I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 314

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Episode 314: Sons of Thor (2)

“dare… Does a human being discuss the strength of Thor, the god of thunder… !”

Modi’s reaction was immediate.

Possess a warlike personality. It was as it appeared in the myth.

Jaehyun smiled and smiled.

“Does that sound come out when you see your brother under my feet?”

“Magni… This idiot is a mere human… .”

But Modi knew.

Just now.

That Magni was beaten by Jaehyun without a second thought.

That the adversary is much stronger than he expected or heard.

However, as a member of the Ath gods, he cannot run away just because he is afraid of humans.

Even if he wasn’t born with power, isn’t he also the son of Thor, the god of thunder?

I’d rather die than show a bad side here.

‘Of course, we must cooperate with Magni as much as possible now. As soon as he comes to his senses… .’


Modi’s eyes twinkled as he thought.

What’s going on?

There was no doubt that what he was going through was real, and one clear fact stuck in his head like a thorn.

‘Magni’s biological reaction… I don’t feel it. I can’t detect his mana at all. Aggression, nothing… !’

Then Jaehyun stretched out his hand and smiled.

He activated a familiar skill that he seemed to be looking for.

―Active skill <Divinity Conquest> is activated.

―We will usurp the divinity of «Magni» of the designated target.

―The user’s divinity rises!

―You have usurped all the divinities of the designated target. Target is dead!

Modi knew too.

The antagonist is Loki’s power.

That you have divine usurpation.

I was also prepared for this. Sigrun and Heimdall were also beaten by him in the same way. He must have had enough worries and concerns about him.

But anyway, this wasn’t it.

That his brother died in the blink of an eye?

Is that really possible?

It was something I couldn’t believe.

Because that was possible in the first place, the current situation happened.

“… Jaehyun, are you okay?”

“uh. Do you have any problems?”

“I’m fine except for Ahn Ho-yeon getting hit once.”

Kwon So-yul said calmly.

She and Lee Jae-sang also said they were fine, but they looked pretty tired.

Seeing him catch his breath in the back, I thought that if I was a little bit later, I might have been squeezed into a few cars.

And that.

‘It must mean that the enemy was that strong.’

Hana Jaehyun wasn’t too worried.

He gained a lot from the fight against Jormungand earlier. Because he killed Magni in one fell swoop and took away his divinity.

“Did Odin tell you to come here?”

“Don’t make fun of Asgard’s supreme god.”

“That supreme god will soon die to me.”

When Jaehyun said coldly, Modi’s expression hardened coldly.

‘This human… It’s on a different level from the guys I dealt with earlier. Something… Strange. The strength of the adversary that Hugin and his father said was not this strong!’


At that moment, Jaehyun’s new model that was stepping on Magni completely disappeared.

Modi quickly followed him with his eyes, but it was not enough.

‘Where are you? where did you go… !’


Jaehyun slashed his thigh with Nidhogg’s fangs.

Blood splattered on his legs, and Modi let out a loud scream.

Jaehyun is not shaken and holds the sword again with the distance between them.

It was as if good and evil had been reversed for anyone to see.

Modi gritted his teeth.

“Adversary… I’ll admit it. You seem to be more useful than I thought. Even for a human.”

“well. I hear you are too weak. They are called trash in the Æsir.”

“This bastard… !”

“For a god, he has a light and rough mouth, right?”

Jaehyun laughed.

Modi had a contorted expression, as if he were really angry.

He now intended to see the end of the battle with this human.

“You will regret making me angry… !”



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After saying that, he began to activate the season he had hidden.

―The target activates the field magic 《Rage of Rage》.

The meaning behind the name Modi. Jaehyun knew it well.

rage, excitement.

The field magic of the zone of rage is, after all, field magic in which the unique personality formed by the expression of his anger erupted.

But why?

Jaehyun wasn’t afraid at all.

“… Jaehyun!”

“Min Jaehyun!”

Despite Seo Na-na and Kim Yoo-jung’s cries, Jae-hyun still put on a smile on her lips and said that she was okay.

It was natural.

Because there was no reason to be afraid of him.

Soon after, the field magic worked and the zone of fury swallowed Jaehyun.

Other colleagues around were fortunately not swept along.

Jaehyun and Modi. Only two beings oppose each other.

Jaehyun looked around for a moment.

Nearby was a volcanic area full of flames, just like Muspelheim.

Flames gushed incessantly, and lava flowed down the floor.

A place where heaven and earth are full of heat.

That was Modi’s field magic, the zone of rage.

Modi was a little staggered, but he thought while trying to keep his balance.

‘It’s a power that I can’t handle properly yet. It’s a pity, but as he said, I’m a god who belongs to the weak side in Asgard.’

It was an unbiased evaluation.

However, he was almost the same as his father in terms of his innate fighting sense. The belief that he could do well filled his body.

It was indeed divine arrogance.

he thought

Although he opened the field by relying on the power of the belt now, if he didn’t make a mistake, he could kill such a human in no time.

You will never be like Magni!

Modi raised an eyebrow and said.

“How are you? This is my field magic, the zone of rage!”

―The user was forcibly moved to the Raging Zone by the designated target.

“Zone of Rage is a magic that makes you stronger as the anger of everyone who enters the field reaches its peak.

It’s a power that a lowly human being can’t handle. Unlike me who can control my anger at any time!”

Jaehyun smiled as he listened to Modi’s kind explanation.

A field that gets stronger the more you rage.

He seems to get along with Modi, but he doesn’t get any penalty in a field like this.

Jaehyun opened his mouth to remind him of one thing.

“You are misunderstanding one thing.”

he said and took a step forward.

“I have no intention of listening to you, so stop dying. adversary… !”

Parts Tsutsut… !

At that moment, Modi created a thunderbolt and attacked Jaehyun.

It was at a much weaker level than what Jaehyun saw in Hrungnir’s memories someday.

It was small, and its magical power was not refined. The steps are not too high.

Jaehyun laughed.

Even if he used the power of the belt, in the end, his father’s mountain looked high.

I hate to admit it, but Thor is a thunder god.

In comparison, even though Modi can handle lightning strikes, he’s still just a kid.

One, unfortunately, there were two even worse news for him.

the first one.

―The 3rd level of godhood will be released.

Jae-hyun passed the ordeal of Jormungand and reached the 3rd level of perfect divinity. In other words, it opened a new realm.

second is.

“The fact that you are getting more angry is itself a funny thing.”

“What do you mean?”

“It is literally. Modi… Do you remember the giants and Jotunheim that were sacrificed during the first Ragnarok?”

Modi frowned at his question and answered.

“Hey, do I have to remember all the deaths of such scum? Well, I think I remember going to war a few times with my father… It was not very memorable.”

At Modi’s words, Jaehyun raised a corner of his mouth with a darkened expression.

“… okay. That’s it. It’s enough if you’re the bad guy until the end. That way I won’t feel any guilt when I kill you.”

Jaehyun recalled the second ordeal of the past, the Hrungnir he saw in Urd’s mirror.

the smir.

It reminded me of Smir who remembered his dying father.

At that time, for the first time, Jaehyun faced the tragedy left by the war of destruction called Ragnarok.

The giant was crushed like an ant without rest.

Thor, along with Modi and Magni. by them and other gods.

At that moment, Jaehyun, who was watching the slowly flying thunderbolt, felt a divine attack all over his body.

He had no intention of holding on to himself any longer. It was hard to control the emotions that had been brewing for a long time.

With Jaehyun’s emotions finally reaching the limit.

A system tone was heard.

―This is a battle against the designated target 《Esir God》!

―The passive skill 《Hrungnir’s Wrath》 is activated.

An EX-class skill acquired in Hrungnir’s second trial in the past.

This was a skill that amplified the opponent’s power when fighting the Aesir.

As the name suggests, this is Hrungnir’s anger and longing for the loss of his family to Thor and the Aesir gods.

I had no choice but to leave my family first.

And his will, which he had no choice but to sacrifice to protect his own people, was contained in this skill.

Even Jaehyun’s enemies now are Hrungnir and Thor’s son Modi who slaughtered the giants.

―The passive skill 《Hrungnir’s Wrath》 is temporarily strongly activated!

It was only natural that the skill called Hrungnir’s Rage would advance further.

Jaehyun sighed and held out his hand.

“Let me make one thing clear. That the anger of Hrungnir, who had to sacrifice for his family and his people, is many times greater than the one you forcibly created now.”

―Active skill «Absolute Calculation».

With the activation of absolute arithmetic, he nullifies Modi’s thunderbolt, and once again raises mana and divinity throughout his body.

then look ahead

The first ban with Jormungand. Recall the memories of the time when the divine and magical powers were separated.

magical power and deity. The principle of activating the two powers that are subtly the same yet different.

However, even though the two powers were different, at least one was definitely the same.

Express the power of the body, materialize it, and shoot it as it is!

Tsutsutsutsu… !

Jaehyun began to use both powers at the same time.

Mana is as magic, and divinity is as divinity.

The two forces that were thought not to mix are balanced and start to mix busily.


―Active skill «Chain of Thunder God».


An attack that sweeps towards you in a circle.

Seeing this, Modi’s expression is tinged with shock like never before. A look of astonishment creeps under his distorted face.

It was hardly a force felt in a mere human being.

It shouldn’t be like this.

That’s right, that power… .

‘I-that power… father’s… !’

reenactment attack. It could be seen that it was exactly the same as the one used by his father Thor.

There was no time to properly confirm whether the power was the same.

However, even in that situation, Modi had a hunch.

that he could not escape the attack.

Also, the current strength of the adversary could not be endured unless it was at least higher level gods.

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