I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 317

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Episode 317: Tower Capture Plan (2)

―Active skill 《Insight Eye》.

―The artifact’s hidden class is revealed!

The story behind Jaehyun’s insight was as follows.

First and foremost, what reproduction requested from the World Radar Alliance.

[I know there is a secret floor in the headquarters department store that holds the best artifacts. Please allow me to get in there. Of course, don’t steal a single item.]

The Global Radar Alliance couldn’t turn down its wild offer.

In the world, he is an adversary, a black robe. Because he was the strongest.

Moreover, Jaehyun was not a good man. Use whatever is available. It didn’t matter even if it cost other people’s lives.

Isn’t it meaningful to live with artifacts anyway?

What if he didn’t give it to himself here and he died?

The damage they will see.

Moreover, Richard couldn’t steal the good items here.

As a matter of course, a group of this level of attention is bound to keep a double wick in the eyes of people around the world and watch for corruption.

Thanks to this, he is very sensitive to the removal of items from the hidden floor.

However, getting in and out would have been easy.

Since Richard is the head of the coalition, it shouldn’t have been that difficult if he followed the proper procedures.

Using this advantage, he played with the item as he does now, making it look lower than its original grade.

‘Perhaps he used someone else with a unique skill.’

Of course, Richard would never have expected Jaehyun to have an insight.

It was pitiful enough to feel sorry for in many ways, but it was only a good thing for Jaehyun.


“This is outrageous. Are you trying to play a joke on us?”

Jaehyun was enraged and vowed to steal most of the items here.

It’s a problem where human life is at stake, but Richard and the World Radar Alliance haven’t properly grasped the seriousness yet?

If that’s not the case, are they belittling their still young selves?

As expected, those at the top of any association are not easily trusted.

With that thought in mind, Jaehyun started walking around in earnest.

Evaluated through the insight eye, there were useful S-class and even S+-class items among the things that were randomly thrown away.

A grade that has never been traded on the market.

… But it must have been here.

‘Even the weapon.’

“I’ll take this for now.”

Originally, it was Jaehyun who had no intention of carrying a weapon. Even if there was, I just had to use my skills to copy it.

However, if you are looking at the item now, the story is different.

Jaehyun opened the newly obtained item window and read the detailed explanation.

[Equipment Item]

Name: Gloves of Magic Amplification (Wizard Only)

Rating: S+

A glove that amplifies the user’s magical power to the limit. It is classified as a weapon item, and cannot be equipped with other weapons when equipped.

At first glance, this is the worst item.

Basically, the only people who use gloves as weapons are martial arts fighter-type raiders, but even that is of little practical use.

No matter how much magic power makes people stronger, using a weapon containing magic power is several times stronger than fists.

But, what the heck is this weapon?

It’s not enough to be classified as a weapon in the subject of gloves, so it’s only for wizards. Cannot be used with other items.

It can be seen as a truly terrifying hybrid.

So you must be stuck in a closet like this.

However, Jaehyun thought differently.

“That you can’t equip both items at the same time. That’s a hint.”

Jaehyun groaned and put the glove on his hand. It was a glove on a white background that reached below the wrist, and was lightly engraved with runes.

Giing… !

As he slowly infused magic into it, the gloves immediately responded.

Jaehyun tried to activate magic in that state.

Formation of magic tools.

It was a skill that allowed them to create magic tools themselves.

―You have succeeded in producing the artifact «Dragon Slayer Balmung».

Jaehyun put on his glove and held the sword in his hand. But no warning message came.

He grinned and nodded.

‘As expected, I was right. The only things the system classifies as equipped items are artifacts that you have equipped yourself. It doesn’t even apply to the weapon I created with the image of a magic tool.’

That meant, from now on, if Jaehyun wore these gloves, he would be able to engage in battle with a weapon equipped with the magical power amplification effect.

Isn’t this the perfect item for him?

Jaehyun put on a satisfied expression.

‘Because it’s impossible to make multiple high-grade items with the imagery of magic tools anyway. At best, it’s best to reverse summon quickly, and then summon something else again.

Now these gloves should be able to reduce that penalty to a minimum.’

An optimal item that can bring out a fundamental improvement in attack power.

something that others will never use. Jaehyun was about to acquire such a weapon.

“I will do this.”

“… I am this wand.”



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“I have that and that… .”

My colleagues each picked out a bunch of weapons they liked.

In addition to that, Jaehyun picked out a few more useful ones.

Things that fit each person’s personality and can be used in battle later.

Of all the things here, it could be seen that almost all of them were robbed.

“are you okay. What do you think they can say?”

Jaehyun said that with a calm expression to his worried colleagues.

In the process, Ahn Ho-yeon obtained a hidden S+ grade shield, and Seo In-na and Kim Yoo-jung were also able to obtain one S+ grade equipment.

Seo Eana as a wand and Kim Yoo-jung as a staff member were all weapons.

Sure enough, all of them were tricked.

In the end, I couldn’t get out of Jaehyun’s insight.

After all that satisfying shopping. Jaehyun and his colleagues left the department store.

The next destination was insolvency.

Now, they were planning to have a conversation about the capture of ‘Yggdrasil’ in earnest.

It is proudly listed as one of the 8 wonders of the world. A tower that was not built by humans, but suddenly rose up.

A gigantic tree, a passage connecting the world.

It was the first goal that Jaehyun and his colleagues had to attack together.

At that time, Jaehyun stopped walking ahead for a moment and said.

“Oh right. I’ll stop by somewhere for a while.”

“huh? Where are you?”

When Kim Yoo-jung asked with a little uneasy eyes, Jae-hyeon shook her head and said.

“It is not a dangerous place. I recently got a qualification. They said there was a regular meeting there.”

Jaehyun laughed. Hella shook her head and reassured her comrades.

“Do not worry. I’ll be right back.”

* * *

Temple of Hel.

Numerous beings are gathered at a huge round table covered with dark-attribute magic.

those with dignity. It was a regular Hel meeting.

“… so. This time, as the adversary reached the 3rd level of godhood liberation, he was equipped with a complete godhood.

So now it’s no use to call him a god. Therefore, I was able to attend the regular meeting of our Van Aesir.”

“Jormungand. Are you sure? That he pioneered the perfect stage?”

At Hel’s words, Smir looked at Jormungandr and asked.

“Of course. Can’t you see my scales have fallen here?”

Jormungandr sat down after shrinking himself. He pointed to his wound with his flicking tongue.

For some reason, Jaehyun felt a little sorry watching this, but soon changed his mind.

Because he was the one who tortured himself with all sorts of dirty taboos.

If you attack first, it’s basic common sense to pay back.

That is, if it is a radar.

“So, speaking of this agenda.”

Hel got lucky and started talking about the agenda of the meeting in earnest.

The content was, of course, related to reproduction.

fate as an adversary. And the way you should go in the future.

That flowed from the mouths of the anti-Aesir forces that they faced directly.

“Adversary. You must have already received the quest from Mimir. The reason why Odin created the awakened people in the world and opened the gate to cause countless demons to flourish.”

“Einherjar. I understand that it is to make all the Awoken into their own army, to make them conform to their power.”

Hel nodded in satisfaction.

“okay. How to solve this?”

“Yggdrasil. Climbing to the top of the world tree and destroying the control tower.”

“that’s right. From now on, you must climb Yggdrasil. And we have to destroy the control tower there. If you do, the growth restrictions of all beings in Midgard will be lifted.

This will ease the burden on you and your colleagues a little… You too will be able to fully fight for the purpose of being Odin.”

“But how can I get to the inside of Yggdrasil?”

It was a question of reenactment.

Fundamental question.

It was natural.

So far, no one has set foot inside Yggdrasil for more than ten years.

The reason was that there were monsters that were so strong around that area, and I couldn’t even recognize that it was a tower.

There was no way Jaehyun knew how to get inside.

Then, Smir crossed his arms and intervened.

“Go down.”


“Deep beneath the surface of the sea, there is a passage leading to ‘The Spiral Tower of Yggdrasil’. I will show you the way to get there.”

This time, Jormungand said.

Jaehyun said that something had already started before he could properly explain it.

Also, I thought that this job would not be easy.

hard journey. This time, it was also a journey that I had to take with my colleagues.

After thinking for a moment, Jaehyun opened his mouth.

“so. What do I need to do specifically to climb Yggdrasil?”

“The ‘task’ assigned to each floor. To put it simply, you just have to pass the test.”

said Hel, taking a sip of the tea in front of him.

Jaehyun raised his head and asked.

“Are you prepared for the trials I have been through so far?”

“Well, you can see that.”

“But I can’t give you any specific details. No, it would be more accurate to say that we do not know.”

Smir crossed his arms. Even though her body was considerably reduced, her size was enormous, and even a considerable force was felt from it.

“You don’t know?”

“okay. The contents of the trials given in each layer of Yggdrasil were completely mixed up in the aftermath of the war 10,000 years ago.

There, you may encounter powerful monsters, solve puzzles, or enter a themed dungeon or the like to play a specific character.

All we know is who can intervene in Yggdrasil’s trial, Odin… It’s like there’s no one else besides him.”

Jaehyun sighed.

“Then it is unconditionally against me. Odin will be eager to give me a difficult test. You can kill me now.”

“Don’t be too scared. No matter how Odin is, he will not be able to exert influence on the upper layer, not the lower layer.”

Jormungandr said, sticking out his tongue. He thought for a moment, then seemed to have remembered something.

“Ah, by the way, I forgot to tell you one important thing. Do you know what is the most unfair shape among shapes?”

Jaehyun looked at the complexion of those who attended the meeting with an uneasy look.

just as expected. Hel and Smir’s expressions hardened slightly.

Unable to comprehend the atmosphere, Jormungandr said with a hollow laugh.

“They say it’s a ‘cylinder’. ha ha ha! I’m going to include this in my humor book #39, how is it?”


Hella could barely contain herself from bursting into laughter again.

It was to the extent that it seemed sad to see him swaying with his back bent forward.

“Please shut up. Hella, stop laughing at that gag, too!”

Hel said that, and Smir shook his head.

Jaehyun got some peace of mind though.

In my heart, I wondered what if everyone at the meeting liked a gag like that… .

‘It’s just that Hela was weird.’

It was fortunate indeed.

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