I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 312

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Episode 312: Last Forbidden

A week passed quickly.

In the meantime, Jaehyun hunted various monsters and ate the meat of countless monsters. He farmed herbs that seemed to have many uses.

Then, a fire was built, and the dried animal skins were connected and covered with a blanket to stay up all night.

You would think it would have been quite embarrassing to say this, but to be honest, it was quite fun because I felt like Robinson Crusoe.

… Of course, Robinson Crusoe was not blindfolded in the novel.

well anyway

I got quite used to hunting monsters and feeling the senses.

The monsters that appeared here were very strong, but Jaehyun was by no means weak.

He quickly got used to feeling the magic with his eyes closed.

horsepower. It was the foundation and beginning of everything.

“I get it now. Why did Jormungand prepare me for such an ordeal? I have been relying too much on the godhead until now.”

It wasn’t that bad.

Aren’t magical powers and divinity all legitimately obtained powers of one’s own?

But Jaehyun knew. That the unbalanced power imbalance would bring only death to Raider.

Perhaps he prepared this ordeal in order to realize it.

It’s a very difficult ordeal.

Jaehyun’s eyes were still pitch black.

However, beneath his feet are the corpses of numerous monsters piled up in layers.

Thanks to each and every one of them precisely targeting the vital points, their skin and flesh were almost undamaged.

It was a trace of Jaehyun’s struggle to survive for the past week.

However, Jaehyun’s expression was not very good.

Jormungand, the master of trials. Because I felt like I was being beaten by him.

“The monsters appearing in this forest… Every time you defeat them, stronger ones appear. That must be what the snake did.”

At first, I thought it was just a funny snake doing gags.

After all, I realized that none of the people in charge of the ordeal had a good idea. He sighed and looked around.

“Well, I don’t have an answer, but I can’t help it.”

this is an ordeal

Naturally, I came here without thinking that it would be easy.

Moreover, when I reflected on the contents of the trials so far, the trials always grew as fast as I pushed myself to the limit.

Of the five ordeals, there are now two remaining, including the ordeal of the taboo.

If he can achieve not bad results here, Jaehyun will be able to rise to even higher places.

4th stage of divine power liberation.

There was a level that could be reached by passing through all five trials and depriving other gods.

Even after that, Hel and Smir said that they could reach the 5th level of Divinity Liberation depending on their efforts.

Of course they added this too.

[No matter how talented you are, reaching the 5th level of Divinity Liberation… You’d better think it’s virtually impossible.]

[Yes. Because even Nidhogg stopped at that stage. If you are not as gifted as Odin, Loki, or Thor, you will not be able to go there.]

Both of them said that even if they reproduced, the 5th stage of divine power liberation was impossible. However, the only thing they believe in is Jae-Hyun’s spirit of improvement and the prophecy of the three Norn sisters.

Of course, after hearing such a story, I understand. It wasn’t Jaehyun to say.

[We’ll see what happens.]

Jaehyun came back after giving that answer.

He clenched his fists and retraced the state he had achieved so far.

‘I will soon fully reach the 3rd stage of liberation, and will be able to properly control the powers I used when fighting Sigrun in the past. Not only that, but I’m going to pass this ordeal perfectly.

Then the 4th stage of liberation will be smooth.’

Jaehyun raised his head, continuing to think.

‘I have to somehow advance to the 5th level of Divinity Liberation. In order to kill Odin, you have to reach at least that level.’

Jae-hyun slowly rose from his seat, leaving the fallen bodies behind.

Now is the time to open the portal.


―You succeeded in surviving for 7 days in the 《Forest of Trials》.

―You can move on to the third taboo.

―Please decide whether to take the third ban or end the ordeal.

Jaehyun took a step without hesitation. really last now.

There was only one taboo left.

* * *

There was a being who constantly exclaimed admiration as he watched Jaehyun pass the second ban.

His identity is, of course, Jormungand.

He was the host of the fourth ordeal.

He continued to admire Jaehyun’s natural adaptability and talent.

‘To win the battle against the Demon Beast so quickly in a situation under the ban of vision. Choosing a weapon as a long-reach greatsword.

Not only that, but to the point where he knew right away that it was a forest and didn’t use any flame magic… .’

It was a figure that could not be shown if they had not been active on the battlefield for a long time.

Jormungandr clicked his tongue.

He seemed genuinely fascinated by Jaehyun.

In fact, it wasn’t that he didn’t have prejudice against humans after the first prophecy of the three Norn sisters.

The weakest will kill those who stand on the highest.

Of course, that would be ideal, but… .



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Was it really even possible?

Humans are weak beings.

Elves, Dark Elves, Dragons, Dwarves… At least even the spirits.

Even though there were countless races in the nine worlds, the prophecy chose humans.

What the reason was, Jormungandr seemed to know now.

I was convinced the moment I saw the dead bodies of demons piled up at Jaehyun’s feet.

If it wasn’t for a guy who grows up that fast and develops every moment.

That I would never kill that monstrous Odin and destroy Asgard.

[Loki… Come to think of it, I heard that he escaped, but I don’t know how he’s doing.]

Giing… .

A blue portal opened in front of Jormungandr who was muttering so, and a man’s model was stained with water.

He began walking slowly towards Jormungandr.

[You’re here.]

Naturally, the owner was Jaehyun.

I kept doubting if it was possible, but in the end, the adversary reached this place.

Jormungandr looked at the adversary, revealing fangs dripping with purple liquid.

he laughed.

[Congratulations. adversary. You passed both bans. However, there is still one last taboo left. You decided to pay the last ban.]

“That’s right. But before that.”

Jaehyun looked around. At some point, the penalties for the first and second bans were all gone.

Until the end, I said that the restrictions overlap. Apparently, this time, too, there was some shallow trick.

However, there was something I had to ask before that.

Jaehyun was clearly facing Jormungandr. For some reason, that voice was mixed with a bit of a high-handed attitude.

“Answer me one thing first.”

When the adversary interrupted his words on rare occasions, Jormungandr also looked at Jaehyun with an interesting expression.

He clicked his long tongue.

[What do you want to ask?]

“I sense two beings with mighty magic outside. Did the Aesir move?”

There, Jormungandr too had to be silent for a moment.

Concerned, he shook his head as if he couldn’t help it.

[Yes. Thor’s two sons. Modi and Magni were strong in Midgard. Your allies and Hella are blocking them.]

Jaehyun’s expression hardened for a moment.

The reason he realized that the Aesir had moved was simple.

The moment I came out here to pay the last ban, which I hadn’t felt in the depths of subspace a while ago. It was because I felt a strong magic power from outside.

It was on a level that could hardly be thought of as human.

Thanks to that, Jaehyun immediately found out that the throne of Aesir had moved.

Jaehyun immediately turned his back and said.

“The ordeal ends here. Please let me out.”

[no. I can’t do that.]


Jaehyun’s eyes grew ferocious, and refined magic began to emanate from them.

Jormungandr was overjoyed at this lifelike reaction that dared to be directed at him.

[Because it is an enemy that cannot be dealt with with your current skills.]

“Can’t deal with it?”


Along with that, cunning lies flowed from Jormungandr’s mouth.

In fact, the adversary and his allies who have become strong enough. If Hela joined, I didn’t think that I would lose to Modi and Magni unless there were unexpected variables.

Wasn’t it the adversary who showed a great figure in the previous two prohibitions?

But what if the ordeal ends like this?

If an opportunity is missed, it will take longer for the adversary to reach Odin.

This was something that the anti-Aesir forces could not miss.

Too bad an opportunity to give up because of Thor’s stupid sons.

Jormungand was one of the best in the world for controlling magical powers.

The ability itself to control magic and divinity is fundamentally different from Fenrir, who is ignorantly strong.

Jormungandr knew.

What you have to teach your opponent, and how far he can grow if he accepts it properly.


Jaehyun coldly replied, as if he hadn’t noticed his intentions.

“Then I will die fighting alongside them.”

Jormungandr laughed.

[I thought you would say that. But it’s not that there isn’t a way. There is one way for you to deal with them.]

“What the hell… .”

[Fight me. If you pass the last ban, you can become much stronger than you are now.

not my bet The likes of Modi and Magni won’t be able to compete with you.]

Jaehyun thought for a moment.

If what he said is true, here you have to quickly go through the ordeal and gain strength to deal with the enemy.

If you look at it rationally, that’s the smart thing to do.

However, it was also true that the decision was not made quickly.

[…] Your colleague is doing better than expected. If you’re not sure, check their HP remaining. Since you had a party with them, can’t you see it?]

Jaehyun quickly displayed the party information as if he had come to his senses.

However, a completely unexpected scene caught my eye.

Their HP hadn’t fallen below half yet.

[Hella said that they are much stronger than I thought.]

Jormungandr stuck out his tongue.

[This Jormungand will concede. Your comrades are strong. I’ve grown to the point where I can buy you time until the ordeal.]

Jaehyun lowered his head. However, Jormungandr did not miss the fact that a small smile was leaking from him.

Jormungand raised his mana. He transported his representations to the great sea.

Jaehyun quickly landed on the water using the essence of the sea.

[It’s the essence of the sea you stole.]

“This isn’t something unfairly obtained, it’s a spoil of war.”

[You speak well.]

Jormungand raised his mana.

A huge whirlpool was created in the center of the turbulent blue sea.

[Then, I will begin the final restraint.]

“However much.”

Jaehyun raised up his refined mana.

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