I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 338

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Episode 338: The Dragon Slayer and the Song of Tragedy (2)

Jaehyun didn’t have to suffer the penalty of losing his memory, but he couldn’t suppress the intense love caused by the increase in synchronization rate.

I wanted to see Bruenhilt and Seo Ina right now.

He opened his inventory and used the artifact he had been saving.

―Load the artifact Gulpaksi.


A being called the world’s best horse. It was stolen from Magni in the past.

He left it in Idun’s garden for a while, but Jaehyun was able to summon him without difficulty because there was a flute that allowed him to be summoned from subspace.


Jaehyun immediately took out an item from his inventory.

―Equip the artifact 《Golden King’s Saddle》.

The golden king’s saddle obtained by clearing the first floor before.

I originally intended to give it to Papi, but now I have to ride a horse and head to the old castle. In the original scenario, there was no story about riding a dragon and going to the castle.

As long as she does not intervene in the scenario as much as possible, she must save Seo Eana.

However, there is a high possibility that Odin has installed something on the horse that Gunnar was riding a moment ago. Since it was an artifact he gave to Gunnar himself, Jaehyun didn’t believe him.

There is no time.

Jaehyun bit his lip and fixed the saddle properly.

“be careful. Ratatosk. I think we need to move a little faster this time.”


Ratatosque nodded with a determined expression.

Fortunately, the effect of the scenario change remained, so Jaehyun was able to move freely.

Jaehyun repeated his thoughts.

‘As I used the scenario change right a while ago, it became difficult to retrieve Inna’s memories with absolute calculations. In addition, the synchronization rate continues to rise even at this moment.’

―Synchronization rate continues to rise!

―The story has come to an end!

―The current synchronization rate is 97%!

It could have been a dangerous situation.

synchronization rate. Although the memory penalty does not apply to yourself.

It is different for Seo Ina. She was a human who had not yet attained her status.

It means that you do not have the power to go against it like yourself.

What if she forgot herself?

If that happened, he would fail the quest.

It may become nourished by this world tree and be stuffed forever like the golden king.

It was just a disgusting representation.

‘But there was no other way.’

Even for the sake of clearing the quest, Gunnar could not be let go.

The moment he reaches Goseong and meets Seo In-na, ‘The Dragon Slayer and the Song of Tragedy’ is all over. If that happens, the quest will just fail.

At that time, the sudden intrusion of emotion digs into the depths of Jaehyun’s heart.

no, is that right?

Are these the feelings I am experiencing right now?

‘Now I’m just… Brünhild by someone else’s side… … It’s just that I can’t see Seo Eana’s presence.’

It would of course be a falsely built emotion due to the synchronization rate.

However, Jaehyun believed that this emotion could save her.

Shakespeare once said

love is just crazy

Hana Jae-hyun had a slightly different interpretation of this phrase.

Sometimes it’s crazy, but these intense emotions are the driving force to save someone. Because my mother once told me.

Jaehyun continued to drive.

The destination is the highest point in Goseong. It was where Seo Ina was.


Gulpakshi gave a vigorous turejil.

Goseong, covered with fire demons, began to slowly come into view.

* * *

“Now we have one left!”

Lee Jae-sang shouted that and the remaining opponent.

I saw the shadow An Ho-yeon.

As expected of the best tank, he had excellent defense.

It was only natural that the grade of the artifact he possessed had recently been upgraded.

However, all of my colleagues are alive. Now this ordeal was, in fact, almost at the clearing stage.

Kwon So-yul stepped forward and continued to fire long-range throwing tools at Ho-yeon Ahn.

They were shurikens, needles, and other various tools useful in combat.

Kim Yoo-jung returned to the assistant position from the back.

There is only one shadow left anyway.

It was when Ahn Ho-yeon thought so and tried to stop himself in the form of a shadow.

Lee Jae-sang and Kwon So-yul stopped him and said.

“Hoyeonah, just stay there.”

“… yes? brother. However, if it is joint work here, it can be dealt with quickly… .”

“Just leave it as it is.”



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When Kwon So-yul said that, Ahn Ho-yeon put on a slightly embarrassed expression.

If you attack now, you can easily win. However, Lee Jae-sang refuses to do so.


While thinking about it, Hella crossed her arms and said.

“He wants to grow so as not to hold you back. The same goes for the small amount. Because they think their physical abilities are relatively weak.”

“But each team has its own role. I can’t find a way like senior Soyul, and I can’t make potions like Jaesang hyung.

As long as each person can play their part, I don’t think that’s bad… .”

“That is after they grow up, at least until they can stand on the same line.

don’t you remember? The story Jaehyun first told you. I said that I wouldn’t tell you everything unless I reached S-class.”

That was the bare minimum for him.

As Hella said that, she saw Lee Jae-sang and Kwon So-yul struggling with their swords in front of them.

they are at this moment. Even now, when he had to guarantee death, he wanted to continue to grow.

in order not to catch their ankles. Furthermore, to help Jaehyun.

Ahn Ho-yeon was sincerely impressed. Kim Yoo-jung was the same.

“It is also different. seniors.”

Kim Yoo-jung laughed.

They became stronger and always left their seniors behind and went into battle.

For the first time, I was anxious about putting my seniors in front of me, but soon that feeling was completely removed. Because the two fought better than expected.


With spirit, Lee Jae-sang to his father. He also practiced the swordsmanship he had learned from Balak.

It’s a swift sword.

Naturally, Balak’s intangible sword could not be used, so he unleashed the speedy sword he had learned from his father.

Of course, he couldn’t digest even that properly.

It lacks strength and speed.

The amount of magic power is limited… … In fact, although he had risen to S rank, it was also true that he still lacked a lot of combat experience.

However, Lee Jae-sang was fighting by overcoming his shortcomings with his own strength.

in your own way.

―The strength stat temporarily rises by 50 due to the effect of the highest strength potion.

―Agility stat temporarily increases by 50 due to the effect of the highest agility potion.

―The magic stat is temporarily increased by 50 due to the effect of the highest magic power increasing potion.

―Damage is temporarily reduced by 50% with the power of the highest level damage reduction potion.

“Lee Jae-sang, you… .”

When Kwon So-yul said and looked at him. Suddenly, Lee Jae-sang opened his mouth.

“When I was first recognized by my father, he told me. that’s your fight do.”

A powerful force erupted from Lee Jae-sang’s body.

It’s true that it’s lacking compared to Jaehyun’s or Seo Ina’s and Ahn’s Hoyeon’s, but… .

He was confident that he could go on his own.

“Since then, my own fight. I’ve been thinking about what that is for a long time. and.”

Lee Jae-sang ran toward the shadow An Ho-yeon. At a speed many times faster than before, he is approaching the enemy.

Shadow Ahn Ho-yeon is also holding a sword for an immediate counterattack.

“This is my answer.”

Lee Jae-sang, who narrowed the distance before he knew it, cut the sword he was holding horizontally.

The sword held by Shadow An Ho-yeon bounced back once, and his new model began to be pushed back.

Chae Ae Ae!

Sparks fly and a sword path is engraved between swords.

However, Lee Jae-sang’s sword was still unable to properly cut through his body. It was because he was still lacking in strength, and he couldn’t completely penetrate the gap between his armor.

And then.


As if waiting, Kwon So-yul threw a shuriken with poisoning effects and rushed right into the gap between Lee Jae-sang’s torn armor.

Then, with the sound of a push shot, the enemy’s throat was pierced, and blood in the shadows gushed out.

“Big… !”

In an instant, a very small gap was revealed.

It was a very brief moment created by Kwon So-yul, a small gap left by the shadow An Ho-yeon.

After waiting for the shadow Ahn Ho-yeon to be pushed away, Lee Jae-sang straightened his sword again.


It rode vertically and swung.

As the shadows cast over them completely dissipated, a message was heard in their ears.

―You have cleared Yggdrasil’s Spiral Tower 《3rd Layer: Shadow and Layer of Overcoming》.

* * *


Gulpaksi, who was running vigorously, was in front of the old castle. He paused.

flames surrounding it.

According to Ratatosque, it is an unquenchable flame, and it is one of several gods that existed in Midgard in the past.

Jaehyun briefly stroked Gulpakshi’s head to break through, then vigorously stomped his feet.


As befits a fine horse, Gulpakshi began to run through the flames, fluttering his golden mane.

There was not a single scratch on the body.

Gulpakshi’s body was like steel, which did not melt even at high temperatures.

When Magni first came, I never thought it would be like this… .

would be at this level.

But now was not the time to be admiring.

—… The eighth scenario has been auto-completed.

―Synchronization rate increases to 99%.

―The final scenario begins.

Jaehyun finally realized that the end of this story had begun.

However, from this point on, he too could not guarantee the clearing of the quest.

Anyway, I’ve already used up one opportunity to fix it.

Adaptation of the scenario, right to change.

It was the last card that Jaehyun had to leave behind.

In order to relieve Seo In-na of the amnesia penalty.

However, Odin’s intervention allowed Gunnar to come to the old castle alone, and everything was twisted. he had to come

After that, I had to somehow break Seo Eana’s curse.

I had to… .


Jaehyun crossed all the flames and started to climb up the castle.

Climbing the stairs and climbing them, he continued to think.

Seo In-na’s face and her colleagues.

At that moment, constant anxiety ran through Jaehyun’s mind.

‘If Ina doesn’t remember me. What should I do if I do that?’

The body is out of breath, and the mind becomes distant.

How do I get out of here?

As his synchronization rate increases, his feelings for her gradually grow.

It was to the point where I wondered if I really loved Seo Ina.

Jaehyun continued to climb the stairs even under such circumstances.

That was the best he could do.

―Active skill 《Cold-blooded》 is activated.

―This skill cannot be used here. The activation of the skill is canceled.

I activated the skill to forcibly stop my beating heart.

This, too, went back to nothing.

‘I really can’t help it anymore.’

Jaehyun’s steps, thinking so, finally stopped on the top floor of the old castle.

And there he saw a woman with a familiar face.

A beautiful black-haired girl who couldn’t help but look forward to their reunion.

“or… hey?”

The girl was pointing her sword at herself.

“… … .”

She looked at Jaehyun’s face, but didn’t say anything for a while.

no answer comes back

What that meant was clear.

Jaehyun felt a pain in his chest along with a deep sense of despair.

he murmured as if vomiting.

“Inaya… no way… have you forgotten me?”

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