kill Jaehyun.

If it is their power, it is surely enough to destroy the human world.

* * *

Ahn Ho-yeon was treated by Jae-hyun himself.


Of course, I was careful not to let anyone see.

When I woke up, all the other kids were by my side. Jaehyun was the same.

As I put my hand on the bed to get up, I caught something that Jaehyun had given me.

It was his name tag.

What was given to him during the freshman hunt in the past was returned.

A smile spread across Ahn Ho-yeon’s lips.

“this… Are you saying you deserve it back?”


“I’m glad then.”

Ahn Ho-yeon laughed bitterly.

Again, it did not reach the realm of reproduction. His physical abilities and magic were at a level that was incomparable to his own.

It wouldn’t have been difficult to crush yourself in an instant if you wanted to.

But he didn’t.

He faced himself and acknowledged his decision.

“I am… .”

“and! Ahn Ho-yeon, you fought well!”

When I was about to say something, Kim Yoo-jung suddenly interrupted and said with excited eyes.

Seo Ina also nodded.

“… okay. It was great.”

“Well, he said he could write it.”

“The wound is fully healed, but these potions will be good for the muscles.”

Everyone was worried about themselves.

Ahn Ho-yeon thought of the time when he only knew how to wield a sword.

The days when no one was there when I returned home after swinging my sword aimlessly to the point of death.

But now there is no such thing.

My mother has woken up, and there are my colleagues at the academy.

You can leave your back.

It lifted him up and exploded something he was holding back inside.

But it wasn’t the time to get sentimental.

“I think it’s time to tell you.”

Ahn Hoyeon said that while looking up at Jaehyun.

what he says Jaehyun knew the meaning of these words.

“The other kids haven’t reached S-class yet, but it will be soon. So can you tell me That monstrous man you fought that day… his identity.”

“okay. I’ll tell you everything after this festival.”

At Jaehyun’s words, the faces of his teammates spread bright colors.

We can finally stop Jaehyun from fighting a lonely battle alone.

It was something they couldn’t help but be happy about.

But before that, there was still one more battle left.

Individual ranking finals.

In general, it would be a match that Jaehyun would win, of course, but you can’t know this without fighting.

The guy who made it to the finals together. Because he was a transfer student at Milles Academy.

pay. Jaehyun faced him in the finals.

Also, in that game, not even Jaehyun could guarantee victory.

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