I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 292

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Episode 292: Loki Laufeison

“Loki. This is Loki Laufeyson.”

If you were to count on your hand the most important beings in Norse mythology.

Three gods can be singled out.

The first is Odin, the god who becomes the actual protagonist.

The second is Thor, the lord of Thunder and the Hammer Mjolnir.

The third is the mischievous Loki, well known by the nickname Trickster.

The three beings are Asgard’s strongest, and they are responsible for the most stories in mythology.

Their presence is so famous that it is widely spread throughout Midgard.

Jaehyun thought of the first.

So, before returning. message that you have heard.

―You become the adversary of the lofty Aesir.

The adversary of the Aesir. At first he had no idea what that meant.

But after that, I learned a little more about it.

While visiting the temple of Hel, he was able to realize a little bit of what it means to be an adversary.

After that, before the later. There, with the help of Hella, he was able to detect the lies of Hugin, whom he believed to be his father.

He saw the memories of Hrungnir and heard the story of Mimir.

As the narratives piled up, Jaehyun became curious about the two gods behind them.

Odin and Loki.

Why did the first two wage war and now, 10,000 years later, are they trying to recreate it?

The three Norn sisters, Mimir and Loki.

Why did they bring themselves back?

In a situation where everything was covered by an opaque curtain, Jaehyun finally met Loki.

trickster. Naughty Loki.

Now, he understood the significant behavior in front of him.

Loki. He has been by his side from the beginning.

Avoiding the eyes of the Æsir, in the form of Brün, and in the form of a watcher.

in the form of someone else.

Jaehyun learned that Loki was always by his side.

And now, ask him

“Why did you choose me as your opponent?”

“You chose to be special… That would be a lie.”

Loki shook his head and returned to his original form.

“But I got it. That you have more potential than anyone else.”

“What did you see and make that choice? I lost a lot of people because of your choices.

It may be selfish, but if you didn’t choose me… If I had, I would have lived a happier life. think so.”

It’s something someone should have gone through. This is Jaehyun’s complaint.

However, it was also a part that he could talk about to Loki.

why did you choose me

Why did you bring me here?

The answer to that was a part that Jaehyun could ask for from him.

However, Loki just shook his head.


“The answer to that is not here. the deep sea inside you. If you find something in it, everyone will know.”

Loki just said that.

Yeah, that’s enough for now.

Above, there were still times when they looked down on themselves.

Valkyrie. Killing them was the first thing.

“If you are not an enemy, cooperate.”

“okay. of course. But before that, let me make one thing clear.”

Loki’s words didn’t sound right.

death sword. It was because the huge debris was floating around, blocking the view and noise.

“You are still weak. You don’t know how strong the Valkyries above are. They are strong enough to be incomparable to Einherjar.

Reaper… Because they are the Shinigami that you humans commonly refer to. The sword he uses is the power that comes from it.”

“But aren’t they still only able to use 30% of their power?”

“The power of prophecy that surrounds you. You already know that it’s getting weaker, don’t you? Let’s see… If this is the case, 50% would be good enough. It can crush you in an instant.”

Jaehyun frowned.

what? Are you saying that the difference between 30% and 50% is that much?

Hella, who had intervened from the side, grabbed the hem of her skirt in exasperation.

“Unfortunately, he is right. Actually, I want to ask why Loki is here now… For now, I need his help.”

“I’m sorry, but there are limits to where I can help. This body is a fragment containing only a small part of my enormous godhead. It’s not enough to defeat Sigrun.”

“Am I supposed to do it after all?”


“But how do we stop that monster?”

At Jaehyun’s words, Loki raised an eyebrow.

Jaehyun felt his heart sink. The comrades who had moved to protect people earlier had now arrived within close range of him.

It would be useless even if I shouted at him not to come.

Jaehyun knew his colleagues best. Here they were people who could die for themselves. He, of course, had no intention of letting himself do that.



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At that moment, Loki snapped his fingers and said.

“Third level of divine power liberation. get there If you can open your own barrier, you’ll have a chance against Sigrun.”

“But right now, there is no one to usurp the divinity… .”

“You know that there are three Awakening Stones in the beginning, right?”

Jaehyun’s eyes widened slightly at those words.

“I have the last of them. And where no one can find it, I hid it for you, the adversary.”

“Hide… left?”

When Jaehyun frowned at the sparse words, Loki smiled.

“You must have seen the tragedy of Jotunheim 10,000 years ago through Urd’s mirror during the second trial in the past. In the memories of Hrungnir.

And the place where I hid the primordial Awakening Stone unnoticed by Odin… It is the future.”


“okay. It is the world after your death before returning, an imaginary space created by Skuld, one of the three Norn sisters.

See the future there and realize one unshakable truth. Then you will be able to obtain the last Awakening Stone of the Beginning.”

“… i get it. do that.”

The decision wasn’t difficult. Everyone seemed to be dying right here, but there was no room for hesitation.

But at that moment, Loki crossed his arms as if he had missed something.

“However, you are not alone in heading towards the future.”

Loki made a mischievous face and snapped his fingers.

That was the moment.


The familiar voices of the comrades running this way. They were caught up in something unknown.

All members of the Nine began to be transported somewhere by the portal along with Loki’s gesture.

What is it? Is Loki telling me to go to the future with his friends?

There I, what… !

―Loki, manager of the Nornir system, uses the 《Navigator’s Compass》.

―Transfers the user and their allies to Skuld’s fragment (future).

The consciousness was quickly cut off, and the magical power in the sky where the fragments of the soul sword were floating was quickly removed.

Sigrun was floating in the sky, looking down at Loki as he was.

“… Loki. I never thought you’d be here. I would have thought he hid another fragment in Midgard.”

“That’s right. It’s a pity for you.”

“But powder can never kill me. I bet you know.”

Loki looked at Sigrun, who was looking down at him with a sullen expression.

With a surprisingly cold face, she continued to shoot soul slashes at herself.

The floor of the arena was already dented and it was difficult to find even traces of it.

“Well, as you said. I won’t last long with a body like this. Because it’s just on a low level.”

In fact, there was nothing wrong with Sigrun’s words. No matter how much he possesses the strongest power of Esir, he is only a fragment in the end.

It was true that he was not enough to deal with himself now. Maybe I’ll stop holding it for a while.

However, even so, Loki only had a fishy smile.

“don’t worry. I won’t be killing you.”


At that moment, a huge domed magic unfolded and trapped the Valkyries and Loki.

From here on, it was a battle between those with divine powers.

Enormous magical energy collided, and the noise of the collision was heard.

A huge spark rose from Loki’s body.

The flame that once made all the Dark Elves tremble in fear.

Loki’s flame spread quickly and filled the son-in-law.

he thought


What Odin longs for and fears. what you want to get your hands on.

I know.

And I will somehow block it.

Loki shrugged his shoulders with a playful smile.

“It’s just that the first round is over. what? Is that all there is to it?”

With those words, Loki’s huge magic power rises, and his organs begin to show up slowly.



It was a vivid flame, which quickly spread and began to burn the sky red.

At once, thousands of Valkyries disappeared without a trace.

* * *

Meanwhile, Moriya Lenki and Balak. Camilla got in touch with each other.

They each decided to block three gates except for the east one guarded by Lee Jae-shin and Yoo Seong-eun.

In the north, there were cadets like Jung Hyeon and Camilla who came to support from headquarters, and in the south, the European Union, including Ballack. To the west were Moriya Renki and members of the Japan Alliance.

While they all pray for the propaganda of reproduction, the huge existence in front of them.

I couldn’t help but get tired of the fear of the Valkyries.

Each one of those objects is at a level approaching at least A+ grade. But on the inside, there will be more fighting going on.

black robe. No, Jaehyun’s fights were always several steps ahead of them.

This level of pain would be nothing compared to that.

Everyone there knew.

If he hadn’t helped, their lives would have been lost no matter what happened.

In any case, it means that now is not the time to turn your back, but the time to cooperate.

So when he is needed, I will pay the debt I owe.

That was their idea.

Radar’s principle is not to leave debt.

* * *

The place where the party arrived after the flickering of light that made the mind far away.

It was right in the middle of a closed city.

daegu. However, the extent of the devastation was incomparable to anything seen before.

“Ugh… headache… Where are you?”

Kim Yoo-jung stood up first and muttered that. Kwon So-yul-do, Lee Jae-sang-do, Ahn Ho-yeon-do. Everyone was confused, as if they had just woken up.

The portal that Loki created a while ago. Probably because of its transmission side effects.

After Jaehyun was the first to come to his senses, he spoke to his colleagues.

“This is the future. exactly… .”

―It is now 2035. The Nornir System begins guiding you through 《A Cruel Future》.

Before Jaehyun could answer, the system answered.


This was exactly four years after Jaehyun returned.

In other words, this place really meant the future.

Jaehyun calmed down. Loki. He told him to find the Awakening Stone of the Beginning here.

But I don’t know why I needed allies in the process.

Why did Loki send himself to the future with his friends?

Here, Loki said he must realize the ‘unshakable truth’.

What on earth is that truth?

No information is available at this time. Then it was important to move once.

I didn’t have much time. Since Hella didn’t come along, Jaehyun had to take care of everything now.

“Let’s search the area first. I’ll tell you everything as we go.”

Jaehyun said so.

I can’t hide anymore You have to tell them everything, including your return.

In addition, how urgent the situation is now.

Jaehyun was thinking of revealing everything to his colleagues.

It’s all that he tried to use them in the first place.

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