I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 316

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Episode 316: Tower Capture Plan (1)

“We’re going to try to use them, too.”

“You use it?”

Kim Yoo-jung was the first to react. Jaehyun nodded.

“okay. That’s because they started talking to us about hope and miracles. It’s not like we should definitely provide support from that side as well.

I’ve already been given permission to transfer all the items here over there. You can choose and use whatever you like, if you like.”

Jaehyun said with a confident expression.

He recalled a time ago when there was a press conference and a new rating.

Jaehyun at that time was Richard.

The head of the World Radar Alliance said:

[If you are really thinking of supporting us, please show it with your actions.]

The result of that request was the transfer of the VVIP floor pass and items of the department store.

Jaehyun laughed lightly, recalling Richard’s rotten expression at the time.

There is no reason for them to use themselves as a shield to keep their own safety and to go along with their lowly thoughts. Wasn’t he not obsessed with a strange sense of justice?

Even so, the reason why Jaehyun received the award they gave without saying anything.

It was for use at a time like now.

‘I don’t know, but a lot of other kids’ equipment is still low grade.’

At least the main weapons and armor of his colleagues had to match properly.

Yggdrasil’s difficulty level will exceed whatever you think. It was good to use whatever was available now.

When Jaehyun was thinking about this and that. A voice came from the front.

“and… … really? Aren’t you supposed to return it later?”

Kwon So-yul asked if he was worried even with a smile on his lips.

Well, what if something like this happens after receiving such an expensive item as a surprise?

What kind of mind would that be?

However, Jaehyun nodded as if it were natural.

“of course. Pick whatever you want if you like. What a mess. And we’re the strongest now, so who’s to argue?”


Ahn Ho-yeon also agreed. Somehow, it seems that the group is starting to resemble his personality a little bit. It seemed like it came naturally as the time we were together got longer.

… In fact, even if it wasn’t that, it was an equipment item directly related to Raider’s survival, so there was no reason to refuse it if you could have something better.

“First, let’s look at the armor.”

Jaehyun began to take a closer look at the place where the armor was displayed.

Inside the display case, there were countless armors for close combat type radars and robes used by magic type raiders.

All top-of-the-line products that far exceed A+ grade.

“Hoyeon-ah, you better do it with this. It’s plate armor, but it has quite a few skills that can be used to enhance the provocation effect.”

“Prime Minister, this is probably better. Specializing in defense, plus increased potion use effect. This is almost an item for you, isn’t it?”

“Senior Soyul, go this way. As the accuracy rate of throwing weapons increases, the sharpness also increases. There is even an increase in damage and an increase in magic recovery speed.”

After Jae-hyun recommended useful items to Ahn Ho-yeon, Lee Jae-sang, and Kwon So-yul, he next recommended equipment to Seo In-na.

It was a divine attribute robe. There was a bit of metal mixed in on the neck and wrists, so it didn’t seem bad for protecting vulnerable areas.

“Ina, you could be the target of concentrated fire during a battle like this time. The stronger the ranged attack, the more careful the enemies using daggers or bows approach. You’d better choose one with a bit of metal mixed into it.”

“… huh. thank you.”

Seo Ina blushed a little and said. Kim Yoo-jung, who was looking at her, stabbed Jae-hyeon in the side, and then she proudly demanded that she pick out her armor and robe.

“hey. I am?”

“You take good care of your magical equipment… okay because Don’t hit me.”

Jaehyun nodded his head as if he couldn’t do anything about Kim Yoojung’s words as he stepped on his feet.

Actually, I said this, but I also looked at the equipment for Kim Yoo-jung in advance.

“I think you should do it this way. It’s a support skill level up by 2. There’s also magic combat correction, which should be pretty useful. It was recently excavated from the ruins.”

“Oops! S-class tem… !! Thank you for a long time!”

“Are you going to take it off after a long time? If it keeps coming out like that, there will be no next time.”

“Suck! I shut my mouth!”

Kim Yoo-jung slyly opened her eyes and said. Jaehyun shook her head in bewilderment before she started examining other objects as well.

Among the A+ ranks, there was nothing very useful.

In the first place, Jaehyun, who only looked at mythical equipment, could not see items of that level.

Basically, the S-class is the level that wants to be full of his castle.

Once again, Jaehyun realized that the past and present self had changed a lot.

D-class martial arts. It was also natural for him to think that way, since he had risen from being treated as a meat shield to where he is now.

Jaehyun shook off his thoughts and started picking out items again.

All of my colleagues had usable S-class armor, and all of them seemed satisfied.

Before choosing another item, Jaehyun also started looking for an item to use.

First of all, earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

Because now it was time to say goodbye to the intermediate Valkyrie set.

‘I’ve strengthened it, but the effect isn’t that great. Besides, I have enough magic now, so I don’t have to use magic recovery skills.’

Of course, I decided not to sell it and keep it in my inventory.

It’s something you never know will happen. It’s not like money is urgent anyway. He had no reason to sell the things he used.

“then… First of all, I should use this accessory.”

Next, what Jaehyun chose was an S-class artifact.

Like the previous one, three sets were items with special effects, and the effect was attractive.

[Equipment Item]

Name: Brock-Eitri’s Mithril Earring (Unfinished)



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Grade: S

Earrings made by the Brock-Eytri brothers. It uses mithril, so its strength is very high.

It is an unfinished work, in a state where it has not been able to draw out the proper power.

All stats: +50

*If you meet a brother and smelt it, you can draw out the full power of the earring.

two other items. The bracelet and necklace were the same explanation.

It is an S-class item, and it is perfect for Jaehyun in that it corrects all stats.

But the true value of this item wasn’t just that.

The following description was further written below the artifact.

*When 3/3 sets are equipped: Acquire the active skill 《Life and Death》.

[Active skill]

Name: life and death

Grade: S

In a one-on-one battle, you risk your life against your opponent. When used, one of the two must die.

It greatly improves the user’s physical abilities.

* In one-on-one combat, the user’s strength, magic power, and divinity increase 1.5 times.

*Skill effects do not activate in many-to-one battles.

It was a skill suitable for Jaehyun.

life and death.

It can only escape if one of them dies.

It was, so to speak, a double-edged sword.

However, Jaehyun will have countless times to go through life-and-death battles in the future. He had no reason to hesitate if he could acquire this level of advanced skill now.

‘The stat correction is also large. There is no reason to choose something else here.’

After installing all the artifacts, Jaehyun looked around.

The party chattered and were busy looking at the items.

Each of them chooses the items to be equipped on other parts on their own, so it didn’t seem necessary for Jaehyun to choose them separately.

So, roughly around the time they picked out the things they could use.

Jaehyun suddenly opened his mouth.

“Now let’s go to the main. Shouldn’t we go see the weapons too?”

“weapon… !”

“at las… !”

One of the most enjoyable moments for Raider fighting the Demon Beast.

It was time to purchase new equipment, especially weapons.

“These are the faces that are full of excitement from the eyes?”

Jaehyun crossed his arms and said.

“of course! It’s an opportunity to get your hands on an S-class weapon… !!”

Kwon So-yul was the first to answer.

Other colleagues were also sending bright eyes as if agreeing with him.

Jaehyun smiled and guided his teammates further inside.

There, weapons of a grade they had never seen before were emitting a brilliant light from the inside of the display case.

* * *

“Richard, anyway… You can take all the items there for free. The deficit will not end with tens of billions.”

Headquarters of the World Radar Alliance, located in the United States.

A man in a suit, Vernon, stood in front of the leader, Richard, and said. He was Richard’s secretary, and he was telling the association that permission to view the VVIP layer would bring huge losses to the association.

Richard sat down and quietly put his hands together.

“Of course you are right. Vernon. But it was unavoidable. What would be the image of the Global Radar Alliance if we didn’t stick to what we said in the interview?

It is something that can be filled by distributing a few trillion in each country somehow. It’s not like they’re going to take all the artifacts there anyway.”

“Even so… Aren’t there many things that money can’t buy? Especially when it comes to weapons, things that are worth calling… … .”

Richard received Vernon’s words with a big smile.

“I know that, I have already used up my hands. Don’t worry, I’ve only slightly adjusted the weapon side.”

At those words, Vernon frowned for a moment and was lost in thought, then opened his eyes wide as if he had realized it.

“If it’s a device… ah! Chris did an active job!”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Richard nodded with a satisfied expression.

No matter how much he tried to use them and decided to provide them with the necessary items. He had no intention of handing over even the finest American artifacts.

So I called Chris and asked for a commission.

chris. He was, to put it simply, the best cheater.

His unique skill is 《Camouflage》, which allows him to intentionally hide the grade of an item.

Richard summoned him and manipulated Jaehyun and the others into not recognizing the value of the main artifact.

The highest grade item that has not been revealed to the world. The fact that S+ grade items are hidden is something that should be kept a secret to them.

That’s why they were all disguised as class A items.

‘Because it’s impossible to steal items in advance because access information remains. It was the best way.’

Richard thought so and admired his insight.

“No matter how strong they are, they are still children. There’s no way these guys, who are only 17 at most, can appreciate the value of the item.”

Richard nodded. He had no doubt that he had made the best decision.

Since ancient times, in order to lie, you must skillfully mix the truth.

So, I didn’t use the skill on the armor, and only activated the skill on the weapon.

He thought that Jaehyun and his colleagues would be preoccupied with S-class armor and weapons and not pay attention to weapons of other grades.

“Nothing to worry about. So let’s make a plan to send out a request for cooperation to help them block the top gates from appearing in the United States.”

“yes! All right.”

Vernon said once again, admiring the skill of the leader he followed.

one, that time.

Jaehyun smiled and thought while looking at the display case where the weapon was displayed.

‘You mean you’ve been playing this prank on me? Although it seems like he used his brain a bit.’

―Active skill 《Insight Eye》.

―The artifact’s hidden class is revealed!

‘It’s useless to me.’

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