I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 337

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Episode 337: The Dragon Slayer and the Song of Tragedy (1)

Odin’s Intervention Between Layers of Yggdrasil.

This was enough to embarrass Jaehyun.

Just now,

How much trouble they had to play on the second floor as well.

Jaehyun and Seo Ina were in danger of dying at the time.

After barely surviving, I earned ample rewards, but… .

‘It can’t be done this way.’

[Ratatosk. Can you tell what part Odin specifically intervened in this quest?]

[Ah-I haven’t fully figured it out yet-. Guggu-just by analogy, I think it’s an ulterior motive to hide the device in a place other than this alcohol so that I can’t meet Seo Ina-yang!]


Jaehyun thought as he licked his lips.

We need to figure out Odin’s intentions. He pondered for a moment what kind of penalty Odin had given him.

the best he can do.

Even so, Odin consumed a lot of divine power by sending Modi and Magni. It was a difficult situation to directly reinforce Midgard or Yggdrasil.

As such, he may have devised a plan to take his own life with minimal intervention.

How to get the most efficiency.

That would be correcting only one part of the scenario.

Jaehyun was sure.

The fact that in the original scenario, there will be a change in content in only one part.

‘Odin and I. It’s only one chance for both.’

In order for him to use his divine power to a minimum.

According to the conditions of the Yggdrasil quest.

It became a situation where both beings had to fight their heads.

Jaehyun said calmly.

[There will be a change in one section of the scenario. You have to respond to that.]

[Ah-I see! What-what-if I have a clue about something, I’ll report it immediately!]

After Jaehyun worked out a countermeasure with Ratatosque, he looked around in earnest.

The power of the forced cutscene that restrained the body is about to weaken for a while.

It was thanks to the fact that he had already cleared the fifth scenario.

Jaehyun thought that just a moment ago, if he went on like this, he would reach the final scenario soon.

Of course, it was now impossible to clear the quest with just that.

In the end, the condition for clearing the quest was to play all the scenarios with the two people’s memories preserved and change it to a happy ending.

In order for Jaehyun to do this properly, several considerations must be accompanied.

First of all.

Figuring out what scenario Odin touched.

You have to start with that.

“Do you like alcohol?”

Jaehyun nodded at Gudrun’s words and turned bright.

“It is a good drink. It’s such a good drink that you’ll miss it when you go somewhere else.”

“Chit, are you saying that you only miss alcohol?”

“yes? what do you mean by that… .”

When Jaehyun said that with a shy expression, Gudrun took a step closer and made a charming expression.

She gently gripped the hem of her skirt.

The alluring scent wafted and tickled the tip of his nose.

“You will probably miss me too.”

“You are a confident daughter.”

“sorry. The child is a little spoiled… Still, he is a deep child.”

yes i guess

That’s why I’m not trying to get Sigurd married with the intention of eating his back and guzzling gold. these trash.

For the first time, Jaehyun felt grateful for not being able to speak on his own. If she hadn’t, she might have yelled at her to stop acting like a dog.

If only he was his original self.

“Today, you will be staying here. The night is deep.”

“yes. Please.”

Even in the midst of that, Jaehyun feels uncomfortable in the ongoing scenarios and cutscenes. So, to find the point where Odin intervened, he kept his senses sharp.


This time he will attack him in the worst possible way.

“Come on, let’s have a toast for now. We are meeting the dragon slayer who even killed Fafnir, so please forgive us for treating us like this.”

The queen’s son, Gunnar, who had slipped into his seat before he knew it, made a joke.

I wanted to ignore Jaehyun, but I couldn’t say anything because my body was moving on its own.

“I heard that you have great transformation skills.”

It’s a disguise skill… .

I couldn’t understand what it meant, so I tilted my head, and Ratatosque explained.

[Sigurd can use ma-magic. I learned from Brunhild. G-G-He uses it well, among other things, is a magic that transforms into another person!]

“yes. I know how to handle something. But, why do you ask such a thing?”

When Jaehyun asked, Gunnar poured another drink and said,

“Haha, it’s embarrassing to say this, but there’s a girl I’m in love with… Why does she say that she will only accept marriage proposals from those who build her lofty old castle and cross over there?”

Gunnar’s meaning was clear.



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Ina Seo, who is waiting for Jaehyun in Goseong.

That is why he is aiming to take Brünhild as his wife.

[Gugu-gu-Gunnar heard the story of the great adversary just a moment ago, and he became interested in Brunhild and must have decided to take her as his wife! Now, Ma—I have to stop it!]

Jaehyun asked as if he couldn’t understand his words.

[If you have a craving for Brunhild that much, you can go to the old castle yourself. Why are you bringing this up to me?]

[Gugu-gu-Gunnar is weak. So, since you can’t cross the flames, you disguise yourself as an adversary and ask him to – propose to Brünhild instead of you!]

It was disgusting.

After losing your memory,

To mobilize Sigurd to take away his fiancée?

Is that really something a person can do?

‘This house is also bean flour. Disgusting bastards… … .’

Unfortunately, of course, Gunnar’s strategy will not work.

After thinking about it for a while, Jaehyun decided on his next move.

[Let’s pretend to agree for now, then go all the way to Goseong and decide whether to use the scenario change ticket. I still don’t know where the scenario changed.]

Where the hell did Odin change the scenario?

In a situation that was not clearly revealed, Jaehyun had no choice but to nod his head.

“Maybe I can help.”

Why do you say that?

I feel like my heart is filled with frustration.

Even if it was because of the scenario given by Yggdrasil. Seo Ina.

In other words, Brunhild and himself were the ones who had been engaged a while ago.


To forget her and pass it on to someone else?

‘I wonder if I’ll let them do that.’

However, Jaehyun tried to regain his composure as much as possible.

Because the opportunity given to you now is only once. If you make a mistake here, you may not be able to go to the next floor.

That must be what Odin is aiming for.

“Anyway, it seems like you’re having a good conversation with my sister… It seems like all that’s left now is to have a ceremony.

I’m sorry for asking Sigurd, who is busy, but… .”

“I see what you mean. I just need to transform into you and propose to the woman at the top of the castle instead. Isn’t that what you mean?”

“That’s right. I don’t want to ask you this kind of favor, but I’m a woman I really want to be with… .”

[Woah―As per the original scenario, here Sigurd gets used and then loses the person he loves to Gunnar―. In addition, she is unjustly married to Gudrun – and even dedicates her gold!]

We have to stop it somehow!

Ratatosque looked at the reappearance while saying that.

However, so far it has been within the expected range.

The scenario that Odin said changed. What is its content?

There is a high possibility that it will have a huge impact on the clearing of this floor.

“All right. I will help you.”

“Oh oh! thank you As expected, you are full of spirit like a dragon slayer! haha!”

The cutscene was going on as it pleased even in the middle of it.

Even in the midst of that, Jaehyun did not forget to repeat his thoughts.

Two days have passed since I came here. Seo Eana must have lost a lot of memories in the aftermath of the synchronization rate of over 50% by now.

Jaehyun had a sudden thought.

Seo Ina.

Does she remember herself now?

* * *

“Soyul, keep throwing the shuriken containing the poison potion I gave you while you stand in the vanguard and evade the attack! Focus on Shadow Hoyeon!”


“Hoyeon waits behind you, and when I give you an order, you activate a wide-area provocation. Because timing is important. Concentrate!”


“Hella, rather than the army of the dead, use the hand of death and lightly tie the ankles of the shadow colleagues. That would be much more helpful.”

Lee Jae-sang, who was in the vanguard, gave orders in perfect order.

“Yoo Jung-ah, you give me buffs while maintaining the activation of Soul Link. Don’t apply an area buff, just give it to me.”

“I got it… !”

The blue sphere that left Kim Yoo-jung’s hand slowly bursts out like an explosion, and begins to be absorbed into Lee Jae-sang’s body.

―Active skill 《Overflow》.

―As the target is only 1, the effect of the skill is maximized.

After making everyone move according to his instructions, Lee Jae-sang began to slowly walk forward.

The allied field was already full of the status abnormality potions that Shadow Lee Jae-sang had sprinkled, but Lee had no effect at all.

Now he already knows the identity of the potions that the shadows sprinkled, and he knows how to deal with them better than anyone else.

At that moment, the shadow Ahn Ho-yeon’s attack flies in to check Lee Jae-sang’s approach.

However, it was quickly stopped. It was thanks to Kwon So-yul.

She used her shuriken to target only the enemy’s vital points, resulting in multiple abnormalities such as paralysis and poisoning.

It was noticeably slowing down the movement of shadow Ahn Ho-yeon.

It was then.

“Hoyeonah! now!”

“yes. brother!”

Along with Lee Jae-sang’s instructions, Ahn Ho-yeon’s voice came.

Immediately, magic power burst out of his body at once.

―Active skill «wide area provocation Lv 5» is activated.

With the activation of the skill, An Ho-yeon’s body was dyed red.

When everyone in the enemy camp is caught in a provocation and moves forward. Only one being was sitting quietly in a seat in the back, drinking a potion.

it was himself

Lee Jae-sang looked at the enemy in front of him with his sword in his hand.

What to exclude first. it was himself



The sword was accurately inserted into the heart of shadow Lee Jae-sang.

Of course, it was Lee Jae-sang.


As expected, Shadow Lee Jae-sang was weak.

In other words, this meant that he was weak.

He still relied heavily on potions in battle, so it was only natural in a way.

‘Whoa… With this, their recovery plan is gone. The first gateway somehow worked.’

Lee Jae-sang exhaled lightly and saw a shadow in his own form that had disappeared into black masses.

For reference, there is only one reason why Lee Jae-sang was able to defeat Shadow Lee Jae-sang.

That is, all the buffs of his teammates were all focused on him.

Originally, this would have been an ineffective tactic.

Because he was objectively the weakest, and his most important role was to be in charge of the supply plan behind the scenes.

However, because I am that kind of person, I had to step forward now.

I had never used such a tactic in the past, so the current irregular tactic worked.

Lee Jae-sang continued to think, hitting the side branch.

Kwon So-yul and himself will dominate the field next. And the rest of the members focus on defense and turn the situation around at once.

Then pincer at the end.

If you can do that, you will be able to pass this stairway somehow.

Lee Jae-sang believed in the skills of his colleagues. He was perfectly sure he would make it to the next floor this time.

* * *

Jaehyun repeated his thoughts several times for the final moment.

If, in the end, a situation arises in which Ina cannot remember herself. If so, by her own absolute arithmetic she must recall her memories.

It’s best if that doesn’t happen, but things have already gone awry.

The situation right now was proof of that.

“Haha, I said this would help, but I’m sorry I changed my words like this.

I got a good horse, Grani, so I can somehow cross over the flames to the old castle.”

A few days later, Gunnar smiled broadly and tapped him on the shoulder.

It was thanks to the newly saved famous horse.

Jaehyun was initially taken aback by the situation that went differently from Shinhwa.

It was the same with Ratatosque. He began to tell him where the twist was and where Odin intervened in the scenario.

[Ah-Ah, apparently, Odin decided to use the artifact. Geug-that horse called Grani originally belonged to Sigurd-geug-the horse he rode to the old castle.

What Gunnar has is nonsense.]

Ratatosque added that the horse Grani was one of the descendants of Odin’s horse, Sleipnir. A way for Odin to attack his opponents with less godhead.

This was an artifact he had.

I tried to reverse the situation by making the descendants of my horse appear in the scenario.

It was definitely a choice that was close to the best without consuming divine power.

Thanks to that, Jaehyun was put in a situation where he had to make a decision quickly.

Now we have 5 minutes of time before moving on to the next scenario.

If you don’t make a decision at this time, you can’t get out of here forever.

You will not be able to reunite with Seo Ina.

Recalling that fact deeply, Jaehyun jumped up from his seat.

Gunnar, unaware of this, was even waving at him from his horse.

Jaehyun caught his breath.

His assimilation rate was already over 90 percent.

Seo Eana, who has no resistance, probably forgot her own name.

Dangerous. It was too risky to gamble here.

one. The answer was already out there.

Jaehyun stopped Gunnar as he rode out with clenched fists.

In front of the wall, the two men paused and confronted each other.

“what? Sigurd-sama, for what reason… .”

At that time, Jaehyun used the ability the quest gave him.

That moment. Jaehyun’s body began to move at will.

behavior and personality. Words that were dirty and slick.

everything is back to normal

―You have used the scenario change ticket once.

Jaehyun raised his head and looked at Gunnar on the horse.

“I am going to Goseong. I’m going to pick up my fiancé.”

“… what is that… no way… memory?”

Gunnar said in a puzzled voice. Jaehyun held a fishy sneer.

“okay. Do you think I was played by your pranks from the start? get out of here right now Even now, before I cut your throat.”

‘I have no regrets. This was for the best.’

Jaehyun used the ‘scenario change ticket’ that he only had once here.

All that remains is to head to Goseong. The only thing he can do is break through the flames all around her, meet Seo In-na, and get her memories back.

Now, you shouldn’t use absolute arithmetic.

Because the power of change has already been used up.

However, Jaehyun was thinking of bumping into him somehow.

It will make Seo In-na, who has forgotten herself, recall the memories of the past. Memories that have lasted so far do not disappear so easily, and she firmly believed in Jaehyun.

Jaehyun was conscious.

Now he was the dragon slayer Sigurd.

And he deserved the love he wanted.

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