I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 295

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Chapter 295: Kim Yoo-jung (1)


Sigrun’s death sword boasted destructive power beyond imagination.

Basically, with the power to lightly slice through something like arc metal, the refinement of magic was also excellent, enough to scatter Loki’s flames.

Jaehyun looked at the sword several times and admired it without even realizing it.

… Of course, the problem was that he would die without destroying it.

―Active skill 《Dragon Rider》.


Jaehyun called Poppy to have better mobility and deal with the Valkyries.

Valkyries with wings had no choice but to have a much better advantage over Jaehyun in terms of mobility.

Destructive power and maneuverability are fundamental for victory. One of the two must have an advantage over the opponent.

Jaehyun decided to move with Papi for the latter.


Poppy, who had grown in size, recognized Jaehyun’s signal and flew like a ghost to give his back.

air combat. I never dreamed that I would be making my first campaign in this way, but it was a situation where I could die here.

I had to do whatever I could.


―Active skill «Dragon Breath (Back)».

“Oh oh! You’ve already grown up there. As expected, the growth rate of Fafnir, the strongest dragon. You must have suffered a lot too?”

Loki dodges Sigrun’s attack with a nonsense. However, it didn’t look as relaxed as when I first showed it.

He too must be tired from fighting for quite some time. It is a situation where it is impossible to turn off the time itself.

you have to find it here

A decisive way to overcome the current situation.

‘You must do it. From here on, I can’t make a single mistake.’

Jaehyun applied his magic with all his might.

―Active skill «Meteor».

―Active skill 《Frozen Earth Lv5》 is activated.

A meteor that dyed the sky dark red. They start falling mercilessly on the Valkyries. In addition, the frozen land also spread like branches, expanding its range and steadily reducing the number of enemies.

Still, Sigrun. The huge wall was still standing.

She had a spirit and magical power that was completely different from that of her soldiers.

At least with the current representation, it must be a difficult level to deal with.

I have already used one evasion.

shadow fairy tale. That skill was a hand that was allowed in the worst situation.

It was clear that Jaehyun’s battle would be difficult when he had already lost one hand.

Hela is no longer able to summon demons due to the lack of magical power.

She was breaking out in a cold sweat and was breathing heavily. Sweat and blood stains dripped from all over the floor.

‘If I just do something with this Awakening Stone now, everything will be resolved!’

Jaehyun gritted it.

I pulled the reins of the saddle, and I matched my breath with Papi. Use her power to quickly glide and dodge enemy attacks.


In the process, the enemy’s attacks gradually became stronger and their number was also increasing.

“shit… Too many dirty really.”

If these guys are pouring in from all sides, you will gradually be surrounded.

Miles has all four gates. Now that I was dealing with the enemy in the center, I couldn’t even guess what was going on in the remaining three doors.

Could it be that everything is already over?

Will the cadets be all right?

Jaehyun couldn’t even think about that for a long time.


Finally, Jaehyun, who had been cut by a single blade of the sword that struck the side branch, let out a quiet voice.


Profanity erupted from his mouth.

Loki said, following Jaehyun’s side.

“It’s a cool insult! He is also an adversary! We like guys with holes in their morality! Do you like it more and more?”

Jaehyun didn’t have the energy to get angry, so he just tried to clean the wound.

If this is the case, it won’t last long. The winner will be decided within the next minute.

Jaehyun intuitively saw the fluttering black wings in front of him.

* * *

“This just makes no sense. Dungeon Break… It’s not at the level of the monsters that appear there.”

“I agree. They obviously seemed to have intelligence. there… It was strong. Each one was comparable to an S-class radar.”

With Lee Jae-shin and Yoo Sung-eun wounded, they hid inside the school to avoid the Valkyries.

In the process of dealing with the enemy a while ago, they couldn’t handle the number and started to be pushed back on the defensive. After somehow saving the people of the alumni and evacuating them to the auditorium.

I set foot inside the school as a distraction from the gaze.

Milles Academy is wide.

If they only erase the signs of magic, they will surely not be able to find themselves for a while.

“I need to know how Min Jae-hyun is moving. Are you in touch? Or support from other countries.”

“Wrong. I can’t reach Jaehyun.

It’s fortunate that this situation is being broadcast live, but… It would be better to stop expecting other countries to help us.”

Of course, contrary to Yoo Sung-eun’s expectations, radars from other countries were moving. They even know that they are guarding the East Gate, and are heading towards the other gate.



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It was thanks to the feeling of the magic of the two people protecting the alumni. Although the two of them still did not feel their support.

FYI, there was a good reason for what Yoo Seong-eun said.

Each country’s radar ultimately works only for its own interests. There was a high possibility that he would never move for Milles and Korea unless he was in debt.

As two people, of course, there is no choice but to be negative.

That was when they thought so.

“here… There was.”


Along with the sound of words, two rough sword blades flew at them without a sound.


The two of them dodged the sword at the same time, but their brains were in shock.

I should have erased all signs of magical power…

How did they figure out where they were?

Behind them were two monsters with black wings. Besides, now wasn’t the time to think about it.


You might really die here.

‘There is no other way… !’

Yoo Seong-eun forcibly raised her hand to try to treat Lee Jae-shin, but he was also blocked.

“If you use it, you’ll fall into a mana rebound and you won’t be able to move anymore. Also, even if I survived and moved alone, I wouldn’t last more than a few hours.

If we are to survive, we must be together.”

There was enough truth in Lee Jae-shin’s words.

After Yoo Sung-eun nodded, he looked around.

Two enemies besieging them.

However, each one is comparable to an S-class radar.

If the two of us don’t somehow deal with it… !


It was then.

The sudden blow of the sword from behind blew the enemy’s head off with precision.

“… what?”

Jaeshin Lee frowned. Such a heavy but straight sword.

I clearly remember seeing it somewhere.

Strange things continued.

“This way!”

“I wrote a paralysis potion. You will be restricted in your behavior for a while.”

“… Leave it to me!”

Three familiar voices were heard in succession.

Soon after, the other Valkyrie was also killed by a sword of light with divine attributes.

However, even though such a scene unfolded in front of their eyes, the two could not believe it at all.

The reason was simple.

Although stronger and more sophisticated… that technology after all.

Those of the members of Circle Nine?

“Are you okay?!”

At that time, Kim Yoo-jung’s voice was suddenly heard, and the darkness cleared.

flash. It was magic that brightened the light.

“you guys… What the hell happened?! How could you be so strong all of a sudden?”

“You must have been at the level of staying in the upper middle of the A-rank. What happened?”

Yoo Sung-eun and Lee Jae-shin asked. However, the party also scratched their heads as if they did not know the exact reason.

“What kind of skill does Jaehyun have? Oh, not that! Jaehyun is in danger right now! I need to get out of here and go help you!”

It’s an absurd story, but the scenery from a while ago was still good in my eyes.

It didn’t matter how strong they became now.

Nine whose achievement has risen by at least one grade. Their strength will be much stronger than the exhausted one.

“What about the other gates?”

“… Oh, there will be no problem with that. It was the only one that had a problem.”

Seoina’s words. Yoosung tilted his head at this.

Kwon So-yul added on behalf of her poor language.

“It is said that Balack and Camilla, and for some reason, Moriya Renki of Japan are divided and are concentrating their efforts on protecting the South and West Gates.”

“What are you going to do?”

At Lee Jae-shin’s question, Ahn Ho-yeon raised his head.

“Of course, I will go back to where Jaehyun is.”

“… Is that too We will help too.”


Jae-hyun’s colleagues, Yoo-seong and Lee Jae-shin became a team and began to move to save Jae-hyun.

that time.

Jaehyun clenched his fists as he watched what might be his last attack.

* * *

‘No matter how you think about it, it’s strange.’

Sigrun thought as he saw the adversary riding a dragon and charging towards him.

How the hell is it possible to fight like this?

Wasn’t he only human?

When I first heard about Hugin, I had a vague idea that he would be strong.

Even though he was a human being, there were almost no beings who could elicit his recognition.

However, the power of the adversary he was experiencing was not that much.

If it was a battle that continued with proper preparation and with him growing up a bit more.

If so, it would have been him to fall.

Sigrun was well aware of his limitations.

By nature, she was not strong like Freyja, nor was she a god.

But the thing in front of me was only a human.


The figure flying towards him while holding the most delicate branch.

Deeply impressed by it, she prepared for the final season.


“Looks like you’re trying to do something.

Hey, if that hits you, it will hurt.”

Even as Loki murmured, Sigrun’s body was filled with divinity.

All of the energy derived from Freyja was given to Sigrun at a level he could handle. It means that her basic skills are that good.

Seeing her raise his flag, Jaehyun stopped flying and jumped down.

It was the time to win.

Although there is an aerial jump, there are relatively restrictions on activities in the air. You don’t know what kind of attack it will do, but it will make it more difficult to avoid it.

Even so, what Jaehyun jumped out of was the conviction that he had to finish it here. It was also because the sixth sense worked.

Opportunities to change direction are few and far between. You have to focus.

“ha… .”

Jaehyun caught his breath.

Then, Sigrun’s sword, which suddenly began to enlarge, began to strike at him again.

―Active skill «Leap in the air».

While Jaehyun’s body is falling steeply, it changes its trajectory once.

Sigrun’s soul-defying sword grazed Jaehyun’s shoulder once.


Loki burned the Valkyries that followed and supported Jaehyun’s movements.

However, Sigrun was not at all shaken.

just like the first time. The sword was brighter and sharper to the point of fear. It had a brilliant light that seemed to split the moon.

Eventually, the moment when enormous power burst out. Jaehyun thought to himself.

You can’t stop that. There is no avoiding it.

Without perseverance, nothing else will work.

I get it. alright though

Jaehyun smiled. At least if it was like this, if you were infinitely close to death.

I will fight until the very end.

―Active skill 《Overdrive》.

―Unleash your godhood to the limit! Permanent damage to the user’s body may result!

―Active skill «Chain of Thunder God».


Jaehyun poured dozens of chain rain from the air and started pushing the enemy.

At that moment, he thought.

If I can’t keep it, I won’t even live alone.

If mine is taken away, here I will die.

It was when Jaehyun made up his mind and grabbed the sword.

―Active skill 《Soul Link》.

Magic was activated from somewhere, and strange things happened.

Jaehyun and Sigrun’s sword collided almost simultaneously. Even though the difference in power was clear, Jaehyun was not damaged at all.

The person who appeared from behind.

He was the one who wished Jaehyun would never come here.

Jaehyun’s pupils narrowed.

Kim Yoo-jung, she came here.

That too, along with a new unique skill.

―Damage is distributed due to the effect of the active skill Soul Link. Please adjust the proportions.

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