I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 343

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Episode 343: Alfheim (2)

―A climber was sent across the timeline to an ancient elven kingdom 10,000 years ago.

―You have accepted the main quest 《Lullaby of the End》.

[Main Quest]

lullaby of the end

After encountering King Asdel in the ancient elves’ world of Alfheim, face the tragedy that occurred 10,000 years ago and save the elves.

Clear reward: –

Quest Failure Reward: ???

*There are hidden clear conditions.

*Hidden clear conditions are revealed one by one as the story of the layer progresses. Climbers can reason about this and find clear conditions.

Seeing the contents of the quest, Jaehyun and Seo Eana could not hide their embarrassment.

Because no matter how I looked at it, I couldn’t understand it.

‘… What is the content of this quest?’

Jaehyun’s gaze scanned the quest window downward again from the beginning.

The content of the quest was so unusual that such a reaction seemed natural.

There is no clear reward, but there is a reward for failure?

‘… I’m not just talking about failure penalties either. The quest clearly says that when it fails, something will be paid as a reward.

Conversely, he said that he would not give any reward in case of success.’

How the hell did this happen?

It was difficult to understand not only Seo Ina, but even Jaehyun.

I thought about showing the contents to Ratatosque, but now was not the time.

Kreur… !

The beast-type monsters who revealed this were aiming at him. After Jaehyun quickly came to his senses, he produced Balmung instead of Nidhogg’s fangs.

―You have succeeded in producing the artifact «Dragon Slasher Balmung (Myth)».

‘It’s an undeserved weapon to use against them, but… But it’s a good opportunity to test it out.’

Jaehyun smiled. Seo In-na leaned her body forward almost simultaneously with her reenactment, and then she naturally cast her magic at the rear of her reenactment.

Jaehyun lowered his center of gravity after demonstrating the strength of his gloves and sword in the avant-garde.

The number of monsters surrounding it was small.

only three

There was no reason to waste time anywhere.

Jaehyun put strength into the hand holding the sword.

This was the beginning of a full-scale quest.

All that remains is one layer.

If you complete this perfectly, you can now reach the 5th floor where you can destroy the control tower.

‘That’s where I’ll get another answer.’

Mimir has delivered the truth of the past that was hidden from him through the system and through various methods.

I thought this time would be no different.

Jaehyun caught his breath. Slashing and swinging his sword was as familiar to him as breathing.

* * *

In the middle of Asgard’s library, filled with books.

Odin’s raven.

Hugin was in deep trouble.

Also at the center is the opponent. There was Min Jae-hyun.

‘An existence with twisted causality.’

The Min Jae-hyun he knew was such a person.

Causality is what it should be. it means itself

something that should always be there. A typical example was ‘time’ or ‘space’.

‘Also, the two are absolute, and no one can go against them. If you don’t pay the right price, it’s something that can never be undone.’

As Hana herself knew, Jaehyun went against time and reached the current timeline.

To put it simply, it meant that he had overcome the limitations of the time line and came to the past or future.


Even though Hugin knew this, he did not reveal Jaehyun’s identity.

It was the same for Odin, whom he served, as well as for other Aesir gods. Also, it had its own firm and certain beliefs.

‘I still need more investigation.’

That’s what I was thinking while researching.

Hugin was able to discover a peculiar fact while reading a record of the past. It was a record of a person who existed in the past.

Although the letters are almost unreadable due to high-level magic, he has appeared in various places, mentioned very briefly, and disappeared.

Hugin thought.

Maybe the fact that the adversary is growing so fast has something to do with it?

No matter how much I think about it, he is getting stronger at a speed that I can’t understand.

It was the same even if the anti-Aesir forces helped him and made him independent from the Aesir system.

Jaehyun is the same existence as Irregular.

It was not limited to human standards, but also from the perspective of gods, giants, and elves.

Hugin could not help but question it.

first. Hugin briefly remembered the first time he met Jaehyun.

‘He was weak. It was just a piece of trash that craved adult love.’

Reenactment wasn’t that great, at least Hugin felt.

My mentality wasn’t strong, and my ability wasn’t that great.



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He just believed himself to be his father and tried to protect his mother.

A child who only watched.

That was the reenactment that Hugin remembered.

But later, when he met Jaehyun with Hela, he realized for sure.

That he was fundamentally different for some reason. I mean, he has a genius talent.

It was nothing but effort.

It was an unbreakable heart.

Hugin still couldn’t believe how that was possible.

“However, this is what actually happened. I can’t help but believe it.”

Because of this, he was thinking that he might be related to a human being recorded in the now worn-out books.

The reason was simple.

A story about a mythical man.

This is because until now, no other gods, including Odin, have remembered it.

Killing the dragon, fighting the enemy in 10,000 years of Ragnarok, and repeatedly winning the legendary battle with Tyr left a huge scar on him.

It is a mythical thing that only humans can do.

But, why?

For what he did, he was completely unknown among the gods.

As if everything has been erased.

Also, Hugin was suspicious.


He muttered and closed the last volume of parchment.

“Why isn’t his name written on it?”


Hugin was not ignorant of its value.

In the past, he was just a crow.

Which pier, which forest.

It was nothing more than a microscopic object that exists everywhere.

However, when he met Odin, he changed himself.

As he gave it a name, he was able to stand up for himself.


His ability to control his emotions was his name.

One, no name.

legendary man. He has no name on the subject of his mythical achievements.

It doesn’t appear anywhere.

Even the gods don’t remember.

Just like Tyr did a moment ago.

Hugin thought.

This is no coincidence.

“Adversary… No, Jaehyun Min… … .”

He calmly collected his thoughts, calling his name for the first time in a while.

What is his true identity?

What is it that makes even himself, who has erased his emotions, feel such a bleak fear?

* * *

The beast-type monster’s grade was slightly above S-rank.

Of course, Jaehyun and Seo Eana are not difficult opponents.

The two quickly killed all the enemies and looked around.

Sticky bloodstains spread all over the floor. Jaehyun lets out a small sigh.

“Looks like it’s over.”

“… huh. I think you better find out where this place is now.”

“That’s right—that’s right—”

“no. There is no need for that.”

Jaehyun said and shrugged his shoulders. Poppy got up and stood in front of Jaehyun.

It was because, like a dragon, he was most sensitive to his senses.

Jaehyun sighed lightly and gestured.

“Because it looks like it’s already coming from the other side.”

“there! What are you guys doing!”

Seoina and Ratatosque’s eyes turned to where the owner of the voice was.

Jaehyun smiled.


“… Elf?”

Seo Ina covered her mouth as if she was slightly surprised.

Jaehyun nodded.

Ratatosk added an explanation.

“M-That’s right! It seems like a high elf belonging to a higher race among them!”

Jaehyun had already heard about the high elves from Hela and Smir. There is also a story that they are not all cheap.

Jaehyun looked at the high elves for a moment. As she also appeared in mythology, her beautiful appearance caught my eye.

Should I say it feels different from birth?

Falling blonde hair and green eyes. His gaze stayed on it.

As if driven by instinct.

Anyway, when Jaehyun was looking at the elves with a curious gaze. Suddenly, I felt cold eyes from the side.

Why is that? Even the subtle life was felt.

When Jaehyun looked away, Seo Ina narrowed his eyes.

“… I will tell Yoo-jung.”

I thought I was careful with my eyes as much as possible, but Seo In-na seemed to be fascinated by Jae-hyun.

‘I’ve felt it before, but Ina seems to be on the side of jealousy even though she doesn’t show it… And to reach Kim Yoo-jung… … .’

But, of course, there was no such thing as taking it out of his mouth.

Jaehyun coughed moderately and cleared his throat before opening his mouth pretending not to know.

“We are the ones who came to help you. I heard that the kingdom of the elves is being invaded by an army. But it’s all half talk… There’s nothing cheap.”

Jaehyun put his hands in his pockets and showed disrespect.

It was an overly impudent attitude, but neither Seoina nor Ratatosque pointed it out. Wasn’t that a reproduction from the beginning?

I couldn’t hear even if I spoke.

‘… Besides, the one who came out first was over there.’

Seo Ina justified herself and nodded her head slightly.

At that time, one of the high elves in the middle stepped in front of Jaehyun and said,

“I am Lars. He is the captain of Alfheim’s guard. From now on, I will regard you as trespassers and arrest you. The rest of the excuses will be heard in prison.”

“It’s a prison… My mother said she would never go to a place like that… … Shall we just die here?”

As Jaehyun said that, letting out a breath of life for a while, Seo Ina glanced back.

Jaehyun hurriedly relaxed and smiled lightly.

“It’s a joke.”

he was

“okay. Because you will be dragged along smoothly. don’t tie her hands If you don’t want everyone to be like this.”

Jaehyun pointed to the dead Demon Beast behind him and said.

The High Elves gritted their teeth as they saw the horribly crushed Demonic Beasts.

No matter how you look at it, it didn’t seem like they were the enemy.

Lars was the only one there to snort.

“Why should I listen to people like me?”

“Don’t you have common sense that racial discrimination is rude?”

“Have you finished talking?”

Lars was furious, but Jaehyun ignored him and said to Seo Ina.

“Inaya. I guess it’s time to write ‘that’ here. What do you think?”

“… ah!”

He clapped his hands as if he remembered Seo Eana.

Then he opened his front pocket and pulled out something and showed it to Lars.

Then, Lars’ expression hardened and embarrassment burst out of his mouth.

“that… That thing… no way?”

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