I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 326

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Episode 326: Hide and Seek (2)

The gravekeeper disappeared completely after leaving his last words.

Jaehyun repeated what he had said with a puzzled look on his face.

“Beware of those who walk again… .”

“… It was creepy. He just… What happened?”

Seo In-na asked if she felt fear, shaking her arms.

Jaehyun shook his head.

“I don’t know either. But there must be something here. and… I think I can go to the next floor by finding a tagger.”

In the first place, it is impossible to distinguish whether the Grave Keeper is an ally or an enemy. Now, the priority was to review the contents of the quest.

“First of all, the quest told us to find a tagger hiding among the ‘those who walk again’. There were no specific conditions for finding him… The gravekeeper appeared earlier.”

“… He also told me to find Hyde Point to avoid them.”

Seo In-na was also changed back to the Nornir system.

A situation where she can also see the quest window.

As for Jaehyun, I didn’t have to explain anything, so it became more comfortable.

“Whoa… .”

Jaehyun thought with an expression of reluctance.

‘To beware of those who walk again. And judging from the fact that they can’t use active skills, there’s a high possibility that they’re some sort of witch beast. Or it could be a fragment of a god or something else.’

It is certain that it is an enemy.

Jaehyun first activates magic detection and investigates the surroundings.

The neighborhood was an ordinary forest. However, the problem was that there were many beings with magical powers scattered all over the place.

They must be ‘those who walk again’.

Jaehyun looked at Seo Ina and Ratatosque and nodded.

“First, let’s find Hyde Point as quickly as possible. I need time to organize my thoughts.”

“… huh.”


“Remember. Because I can’t even use the skill right now. Until you properly identify the enemy, you must move while hiding as much as possible. got it?”

“… don’t worry.”

“So-so-so-I’ll be careful too!”

“… Before that, wait a minute. Jaehyun, something is missing over there. I think you should check it.”

These were Seo Eana’s words that came unexpectedly.

Jaehyun went to where her gaze landed.

There, along with the stones that rose up in the middle, there was something Seo Eana said was abandoned.

It was a note, but when I unfolded it, it looked like a map.

“It looks like the map for this second floor, doesn’t it?”

“… I think so.”

Jaehyun looked at the paper for a moment, then nodded.

“There is a village under this forest. let’s go down first Maybe we can figure something out.”

Aaaaa… !!

with horses. I sensed shady magical energy from every corner of the forest, and I felt that something dangerous was slowly coming here.

However, that was not the only really big problem.

It wasn’t just one place that felt the magic.

“Everyone jump down!”

The moment Jaehyun yelled.

Something began to rise out of the tomb, which was dotted with stones.

The Witchbeast appeared from the place where the Grave Keeper stood a while ago.

It was a monster with a familiar appearance to Jaehyun.

“Draug… It must be dangerous.”

Simultaneously with Jaehyun’s murmur, the monster’s wild roar erupted.



A group of draugs rose up and began to surround them.

They are undead monsters, monsters that were born from Viking warriors who had already been killed and resurrected once.

Jaehyun thought that these were probably the ‘those who walk again’ as the quest said.


Jaehyun stretched out his arm to block the draugr’s attack.

About 1/5 of his physical strength evaporated in an instant.

Jaehyun’s brow furrowed wildly.

‘Isn’t this a normal object? If not, are there other conditions for the quest?’

Jaehyun quickly rolled his eyes.

In the meantime, Seo Ina also got hit. Checking her party member status window, her HP also decreased by 1/5.

It was bad news for Jaehyun and Seo Ina.

Apparently, getting hit by five would be considered death here.

Jaehyun missed Kwon Soyul’s existence. In order to get out of here quickly, her search skills are the best… .

No matter how strong the representation is. Against such a number of enemies, it was impossible to hold out in a situation where they could not even attack.

Even if you get hit by five, you’re dead.

And now I’ve already been hit by one.


Perhaps realizing that feeling, Ratatosque shouted in an urgent voice.



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“Ze Zeze—I will guide you to the safest route possible!”

“… Can I trust you?”

When Seo Ina asked with a distrustful tone, Ratatosque said with rare confidence.

“Yi-i-I’m a squirrel, no matter how you look at it! There is no worry about this kind of forest road!”

The guy went right ahead. After pushing the draug right in front of him with wind pressure, Jaehyun started down the gloomy, dark and humid mountain path.

‘That bastard is caught in a subordination. A situation where you can’t lie to me. furthermore… I have no choice but to believe in someone who is lying here. Even if that’s an epileptic squirrel.’

It was Jaehyun who had to head to the next floor quickly.

Before that, he was in a position where he had to survive, and now Seo In-na was by his side.

A situation like that of Kim Yoo-jung should never be created.

Jaehyun moved as fast as possible, ignoring the attacking enemy.

“Hey hey—this way!”

In the direction Ratatosque pointed, Jaehyun and Seo Ina, but Poppy ran quickly.

The familiar howls of draugr continued to be heard nearby.

Originally, their attacks would not have been scary at all to Jaehyun and Seo Ina, who had divine attribute skills, but now the situation was different.

A world that has become like a game.

At this moment, Jaehyun felt more like he was in the game than ever.

It reminded me of a game I played with coins in front of elementary school when I was a child.

A machine that was supposed to play one round each time a coin was inserted.

At that moment, Jaehyun thought while cooling his brain more coldly than ever before.

There are four coins left.

* * *

When Jaehyun was running away from a draugr attack on the second floor.

Finally, the rest of the party, including Ahn Ho-yeon and Kim Yu-jeong, also succeeded in defeating the golden king.

As soon as they finished the attack, they opened the portal and headed to the white room where Jaehyun and Seo Ina headed.

Now, the time has come for them to be rewarded.

However, they had to fight the fragments, not the true body of the golden king that Jaehyun and Seo Ina attacked together.

In the case of the true body, it is because Jae-hyun has already freed his soul, so he is no longer here.

In addition, because Jaehyun opened the road first and unlocked the lock, they did not have to sacrifice white flame or gold separately.

Thanks to that, the reward was inevitably one grade lower than what Jaehyun and Seo Ina took.

Kim Yoo-jung clicked her tongue in regret.

“Min Jaehyun, didn’t you say he took something better than this? S+ grade items are good, but… Seed! I wish I had something better!”

“On the next floor, let’s attack first!”

Ahn Ho-yeon said so with passion.

The item they got from fighting the fragments of the Golden King was a bracelet, all of which had the same effect.

An S+ grade item that reduces the opponent’s attack by 20%.

It was versatile, and it was a very effective item for colleagues who did not have a proper bracelet item.

After distributing each one with Kim Yoo-jung’s soul link, it means that the damage can be reduced by 20% again there. The usability was perfect.

A truly top-notch item.

Kwon So-yul also didn’t want to come until just a while ago, but now he was carelessly liking it.

Meanwhile, Lee Jae-sang, who finished checking the item, breathed heavily and said.

“after… barely lived With this, are we finally done clearing the first layer?”

He shook his head and whispered to Kwon So-yul in a small whisper.

“excuse me… Soyul, the next floor will be more difficult than this. If possible, it is better to refrain from attacking with hidden routes… … .”

“What are you talking about? I got this item… ! Of course, we have to do our best to attack the next floor using the hidden route!”

As expected, Kwon So-yul, a model of capitalism, immediately changed his attitude.

She seemed to like the item she got more than she thought.

“Jaehyun and Ina must have gotten something much better than this… Attacking the next floor must have been much easier, right?”

Ahn Ho-yeon said that while looking at the flashing bracelet.

He clenched both fists.

That’s right, if it’s Jaehyun, I’ll lightly attack the next floor.

You may have already found all the ways by now.

―The passive skill 《Sword of Faith》 is slightly stronger!

Ahn Ho-yeon’s belief in Jae-hyun was stronger than he thought.

Of course, Jaehyun’s situation wasn’t like that at all.

* * *

Jae-hyeon and the others, who had come down to the village to escape the Draug, had to face the complete darkness that covered the streets. A really creepy road.

Nothing exists on the unpaved streets.

I just see a few houses built in a few modern styles nearby.

There are no intact places, so there are traces of boarding or various repair work.

Maybe it was because the walkers invaded the village again and were attacked by them.

Jaehyun thought about that and continued walking.

Soon after, Jaehyun was able to see something very unique.

It was not even the sea, but the horizon was visible from the edge of the village, and it was impossible to know what would exist at the end.

I couldn’t even go outside.

Ratatosque said that it was the horizon of the tower, and that it was the edge that could only be seen from inside.

Jaehyun took his eyes off the horizon and looked at the village this time.

There was a huge wooden fence surrounding it. It seemed that it was installed to guard against something.

‘Those who walk again… Is it a facility to defend the village from them?’

To enter the village, Jaehyun knocked on the wooden door with a weak salty smell.

There was a gap so small that they could barely see each other’s eyes.

“hey! I want to go inside, are you there?! hey!”

thud! thud! thud!

As the sound progresses, I can feel the movement of people with magical powers from somewhere.

those chasing them from the forest. Their existence narrows the distance with them.

“… I’ll use Silence. Keep calling someone.”

Seo Ina activated silence instead, and Jaehyun kept calling people.

Ratatosque was already hiding in the pocket of Jaehyun’s jacket.

It seems that the shaking of the farr pocket is quite scary. In the case of Papi, she is bravely guarding the surroundings by Seo Ina.

How many minutes did you knock like that?

A narrow gap in the village fence opened and a man’s voice was heard.

“What are you doing now? What if I make a lot of noise around and then ‘they’ come!”

“I will go in and explain. Please let me go inside.”

Jaehyun calmly explained.

The man looked around and carefully opened the wooden fence with a rattling sound and let the party inside.

“after… Where the hell are you guys from? Even my daughter knows that she shouldn’t be walking down the street at night like this, what the hell are you doing?”

“sorry. We are strangers. I don’t know the rules here… .”


At that moment, the man’s body paused for a moment as if it had been buffered, and then resumed.

“after… Where the hell are you guys from? Even my daughter knows that she shouldn’t be walking down the street at night like this, what the hell are you doing?”

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