I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 294

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Episode 294: A future without you and me (2)

you died because of me

Jaehyun’s words pierce Kim Yoojung’s chest like a dagger.

The beating of my beating heart did not stop, and my hands trembled.

What the hell is this story about?

Kim Yoo-jung, in shock, repeated Jae-hyun’s words.

[You are dead.]

Jaehyun told me that he went back in time and came to the present time.

That means, from the beginning, he was aware of his own death.

‘The drastic action I did earlier… I think I now know why Jaehyun Min was overprotective of me.’

Now everything is starting to look clear.

Come to think of it, Jaehyun’s recent behavior was also somewhat strange. All the things you tried to overprotect yourself.

This was a big illusion for her.

To Jaehyun, he said that such an act would lead to Kim Yoojung’s death. It came from the pressure to keep.

I was mistaken because of that.

Maybe she, not Seo Eana, might have a chance.

But no.

Jaehyun was just trying to save himself.

Kim Yoo-jung was ashamed of herself, and then feared death.

Are you sure I’m dying?

The two letters of death are unavoidable to Radar. It was the most deeply related word, but in the end it was also the word that kept me from being the most rational.

I didn’t want to die.

Like everyone else, she had no desire to die.

Jaehyun and other colleagues must have been the same.

As I was thinking about that, Jaehyun started talking again.

“I too died at the last moment before returning. and… When I woke up, I was back in the past. From there, I met you, and until now, I have changed countless futures.”

Only then did the colleagues acquire the legitimacy of all the actions Jaehyun had shown so far.

When he was Goo Jain, Jaehyun was the first to doubt him and see through his true identity.

In the end, all he wanted was a better ending.

I am still working towards it.

“Kim Yoo-jung, I think that you who died saving me before returning would have regretted it. So I hope you don’t die this time.

So does everyone else. I’ll try somehow… .”

“… No, I can’t do that.”

Seo Ina interrupted Jaehyun on rare occasions, crying a little somewhere.

“… Yoojung will protect her no matter what. But Jaehyun isn’t watching you sacrifice yourself. you’re a colleague Were we nothing to you?”

“Yeah, they said everything would be over if you didn’t stop it anyway. Then, isn’t it right for us to struggle at least?”

Next was Kwon So-yul. Next, Ahn Ho-yeon and Lee Jae-sang.

The last was Kim Yoo-jung.

“I will go with you until the end. Because of that, I became stronger until now.”

“So do i.”

“I can’t die because it’s unfair! I have no intention of dying, and I have no intention of leaving you alone there, so don’t mind me!”

Hearing Kim Yoo-jung’s last cry, why was it?

Jaehyun felt ashamed at that moment.

I thought that the only thing I was trying to do was myself. His comrades, like him, were trying to keep moving forward.

Why did I think I had to do everything alone?

Did you believe that it was right?

At that moment, it seemed that Loki’s words passed through Jaehyun’s ears.

[Why do you try to endure everything alone?]

[Someone’s sacrifice is inevitable in your progress. Admit it. Otherwise, you will lose more.]

“I’ll do my best.”

Only then did he realize Loki’s intent in asking the question.

Verses of the second prophecy.

The road to Odin is opened with the blood of those who stand by the side of the adversary.

It meant, after all, that if you didn’t acknowledge the need for a companion, you couldn’t move forward alone.

If you really want to go forward.

Have a colleague by your side And if you want to protect it, grow your strength.

That must be the story Loki wanted to tell himself even while showing the future.

Jaehyun nodded.

“I will never let you die. I’ll promise.”

The moment Jaehyun spit out those words.

―You have cleared the special quest 《The Future Without You and Me》.

―You will receive the Awakening Stone of the Beginning as a reward.

―As a reward, you acquired the passive skill 《The Bond of Those Standing by Your Side》.

[Passive skill]

Name: The Bond of Those Who Stand By

Rating: EX

Significantly improves the physical abilities of those standing next to the antagonist of the prophecy.

*The growth limit of those who are ‘recognized’ as allies of the adversary is lifted.



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*The physical abilities of those who are ‘recognized’ as the adversary’s allies soar.

Before even properly examining the newly acquired skill.

Jaehyun looked at the primordial stone with red light floating in front of his eyes.

The Awakening Stone of the Beginning.

Jaehyun reached out his hand without hesitation, and the moment he held it in his hand.


In an instant, the screen flashed, and nothing was left in the closed neighborhood.

A future without you and me. The original future that Loki and Skuld had created began to crumble just like that.

As if never existed in the first place, the world quickly crumbled.

* * *


The flames caused by Loki’s enormous magic slowly begin to dissipate.

It was because countless Valkyries floating in the sky were spreading magic to extinguish the flames.

No matter how strong Loki is, what is here is Freya’s direct subordinate, Sigrun.

On top of that, the number of Valkyries he was dealing with was almost thousands, except for the ones he had eliminated.

If I endured further with this body, which was only a duplicate here, it was a situation where 100% of this side would collapse.

“To think that even Loki’s alter ego could be killed here. Freya will be pleased.”

That was when Sigrun had spoken.

Great! Blasphemy!

Just in time, a crack began to form in the air, and waves of overwhelming magical power began to flow from it.

Seeing that, Loki smiled lightly.

“You’re here. adversary.”

“I thought he wasn’t dead yet?”

Jaehyun and his colleagues were there. The composure to stay in Jaehyun’s voice.

‘I think I succeeded safely? After all, he’s a talented guy.’

Loki thought so and raised a corner of his mouth.

Jaehyun must have looked to the future and returned from there with the last Awakening Stone in his hand. If so, you can turn the situation around once again.

That’s what I thought.

Watching this, Sigrun’s eyebrows twisted between the hidden masks.

“The Last Awakening Stone of the Beginning… It’s also Loki. You had it.”

“It’s not mine anymore, so don’t argue.”

As Loki spoke casually, Sigrun’s sword spirit began to vibrate wildly.

Well, for them, of course, they thought it was their property. It’s not enough that Loki took this away. I had to hand it over to Jaehyun.

No matter how you look at it, it was hard to see it as a positive situation.

Jaehyun quickly gave instructions to his colleague.

“You guys deal with the other Valkyries. Me and Loki will take on the strongest guy over there. Do you remember what I said? Don’t overdo it. never!”

“… huh!”


“Can we try it once or twice?”

All at once, the colleagues’ answers came back.

Finally, Jaehyun took a deep breath and faced Sigrun again.

A little while ago, he had to step back because he was weak, but it will be different now.

Hela and Loki. Upon examination, both were seriously injured, and Loki’s body had already begun to split.

Of course, since it’s an alter ego, it won’t really die if you die here, but it’s true that the main body is damaged anyway.

Losing power here could have dealt a greater blow to Van Æsir, who was weak in many ways.

In the case of Hella, since she was an independent alter ego, she could not be resurrected.

The situation was different with Loki, who, in fact, had several lives.

‘I’ll stop here somehow.’

It was the time when Jaehyun, who thought so, quickly held the Awakening Stone in his hand and tried to absorb it by activating the system.

―It takes enough time to absorb the third Awakening Stone of the Beginning.

―The user’s view index has not been completed. The use of Awakening Stone is canceled.

“… uh?”

The message came to mind, and Jaehyun saw Sigrun’s fishy smile.

“You didn’t think you could easily absorb the Awakening Stone from the beginning with me in front of you, right?”

Hearing that, Jaehyun looked at Loki with goosebumps all over his body.

But he didn’t answer, and the story came back from Hella with a sigh.

“In order to absorb the last Awakening Stone of the Beginning, several times more concentration and time than before are required.

therefore… Practically speaking, it means that it is almost impossible to use it now.”

“Loki… ! If you bring this, you can defeat Sigrun… !”

“… I guess… It’s strange.”

Hela shook her head at Loki’s muttered words and raised her magic power.

“Loki is a genius. It’s a monster that accumulates mana just by breathing without having ever done anything like Myungkyungsu. No matter how good you are…

After all, Loki and Odin are monsters of a different dimension.”

Jaehyun was taken aback by the words and felt his head start to turn dizzy.

I just came back alive there. He also saw memories and showed the future of his comrades. It may be traumatic for them.

The things I got through all those situations.

what? Can’t use it right now?

If Jaehyun had the strength, he wanted to turn Loki into powder right away.

The moment he thought so and became indignant, Sigrun raised his sword in the sky.

Loki broke into a cold sweat and shrugged.

“I guess I can’t stop that.”

It was as he said. This time, the sword she draws has become even more massive.

The barriers that Loki had created were gradually crumbling. If you take too long here, the worst could happen.

Jaehyun gritted it.

“If you can stop it, stop it.”

Along with Sigrun’s words, the sword slides and draws a sword path.

The even stronger soul sword flew in the air, cutting through the air while dancing. The destination was clear.

Jaehyun saw the sword shot straight at him.

The word “beautiful” suited the sword the most, but it was absolutely not the case with Jaehyun.

If it was that one shot, he would surely become the sixth and fly in the sky.

I had to somehow find a number here.

‘Loki… Loki… !’

Jaehyun repeated the name of the god who f*cked him, gnashing his teeth and deploying magic. It was a situation where you had to avoid it to survive.

He activated the number of secrets he had hidden.

―The skill «Shadow Fairy Tales» is activated. Evades the target’s attack once.

Jaehyun made a promise.

After I make sure Sigrun is taken down, I will blow up that damn trickster as well.

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