I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 296

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Chapter 296: Kim Yoo-jung (2)

―The user has awakened a unique skill!

―You have succeeded in acquiring the active skill 《Soul Link》!

[Active skill]

Name: Soul Link

Rating: Unique Skill

Distributes the damage suffered by teammates with a strong bond with teammates in a party.

*At this time, the caster decides who will take the damage and each ratio to share the damage.

*If damage beyond the limit is accumulated, the target dies.

A few days ago, when I first heard the system sound that a unique skill had been awakened.

I was really, really happy.

I wondered if I had stagnated as a radar. Every day I was worried about that, but I was finally convinced that I had surpassed my limits.

Ina and Soyul-senpai already had it from the beginning.

I felt that I was now on the same line as them.

The moment I felt genuine relief, a person’s face came into my mind.

‘This will help Min Jae-hyun even a little bit more.’


Even at this moment, I hated myself for thinking of Jaehyun, so I kept my mouth shut.

It was the moment when I realized how deeply Min Jae-hyun was in my heart.


Just with that alone, it was a bit difficult to define our complex and subtle relationship.

I’m glad we’re friends.

But I don’t want to just be friends.

If you say this to someone else, stop talking nonsense and get scolded when you grow up.

In fact, the other day, I took Camilla’s class.

I learned to let go of my thoughts and move forward little by little.

Staying still won’t change anything.

said Camilla.

[If you want something, you should get into the habit of holding it in your hand, even if you are a little greedy. When I do that, what do I want? It also shows what to do.]

[Do you like him? Then come a little closer.]

Camilla didn’t just teach magic.

I could learn from her about how people, individuals, advance as radar.

Dungeon of Trauma. Red Gate and Camilla’s Teachings.

This made me a little more active.

Of course, it is not without fear.

Soul Link.

When a party member is attacked, it is a skill that disperses it with other team members.

At first glance, I felt Min Jaehyun’s gaze tremble.

At that moment, for some reason, I felt a little bit guilty. Wasn’t he the one who made fun of me every day?

It wasn’t polite to run away so cowardly at the last moment, but anyway, there was no other way now.

I realized I had to move quickly before it was too late.

It was when he, who had already fallen, was rolling on the floor.

I passed him and started walking slowly forward.

Then, all of a sudden, I got lucky without even making eye contact.

“Min Jaehyun.”

“why… you came why… !”

“You asked then. I must have regretted saving you before returning.”

I could feel Min Jaehyun’s emotions intensify. My voice came from a situation where I couldn’t say anything hastily.

It was making a shiver strong enough to break him down at any moment.

after. I let out a breath and continued with a slightly relieved face.

“I would not have regretted it. I’m not sure… .”


“… no!”


“It can’t be… .”

I can hear the faint voices of my colleagues. They must have felt it too.

What am I trying to do in this place right now?

In fact, this was the reason why he hid this skill from his colleagues immediately after awakening it for the first time.

‘If at any time my comrades are in danger of dying… At that time, this skill can only be used once to save my comrades.’

Because of this, I didn’t tell anyone about my unique skill.

My co-workers were as precious as me and my family. That they weren’t there was something I couldn’t even imagine.

Also, Radar was a job that always had to think about its end.

It is infinitely close to death.

That’s the darkest and lowest side of Radar.

Jaehyun talked about it first.

[I think you would have regretted it.]

It would be a lie if I said I didn’t worry after hearing that.

It was a story about me dying, not anyone else. I was afraid and wanted to hide.



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But why?

Even at this moment, the body moved first.

Maybe it’s because I didn’t make the right decision? Otherwise… .

Maybe I like Min Jae-hyun more than I thought.

I didn’t stop, and continued to activate the magic.

I have no intention of reversing my decision.

Soon after, a clumsy smile leaked across my face, which seemed to stop at any moment.

His acting is more pretentious than any other expression he has ever made in his life.

It will surely look painful to everyone.

I opened my mouth small and whispered with all my might.

“Because I don’t regret it, that’s why I make the same choice twice.”

I laughed while saying that, and the enormous enemy’s magical power and the destructive power of the sword began to dwell in my body.

The body slowly disintegrates and collapses.

Min Jae-hyeon contemplates his friend dying again. It will hurt. a lot. As a result, he couldn’t save me again.

But I can’t help it. Because this is better than having you die.

I can’t help it even if I say it’s selfish.

you know that this is the best

My heart is beating like crazy, and it’s coming to me.

What is it?

Why did I make such a stupid decision right now?

―Distribute damage with Soul Link!

―There is no party member who can handle the damage of the attack.

―Who would you share the damage with? Please specify that ratio as well.


An attack by that Valkyrie. It can’t survive no matter how much our party members share it.

In the end, you have to choose who will die.


‘I’ll take all the damage from the attack.’

―Applies all damage to the user.

―An attack that far exceeds the target’s HP and DEF. The user’s heart stops.

Kwak Kwah Kwah Kwah!

At that time, I felt the enormous blow of the sword completely tore apart the muscle fibers in my body.

okay. Min Jaehyun was trying to protect us against these guys.

That’s why his back looked so lonely.

I had that last thought, and then my mind went blank.

* * *

pounding. pounding. pounding. pounding.

Feeling the heart pumping like crazy over and over again.

Jaehyun thought.

He said that he had come this far after changing many things after returning.

Even in the hell of Nastrond, he faced his weak past and decided not to hesitate any longer. So he tried to whip himself every moment and do it all alone.

The result is this.

Some die, some must live.

But did it have to be someone by my side?

Did it have to be my dearest friend?

“… Sigrun.”

Jaehyun looked at Sigrun holding a sword with a calm expression.

He said while holding the primordial awakening stone he took out of his inventory again.

“Now, whether or not you have received Odin’s orders. It doesn’t matter if I received Freya’s orders or not.”

Jaehyun looked at her eyes with his fists clenched.

The shocking power of driving it all at once. This shocked even Loki.


―This is an unusual approach! Users can’t handle the last Awakening Stone of the Beginning yet!

―This is an unusual approach! Users can’t handle the last Awakening Stone of the Beginning yet!

―This is an unusual approach! Users can’t handle the last Awakening Stone of the Beginning yet!

“You die here.”


At that moment, the original Awakening Stone that Jaehyun was holding was completely broken.

It is pure strength and magic. It was a combination of the two.

Hella screamed in fright.

“Oh no! If you forced your mana to run wild like that, you… !”

“Are you trying to tell me to lose more here?”

On the floor, only the body of Kim Yoo-jung, whose original form remains, is just lying there. No, it would be correct to say that it was abandoned.

At Jaehyun’s words, Hella couldn’t connect anything more. I knew very well what he meant when he said that.

Youjeong Kim. Even before she returned to the past, she was the one who saved her reappearance once.

But this time, he couldn’t protect her.

didn’t keep anything

Such pressure was forcing Jaehyun to break and ruin the Awakening Stone.

At that moment, Jaehyun saw the familiar sea again.

Fresh blue as before.

But deep beneath it were three red jewels. Its purpose was clear.

* * *


Sinking in the breathless water, I look around.


Still, nothing is trodden under your feet, and there is complete darkness over your son-in-law.

At least, three familiar red jewels reveal the innermost part. It was only the Awakening Stone of the beginning.

I thought again and again.

A little while ago, Kim Yoo-jung died.

Because she couldn’t protect herself, she became the scapegoat.

Had I been a little stronger, none of this would have happened.

If I, if I were stronger

But what the hell does that mean now?

What has already been lost will not come back. Just because I’ve really gained godhood, I’m an almighty who can do anything.

Am I mistaken that I can overcome even death?

In fact, I’m not that great of a person.

Am I overestimating myself?

‘It’s over now. Even if I win this fight, I can’t go back to my original self.’

Not once has he ever done anything against the Nornir system. It’s because I didn’t have the strength or ability to do that.

But now, for the first time, I have broken that wall and taken control of the system.

He forcibly absorbed the Awakening Stone and drew out a runaway.

The side effects of this will be clear.

I will die after this fight. know. I know, I wasn’t afraid.

Why? Why?

I could feel my reasoning cut off as my head was filled with clear anger.

Then, suddenly, a voice came from somewhere.

[Would you like to have more?]

I don’t know who the subject of the voice is.

However, I nodded as if possessed.

[Do you want to never lose again?]

[Don’t you want to feel the fear of helpless despair?]

Despite the voices that sounded distant, I kept shaking my head.

and that moment. A strange thing happened.

The original Awakening Stone shattered and began to scatter fragments in the sea.

swirling vortex. Through the gap, the red flag gradually expanded, and the blue sea turned red before I knew it.

surprisingly… All of that was primal magic.

voice that followed.

―The user’s divinity is running out of control!

―Forcibly entering the 3rd stage of Godhead Liberation!

―You have learned the Field Magic 《Red Moon Plateau》.

―Field magic 《Red Moon Plateau》 is activated!

The moment I heard the message, my vision was clearly dyed red.

I had a hunch. Although imperfect, he succeeded in unlocking new field magic while reaching the 3rd level of Divinity Liberation.

In an instant, both eyes turned into inverted eyes. Blood vessels branching out from around the eyes stand out like tattoos, and dozens of reddish chains rise in the air from the back.

A huge sword that seems to be tied to something. And the plateau spread below came into view.

I feel Sigrun’s eyes narrow.

“I… that black? A primordial sword?”

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