I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 344

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Episode 344: Alfheim (3)

Naturally, Seo Eana did not go to prison.

The reason was simple.

Alfheim’s pendant she received after clearing the 1st floor.

It was because of its side effect.

* You will win the favor of all elves.

Of course, Jaehyun was currently in prison with Lars because his identity was not confirmed and he did not have any belongings. It was a compromise too.

Lars said that only the king could determine the authenticity of this pendant, and allowed only Seo Na-na to have a private meeting with the king.

He said it was inevitable since Seo Eana was the only one with a pendant.

And he also said that if Jaehyun was judged to be even a little bit dangerous, he would never bring him before the king.

Jaehyun thought it didn’t matter what happened and accepted the offer.

If you think you’re taking a break, it’s not too bad.

“Your mother will be sad when she sees this, but… … .’

It was unavoidable. Because he is now an unidentified outsider.

Iron gruck.

The door locked with a sound.

Jae-hyun ended up being imprisoned without fail, but his heart was at ease.

Anyway, after a while, Ina Seo will roughly finish the work and bring herself out of here.

Alfheim’s pendant is a mythical artifact.

The effect was as certain as seeing the face of Lars, whose eyes had already returned.

‘What’s not natural. The pendant Ina got earlier was a mythical artifact.’

In the past, it was the only mythical artifact in the world. And the only item in that class was the lost eye of Odin that he was holding.

Moreover, if the pendant was of the same grade as that, the effect would be applied without any doubt, no matter how king he was.

Jaehyun was so sure.

On the 3rd floor, Jaehyun is Wordanaz.

In other words, like when he encountered Odin, he was able to use absolute arithmetic. The power of a mythical artifact is at the point of awe.

Thinking so, Jaehyun leaned back and tried to close his eyes for a while, but suddenly heard the sounds of elves talking from outside the iron bars.

“Is this one? A lowly human who suddenly set foot in the kingdom of elves?”

“That’s right.”

At first glance, it was abusive language towards himself, but Jaehyun didn’t respond at all.

She just glanced at the face of the man who was slandering her for a moment.

‘It seems that he has a fairly high status… Judging from his small muscles, he seems to be a guy who uses his body quite a bit.’

Perhaps he was one of the knight commanders in charge of protecting the kingdom of Alfheim.

Jaehyun made a moderate decision and ignored his words.

At that time, the elf’s words continued.

“Humans seem to have no self-respect. He doesn’t even respond to being humiliated right in front of his eyes.”

Jaehyun laughed.

“I am not as fiery as you. Emotions don’t help much in battle either. If all the soldiers had acted like you, they would have had to dig their coffins by now.”

“Do you dare to insult the commander of the Knights of the Holy Elf Kingdom?”

The leader of the Elven Knights growled and grabbed the bar.

Jaehyun laughed as if it didn’t matter.

“The captain and Nabal… Shouldn’t you be stronger than me in order to say that?”

“Hehehehehehehehe!? W-you’re not trying to fight here, are you?!”

Ratatosk’s bewildered voice is heard.

Sparks flew in the eyes between Jaehyun and the leader of the elven knights.

That moment.


Jaehyun heard a familiar voice.

It belonged to the captain of the Guard who had brought him under arrest a little while ago.

Did you say your name was Lars?

With a disgruntled face, he cautioned the knight commander.

“He is a man whose identity has not yet been identified. Until the king’s mandate runs out, he won’t move.”


The Knight Commander gave Ras a light sword bow.

Lars said while gripping the iron bars of the barbed wire where Jaehyun was.

“and you. If your identity is revealed later, I will personally execute you filthy bastard.”

Lars gritted his teeth and continued.

The disrespectful gaze toward Jaehyun was still the same.

The reason he didn’t move and stopped the Knight Commander’s attack was because he had seen Seo Eana’s pendant a while ago.

Alfheim Pendant. Because he knew exactly what that meant to the elves.

Actually, I never believed that he was genuine either… .

‘Anyway, I can’t touch this guy until the king confirms it properly. I have to wait for now.’

He looked at Jaehyun, his eyes shining fiercely.

He is the captain of the Elven Guard.

One of the best articles here.

A warrior among warriors who reached the 2nd stage of Divinity Liberation with the body of an elf.

He was not foolish enough to stay still after being insulted by humans.

‘Wait and see. I’ll definitely make you regret it.’



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He thought so, revealing his white teeth.

Of course, in the midst of that, Jaehyun was having some trivial thoughts.

“The face looks fine… Her personality was nasty and twisted. Ahn Ho-yeon had a good personality.”

Jaehyun was completely unaware of the fact that the words had come out of his mouth.

* * *

King’s throne room.

There, Seo Ina bent her knees and bowed her head.

It was to be polite.

In front of her is the King of Alfheim. There was Aindel.

She was a beautiful woman with blonde hair up to her waist, but she seemed to be the king of this place, not her husband.

Perhaps there are circumstances, or perhaps it is natural for elves to have a female ascend to the throne.

Seo Ina thought so and nodded her head slightly.

She first asked Seo Ina to introduce herself.

“I heard that you have our elves’ things. I would like to hear a detailed introduction.”

“… First of all, my name is Seo Ina. I got this item by chance.”

Seo Ina briefly showed them her pendant.

Then Aindel looked at the item, returned it to her, and said,

“… It’s really something from Alfheim. The same goes for the magic inside. But how about humans? I can’t believe it… .”

Aindel thought for a long time. What Seo Ina has.

Alfheim’s pendant was not something a mere human could possess.

A very special item bestowed only on the direct line of the elven royal family.

Aindel looked at Seo Ina in disbelief.

What is her true identity?

How is this possible?


Seo Ina was pondering what to say next.

I came with Jaehyun roughly kissing me, but it was because I thought that it would not be good to make a mistake as the situation was the situation.

‘… Although the pendant has the effect of being able to please the elves… .’

Still, Seo Ina was worried.

Fortunately, contrary to her worries, Aindel gave a good answer.

“Release the guest’s colleague from prison. Be as polite as possible.”

At the same time Aindel said that, the waiting knight moved to free Jaehyun.

Seo Ina was then able to breathe.

Eindel put her hand on her chest and lowered her head for a moment before speaking.

“I’m sorry for not being polite. Possessing this pendant means that he must be a blood relative of the high-ranking elves or a hero who owes a great debt to them.

You didn’t have a valid example. I have no face.”

“… Oh no… Exactly like that… .”

“Then, of course. I didn’t know that they would suddenly throw me in jail and lock me up.”

At that time, Jaehyun, who had been released from prison before he knew it, approached with Papi and said. Seo Ina’s expression brightened noticeably.

It was just that I didn’t know what to do right now.

“We admit our mistakes.”

Asdel said that and lightly bowed his head.

She only added one word.

“As you may already know, with the recent Ragnarok happening, this side is also sensitive… Please understand that I couldn’t help it.”

It was an extremely polite tone.

Jaehyun nodded and stood next to Seo Ina.

He looked at Aindel and opened his mouth slowly.

“First of all, let me make one thing clear. The reason we came here is to protect Alfheim.”

At that moment, Aindel and Jaehyun’s eyes met for a moment.

It was such a shocking story.

That would also be the case, because the current Alfheim had lost all areas to Asgard except for one capital here.

In the moment of preparation for surrender, Jae-hyun and Seo E-na made a proposal.

At that moment, Aindel felt his heart pounding.

Can the war really be won?

Can it come back to normal?

Even though she knew that couldn’t be the case, she couldn’t resist the urge to lean on the slightest thread of hope.

* * *

The time when Jaehyun encountered the elves on the 4th floor of the Spiral Tower.

Nine members were also on the verge of attacking the 4th floor.

They drank potions moderately while catching their breath in the white room, a resting place between the stairs. It was the decision to take a break because you didn’t know what else would come out and attack you.

Now, there is only one layer left until he meets Jaehyun and Seo Ina again.

I couldn’t make a mistake here and ruin Jaehyun’s plan.

“Still, I have come this far. It was terribly difficult.”

Kim Yoo-jung sipped her hands and drank Lee Jae-sang’s special potion.

It was a cherry-flavored potion that restored physical strength. Strawberries were getting tired of drinking too much lately, so he asked Lee Jae-sang to make a cherry-flavored potion.

‘The chancellor hyung, who accepted such an outrageous request, is also a very nice person.’

Ahn Ho-yeon smiled and thought so.

After drinking all the recovery potions, he sat on the floor for a while and stretched his back.

“Prime Minister hyung and Kwon So-yul senior. The battle earlier was really great. I also learned a lot.”

“Gorum. It’s a senior, but it’s natural.”

Kwon So-yul answered succinctly and folded his arms. Lee Jae-sang scratched her head as if she was embarrassed and elaborated on her words.

“We wanted to help you too. So I worked hard… I’m glad it seems to have worked.”

“What will come out of the last layer anyway?”

Kim Yoo-jung looked at Hella and asked. She said, Hella shaking her head.

“I don’t know the exact details. The other side is probably the same, but… In my opinion, it is probably the level of difficulty combined with all the stairs so far.”

“also… The difficulty of the game increases as you go backwards.”

Ahn Ho-yeon nodded and spoke calmly.

Lee Jae-sang thought that he seemed to have a pretty good personality with Jae-hyun.

Just a little while ago, they barely surpassed their limits, fighting against themselves who had become shadows.

But how can you be so calm in a situation where you don’t know if a stronger enemy is waiting for you?

It wasn’t just An Ho-yeon.

Extremely realistic (?) Except for Kwon So-yul and himself, everyone was in such a state.

Well, Kwon So-yul, who believed that even he was on his side, was also defeated by capitalism.

“You guys look really great.”

Even so, Lee Jae-sang said with a faint smile.

that he admired The raider he saw and dreamed of on his father’s back.

that’s what they show

Not other people, but his colleagues, and Jaehyun.

“Now then, shall we go to the next floor?”

Kim Yoo-jung jumped up from her seat and said.

An Ho-yeon also stretched before he knew it, then raised his sword and wrapped it around his shoulder.

Other colleagues followed suit. It was the same with Hella.

message that followed.

―Transfer climbers to Yggdrasil Spiral Tower’s 《4th Floor: Tomb of the Dead》.

* * *

When Jaehyun and Seo Eana had a conversation like that.

Lars clenched his fists in anger.

It was because of the story Jaehyun told me a while ago when he escaped.

[Oops. how about this Your king says I’m an honored guest now. Shouldn’t you treat me well too? First of all, would you like to say respectful words? Courtesy is the most important thing in Korea.]

As if he couldn’t admit it, he muttered, recalling Jaehyun’s thin face.

“… A skinny human with just that face… ! I will never let you go!”

“excuse me… Lars-sama, isn’t that a compliment… .”

The subordinate who was talking next to him hurriedly covered his mouth and shook his head.

It was because Lars’ eyes were so serious.

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