I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 330

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Episode 330: Troll Scarf (2)

black dragon.

This guy was a monster with a fundamentally different level of strength from the Bone Dragon he faced during the camp.

Such was the menacing breath and ignorant stamina.

“Are you crazy? How many times have you hit it and you’re still fine? Are you insane!”

Kim Yu-jung shouted in indignation.

Ahn Ho-yeon agreed and wiped the sweat from his forehead with his sleeve.

Kreur… !

However, as befits the top race of black dragons, they still seemed tireless.

If there was a reenactment at this time.

All of my colleagues were thinking the same thing at the same time.

It was a cowardly imagination as a radar, but at that moment, it happened without my knowledge.

Kwon So-yul soon came to his senses and encouraged his colleagues.

It was the same with Hella.

“I need to focus now. Anyway, he’s a witch too. die someday.”

“cheer up! Black dragons use dark attribute magic. It’s not like there’s no way for you to win!”

Helena’s words. It wasn’t too difficult to understand it.

Enemies that use dark attribute magic.

You can use a weapon wrapped in attribute magic or use magic.

Of course, if I could use Alfheim’s sword because Seo Eana was there, it wouldn’t have been such a problem.

The rain of her sword is a divine attribute, and the destructive power has already reached the state of awe.

Even if it was a black dragon, it could have been cleaned up in an instant with Kim Yoo-jung’s buff.

But now she’s gone.

that is so.

“Does that mean that we should succeed in converting magical properties now?”

Kim Yoo-jung was also the first to understand. She is currently the only mage on the team. All she could rely on now was her.

Hella nodded.

‘At the time of opening the door to the second ordeal in the past. Use the method you used to purify the Cursed Key obtained from Flanders’ Mansion. It is to give properties to magic power. That way, no matter how strong the enemy is, I can take it down.’

To put it simply, what if the enchantment gave the weapons of Ahn Ho-yeon and Kwon So-yul the magical power of the divine attribute?

If you can do that, you will be able to deal elemental damage to the enemy, and you will be able to defeat the black dragon more easily.

Kim Yoo-jung immediately understood Hella’s meaning and quickly started preparing.

I’ve never done it before, but… He was the only one who had the slightest chance of using the enchantment here.

Should be.

‘Min Jae-hyun always did his best even under more pressure than this. There’s nothing I can’t say.’

Kim Yoo-jung recalled Jae-hyun and shouted to the other party.

“Buy me a minute!”

“of course!”

Kim Yoo-jung stopped using Soul Link for a while to concentrate. Then, the burden of her colleagues became many times stronger.

It became much more difficult to withstand the black dragon’s attacks.

Even with potions, he couldn’t handle the speed at which his physical strength was declining.

In particular, Ahn Ho-yeon’s physical strength began to decrease without rest, and Lee Jae-sang was recovering him by throwing potions as a temporary measure.

For the rest, it was best to keep the black dragon in check so that it could not approach Kim Yoo-jung as much as possible.

At that moment, Kim Yoo-jung stood in a safe place behind. Behind Hella.

“Will you protect me?”

“of course. I’m not a heartless person like Jaehyun.”

“… Min Jaehyun is not so unkind… .”

“Stop the chatter and focus!”

Hela blocked the attack flying towards her once and said.

“Oh, okay!”

Kim Yoo-jung quickly came to her senses and concentrated.

‘Good judgment. but… I’m not as talented as Jaehyun. Can I really do it?’

Since Hela deals with dark attribute mana, enchantment has limitations, so he cannot handle divine attribute magic.

Now I had no choice but to leave it to her.

Pats Chutz… !

At that moment, Kim Yoo-jung focused her nascent magic on one point on her body.

Horrifyingly stable posture.

And from there, the mana gradually begins to revolve.

Auras and magical threads that can invade each other’s territory rotate without getting tangled at all, maximizing each other’s efficiency and power.

Even Hella, who was watching, was a little surprised.

‘No matter how much it is higher and stronger than Jaehyun’s army at the time… It’s a phenomenal talent when it comes to manipulating magic. How can you… .’

Even during the reenactment, in fact, Hella felt that there was a limit to human possibilities.

That would take a long time.

It was only natural that in order to purify something, perfectly refined, chaste mana was required.

But Jaehyun did it in less than a day.

That’s a talent, she felt for the first time then.

But he had another talent.

Although it wasn’t crazy enough for him, she was also incredible.

‘The one who stands by… After all, I’m not a normal human.’



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Hella laughed.

The battle continued, and Kim Yoo-jung was getting infinitely closer to the answer.

About two hours have already passed. The battle continues.

But at that moment.

It wasn’t talent or anything else that surprised Hella the most.

The battle of those who stand in the vanguard.

There was a firm conviction in him.

The confidence that Kim Yoo-jung will definitely be able to do it. she was with them


Tsutsutsutsutsu… … !!

“Yeah, I think it worked!”

Kim Yoo-jung eventually succeeded in breaking the wall.

She quickly ran forward and enchanted Ahn Ho-yeon’s sword, Kwon So-yul’s dagger, and Lee Jae-sang’s sword with divine attribute magic.

Then, a brilliant light slowly began to leak from him, and he felt the black dragon’s eyebrows crinkle for a moment.

Ahn Ho-yeon smiled.

“I knew you could do it.”

“Then, who’s the younger brother!”

Kwon So-yul agreed. Lee Jae-sang also tried to help, but made an ugly sound to avoid the attack.

“Hehe, of course!”

“thank you. entire. then… Now let’s kill him and go to the next floor!”

Kim Yoo-jung put her staff to the limit of her magic power.

After that, the fight got easier.

Weapons imbued with divine light. In particular, An Ho-yeon’s sword moved forward, easily cutting off the enemy’s wings and leg tendons.

The attacks from Kim Yoo-jung’s staff were also focused on the divine attribute, and Lee Jae-sang and Kwon So-yul also occasionally inflicted damage and began to slowly break down the giant dragon’s body.

It was the greatest joy for them.

A person who hunts demons.

That was one of the essences of radar.

They felt an unknown sense of exhilaration rising from the lower part of the body, and endorphins began to surround their bodies.

It doesn’t take long.


―Yggdrasil Spiral Tower 《2nd Tier: Puzzle and Stone Wall of the Beast》 has been cleared.

―The 2nd tier clear reward will be settled.

* * *

“… Jaehyun. But do you have a reason to go back this way?”

Seo Ina asked anxiously as she climbed the forest path.

She had good reason for saying that.

Where Jaehyun and his colleagues are heading now. Because this is a place full of draugs, and the forest where Jaehyun and Seo Ina first woke up.

Poppy sniffed and looked around. Ratatosque was frightened and refused to come, but in the end, he was being dragged along with Jae-hyun’s threat.

“okay. There is always a reason.”

Jaehyun said calmly.

When you first receive the quest.

He remembered a phrase that popped up on the status window.

“It says that in order to catch the tagger, you must kill him where he was born. Do you remember?”

“… Ah yes… So you’re saying that the tagger was born here?”

“that’s right.”

Jae-hyun proved the hypothesis that caused the back of his neck to cool due to the death of a couple a while ago.

All that’s left now is to finish checking and finish all this hellish tag. Jaehyun was confident that he could do it.

Because I already had the answer.

There was no reason to be scared, no reason to be afraid.

Jaehyun thought as he walked away.

The two couples who had just died and the red rings they were wearing.

It was something that evoked a lot of emotions in Jaehyun.


The job you choose always involves encountering disgusting situations.

Sometimes you have to choose who to die for.

There are times when you have to ruthlessly abandon a person who is already dead and run away.

It was the same even now.

To Jaehyun, the couple he met earlier were already dead.

You shouldn’t be upset because of it.

Because what has already happened cannot be undone. Survivors only belatedly recall its value; they cannot do anything for the dead.

With that thought in mind, Jaehyun continued to take heavy steps. Every movement of her legs made the grass that grew up to her knees rustle.

“… After all, it’s shady here.”

Seo Ina said that and wrapped her arms around her shoulders.

Ratatosque now hides without showing his head.

time close to dawn.

After passing through the dark and rugged road, Jaehyun told the group.

“We are almost there.”

The place where Jaehyun’s footsteps stopped was the place where they were first summoned.

to the grave.

As a graveyard of the Vikings, it was the place where the grave keeper I first met stood.

The chilly sensation they felt at the time seemed to pass by their ears again. The leaves rustled in the wind and made a strange sound.

Seo In-na’s fine eyebrows crumpled for a moment.

“… The fact that this is the place where the tagger is… Are you saying the gravekeeper is a hunter? But why is he not here… ?”

At that moment, Jaehyun let go of Russell’s daughter’s hand.

After that, I grabbed Seo Ina’s wrist and slowly started to move to the other side of her.

The daughter did not follow Jaehyun.

I didn’t say it was scary, and I didn’t ask what it was.

I just quietly watch what Jaehyun is doing.

He was too calm for a child who seemed only about five years old.

Jaehyun smiled.

A graveside with no flowers, only weeds. Stones rising everywhere.

And a suffocating stillness surrounds the three of them and the two of them.

Eventually, the story came out of Jaehyun’s mouth.

It was truly shocking.

“The tagger was you from the start. yes?”

“… … What do you mean?”

The child responded with such a natural expression.

Seo In-na’s pupils constricted. Both Ratatosque and Papi, who couldn’t quite understand what he was saying, were reacting with shock.

The gaze that Jaehyun sends while pointing to the tagger.

Because the one standing at the end was none other than Russell’s daughter.

“I am a stranger taking the test to climb the tower.”

“… gentile? What are you talking about all of a sudden?”

At that moment, the corner of Jaehyun’s mouth drew a fascinating arc.

He was with a cold smile.

“The chase is over.”

At his words, the child looked at Jaehyun for a long time.

There was, of course, no return question.

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