I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 302

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Episode 302: Flowers Blooming in the Snow (2)

The road to Hel’s temple was unexpectedly closest.

Because Hela was able to open the portal to Hel’s temple.

Actually, I kind of expected it.

Hela is basically Hel’s alter ego. To put it simply, isn’t she a being connected to her?

Considering Hella’s usually meticulous personality, the idea that she would have come to Midgard without contact was absurd.

“Then I will open the portal from now on. You may feel dizzy and nauseous… .”

“It’s okay because I’m used to it now. It hasn’t happened once or twice before.”

Jaehyun said sarcastically.

Hella nodded with a slightly embarrassed face.

After that, black magic began to rise from her body, and soon he and Jaehyun embraced her.

It somehow made me feel comfortable.

It was strange.

Hella’s magic, which resembles Hell’s magic, must have a dark attribute… Why is my mind so calm?

Jaehyun thought about it, then shook his head.

‘… … That’s not important now.’

Jaehyun quickly came to his senses and responded to Hella’s magic.

It adds to its own magic power.


In other words, this is the basis of the magic called teleport.

Responding to each other’s magical powers and moving positions together.

Soon, as if a black curtain had been drawn, the son-in-law was darkly stained, and soon Jae-hyeon’s entire body was dyed black. It was proof that the portal movement magic was working properly.

The portal was still making me vomit.

Of course, even in the midst of that, the magic was working steadily.


the place he arrived with.

The first thing Jaehyun heard there was none other than the voice of the first divine being he had ever encountered.

“Hello, Adversary? It’s been quite a while since you’ve met me in person, hasn’t it?”

There, she is the owner of Helheim and the daughter of Loki. there was hello

* * *

A temple with an antinomic appearance, where angels and demons seem to live together.

Stained glass filled the ceiling and walls, and fragments of light of countless colors pouring down below.

That is all that fills the temple here in Hel.

Jaehyun had already visited this place once.

The god who first gave the first trial. because that was hell

At that time, Jaehyun had been given a quest to defeat Night Shade.

‘At that time, I thought it was really going to end.’

Jaehyun laughed lightly as he recalled the time.

At that time, I thought I wanted to tear Hell to pieces, but not now.

Of course, it does not change that the anti-Esir forces, including her, tried to use her. It is also the same that he took out the card of the adversary to overturn the war of the past.

But in the process, I was able to move on too.

It was a really valuable opportunity.

Jaehyun knows.

That everything was for self-growth.

Also, sorry.

Jaehyun had no intention of becoming a clumsy warrior to protect the world.

If he could use them to protect what he held dear, he was just thinking of doing so.

Jaehyun firmly believed that it was right.

“by the way… … It seems that there are quite a lot more guests than expected. I see some familiar faces.”

The other people who were waiting opened their mouths at Jaehyun’s words, which he let go of his rhyme while looking around.

The first to speak was Smir.

“Nice to meet you. adversary. I heard you grew a lot during that time.”

“Smir. Long time no see. The same goes for Hell.”

“okay. I heard you’ve been through some tough times lately, and I’m really glad you’ve recovered like this.”

Several of the other anti-Aesir factions were also present here.

However, I felt that some familiar faces were missing.

Listening to the detailed explanation, Idun and those who are preparing for the next ordeal. Nidhogg said he was unable to attend the meeting.

maybe something is going on

Hel only explained it that way.

“Thank you for your concern.”

Jaehyun bowed appropriately.

“It’s not different, the reason I came here is… .”

It was the moment when Jaehyun was about to open his mouth in earnest.

Hel raised his index finger and covered Jaehyun’s mouth. she said with a playful laugh.

“A ban on your power. You must have come here for that, right?”

“… How well do you know?”

“I have a capable alter ego. I’ve already heard all about the situation. The same goes for you coming here.”

Hella shrugged. Jaehyun laughed.



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“It’s good.”

“Sit down for now. It will take time to talk properly.”

“Let’s go.”

Smir and Hela followed suit. Jaehyun sat down.

The full-fledged story started from there, and Jaehyun couldn’t stand up for a long time.

* * *

“Okay, take it. You have strengthened your Mistiltein. With this, the ban will be certain.”

After a while.

He said, putting the iron bracelet on Jaehyun’s hand. Jaehyun’s shoulders shrunk for a moment as an alluring musk wafted in.

Even at first glance, the appearance of the bracelet had changed.

At first, I remember that it was nothing more than a clumsy branch, but now it was forged with high-strength iron, completely different from before.

The appearance of tying chains matched very well with Jaehyun’s frequently used skill, ‘Chains’. I don’t care about aesthetics, but… .

Because pretty is better.

“thank you. But can this bracelet really work properly?”

As Jaehyun, it was a natural question.

A little while ago, Hel told Jaehyun that he would strengthen his bracelet to restrain himself.

But Jaehyun didn’t understand. Mistiltein is an equipment item to the last. I wondered if it would play a proper role unless it was a professional restraint tool.

However, at Jaehyun’s question, Hella just smiled and answered.

“of course. It was made by Hel, the ruler of Helheim.

Not only that, but a part of Gleipnir that restrained Fenrir was also used as a material. what… Although there is one minor problem.”


“This bracelet’s ability to control your deity is only temporary. One month, in the future, you should be able to handle your strength within that time. If you don’t, you will eventually die at the hands of the Aesir gods.

Well, it won’t be such a big restriction for you.”

Well, the Aesir gods couldn’t wait for Jaehyun to be able to handle his power.

You have to get used to handling power as quickly as possible.

“All right. However, I have a few questions while I’m here… .”

Jaehyun started the conversation like that, and the long conversation ended. I came across some new information.

First, even though Ragnarok has begun in earnest, why haven’t the anti-Aesir forces started moving properly yet?

Wouldn’t it be better to attack first?

Why did they go six months without attacking Odin?

The first question was answered by Hel.

“Odin’s mythical artifact. Hlidscalp is the problem.”

“If it’s a bloodscalp… .”

“okay. It’s his chair from which he can look down on everything in the world. As an adversary, you are unaffected by it now that your power is gone…

The rest can’t get out of his sight without setting up a barrier.”

“You decided that it would be better to start a full-scale war after I joined rather than to lose your position after being discovered.”

“That’s how it is.”

Hello, it was Joo Eok.

Convinced, Jaehyun asked to clear up the second question.

“What exactly is the reason for the ban on deity on my body?”

“That I will explain.”

Smir chose a word for a moment and then said.

“Because your body is overloaded. It’s because the muscles and circuits that were torn from the runaway didn’t recover properly.”

“But if it’s your body, the doctor says it’s okay now… .”

“What you are suffering from is a mental problem.”

Smir tapped his head and continued. The sight of the giant’s gigantic hand moving made me feel intimidated without even realizing it.

Smir’s explanation continued.

“Divinity is a power distinct from magical power. In order to unlock the godhead, you need to properly handle a certain amount of magic power, but you don’t have to draw out the magic power to handle the godhead.

Divinity is, in the end, bringing out the character that has been trained to the limit of an existence.

… However, you used that power too much in a short period of time, and for a while, the circuits in your brain got a taste for it. Danjeon or heart. Perhaps all of the parts that can store magic have gone wrong.”

“Is there any way to recover?”

“Of course. For that reason, the ordeal has been prepared.”

Saying that, Smir looked at Hella.

Jaehyun wondered why the word “ordeal” came out of his mind, but he didn’t express it. It was because they thought they would figure it out.

In fact, his prediction was not wrong.

Hella nodded slightly and looked at Jaehyun.

“The fourth trial. After completing it, you will be able to control your powers without Misteltein’s restraining effect.”

Hella smiled as if it were natural.

“It’s an ordeal prepared for that.”

“… It would be against the law to ask what the ordeal was about, right?”

“It’s a shameless story to say in front of the gods who presided over the first and second trials. He is also an adversary. Are you asking us to hand out the answer sheet now! haha!”

“To be honest, I didn’t expect it from the beginning either.”

After Jaehyun, he let out a short breath.

“All right. Then, I will move to take the fourth ordeal as soon as possible. Because I have to get rid of it quickly.”

“That would be nice. Smir said it hard, but he’s not wrong.”

“Then, let me ask you one last question.”

Jaehyun paused for a moment before asking.

“The stage of the liberation of the Godhead is… How many are there in all?”

At those words, a subtle smile appeared on Hel’s lips.

She answered with a light bite on her lips.

“There are five levels of divine power liberation. After liberating the third case, you will become a complete divine being, and you will be able to escape the title of a half-god.”

“When you reach the 3rd level of Godhead Liberation, most of the Godhead beings will fight one-on-one and you will have a chance.

From level 4 onwards, even if you fight one-on-one with the major gods of the Æsir, you can guarantee victory.

Level 5 is only Odin, Thor and Loki. Only three gods have reached it, so there is no proper information yet.”

It was Hella’s amplification.

She said that Nidhogg was incompletely on the 5th level of Goddess Liberation, but that wasn’t the right level.

In Thor’s case, he was injured in the head by Hrungnir’s whetstone and was unable to use all of his power.

This, in fact, reached step 5 properly. It was a story that the only gods who could handle that power were Loki and Odin.

“There is still a long way to go. All right. Then I will go back soon.”

Jaehyun said calmly and got up from his seat.

Hel and Smir followed him as he disappeared into the portal, slightly startled.

To think that human beings can turn their heads first in front of God… With the thought that it was fun, I began to look forward to his future steps.

he will grow stronger

Jaehyun said he had a long way to go, but his eyes never said that.

I will reach you soon

Because he had such a proud expression on his face.

Then, Hela stuck to Jaehyun’s side, the portal closed again, and darkness fell on Hel’s temple.



A noise like a huge door closing.

Jaehyun came out and looked around to check the time.

“It’s already been about two hours… The nurse sister will scold me. Let’s go quickly.”

“I will go first.”


Jaehyun tilted his head at Hella’s words. However, soon he was able to understand her meaning.

“Because it seems like there is someone waiting first.”

Hella completely disappeared with those words, and Jaehyun saw a person standing leaning against the moonlight outside the training ground.

The appearance of a childish girl is revealed at the same time as she soaks up the pure white moonlight.

Her hair was tinged with orange, and her white skin seemed to brighten up the darkness.

Youjeong Kim.

She slowly looked back at Jaehyun and smiled lightly.

“Are you here?”

A slight blush appeared on her face as she said that.

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