I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 315

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Episode 315: The Storm of Jormungand

Parts Tsutsutsu!

Koo Goo Goo!

Two lines of lightning collide and a flash of light bursts out.

Modi’s Torpedo and Jaehyun’s Torpedo.

The two are entangled like snakes, coveting each other’s divinity.

However, the difference in strength was clear.

Modi was shocked.

What Jaehyun used was his father’s season. It is the power of the brain god.

Skills that I have longed for since childhood.

The thought of receiving it from the adversary… .

‘I couldn’t have imagined it.’

Jaehyun continued with cold eyes, adding magic power to his god attack.

―Field magic 《Rage Zone》 resonates with the user’s passive skill 《Hrungnir’s Rage》!

―The user’s physical abilities are greatly improved!

No matter how much Thor’s son Modi was, it was not enough to reach that of the reappearance that advanced Hrungnir’s anger.

Even at this moment, he was still being pushed back by Jaehyun’s torpedo.

“I don’t know where you learned your father’s skills… ! Do you expect me to take it easy!”

Modi gritted his teeth and parried Jaehyun’s attack.

In fact, it was almost impossible. The power of reappearance, even applied to Hrungnir’s wrath, far exceeded him.

However, that was only possible thanks to his father’s belt.

Megingjord. It made it possible to parry attacks that were impossible to block.

“That belt… It’s annoying.”

Jaehyun groaned.

Modi raised an eyebrow. A cold sweat runs down his forehead.

“Of course! Because this is my father’s Megingjord! Something like you… !”

“But if this is the limit, I won’t lose.”

The words that fell from Jaehyun’s mouth.

At that, Modi felt a sense of incongruity and anger.

yourself and your father. And words that even ignore his father’s artifacts.

It was something I had never heard of since I was born as an As god.

“OK… ! You really want to see the scenery of Helheim!”

Modi raised the charge again.

A lightning bolt of almost the same size as before. It was a little stronger than what Jaehyun showed.

It was probably too much to bring out the power of the belt to its limit.


From the sound, the terrifying mana shoots straight toward Jaehyun.

However, Jaehyun didn’t run away at all even when he saw him.

He laughed again and murmured.

“I didn’t expect to use what I gained from the ordeal right here.”

At that moment, Modi’s eyes narrowed as he watched the opponent.

Jaehyun did something he couldn’t understand.

‘Eyes… Did you wind it up?’

At the same time, a system message was heard in Jaehyun’s ears.

―Active skill «Jormungand’s Storm» is activated.

―Apply 《Visual Forbidden》 to the user.

―The user’s physical attack power, magic power, and divinity all increase by 1.2 times.

Jaehyun laughed.

One of the rewards he got after completing the fourth ordeal.

It was a skill that could put a ban on oneself.

In fact, if you only heard this far, you could consider it a useless skill.

The reality was completely different.

At the time he received the skill from Jormungand, Jaehyun asked.

[This… No, what the hell is the reason for giving this skill? Are you asking me to go through self-mortification?]

[If you read the skill description carefully, you will understand. Unexpectedly, this skill is amazing.]

It was as Jormungand explained.

Jaehyun briefly recalled the skill window he had just checked and used his mana.

[Active skill]

Name: The Storm of Jormungand

Rating: EX

Add a ban to the user.

Every time you add a ban, all physical abilities and attack power increase by 1.2 times.

At this time, there is no limit to the number of tabs that can be placed.

It’s a skill that allows you to ban yourself and become that much stronger.

It was only then that Jaehyun realized why Jormungand had given him such an ordeal.

And finally.

Jaehyun activated it and began to overwhelm Modi, who fired a torpedo enhanced with Megingijord.




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The chains of the Thunder God wrapped around Modi’s body and started sending massive lightning bolts at him.

It was in a state of awe that a lower god could not possibly handle.

“Ahh… This… what is this… !!”

Modi’s face was incomprehensible even as he screamed.

Jaehyun laughed lightly. He looked at Modi, whose body was trembling in response to his skill, with a calm expression.

Even at that moment, the lightning tore through him again and again.

Jaehyun stood still, not moving, the memory of Hrungnir in the past. I recalled that snippet.


The image of him sacrificing himself to protect the world of giants.

Even at that moment, the shoulder that didn’t sag and the warm smile that he showed at Smir. It was what made Jaehyun’s heart warm.

Jaehyun thought.

Although now he has stopped killing his sons, Modi and Magni.

Next time, I’ll kill Thor myself.

I will ask them for their sins, not for clumsy revenge.

By the time Jaehyun finished thinking, Modi’s body sagged.

It could no longer move.

Modi said with all his might, knowing that he was dying.

“dare… You think you can survive killing Thor’s son… !”

“I will kill Thor too.”

“You know that too… Cool! Odin also… .”

“Ask everyone to come. Because I am not afraid of anything.”

Jaehyun said so sincerely.

‘Because I won’t back down any longer. It’s not self-confidence. Because me and the kids are growing enough.’

Ragnarok has already begun.

Jaehyun raised his level by going through all the trials up to the fourth.

Now all that remains is one trial and the collapse of Asgard.

he was sure

That the winner of the war will be himself in the end.

“therefore. You are exiting here.”

Jaehyun held out his hand.

―Active skill <Divinity Conquest> is activated.

-We will usurp the divinity of the designated target «Modi».

―The user’s divinity rises!

Jaehyun felt his godhood soar.

That would be too.

Even though they are low-level gods, aren’t they usurping the status of two gods?

In a way, it was natural for the realm to go deeper.

“Did you kill two people with this?”

Jaehyun laughed and murmured.

It was definitely different from Heimdall.

At that time, I only faced him who showed only 30% of his strength.

But not now.

Modi and Magni are now dead.

To borrow Hel’s words, she plans to imprison those who will be resurrected from hell in an ‘eternity prison’, never to come out again.

Her authority in Helheim is a level that even Odin cannot easily overcome.

It was for the same reason that the regular meeting of Hel hosted by the Anti-Aesir Alliance was held there, and that Odin could not easily gather the army of the dead.


Jaehyun let out a small breath, bringing back the godhead he had drawn out.

Gradually, the surrounding scenery collapses.

Hot flames, volcanoes, and magma all disappear.

Modi’s Fury Zone. Rather, Modi himself did not know that it would be poison to him.

If Jaehyun didn’t have Hrungnir’s Rage, it would have been a tedious battle.

I would have had to put a little more restraint on the enemy or use more power.

But that assumption makes no sense.

Because the winners and losers have already been decided.


After all the fields collapsed like that.

The first face to be revealed was a face that was as white as it was pale.

Jaehyun put a soft smile on his lips.

“Hella. thank you. You were here first to protect her comrades, right?”

“… Even if I suddenly praise you, nothing comes out?”

Hella greeted Jaehyun with the same reaction as usual.

She only added one word.

“Actually, I haven’t done much. It only helped a little anyway.

It was all because of your teammates’ performance, that’s why you were able to hold on.”

Jaehyun smiled at her words.

Just in time, a welcome system sound was heard along with him.

―You have defeated Magni, a being with a personality. Artifact Gulpaksi (Myth) has been acquired.

―You have defeated Modi, a being with a personality. Acquired the artifact 《Megingjord (Myth)》.

Jaehyun unexpectedly obtained two mythical artifacts.

‘You can look at the item information again later. First, make sure the kids are okay.’

at the same time as thinking.

Allies quickly gathered around. There was also an appearance of Ahn Ho-yeon, who had recovered from his wounds.

“Are all the fourth trials over?”


“… Are you okay?”

“of course.”

Jaehyun nodded his head at Seo Ina who asked while looking up at him with a questioning look. Kim Yoo-jung also came to him and took a seat.

she asked.

“Are you moving with us for a while now?”

“that’s right. From now on, I can’t be alone. I need your help.”

Jaehyun had no choice but to give a sincere answer to Kim Yoojung’s question.

That would be the case, because the performance of his colleagues was essential for his next move.

After the battle with Sigrun.

Jaehyun decided to go with them now.

And this launch will be the first button.

“Our first goal is to attack Yggdrasil.”

Jaehyun looked back at the group and said that.

As usual, colleagues nodded their heads in agreement with Jaehyun’s opinion.

* * *

After the adversary went through all the trials and left.

Jormungandd was lost in his thoughts for a while in the sea of ​​Midgard, his domain.

It was because no matter how much I looked back on the battle with the adversary from earlier, I was dumbfounded.

[That guy… He was a properly insane person.]

He remembered Jaehyun’s face and thought so.

Jormungandr is looking at the scales that have fallen on his waist and the scars that have been dug into them.

All of them, the antagonist with a slim face. it was his

when a little while ago. It was the moment when Jaehyun confronted the last taboo.

It was he who gave various restrictions such as vision, movement, weight, and magic.

So, I gave a quest to cut my HP to less than half, but… .

[That’s not a mission I gave you to break. It’s like a rotten guy.]

From the beginning, the last prohibition was not given to break.

The quest I gave because I wanted to test my strength in moderation.

However, Jaehyun completed the quest perfectly.

Even if I didn’t use all my strength…

It cut off more than half of his physical strength!

[It’s a strange thing.]


Jae-hyun had grown much more than he had originally expected while taking the ban.

Why? How could such a thing be possible?

In an incomprehensible situation, he recalled the battle again.

Even when the ban was put on for the first time, Jaehyun couldn’t move properly.

prohibition of movement. It was a skill that could not move out of a 2m radius.

In addition, the prohibition of weight. Attempts to get out of it by force were futile.

In such a situation, he even took a visual restraint.

But that was then.

Suddenly, he released all his divinity and boasted of his strength, and he closed his eyes tightly.

Jormungandr was quite embarrassed at the time, but started attacking in earnest to remind him of the wall anyway.

But… all those attacks.

[It’s all gone. He moved as if all of my attacks were predicted.]

Jaehyun didn’t stop there, injuring his own scales, and deliberately attacking one point with maximum power.

Then, with a strange, invisible sword, he continuously cut his flesh with scales.


The result was 30% of the remaining physical strength.

[I’m speechless because I’m dumbfounded.]

Even though he had done that, Jaehyun, far from being satisfied with his performance, said he would go out soon. He said he would save his comrades.

In some ways, he’s a great guy, but in other ways, he’s like an eccentric.

Yeah, like Loki… .

Jormungand shook his head, feeling an unknown sense of incongruity.

[He made me go through the trials, and gave me skills and items that much, but to hurt me… There’s a level of being bold.

Why is a guy who has learned a lot so ungrateful?]

He let go of the pain of his wounds by talking nonsense.

At that moment, a huge storm suddenly hit the sea.

no one would have known

* * *

After the death of Modi and Magni. The day has passed.

The case was kept strictly confidential in countries other than Korea, and the officials were cracked down.

There are exceptions, such as Camilla and Ballack in the European Union and Renki Moriya in Japan.

To those who are not familiar with Jaehyun, he did not spread rumors as much as possible.

The reason was simple.

Journalists and various civic groups. This is because when the Radar Association starts biting the case, it risks becoming too much of a hassle.

Especially the World Radar Alliance.

Judging from their recent moves, it’s fair to assume that an early announcement of the case is risky.

At least, it would be better to reveal the truth of the incident after all related matters have been resolved.

Thanks to Yeonhwa for this, it was resolved without leaking.

And now.

Jaehyun is ‘Yggdrasil’. In other words, they were in one place to take care of the most important thing before attacking the World Tree.

The headquarters of the United States, where the building of the World Radar Alliance is located. It was the hidden VVIP floor of Radar Department Store, 50 stories high.

It is several times larger than other department stores Jaehyun visited in the past, and a place where countless precious artifacts are displayed.

“… Jaehyun. But what are you here to do?”

By Jaehyun’s side, of course, his colleagues were with him.

Seo In-na grabbed Jae-hyun’s arm and asked if this place was unfamiliar. Jaehyun smiled and looked back at his colleagues.

“What is it? Just look at it, it’s a department store. I will buy what I need here.”

“You buy what you need? however… We don’t have that much money, do we?”

Those were Kim Yoo-jung’s words.

In fact, her words were somewhat ambiguous.

They earned quite a bit of income from the sale of Ark Metal in the past, and this is a huge amount that no one else can even dream of.

However, she wasn’t wrong.

The status of the VVIP floor of the department store here.

It was so difficult for ordinary people to even say it.

‘They said the price of the items here started at least in the hundreds of billions to trillions. maybe?’

But Jaehyun calmly said.

“don’t worry. that the horse lives. Because you are not paying.”

“Then are you buying it?”

Kwon So-yul asked with her eyes twinkling. She was also the kind of girl who likes money.

Jaesang Lee put his hand on his chest and said.

“I can live… .”

“I don’t live there, and there is no need for the prime minister to live. Everything here are artifacts that can be supported.”


Ahn Ho-yeon tilted his head.

“okay. Don’t you remember the World Radar Alliance and the media talking about it all the time? What we used to say was a new hope. They all seem to be full of thoughts of using us.”

Jaehyun smiled.

“We’re going to try to use them, too.”

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