I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 289

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Episode 289: Improvement of Evil (2)

A scream erupted with the sound of an explosion.

What the hell is this?

The moment Jaehyun thought about that. An emergency evacuation order was issued to the amphitheater, which was filled with people, along with audible voices.

“Ah, let me tell you. Ranked match seems to have to stop here for a while. It is said that mysterious magic has been detected in the sky… .”

“Signs of unknown magic have also been detected from the gates of Miles Academy, and they say that cadets and cadets are attacking each other!

Everyone, please leave this place immediately and evacuate to a safe place… !”

There, the narrator’s words did not continue. Only the noise of the mic that squeaks remains in the arena.

People disappeared one by one, and Jaehyun stood there with Fei, reflecting on the situation.

What was happening was far from what he had thought.

Is it Fei, the transfer student in front of you?

By the time I thought about it, Fei raised her hands as if to declare in advance.

“By the way, it’s not my fault.”

“How can you believe that?”

“Whoa, calm down. Because it’s real.”

Looking back, it was strange.

Jae-hyun had seen this kind of scenery in the past, before returning. The collective brainwashing that took place at the Milles School Festival. It was the case in which Gu Ja-in was the culprit.

‘Then did Gujain directly join the Valkyrie forces?’

But there was no time to ponder for long.

Even as he thought, people were dying.

Because the power of brainwashing was much stronger than what he had seen before.

Jaehyun looked around. He himself, as Caster had said, the terrible and despicable situation that was taking place was hard to believe.

“Cadets… Are they attacking each other? Even ordinary people!?”

When Kim Yoo-jung shouted in embarrassment, Ahn Ho-yeon quickly raised her sword.

“Something is strange… these kids… It’s like I’ve been brainwashed somewhere… !”

“… It’s Gu Jain’s work.”

Seo Ina confirmed.

A while ago, they told Jaehyun that Goo Jain had escaped from prison. He was told that he could always move to win Miles back.

Gu Jain also has brainwashing skills.

If it was enough to cause such a commotion in broad daylight, it was certainly correct to assume that Gu Jain was on the move.

“Collective brainwashing… Anyway, this is dangerous!”

At Kwon So-yul’s words, Jae-hyun, who had been fighting with Fei, briefly turned away. There, you can see the cadets surrounding the stadium and preventing people from leaving.


They were caught in Gu Jain’s unique skill brainwashing.

“I’ll do something, so don’t move hastily!”

Jaehyun shouted and quickly stretched out his arms and deployed his mana.

―Active skill «Absolute Calculation».

Kwachang! Kwachang! Kwachang!

A noise like a chain of mirror fragments being broken.

Along with him, the magic that brainwashed the cadets begins to break.

absolute operation. It was one of the core skills of Jaehyun.

‘Brainwashing is a skill that I also copied with a blank card. I understand the magic formula perfectly. There is no consumption of magical power.’

In the battle against Nidhog, Jaehyun succeeded in upgrading his absolute arithmetic.

And this, for the magic he fully understood, he was able to forcibly dissipate the ceremony without consuming mana.

For Jae-hyeon, who copied Goo-in’s skills at the beginning of the regression, breaking the brainwashing wasn’t difficult at all.


Thanks to Jaehyun, the brainwashed cadets fell to the floor.

“Do you know what is going on?”

Kwon So-yul asked. Jaehyun nodded and shouted at his teammates.

“I’ll explain later, so please somehow evacuate people! And Ahn Ho-yeon, you… .”

Ahn Ho-yeon cut off what he was trying to say and replied.

“You mean to kill him? okay. Leave it to me.”

“okay. Then please.”

Jaehyun nodded, and the party started to move to save the cadets and other people.

Lee Jae-shin, who came to see Yoo Seong-eun and his son at the right time, also noticed and moved together.

Something nasty is going on. It’s almost like the Red Gate incident.

No, maybe more than that.

* * *

The news that a large army with black wings has appeared above Miles Academy.

It quickly spread across the Internet.

The news was no different. They started talking with experts to find out the collective brainwashing phenomenon and the identity of the Valkyries.

[As those who already know, you know, it is highly likely that those floating in the sky are beings called ‘Valkyries’.

An all-female army with huge wings. They are the only ones in Norse mythology.]

[But isn’t it possible that it’s someone else’s joke? Radar group as a surprise… .]

[How stupid! How tight is the security at Milles Academy, do you think there is anyone who can break through it and play tricks like that?

What’s there? surprise? You know what a serious issue this is!]

[Sorry, sorry.]

[Currently, the outer wall of the academy is also said to have a barrier made of magic. Therefore, only S-class radar can enter this place… .



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Due to this, even national radars are not able to move easily.]

[If, as the professor said, they are the Valkyries that appear in mythology… In the end, it is like acknowledging the existence of God in the world.

How will things turn out?

I hope this will be completed safely and all the cadets and instructors will return safely.]

* * *

The majesty of the Valkyrie troops floating high in the sky.

It was difficult to handle even for the reenactment ahead of the 3rd stage of liberation.

It wasn’t horror. It was somehow divine, but twisted. For some reason, twisted beliefs seemed to be entangled like stubbornness.

“I will take Freya’s command and destroy you, the opponent of the prophecy, here.”

At that moment, the woman standing in the middle gave a light sword bow and said.

It was more of a threat than a courtesy.

Jaehyun hurriedly raised his mana and looked to the side.

transfer student. I couldn’t even figure out his identity, but of course… !

“Look ahead. I’m not what you need to see.”

At that time, a mysterious voice came from a transfer student. That was enough to shake the reenactment.

Sigrun put magic into his sword and said.

“Who is that man next to you? adversary. Is he your colleague?”


‘what? Weren’t you with that guy? Then, the real identity of the transfer student is… ?’

Jaehyun bit his lip and said that. He quickly gave instructions to Hella and Papi.

“Papi, you move to save as many people as possible. Prevent your colleagues from coming this far.”


“Hella, I think you should help me. We need an army of dead. Can you help?”



Hela quickly polymorphed into human form and opened the portal.

Portal to Helheim. The cries of the dead pouring from it collided with Valkyrie’s magical power.

Jaehyun said to Fei without even turning his head.

“Hey you. I don’t know what the identity is… Know how to survive.”

“I want to know who cares about who.”

Faye shook her head. Without even a chance for Jaehyun to question it.


Sigrun swung the sword he was holding, creating a huge sword scar.

It was tearing through space, swallowing it, and flying towards representation.

‘shit… the reaction… Uneasy!’

Jaehyun rolled his body to avoid it, but the power of the attack remained clear on the floor.

Chii profit… !

The floor made of arc metal was dented.

The sword path was engraved, and even that power gradually expanded its scope and swallowed up the representation.

Death Sword (追魂劍).

A technique used by Sigrun, it was a swordsmanship that shattered the soul and pursued the opponent to the end.

Of course, there was no way that Jaehyun could notice this in the midst of his hectic mind.


“I know!”


The summoned specter’s troops started attacking the Valkyries.

However, they were too disadvantageous in terms of attributes, and it was difficult to hold out for a long time.

The reason is simple.

Ghosts are basically undead monsters. But Valkyrie is a divine attribute.

Hella’s magic is only to buy time, and you can never fight them and win.

A game of rock, paper, scissors where the winner is decided.

Unfortunately, it was Jaehyun who stood on the losing side.

“Min Jaehyun.”

It was at that moment that I heard a voice beside me. The transfer student, Fay, was talking to me.

“What I asked for in the first place. I didn’t answer properly. Why are you trying to endure everything alone, that’s what I asked.”

“What does that matter now?”

“It is important. As you move on, someone eventually dies. Admit it. If you don’t admit it, you will lose everything.”

Fay’s tone changed. The moment Jaehyun’s eyebrows narrowed.

Chow ah!

Once again, the soul-defying sword is stabbed directly at him.

It was a lot bigger than it was just a moment ago, and it couldn’t be stopped.

It cannot be destroyed even with magic. It is too big to cut through the grain.

Sigrun put a fishy smile on his lips.

“I brought a skillful shaman. Even after blowing up your body, if you go back with only your head and heart, you might be able to keep it alive. Don’t worry, it won’t go against fate.”

Jaehyun sighed as he watched the sword attack slowly flying toward him.

I accelerated my thinking and repeated it, but it was difficult to decide anything easily.

At this rate, even if it is not death, I will live in an even worse hell.

I can’t see my family and colleagues again.

You will have to watch with your own two eyes as their bodies are being torn apart.

that’s war

That’s why I tried to stop it.

But what if I fail?

It was an emotion that filled Jaehyun’s head every moment.

If I fail, if I fail.

It always suppressed representation and put more pressure on it. Makes it impossible to breathe, even one day faster. That was what made it go a little faster.

If I fail here.

everything… .

“It never ends.”


Jaehyun’s eyes narrowed. A huge sword flying towards you.

that’s what stopped

At that moment, Faye’s voice was heard again.

“Even if you fail.”

Jaehyun saw it. The sword that flew in front of him was blocked by something and began to slowly break down.

“Everything never ends.”

“you… What is your true identity?”

Jaehyun’s narrowed eyes look sideways instead of forward.

pay. A transfer student who succeeded in transferring through Milles Academy’s hellish competition, and a mysterious existence to Jae-hyeon.

and… The one who blocked an attack with a divine power that even he could not deal with.

what the hell is he

Why did he, whom he thought was an enemy, save himself?

“I am an indivisible being.”

Faye took a step forward and continued.

“I am the Brune you saw a moment ago, and I am also the Watcher you saw in the Valley of Dragons in the past. I am a fragment of the fallen spirit, and I am also myself. But my most famous name is.”


He lifted his head, and shattered the soul sword into pieces.

“Loki. This is Loki Laufeyson.”

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