I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 319

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Episode 319: Yggdrasil (2)

The Witchbeast possessed extraordinary strength even at first sight.

A monster of at least S+ rank. Maybe even higher than that.

‘Well, at that point, I’m wondering if there’s any meaning in grading.’

Probably, if a monster of the same level as now appeared in the dungeon, the A-class or lower raiders would have been helpless.

Jaehyun looked at the enemy and was silently in thought.

Water attribute magic.

My co-workers didn’t have much experience dealing with this.

At most, it’s probably all I’ve hunted a few times in academy classes.

However, this is a reality unlike that time.

A water attribute monster wields water freely, making it a very powerful weapon.

The basic strength itself is not very high, but from the point of view of a raider who has to deal with a monster in a situation where breathing is not free, it is said that it is better to deal with a guy with a higher grade.

It’s the difference between basic strength and magic power, but it’s said that you can overcome it to some extent with spirit…

Now the case was completely different.

[For now, stand in line with the formation. Those who can’t swim will fall back, and I’ll force the rest to move, so don’t worry.]

[…] forcibly?]

When Seo Eana raised a question, Jaehyun immediately opened her magic.

―Artifact 《Essence of the Sea》 is used.

With him, the water began to move freely and place the comrades into position.

They found out why Jaehyun said he was forced to stand. Because he really had the skills to do that.

With a puzzled expression, Kim Yoo-jung put air in her cheek and inflated it.

[hey! You almost died holding your breath.]

[There are oxygen bubbles anyway, so what are you so worried about? Do you think I will let you die?]

[By the way… .]

[Don’t talk nonsense and use your skills properly in front of you.]

At Jaehyun’s words, Kim Yoojung nodded as if she understood.

She activates the mana field and overflow to increase the physical abilities of allies.


At that moment, Ahn Ho-yeon blocked the gatekeeper’s movement with a shoulder tackle.

It was a strong guy, so he couldn’t inflict much damage, but it was the best defense.

He straightened his sword and waited for Jaehyun’s instructions.

Jaehyun sent telepathy again.

[Okay, then the formation goes to Type A. Ina is the main dealer, the rest are subs!]

instructions for reproduction. At the same time that was done, the road quickly opened, and Seo Ina started pouring attacks.

and after a few minutes

Jaehyun couldn’t help but stare straight ahead, genuinely perplexed.

[…] what. When did you guys become so strong?]

It was because the time it took for his colleagues to defeat the Witchbeast was too short.

3 minutes… Or is it shorter than that?

Jaehyun thought about it for a while, but soon. Recently refitted their equipment and leveled up.

And he realized once again the power of his skill to grow his comrades.

After all, the world is all about personal connections and temps.

Jaehyun thought about it and just nodded.

* * *

After defeating the gatekeeper, waiting for the party to step inside was a huge passageway.

It was quite long and narrow, so it seemed inconvenient to walk around. Fortunately, from this point on, the water wasn’t full, so there was no need for air bubbles.

“Whoa… After all, you have to breathe the air yourself.”

“… i think so too.”

Kim Yoo-jung and Seo Ina said that and looked around.

Kwon So-yul was in the middle of mapping. She said as she bit the pen on her touchpad for a moment.

“Anyway, I really didn’t know there was a place like this in the basement of Yggdrasil. In addition, it seems to be very wide considering that mapping takes quite a bit of time. It seems that there are also some magic devices.”

“There must be a lot of pitfalls.”

Jaehyun said so.

I didn’t mean to scare you on purpose, but it was a remark that couldn’t help but receive the stinging gaze of the party.

“Anyway. It’s not wrong. Aren’t you hating people for saying that quietly?”

Jaehyun shrugged at Kwon Soyul’s words.

“Because I said that sometimes you need the courage to be hated. in some book.”

“… … .”

With the group’s silence, Jaehyun moved ahead and continued to look around.

‘Observation of the topography is the priority.’

Jaehyun knelt on the floor for a while and touched the floor. Judging by the mud, this is a waterway.

Jaehyun made another air bubble and let it float, then looked at the wall this time. The structure of the lattice walls was very unique.

“I think if I get something wrong, something big will happen. For now, follow them all in one line. Stay right behind me.”

At those words, Ina was the first to stand behind Jaehyun.

After that, Ahn Ho-yeon, Kim Yoo-jung, Kwon So-yul and Lee Jae-sang stand.

Jaehyun knew all too well that this was an area full of traps.

Because of this, he cautioned his colleagues first.

“This place is full of traps, so be extra careful. entire.”



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“How do you know right away? I don’t know because the mapping isn’t finished yet… .”

As Kwon So-yul murmured, Jae-hyeon personally stepped on the ground in front of him for a moment.



Arrows containing poison began pouring down from somewhere in front of them.

Jaehyun shrugged his shoulders.

“I also have a skill I can use, so I can detect nearby traps.”

“… … Say that first.”

Kwon So-yul murmured softly.

For reference, the reason Jaehyun was able to avoid the trap as easily as he is now was simple.

―The active skill «Detect Magical Power» is active.

―The artifact 《Crest of Sense Amplification》 is active.

-caution! There is an arrow trap about 2m ahead. turn around and go

It was because Jaehyun had a useful navigation system.

two of them too.

“Anyway, let’s go further into this.”

Along with Jaehyun’s words, his colleagues nodded their heads in unison.

Mimir. The one who first told me to attack the control tower here.

He had told Jaehyun.

Yggdrasil here is a huge tree and a tower.

Tower in the shape of a spiral.

That was the essence of Yggdrasil.

Jaehyun nodded slightly while looking at the newly popped up quest window.

[Main Quest]

system breaker

You have discovered the tricks of Odin and the Æsir.

Head to Yggdrasil’s control tower and destroy the system to prevent the Awoken from becoming Einherjar.

difficulty: ???

compensation: ???

*Restriction Conditions – Deity Liberation Level 3 or higher

[New quest content has been updated!]

[From now on, the user and his companions will all climb Yggdrasil’s spiral tower as ‘climbers’.]

[Climb all the stairs of the Spiral Tower of Yggdrasil and head to the hidden control tower on the 5th floor.]

[After reaching the control tower, the quest will be updated again.]

That was the moment when Jaehyun and the party reached the end, avoiding all traps, and faced a huge door.

A rustling sound was heard from somewhere, and at the same time, the party took a battle formation.

B formation. It was the absolute defensive formation that Jaehyun had taught me in the past.

“what? Enemies?”

At Ahn Ho-yeon’s words, Jae-hyun felt the energy approaching him for a moment.

And the moment he tried to confirm his identity by shooting his magic there.

“Guilty guilt—I’m sorry! So-so-so-so-so-no-sin-no-sin!”

A mysterious being suddenly appeared out of nowhere and bowed down on his face.

What’s going on?

Jaehyun and his colleagues were taken aback.

No, to be precise, I was very upset.

The reason was simple.

The first is that the identity of the being lying on the muddy floor was a squirrel.

“Cheocheocheocheo, squirrel talking?!”

The second was that the squirrel was talking.

Jaehyun thought of a squirrel hat from Norse mythology.

* * *


A squirrel that appears in Norse mythology. Or a squirrel.

This guy lived in Yggdrasil, and was known as the existence that kept Nidhogg and the ‘nameless repair’ apart.

According to the myth, there’s nothing strange about appearing here… .

Of course, why did he appear in front of his adversary himself?

Jaehyun looked at Ratatosque with suspicious eyes.

“Did you say Ratatosque… why did you appear here? Were you going to attack us?”

“That—it can’t be! Dae-dae-dae-you are the enemy! I was just—to show you the way—”

It seemed that the guy who was a bit sarcastic in his tone was really the one who was causing a difference between Nidhogg and the repairman.

Jaehyun had actually heard this from Nidhogg in the past.

I want you to kill the nameless repair guy at the top of Yggdrasil.

At the time, Jaehyun replied that he would know in moderation… I didn’t know that this would come back like this.

He said, thinking that there was one more troublesome thing added.

“So I want you to tell me what you mean. We can find enough roads by ourselves. So if you don’t speak properly, I will kill you. Speak until the count of three. one.”

“That—well, I just want to live. Because the supreme god of Asgard is trying to kill me!”

This was a bit of an interesting story.

Odin is trying to kill Ratatosque?

What does the supreme god of the Æsir gain by killing him, at best a squirrel?

Of course, it’s hard to believe easily, but it was true that interest was stirred.

“You mean that Odin considered you a danger to be killed… What could be the reason?”

When Jaehyun asked, Ratatosque looked at his eyes and continued.

“It’s because I’m the only one who can find a way out of Yggdrasil, except for the Aesir god. Odin was Dada-dah–of course he didn’t want anyone to climb this tower except himself and the Æsir gods!”

Jaehyun raised an eyebrow at Ratatosque’s words.

He is the only being who can find the way to the World Tree.

I thought that was enough reason for Odin to kill him.

Odin hoped to use humans to train his army and win the second war.

A guy like that lets others climb the tower where Asgard’s secrets are hidden?

‘It can’t be. At least if it’s the child I know.’

Looking back, the members who attended the regular meeting also did not know how to climb the stairs of Yggdrasil.

Of course, as Ratatosque said, it wouldn’t be impossible to find a way up without him. As Jaehyun remembers, there has always been a way to the next.

However, if he was there, he would be able to climb the tower much faster.

At that moment, an emotion pops up in Jaehyun’s head.

Really, if what he said is true…

Wouldn’t Ratatoskr be able to do great damage to Odin?

Jaehyun felt very good at the thought that he could feed Odin a big candy just by reviving Ratatosque.

However, he spoke in a solemn voice without even a handful of hints.

“Then guide me right away. If you don’t want to die at my hands before Odin kills you.”

“Ahhh—yes old! I understand—!”

Of course, Hella and his colleagues who had seen Jae-hyun for a long time already knew his intentions and were whispering behind his back.

“I think Jaehyun is trying to do something again?”

“Eh. Has he done this once or twice?”

“… There’s nothing wrong with being careful, but… Sometimes I can’t tell who’s the bad guy… .”

“I agree.”

Hella nodded in agreement.

Only Lee Jae-sang spoke in a very low voice.

“But there are so many good things about Jaehyun… .”

and murmured softly.

Jaehyun clenched his fists without the company knowing.

The first is because I heard all their words.

The second reason was that if this squirrel suddenly attacked, he was going to knock it down right away.

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