I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 333

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Episode 333: A Certain Common Possession (2)

Jaehyun had heard about Fafnir and him at the regular meeting in Hel.

At the time, Smir crossed his arms and said:

[In fact, Fafnir was already dead before meeting you.]


Jaehyun was genuinely perplexed and asked the question back.

However, Smir just nodded and continued calmly.

[It is a story that there was a human who killed Fafnir who became ferocious in the past. Sigurd. I think you already know his name.]

[If it’s Sigurd… Are you referring to the one called the dragon slayer?]


Jaehyun was also familiar with the story.

Sigmund’s son, also called Siegfried.

In Norse mythology, he was a superman who was counted among the five transcendent humans.

[But how could he who was already dead fight me… ah!]

[okay. You are right. It’s all because of Odin. He summoned his soul from the valley of the dragon, branded it, and made it his servant.

By using traitor Andvari.]

[that… .]

It was a story that could not be heard properly at the time of the fight.

Of course, Fafnir also talked to him at that time, but the situation was so urgent that he had to make a decision quickly.

He probably didn’t have time to explain everything either.

‘Even in that situation, I decided to take revenge with me.’

Jaehyun thought. Currently, he is possessed by Sigurd.

Also, the point where the story is going now is after Fafnir’s death.

That’s probably why you can’t complete this quest with Poppy.

The spirit may be alive in the valley of the dragon, but he is already dead here.

After repeated thoughts, Jaehyun is no longer Fafnir.

He began to recall the love story of a certain hero who killed him.


The dragon slayer’s love ended in tragedy at the last moment.

* * *


He is the son of Sigmund, the first master of Gram, the legendary legendary sword in Norse mythology, who made a name for himself by killing Fafnir.

After killing Fafnir, he wanders around the world and meets a woman by chance and falls in love.

Her name is Brunhild.

She became a Valkyrie by Odin, but was abandoned by him.

Since the traditions passed down in each country are different, there are some differences in the traditions, but they all describe how the relationship between these two people ends consistently.

‘Sigurd and Brünhild swear to marry, but neither Sigurd nor Brünhild can connect and die. The end was the worst for a hero.’

Of course, there was no problem with the love between the two.

After they first met, they immediately vowed to marry each other.

They also worked hard to keep it.

However, there is always a reason why a tragedy became a tragedy.

After two people who had sworn to marry broke up and promised to reunite again.

Slowly, the relationship between the two begins to deteriorate.

Sigurd forgot the promise he made with Brünhild after drinking alcohol that made him forget his memory due to the witch’s greed and cunning that coveted gold.

Brünhild also waits for Sigurd, but fails to win against her father’s annoyance and marries another man.

At the last moment, the two people who are at odds are unable to connect and die in flames.

What this quest required was to turn this tragedy into a single ‘scenario change right’.

And, judging from the fact that the number of participants window is displayed as 2/2, it is highly likely that Brunhild took the role of Seo In-na since she became Sigurd.

With that thought in mind, Jaehyun looked carefully at the surrounding scenery.

Nearby were mountains.

For some reason, the trauma on the second floor reminded me of it, and my body shrank for a moment, but I soon regained my senses. Somehow, you have to live and head upward without giving up.

‘… Anyway, this is too big. There doesn’t seem to be any NPC like him.’

When Jaehyun was wondering where to start.

Ratatosque, who was riding on his shoulder, suddenly opened his mouth.

“Hey, hey—hey, if I were here, I’d know—stand by if you need it—could you explain?

I can even tell you more—by the way, the discrepancy between the myths handed down in Midgard and the Sishishi—events that actually happened in the past!”


“Mumu-of course!”

Ratatosque said confidently, tapping his chest.

Jaehyun nodded without hesitation.

“First, tell me where this place is. First of all, finding Ina is an urgent priority.”

“Yeah-yeah! E-This seems to be Mount Hindalfiyor. I don’t know exactly where it is based on the standards of the human world, but—it seems to be the time when Sigurd was active in the past.”

Jaehyun didn’t show his expression, but he was a little surprised.

He hadn’t shown his quest window to him before.

The fact that he was assigned to the role of Sigurd was also the same.

However, he only looked at the surrounding landscape and even guessed which era it was.

‘As expected, a guide is a guide.’

Jaehyun thought about that, and decided to reveal the contents of the quest.



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Ratatosque was in a position where he could not deceive himself.

Besides, finding Seo Eana is an urgent priority.

If I had to take a risk, it was now, not another time.

Jaehyun roughly explained the contents of his quest to Ratatosque.

Then, Ratatosque listened to Jaehyun’s words with a chorus of uhm, uhm—is that so?

By the time he finished speaking, he looked worried to see if he could understand anything, and then he told Jaehyun.

“Uh-you might as well go up to the top of this mountain first! The place where Si-Sigurd and B-Brünhild first met in the past is the top of this mountain!”

“As expected, there is a reason for sending me to this mountain.”

Jaehyun murmured softly, and Ratatosque shook his head.

“I-for now, yes. Uh-there’s always a way to the top.”

“let’s go.”

After Jaehyun spoke briefly, he jumped up without hesitation and started running using his skills.

Unlike the previous floor, there were no restrictions on power, so that was a relief.

… Of course, more than that, it’s a cumbersome restriction.

So, again, the restriction that the scenario can only be edited once was created.

“On the way, talk about Sigurd and Brünhild properly. I don’t know everything right either. Because the myth you read and the reality might be different.”

“G-don’t worry! Zezeze—I’ll do my best to explain!”

The wind blew past my ears along with Ratatosque’s words. Jaehyun’s hair was disheveled, and then he heard the sound of leaves brushing against his skin and clothes as he walked through the woods.

* * *

The summit of Mount Hindalfjor.

The figure of a girl falling into a long sleep is seen wearing a helmet and chain mail all over her body.

My name is Brunhild.

He was the owner of the role Seo In-na played.

In fact, her mind was awake now.

However, it was not a positive situation.

Because I couldn’t move my body, I could only guess that this place was a mountain from the dark vision and the rare sound of falling leaves.

‘… There must be something wrong with moving to the third layer. there… What’s the story about me being given a new role?

In the first place, I don’t even know who Brunhild is… … .’

Seo In-na was only able to figure out her true identity through the sound of the system she had just heard.

He has to bond with someone, and the target’s name is Sigurd.

It seemed that Jaehyun was the person possessed.

However, the problem was that he had no background knowledge about his role.

If it was Norse mythology, he studied with other children, but he couldn’t even memorize the names of Valkyries like Brunhild.

Wasn’t she the one who was obsessed with studying in the first place? As Seo Eana, she put in enough effort, but she couldn’t help but anticipate the current situation.

‘… If I had known it would be like this, I would have studied harder… … .’

Seo Ina let out a small sigh.

Because of the armor and helmet. Also, in the midst of the frustration of not being able to move due to physical limitations, what came to mind was Jaehyun.

‘… What is Jaehyun doing right now? Do you know what situation I’m in?’

Jaehyun, who always helped everyone, might have guessed the current situation.

If he broke the limits every moment and moved forward, wouldn’t he be able to solve the current difficult situation?

Wouldn’t he figure out a way to move himself and come to the rescue?

Seo Eana somehow wanted to resolve this situation and move on to the next one.

Dark darkness with nothing. It’s because it reminded me of my past self.

I remembered the time when I was beaten by my aunt for a long time and locked up in a small room upstairs where there was no light.

At that time, she had to overcome her fear with only the moonlight by the window.

However, the moonlight did not brighten her up in the end.

The size of the light falling on the window on a dark night was inevitably weaker than the sun, and it could not emit light on its own.

Seo Ina thought for a moment.

‘… So it was. The reason I fell in love with Jaehyun.’

Paradoxically, it was because of those memories that Jaehyun had feelings for him.

Because he continued to shine on the spot, it was a stimulus.

I was able to proceed as I am now.

I’ve been trying to become a better person.

To Seo Ina, Jaehyun was a person who stood alone and gave off light, like the sun.

Unlike himself, who continued to doubt himself, relying on the moonlight in the dark at best, he was the one who believed in himself every moment and moved forward.


That was the moment when she opened her heart to Jaehyun.

‘… will come Jaehyun is definitely.’

She kept thinking about Jaehyun. If anything had to be thought of, only now was nothing else.

like that,

When the feeling of fear slowly began to clear her mind.

Finally, I heard the voice I had been waiting for.

“Inaya. Are you right?”

A familiar male voice. She wanted to shake her hand, but her body still didn’t move.

It was because of Yggdrasil’s restrictions.

However, she wasn’t embarrassed.

Because he was as firm as the belief that Jaehyun would save him.



I heard someone walking towards me. Then she saw a man approaching her and removing her helmet.

As expected, Jaehyun was there.

As she slowly opened her eyes, the birds chirping that she had only heard with her ears, the scenery of flowing water, and the falling leaves were clearly engraved in her eyes.

A soft smile spread across her lips. It was because the smile of the person standing in front of her on her knees was clearly in her field of vision.

“… I waited.”


Jaehyun, who found Seo Ina before he knew it, said that and then used his dagger to cut her chain mail.

The existence that made her like this.

It was because Jae-hyeon heard this from Ratatosque and realized how to solve it.

―I met Brunhild.

―Odin’s curse on Brunhild’s armor has been lifted.

Seo Ina’s body became lighter.

It was thanks to Jaehyun’s ability to lift the curse on his armor.

Jaehyun sighed and asked.

“Aren’t you hurt anywhere?”

The moment they spoke, a system sound was heard and resonated in their ears at the same time.

―Emotions begin to sprout between Sigurd and Brünhild.

With the message, the hearts of Jaehyun and Seo Ina facing him began to pound.

Seo In-na’s eyes were wet with melancholy.

Whoever could see it, it was the face of a woman in love.

―The synchronization rate with the characters is currently 10%.

one moment,

She wasn’t the only one who felt the thrill.

‘What the hell… .’

Jaehyun looked at Seo Ina with a puzzled expression.

His heart began to beat rapidly, and his chest began to tighten. It was an unfamiliar sensation to Jaehyun.

The reason was simple.

Even if it is forced by the system.

Because it was obvious love.

―The master of the role of the climber, 《The Dragon Slayer》, starts singing a song of love!

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