I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 346

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Episode 346: Alfheim (5)


The divinity expressed by Jaehyun was too disrespectful to show in front of the king.

However, no one could point it out.

It was like a ray of hope for them.

It is equivalent to the 3rd stage of divine power liberation. This was something that few people had even in the kingdom of the elves.

Even those with this level of power hadn’t died in previous battles.

Lars in front of him was also only at the second level and had the qualifications of general commander, so there was nothing more to say here.

power with. At least there, Lars is definitely being pushed back by Jaehyun.

Lars bit his lip.

He shouted, barely remaining focused, even as the enormous godhead raged through the audience room.

“How safe… Are you doing this!”

He, too, showed all his abilities. However, his power of reappearance only grew stronger as if he had waited.

he knew Slowly rather than crushing people all at once.

That confining him as slowly as possible would make him feel real fear.

‘Ras is a proud personality. Although childish, this is probably the best way.’

Jaehyun made such a judgment and opened up his class.

It wasn’t just to intimidate.

Anyway, Tyr is a formidable enemy.

Didn’t Jaehyun meet him in the past?

In order to deal with him, the elf soldiers I saw earlier. In other words, there was no way for the ragtags to do anything.

Even if the monsters just came in, they would be crushed.

So, in order to save them, he had to find a way.

The first is to take over the command of the military.

The second was to persuade Lars to become one of his subordinates.

“Please. Please stop both of them.”

After a moment of non-confrontation, Aindel’s voice was heard.

Jaehyun immediately withdrew his divinity. However, there was no apology.

He was the kind of person who didn’t care about rudeness.

However, even then, Lars continued to reveal it to himself. He is trying to swallow Jaehyun without reaping his strength.

Lars shouted in a furious voice.

“Stop! your majesty! Doesn’t His Majesty know! Ugly humans… How you betrayed us… !!”


Jaehyun had some doubts about that statement, but he didn’t show it.

If you have a chance later, you will be able to access information related to this. Now was not the right time to ask questions.

“That’s not a reason to hate all humans… I would have said that.”

“Do you think that the late King will be all right after hearing those words!?”

At that time, Aindel’s expression turned cold for the first time.

A roar erupted from her as she bit her lip.

“I would have told you to stop! Lars!”

At that moment, as if in shock, the inside of the throne room became quiet as if a rat had died.

Maybe there’s a situation.

Jaehyun put the puzzle together and waited for a while.

“… … sorry.”

After a while. As if coming to his senses, Lars regained his strength.

Jaehyun snorted.

“It seems that the captain of the guards is stronger than the king here. They do not listen to the king.”

“sorry. You looked shabby to the VIPs.”

Aindel apologized once again. Seeing that, Lars gritted his teeth.


Soon he left his seat. It was because of reading the inside of Aindel’s face.

congratulatory order.

Aindel made a face telling her to leave for a while because she had something to say.

Lars stumbled and stepped outside. Dozens of elite elven knights lined up there. They looked startled at Rath’s fury.

“Las! Are you okay?!”

“Let go!”

A subordinate knight who caught Lars going outside.

Hana Ras shouted, brushing aside his helping hand.

For the second time in his life, he was overcome by a strange feeling.

It was a kind of sense of inferiority and defeat.

A state that is thought to be impossible to reach.

There, the person he hated the most had arrived.

That was making him infinitely miserable.

“I will go to the gymnasium.”

Lars just left those words and disappeared into an empty hallway.

Meanwhile, then.

Jaehyun lightly bowed his head to Aindel and apologized.

“sorry. If I don’t do this, I don’t think they will recognize me, so I just showed a little strength. I had no intention of harming you.”



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“I understand. I hope you will be kind enough to understand Lars’ actions. He has feelings that are not good for humans… It’s because he doesn’t easily admit his own defeat.”

“Is there any particular reason?”

“… sorry. That seems difficult to say.”

Aindel did not answer that question at all.

Seeing Jaehyun, she changed the topic.

“I will hand over the position of commander-in-chief as you said. If you have this much power, there is no doubt about it.

The identity has also been confirmed.”

“thank you.”

“First of all, how about taking a good rest and having a strategy meeting tomorrow?”

“I think that would be a good thing.”

Jaehyun nodded. She thought that was good because Seo Ina was also pretty lazy.

Poppy deliberately put on a tired expression, as if he wanted to take a bath. Ratatosk, too, had been through a lot and was hanging in her pocket.

“Then I will prepare two rooms for you.”

Aindel gave a simple instruction to the elf who was waiting next to him, then suddenly looked at Jaehyun and Seo Ina and asked a small question.

“oh… Is it possible to have only one room? ?”

“… yes?”

Surprised, Seo In-na’s out-of-note voice filled the audience room.

Jaehyun made a puzzled expression, and Aindel just smiled a little.

* * *

As if Aindel was not lying when he said that he would treat him like a noble, Jaehyun was assigned an absurdly large room that he had never seen before.

‘I don’t think it’s a scale that one person can use… .’

I thought so, but I didn’t bother to ask for a room change.

Of course, Seo In-na and Seo In-na share a different room, and Poppy goes with Seo In-na. Ratatosque said he was going to take him by himself.

I couldn’t run away anyway, but I was worried.

“Anyway, are you sure you’re okay? Titi-Tyr’s power is beyond imagination. Because before Odin, the one who was at the top of Asgard was Baba—Tyr.”

It’s Tyr’s Keep. It’s been worn and worn out at the Round Table.

If you run into him, avoid him first.

If that doesn’t work, fight it, but don’t face it directly, just clear the way and run away.

It was Smir, a giant with a warlike temper, who spit out the story.

Also, Smir said.

[Tyr is strong. Even though he’s at level 4 of liberation, Nidhogg will have a hard time defeating him even directly. His ability to operate an army is beyond imagination.]

[It will be difficult even if you are an adversary.]

When Hell added that, Jaehyun became genuinely curious.

Tyr’s realm. How far does it come into contact?

Are you at a level you can never win?

Nothing is clear yet. I’m just guessing.

‘I have no choice but to bump into it for now.’

It’s the same as dying if you don’t clear this quest.

Wouldn’t it be better to struggle at least in order not to die anyway? Jaehyun always ran with that mindset.

And we got to where we are now.

Looking back, it’s a long way.

However, he was able to come this far without a sound of pain.

It will be like that this time too.

‘Because it’s something I have to do.’

At the same time as he thought so, his eyes turned golden for a moment.

eye on the left.

It was Odin’s lost eye.

That’s when Jaehyun was burning with a sense of goodwill.


Suddenly, a knock was heard from outside the room.

Jaehyun asked as he got out of bed.

“Is it you?”

“no. Unfortunately, I am not part of your group.”

A young woman’s voice that I wasn’t used to at all.

Jaehyun tilted his head and walked towards the door.

When I opened the door, a woman with a face I didn’t really know was smiling at me.

Blonde hair that fell just below the shoulders and clear features. She was a girl who looked no more than fifteen years old, oddly resembling Aindel.

Jaehyun was about to ask something, but a clear voice came out from there first.

“The night is deep, but the stars are bright.”


Jaehyun was a little taken aback by the words he couldn’t understand at all, but the girl in front smiled innocently and held out his hand lightly.

“Shall we take a short walk?”

* * *

The secluded capital of Alfheim, promenade.

There, two men and women of the same age are walking.

The girl was thickly dressed even in quite hot weather. She was so tightly wrapped that all of her body, except for her face, could not be seen.

Jaehyun tilted his head for a moment, but decided not to worry too much.

I just thought it was an elf outfit.

In the midst of such silly thoughts, she introduced herself first and said.

“I am Louisa, the only daughter of King Aindel. Thank you so much for agreeing to help our kingdom in this way!”


that was her name

Jaehyun nodded and replied.

“I am Min Jaehyun.”

“What a human name! How can I call you? Mr. Jaehyun? Jaehyun?”

“Call me whatever you want. It doesn’t wear out anyway.”

Jaehyun and Ruina came out and sat in the pavilion in the spacious garden. When I looked up at her from there, I saw that the stars were shining brightly.

‘It seems that elves don’t lie like Kim Yoo-jung.’

Jaehyun laughed lightly at the thought.

At that time, the story was heard again from Ruina.

“Today was difficult. Because of my brother.”


Jaehyun blinked, and Ruina hehe… It was after laughing.

“Brother Lars. He’s my twin brother. Aindel… So I am also my mother’s son!”

It was only then that Jaehyun understood what had happened a little while ago.

Lars, for some reason, he was way too messy compared to his skills.

It seemed that there was a corner to believe.

‘Mom is the king… It was a gold spoon.’

“Well, it was a bit annoying.”

“lol. sorry. My older brother is like that. still… .”

Ruina looked at Jaehyun for a while.

“I’m not such a bad elf. There is a reason why my brother became like that… .”



Saying that, Ruina stretched out her arms and legs.

she said with a smile.

“how is it. It’s a bit obvious, though. Won’t you listen?”

Jaehyun nodded.

It was because the thought that it would be a story that would have a direct impact on this quest flashed through my mind.

* * *

The end of dawn, before the dawn of the next morning.

Jaehyun visited the gymnasium.

Alfheim’s Gymnasium.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t that different from Midgard.

The floor was made of arc metal, and practice tools such as targets and scarecrows were hung everywhere.

Jaehyun stepped inside the gymnasium and said.

“I heard that arc metal is highly valued here as well. Is that true?”

At that time, an elf wielding a sword looked back at Jaehyun.

He replied, frowning.

“… what? Why are you here… .”

He was a familiar face.

Lars. A while ago, he was a guy who realized his limits by messing around with Jaehyun.

“If you look closely, the way you wield the sword is a mess. Shall I deal with you?”


At Jaehyun’s words, tendons sprouted from Lars’ face.

He knew the human strength before him.

That you can never win.

However, he could never laugh at Jaehyun’s provocation.

Human, isn’t the person in front of you the person he hated so much!

He said as he threw off his coat.

“Come on as much as you like.”

“Then don’t hesitate.”

Jaehyun responded immediately, and leaped at the moment when Lars closed and opened his eyes. His new form disappears completely, then reappears behind Lars.

Lars’ pupils constricted and immediately turned his head back, but only a tingling sensation remained around his neck.

Lars’ heart started beating like crazy.

‘If that guy had a sword… I am.’

died in a single hit.

Goosebumps began to rise up the spine.

Jaehyun, who had been far away before he knew it, smiled calmly.

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