I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 327

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Episode 327: The One Who Walks Again (1)

“after… Where the hell are you guys from? Even my daughter knows that she shouldn’t be walking down the street at night like this, what the hell are you doing?”

The moment I heard the man’s words, an intense sense of incongruity spread throughout my body.


The same words as before came back from the man’s mouth.

Jaehyun felt the back of his neck grow cold and remembered the first time he arrived on the second floor.

The first gravekeeper I met.

He clearly called himself and his colleagues strangers.

But why can’t the villagers I just encountered understand the word stranger?

‘No, it’s not that I don’t understand exactly… It is not ‘recognized’ at all. How did this happen?’

Jaehyun felt like his mind was getting complicated in an instant, but he quickly figured out the meaning hidden in it.

man’s reaction. This made one thing clear, if nothing else.

The gravekeeper I saw earlier.

That he will be the key to clearing the second floor quest.

‘This won’t be easy… .’

Jaehyun thought so and quickly changed his words. He decided to ask the man in front of him what was the center of the quest.

“Do you know ‘one who walks again’?”

At that, the man’s expression hardened.

Soon after, a heavy answer came back from him.

“… Let’s go in and talk.”

* * *


The sound of a teacup being set down on the table is heard.

Jaehyun and his party were being served tea at the house of a man they had just met.

According to what I heard on the way, the man is the village chief of this village. In addition, this village is adjacent to the coast and is said to have been founded by the Vikings.

Those sitting on the sofa with a slight musty smell look at each other.

There is silence for a moment. The village chief suddenly raised his head and asked.

“You’re from the next town?”

“… yes.”

Seo Ina replied. he nodded.

“so. Where did you hear about the ‘one who walks again’?”

“We are merchants. I had a chance to hear rumors from all over the place.”

Jaehyun said with a moderate lie.

It was fortunate for him that he met the village chief from the beginning.

It means that there is a high possibility that he knows the most information in town.

The village chief folded his arms.

“Call me Russell. I think it will take quite a while to talk about it in earnest… It’s late today, so let’s sleep here. I will give you a room.”

“Thank you for your consideration.”

Despite the village chief’s willingness to give up the room, Jaehyun continued to doubt him and said so.

It was the same with Seina. She had a worried look on her face as she stood on edge.


Poppy wasn’t usually hugged either.

For some reason, he was sitting on Seo Ina’s lap without whining.

“so. What do you want to ask about ‘The One Who Walks Again’? Tell me how far you know.”

“Aftgang. All I know is that it’s another name for them.”


That was the Draug’s nickname that he had just remembered.

Nickname in Old Norse meaning ‘one who walks again’.

It was reserved only for draugr.

Russell nodded and started talking about the draugs in this village in earnest.

“Actually, draugs exist all over the world. You’re a merchant, so you probably know that… In particular, there are many ghosts of dead warriors on this coast, so the number of draugs is also high.

but… A draug that spawns here. The ‘those who walk again’ have fundamentally different powers from normal draugs.”

“It is the power to change the arc. Can you elaborate?”

“First of all, the biggest problem is that he doesn’t die, and no attacks work.”

Jaehyun frowned for a moment.

“… I guess people here can’t kill draugr either.”

Seo Ina whispered softly. Jaehyun nodded.

“okay… After all, they don’t look like normal objects.”

“That’s why they built a wooden fence on the outer wall of the village. It’s because I put a lot of salt on it, which they don’t like, so they can’t get to it.”

Jaehyun, who was listening to the story, thought for a while and then asked.

“Since when did ‘those who walk again’ appear?”

At that, the village chief did not speak for a while, and then after a while he took a sip of tea.

“… About two months ago. The first victim of them is… She was my wife.”

“… … sorry.”

Jaehyun couldn’t help but apologize.

I asked the person who lost his family about his story. No matter how you think about it, it wasn’t polite. whether it is intentional or not.


After saying that and waving his hand, the village chief continued his story.



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“My wife and daughter went to the mountain to gather herbs at the time. It happens often. If you don’t do anything like that here, it’s hard to make ends meet.

I came back from fishing in a boat. However, that day was somehow strange. Originally, she should have returned even after she had already returned, but no matter how much time passed, the wife did not return.”

The village chief took another sip of tea and was there. His hands were shaking a little.

“No matter how much I waited, they didn’t come back, so I went to the mountains to find my wife and daughter. And there… They found her wife’s body and her fallen daughter. And on the way back, I saw

Those who walk again… I mean they started moving. Fortunately, her daughter and I were able to escape, but the shock of that moment made her daughter completely forget her memory of her mother.”

It is said that from then on, draugs appeared all over the village and attacked people.

As a result, the village suffered severe casualties.

Jaehyun crossed his arms and thought for a moment.

An enemy that cannot be killed.

Jaehyun thought about it for a while.

“Are there any rumors or information about how to kill them?”

“I don’t know… There has been a rumor recently.”

“… What if it’s a rumor? What is it?”

“It means that there is a high-ranking draugr that controls the draugr.”

Hearing that, Jaehyun pondered for a while, then remembered a word he had seen in a myth in the past.


“… A troll scarf?”

Seo Ina made eye contact with Jaehyun for a moment with an expression demanding an explanation.

Jaehyun clenched his fists.

“okay. It’s a form that’s never been reported, but… It is said that among the draugs in mythology, there are draugs who use magic. The magic they use is called the Trollscarf.

It’s probably the identity of the boss who appeared in this town.”

“You seem to be much more knowledgeable than I thought. I’ve never seen anyone who really knows about them anywhere.

But… Why are you asking about them, can I ask now?”

The intent of the question was clear.

Why are people from other villages paying too much attention to the draugs in this village?

It’s just a matter of getting out of here quickly.

In the first place, draugs are not very active during the day.

If I leave as soon as the day dawns, I’ll be able to save my life somehow.

“We… .”

It was at that time when Jaehyun was trying to make up something appropriate to answer.

“Oooh… dad. What are you doing?”

There was a creaking sound of the door in the back, and a girl appeared.

She was rubbing her eyes as if she had woken up.

Russell relaxed his stiff expression, lifted the child up and hugged him.

“This child is my daughter. I guess I should end this story today.”

“All right. It’s not a good story for a child to hear.”

“That sister… who are the brothers… ?”

“It is a guest who visited our village. So don’t worry, go in and take a nap.”

Russell went inside and began to put the child to bed.

He added one last word. Draugues are very sensitive to human smells, so be careful.

After he completely disappears. Seo Ina quietly opened her mouth.

“… Mr. Russell… did you say It must be hard without her wife.”

“I know.”

Jaehyun answered dryly.

Emotional judgment is not so good in these circumstances.

In the first place, what Yggdrasil is showing now is nothing but a test after all.

To put it simply, we can say that Jaehyun is going through an ordeal with Seo Ina.

It is also a test of life and death properly.

‘Russell… I can’t believe that either.’

“I am as nervous as possible. Poppy and I don’t have to sleep. or you get some sleep We have to move again as soon as the sun rises tomorrow.”

“… are you okay?”

“Because I am fine. don’t worry. You can rest a little.”

Since Jaehyun had a divine status, it didn’t matter much if he didn’t sleep.

In any case, the being whose body transcended its limits was God.

He passed the 3rd stage of liberation and was given a perfect status, and the restrictions of the human body were almost gone.

‘It’s ironic that the restrictions are removed from the ordeal of prohibition. In any case, it’s for the best in this situation. but… The problem is that the restrictions on skills are becoming more severe.’

―Activate the active skill 《Magic Power Detection》.

―The activation of the skill is canceled.

―This skill cannot be used here.

The skill that used the wind to blow the enemy away while running away a moment ago, and the magic detection optimized for detecting the enemy’s location.

now it is no longer available.

It slowly started to lock up.

‘It’s not just attacks, it’s probably putting restrictions on the use of all active skills. Odin’s actions are clear.’

It is a dangerous situation for reproduction. I told Seo Ina in advance, but… First of all, the priority was to find Hyde Point as soon as the day dawned.

It was the moment when Jaehyun and Seo Ina were about to step into the room they were assigned to.



The sound of a window breaking heard from somewhere, and the familiar scream of the demon beast.

It made Jaehyun’s whole nerve stand on edge.

“Inaya! Poppy!”



Poppy also had limitations on the activation of her skills, so she quickly flew with her small wings and stuck to Jaehyun’s side. It was the same with Seina.

“Hehehehehehehehehehehehe! What the hell is this about!”

The moment Ratatosque was about to fall asleep, he pokes his head out of Jaehyun’s pocket, startled.

“The sound came from the living room… This is the room where Mr. Russell and his daughter are.”

“… huh!”

After Jaehyun gave the order, he moved cautiously.

Seo Ina and Papi follow.

Quadduk! Quadduk!

The sound of bones breaking could already be heard from the room.

There was a girl who was trembling in fright.

Grr… !

The moonlight streamed in from the broken windows, properly illuminating the landscape inside.

Russell was already on the verge of death.

He was groaning with his teeth clenched, probably to avoid causing as much damage to others as possible.

“town! ugh… !”

He pointed to his trembling daughter and met Jaehyun’s eyes.

It didn’t take long to figure out what that meant.

Jaehyun immediately hugged Russell’s daughter, who was shaking, and started running with Ina and Poppy.


“dad… .”

The voice of the young daughter was heard, but there was no way because the father could not be saved.

Jaehyun tried to move as quickly as possible, trying to figure out what was happening.

However, in a situation where no skill could be activated, the pace was a breeze.

An uncomfortable situation in many ways.


Grrrrr… … !!

Guaaa… !

A group of draugs filled the house and seemed to close their eyesight.

Jaehyun quickly rolled his eyes. She moved across the room, and she grabbed Seo Eana’s wrist and ran like crazy.

And finally, the two headed to the farthest corner of Russell’s house.

Jaehyun immediately locked the door and piled a table and all sorts of furniture in front of it. It was to stop the enemy as a temporary measure for a while.

However, even so, it was not enough to stop the draugr.

thud! thud! thud!

They were poised to attack at any moment.

At that time, Seo Ina pointed to one side and said.

“… excuse me… It’s glowing green! … Maybe that’s Hyde Point?”

There was an old closet there.

The size seems a bit small for two grown-up people to enter. But now there was no other way.

Meanwhile, the system also confirmed her reasoning.

―You have found the first hide point.

―You can hide for 2 minutes.

Jaehyun immediately threw himself into Hyde Point. But at that moment, an unknown tension pushed his body backwards.

connected system.

―Non-climbers cannot use the Hide Point.

‘Isn’t it okay to be a child?’

As if Jaehyun couldn’t do it, he told Ai to hide under the bed and entered the closet with Seo Ina.

Because it was such a small closet, it was a very small space that I couldn’t last long unless I hugged it to the point where I couldn’t breathe.


Then, the draugs began to rush in, and their footsteps headed for the closet where Jaehyun and Seo Ina were hiding.

Seeing the gruesome appearance of the draugr reflected through a small gap in the closet, the two involuntarily gasped.

The reason was simple.

The details of the phrases written below when you first received the quest.

Because it was written there:

*Hide Point erases the user’s odor, but not the sound.

That is, in other words.

Two minutes meant that if you made even the slightest noise, the two of you would die.

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