I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 290

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Episode 290: Sword of Faith (1)

When the teammates who were instructed by Jae-hyeon ran to save the cadets and people.

Suddenly, there were two figures catching up next to me.

two familiar people. They were Yoo Sung-eun and Lee Jae-shin.

“What happened?”

Lee Jae-shin asked like that. Jaesang Lee replied.

“I think the cadets have been subjected to group brainwashing. Although Jaehyun released the magic… It’s not all settled yet, so we have to move.”

“It’s a rescue.”

“For now, you guys, save the cadets.”

Guin. As soon as the name came out, Lee Jae-shin turned away.

No matter how strong the cadets were, it was impossible to deal with Gu Jain, who was the president of Miles.

himself or Yoosung. Among them, if you’re looking for stability, I’d go for it… .


But at that time, there was a person who grabbed Lee Jae-shin’s shoulder.

Jaeshin Lee narrowed his eyes.


“I will take care of Gu Jain.”

“… You are still only a cadet. There’s no reason for you to take risks here. No matter how much you reach S rank, it’s the same for Gu Jain.”

“that’s right. Leave this to us, and you guys will rescue the cadets as much as possible… .”

The words of Yoo Seong-eun, who added Lee Jae-shin and then, stopped for a moment.

Ahn Ho-yeon’s eyes say she will kill Gu Ja-in. It was a deeper pain than she thought.

I don’t know what it is. There was no time for a long explanation.

But the moment I look into his eyes. Lee Jae-shin had no choice but to harden coldly without even realizing it.

It was because many complex emotions were clearly felt.

“… good.”

“Lee Jae-shin radar!”

Yoo Seong-eun stopped it, but Lee Jae-shin’s decision was not overturned.

Yoosung chewed his lips. I think he must have a reason for his judgment, but isn’t he still a young cadet?

However, Lee Jae-shin did not add any more and just spoke to his back as he turned around.

“I heard that your mother recently woke up. The experience of losing someone remains traumatic for everyone. If it’s someone important to you, promise me you’ll definitely come back.”

“I promise.”

In the end, the two had no choice but to let Ahn Ho-yeon go.

Chae’s colleagues didn’t even bother.

Ahn Ho-yeon. There was only one place he was heading to now.

Chairman’s Office.

It was a place that Jain Koo established and has been cultivating until now.

Ahn Ho-yeon took the elevator to the upper floor. The place was already wide open, probably because of her search for help, so it looked dangerous even at first glance.

But there was no time to hesitate.

Those who saw Ahn Ho-yeon riding the elevator also prepared for the next battle.

“Then we will rescue the rest of the cadets and ordinary citizens first. Will everyone help?”

Everyone nodded at Yoo Sung-eun’s suggestion. Even that Lee Jae-shin.

“There is no time. After all the rescues, Min Jae-hyun… I have to go get him too. This time, no matter how hard he is, he’s not an easy guy to deal with.

In addition, there are four doors that can invade the academy. If all the enemies are coming that way, it’s not even close to this number. It won’t be enough even if we are divided and deal with each other.

At least without the support of other S-class raiders.”

“I agree. If you don’t protect all four gates of Miles, everyone will die here eventually. I have no choice but to block them all. Although the chances are infinitely close to zero.”

“We will take over the eastern gate. You guys should help Min Jae-hyeon here in the center.”

Jaeshin Lee said that and looked out the window.

A group made up of only unknown women who dyed the sky black.

What kind of beings are they with swords, spears, and axes?

A cold wind ran down the spines of everyone gathered here.

Indeed, an overwhelming sense of fear and intimidation weighs on their shoulders.

But they will do what they have to do.

Because that’s radar, their essence.

* * *

Radar Associated News.

Broadcasting, which was broadcast live on TV, was gradually gaining momentum.

It was because what was happening at the academy was coming as a big shock to them.

The cause was none other than Sigrun’s words earlier.

[‘I came here under the command of Sigrun and Freya.’ The woman who seemed to be leading the group said so. Clearly, there is no single error.

Freya. In today’s world where Norse mythology has become a reality, is there anyone who doesn’t know her name?]

[She is the goddess of beauty and, according to the legend of mythology, the head of the Valkyries. If this story is true, it becomes clear that her identity is one of the Valkyries.]

[It’s dangerous. I have no idea why the gods suddenly appeared, but… I can’t guarantee that something good will happen to mankind.]

[But why did you call Min Jae-hyun the ‘adversary’? Is he related to God?]

[if so… It may be able to prove the source of the power he has shown so far. The force that was too strong for a cadet, even the first Battle Mage title… Because only he could do it all.

And, the only ones who can stop him are transfer student Fei and Min Jae-hyun, who blocked the attack a moment ago. There are only two. Their attacks are blocked by the S-class raider… too strong It will be crushed in an instant.]

Lee Seon-hwa and Kim Yoo-jung’s parents watching TV. And people all over the world joined hands while watching Jaehyun and Fay confront Sigrun.

If you break through there, you will be next.

No one knew it now.



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* * *

“shit! Everyone, get ready right now!”

that time.

Moriya Renki of Japan jumped up from his seat after finishing all preparations.

He was wearing armor, and even held a cumbersome huge weapon in his hand. He was thinking of heading to Milles Academy right away.

Just black robes, no. It was to help reproduce.

‘Black Robe… To think that his true identity was a battle mage that caused a stir in the world… !’

When Yamatano Orochi was defeated, he saw the battle of the black robes right in front of his eyes.

And now the battle that Jaehyun can see. This was exactly the same as what he had seen in the past.

The same goes for out-of-standard forces.

This is Min Jaehyun. It was tantamount to proving that he was a black robe.

“But will you be all right? The enemy is too strong. There was no approval from the upper level of the Japanese Union… Stepping out now is risky… .”

“Do you think that a monster with such destructive power will end after killing one Min Jae-hyun? black robe. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that he was the target.

But in the end, its power will be shown off to us. It’s our turn next.”

Wake up if you will. and fight

Moriya said so. He kicked the door and ran towards the gate.

“Black robe… No, Jaehyun Min. What are you fighting against… !”

* * *

“We will go too. We cannot leave Miles Academy and Korea as they are.”

“No approval required. Because this is a notification.”

Camilla and Ballack also completed all preparations to help Jaehyun. Of course, the European Union had no choice but to approve of their persistence.

Anyway, the S-class raiders are monsters, and they are far beyond their control.

It was their idea that it would be better to let them go as they wished now.

“shit. After raising my disciples, it seems like they all will die before me.”

“You shouldn’t make it like that.”

Camilla nodded at Balak’s words and only added that.

Their destination has already been decided. Milles Academy.

There, they are Jae-hyun and his colleagues. The plan was to save the cadets of the academy.

* * *

Guin. The road to the director’s office was long.

It wasn’t just a matter of distance and height.


‘Guardian… To think that such a trashy human could even prepare such a thing… !’

An Ho-yeon sincerely despised him and swung his sword.

Why was he gasping for breath and using his sword?

The reason was simple. Elevator to go up to the top floor.

It was like a gatekeeper guarding the castle gate.

‘I knew it was strange from the first time I rode the elevator. However, to think that demon beasts would come out from all directions… !’

However, there was no time to think deeply.

It just slows down thinking. what you have to do now.

It was all about swinging the sword and clearing everything in the way.

In fact, in terms of force alone, the demons here weren’t that strong.

However, there was something else that really bothered Ahn Ho-yeon.

as soon as.


[…] live… want… .]

It was this terrible scream heard every time a monster was killed.

The voice changed every moment. Even if you cut down a beast-type monster, even if you cut down a human-type monster.

It was always the same. They were sad and in agony and cursed An Ho-yeon.

It is bound to be mentally exhausting.

Moreover, the most frightening thing was that this voice made me think that it was not just Gu Ja-in’s scheming. Rather than hate it, why?

A feeling of pity rises from the depths of the heart.


Ahn Ho-yeon continued to fight and drank Lee Jae-sang’s potion in his spare time.

The sound of broken glass bottles on the floor and the sound of the elevator every time you go up the floor. And a slight growl continued to haunt him.

But Ahn Ho-yeon endured.

Now you have to do it yourself.

The face of his mother, who had recently awakened, flashed in his mind.

Even the moment I woke up, I was worried about myself.

He tried not to forget his mother’s hand, which was more wrinkled than he remembered.

Cool your head and defeat the demons that keep coming in.

Grab a sword and wield it.

sometimes horizontally. sometimes vertically.

Sometimes, he rotates his body to slash, and sometimes he gives up his shoulder and uses the opponent’s movements. it was all learned

yourself so far. And what he learned from his teacher, Balak.

All of those things accumulated in his body and began to glow one by one.

“I have to go up.”

Ahn Ho-yeon let out a rough breath and continued to kill the demons.

Demons numbering in the hundreds. There were so many of them, the level went up by 2.

Ahn Ho-yeon invested all stats in endurance and continued to fight.

Guin and himself. Either one of them will die here.

But that won’t be you.

Thinking so, when I swung the last sword with a trembling hand.


Ahn Ho-yeon was able to reach the top floor of the elevator.

The familiar office of the chairman came into view in front of him.

Director Kim Ji-yeon was already lying outside the door. He’s not dead yet, but he’s passed out.

Ahn Ho-yeon knew.

Gu Jain is in this, and he will definitely kill him.


Ahn Ho-yeon kicked the door.

There was no need for knocking like before.

“what? Jaehyun Min… I thought he was coming. This is a bit surprising.”

There was a shaggy, long beard and haggard, but unmistakably Gujain.

The appearance of a monster pouring out menacing mana even at first glance.

However, An Ho-yeon tried not to be afraid and strode towards him.

and asked

“That’s what made my mother… is it you?”

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