I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 336

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Episode 336 Loss

‘… … Strange. I feel like I forgot something important… … What is it? What the hell is missing from me… … .’

Seo In-na and her role.

It was exactly after the third scenario was completed that Brunhild’s memories began to get mixed up.

After that, she slowly began to forget her memories.

Also, I realized that I was fully immersed in this role.

It is not the observer’s, but as if the role is his life and life.

She was gradually losing herself.

There were also some memories among the lost ones.

The first thing to disappear was the memory that made her suffer.

‘… What was my childhood like… ?’

Life with my aunt and grandmother. Memories related to the unfortunate life caused by the death of parents were erased first.

Penalties began to be applied as the synchronization rate increased.

It came to her suddenly, but not at all painful.

Why? It felt like it was better to forget.

‘Strange… .’

Seo Ina could hardly understand.

Why would it feel better to forget?

Memories are left behind in a bad way, but they will all become memories after time passes.

It’s something I don’t know, but I couldn’t think of anything.

Severe memory loss given by Yggdrasil. There was no way to prepare for this.

However, even in the midst of that, she remembered one thing for sure.

You have to help Jaehyun clear the 3rd floor, go to the next floor and clear Yggdrasil.

Only then can people stop becoming Einherjar.

because it can be saved

‘… I will wait for Jaehyun to come and never forget. That’s fine.’

That was the best he could do.

Lost memories return to their original state after the quest is cleared.

If Jaehyun comes to find him, then everything will be resolved.

okay. Memories forgotten now won’t be that important anyway.

While Seo Ina had time, she recalled the faces of her colleagues for a moment.

‘… … Is everyone doing well? Could it be that he wasn’t hurt?’

As Jaehyun’s chosen teammates, he probably wouldn’t have been hurt.

Even if some difficult difficulties come upon them, they will be able to overcome them.

Seo Eana trusted her colleagues.

‘I have to do my best too.’

She looked down from the top of the castle she had just arrived at.

An old castle that does not allow anyone to approach because of the undying flames.

I was left alone there, so I was a bit depressed.

‘… … Earlier, even though it was a role play, I was happy to hear such a story from Jaehyun. Even if it’s a confession forced by the scenario.’

Seo Eana smiled for a moment, remembering Jaehyun’s confession when she cleared the second scenario.

Of course, it is not a laugh that is revealed on the outside because it is governed by the scenario.

Inside, I just laugh a little.

‘… Jaehyun. Her face turned red… … .’

When will Jaehyun come? With that in mind, she decided to wait.

Of course, it’s not easy, but I was able to endure it because I believed in Jaehyun.

Somehow, to get through each day.

Because it was something Seo Ina was used to.

‘… I hope you come soon though.’

Seo In-na’s two pupils were filled with red-hot flames.

However, then. A system message was heard along with a sudden variable.

―The highest god of the Aesir intervenes on the 3rd floor of the Spiral Tower of Yggdrasil.

Seo Ina couldn’t immediately figure out what that meant.

It’s just that something bad has started and that it will make it difficult for Jaehyun to find him. I could only understand that.

After that, she began to forget her memories of the outside even more quickly.

Time began to pass helplessly, and accordingly.

―Synchronization rate increases to 70%.

―The penalty 《Amnesia》 works.

From what she needs most.

One by one, they began to lose their memories.

* * *

“I brought you a drink. It is a special wine that is considered the best in our kingdom.”

Son of Grimhild.

The wine that Gunnar had brought was, as I had initially thought, the drug.

Ratatosque said that the name of this drink is ‘the drink of oblivion’, and that it is a dangerous poison that completely erases the memory of a specific person.

[How does Grimhild have such a dangerous object?]

Ratatosque immediately answered Jaehyun’s question.

[Geuggeu – Grimhild is a witch. She is adept at magical knowledge, so she dabbled with the forbidden drug and finally concocted the drink of oblivion!]



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Gudrun, holding the bottle of wine Gunnar had brought, poured a drink into Jaehyun’s glass.

she said with a smile.

“Have a drink.”

It was a dangerous scene to watch.

Ratatosque warned.

[Hey, why don’t you buy-use your strength here?]

The power he is talking about is the power to intervene in a scenario and change the development. It meant the right to change the scenario in the quest.

However, after thinking about it for a while, Jaehyun denied it.

[no. It’s better to save the right to change just in case. Besides, I have the power to resist poisons. I can bear this much.]

[G-g-no matter how great it is, it won’t be easy! In order to resist this level of poison, you must at least have at least hehehe skill!]

Jaehyun laughed inwardly.

[I have it. Hel’s skill.]


Ratatosque burst into embarrassment.

In the meantime, Jaehyun’s body moved on its own and brought the drink to his mouth.

Even Queen Grimhild, Gunnar, and Gudrun. Everyone watched Jaehyun carefully as he drank. Soon they were smiling.

They believe that their operation was successful.

However, this was bound to end in vain.

―The passive skill «Hell’s Protection» resists abnormal conditions.

―The effect of 《The Art of Oblivion》 will disappear.

‘It doesn’t work either. Okay, just keep going like this.’

In fact, Jaehyun deliberately took a risk here.

If the magic of oblivion had worked, it would have created a very dangerous situation, but he believed in Hel’s protection.

Also, there was a clear reason for Jaehyun to take the risk he is now.

‘Because Ina might forget me. In case of such a situation, you should keep the one-time scenario change ticket as much as possible without using it.’

Jaehyun realized that memory loss was working on the climber as a form of magic just as he was resisting the penalty.

That is, in other words.

‘It means that it can be broken with absolute arithmetic.’

This was Jaehyun’s best master key.

only once. He can restore Seo In-na’s memory to its original state.

If it is possible to skip without using the scenario change right here, a countermeasure is prepared with the worst case in mind.

‘If at all possible, if Ina loses her memories of me… Because there’s no way to get out alive.’

“It is a good drink.”

Words came out of Jaehyun’s mouth.

My cheeks are slightly red and I feel like I am getting drunk.

Of course, since he had become a complete divine being, he was not drunk at all. Now, anyway, it seemed that way because it was inside the scenario.

Grimhild and Gudrun smiled.

“sure. It is a very good drink.”

“By the way, Sigurd-nim, may I ask you one thing?”

“of course.”

Gudrun interrupted and said, and Jaehyun immediately nodded.

It was Gudrun.

“Have you ever promised to marry someone?”

The meaning of the words was clear.

The next line came out of Jaehyun’s mouth very skillfully.

“no. doesn’t exist.”

―You have cleared the 4th scenario.

―Synchronization rate increases to 70%.

―The user’s mental strength is very good. No penalty applies.

‘As expected, the penalty does not apply to me. I still have no problems with my mental strength. Just get out of here and pick up Ina… .’

It was a time when Jaehyun was relieved to think so.

Ratatosque’s body stiffened.

Soon, his face suddenly darkened, and at the same time, a message window appeared in front of Jaehyun’s eyes.

―The highest god of the Aesir intervenes on the 3rd floor of the Spiral Tower of Yggdrasil.

―Part of the scenario will change.

‘Odin… I hope he… !’

Jaehyun couldn’t help but admit that something was seriously going wrong.

The Dragon Slayer’s Tragedy.

It started in earnest now.

* * *

“Hoyeon, Hella, and Yoojung will fall behind you, while Soyul and I will step forward.”

At Lee Jae-sang’s story, disconcerted voices erupted from colleagues from all over the place, as if they were dumbfounded.

It was a natural phenomenon.

Now, what he’s saying is, send the three people who play a pivotal role in the party’s attack to the rear. Kwon So-yul, who is relatively the weakest, means that he will step forward.

For them, it meant completely destroying the formation.


Kim Yoo-jung asked while holding the staff tightly. A drop of cold sweat runs down her forehead.

Lee Jae-sang took out a potion and said.

“Those guys. It must have been the first time the quest window popped up. It is said that it is a being created by learning everything about us. That is, pretend we are not us.”

“… Please explain in a simpler way.”

It was after Lee Jae-sang nodded at Kwon So-yul’s words.

“In order to break those guys’ formations, we have to completely change our formations from the ground up. We attack by forming a new formation that is not in our head at all.”

“But it is too risky… .”

Lee Jae-sang shook his head at Ahn Ho-yeon’s words.

“You knew it from the first time you came here. that it would be dangerous But now is the time to risk it.”

“… Well, there is a point. I can’t help it. Let’s listen just once. Of course, it’s ruined when everyone dies.”

Kwon So-yul was the first to agree. Hella also nodded her head.

“It means that we can defeat them only if we fight in an unpredictable direction, a battle we have never thought of before. Break common sense and fight. Indeed, there is a possibility.”

“all right. But if it becomes dangerous, let me know anytime.”

Ahn Ho-yeon said confidently. Kim Yoo-jung nodded her head and stepped back from her.

Now, it has become a composition where only Kwon So-yul and Lee Jae-sang are in the vanguard.

‘I’ve never had a formation like this before. I had no idea that I would suddenly digest such a provocative formation.’

Kwon So-yul smiled as if he was dumbfounded.

But I can’t help it. You have to believe it now.

Even if it is the story of Lee Jae-sang, who is not very talented in combat.

‘It’s like dying this way or that way…’ Oh, but I don’t want to die. ‘Cause it’s too early to die I have a brighter future!’

At the end, Kwon So-yul looked at Lee Jae-sang with that thought in mind.

“Then I’ll give you instructions.”

It was the first time Lee Jae-sang took on the role of commander.

He opened the bottle of potion he took out of his inventory and said while biting it into his mouth.


* * *

Waiting costs a lot just by itself.

When a person leaves, the person left behind will have many feelings for that person.

First longing, then anger, then remorse. All the emotions that are fatal to a person originate from him.

going away


But there are things that are more terrifying than all of that.

―Synchronization rate increases to 80%.

―A penalty 《Amnesia》 is given to the climber.

Seo Ina thought.

Some have already been forgotten, and some have even forgotten that they have forgotten.

He was now quite close to Brünhild.

Her every word now felt like her own, her movements like her own gestures.

Whenever that happened, Seo Eana thought of her colleagues.

Kim Yoo-jung, Ahn Ho-yeon, Kwon So-yul, Lee Jae-sang, and Hella.

And I thought about recreating.

Then, the cramped feeling is a little better, and I feel that the huge sense of loss is blunted little by little.

It feels as if the rising flames below are extinguished a little.

‘… Jaehyun will definitely come.’

Repeating that thought, she continued standing at the top of the old castle.

soon, soon

soon he will come

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