I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 348

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Episode 348: Genius Girl (1)

Another day passed.

The day when there is finally a strategy meeting to confront Tyr’s army.

Jaehyun slowly descended from the highest point of the castle wall, using his insight eye to grasp the individuality and ability of each elf.

‘As expected, they are a race that is good at magic. All abilities are high. On the other hand, close combat… It’s a mess level. It’s only natural.’

Wizards are strong.

It is a truth that worked well even in the world of representation before the return.

However, this is a meat shield to the last. In other words, it is possible only when there is a cannon fodder.

A magician cannot materialize an arithmetic formula without casting, and of course cannot go through the shaping process.

It’s not like there aren’t cases where magic is invoked silently, but in that case, the power is inevitably weakened.

Representation is the only being freed from such restrictions in the world.

Odin’s enlightened knowledge of runes. Because it came from the eyes.

“nice to meet. I am Min Jae-hyun, who will lead you guys this time. From now on, I will assume all the roles of the commander of the Guard, and all military command will be delegated to me.”


“What are you talking about?!”

“What happened to Captain Lars?”

Voices filled with complaints erupted from all over the place.

However, Jaehyun wasn’t shaken at all.

“Yesterday Lars conceded defeat to me after a fair duel. Therefore, now that the situation is urgent, I have been entrusted with the control of this place. Please acknowledge and accept it.”

“Do you think you can admit that nonsense! Humans lead us! Captain! Say something!”

One of the subordinates who was always by Lars’ side shouted at Lars.

Lars raised his hand at him and gestured to him to stop.

“I was defeated just like he said. So I will do as he says.”


Like all of them at their age, the elves were full of dissatisfaction with Jaehyun.

I don’t know where he suddenly appeared, but he pushed his captain and took his place. He couldn’t help but be suspicious.

Also, Jaehyun had guessed at once that there would be a reaction like this.

“hmm… If so, what should I do? okay. give me a chance.”

Jaehyun jumped from what looked like a podium and came downstairs. He looked around at the elves around him, then smiled and said,

“If you beat me here, you can do whatever you want, whether you’re the captain or not. But if you can’t do that, keep quiet and listen to me. how is it?”

“Something… !”

“I don’t think I can!”

The elven knights were simpler than I thought.

veteran. It was a natural result since I heard that most of the excellent strategists were killed in battle.

The blood boils the same for any country or any tribe’s army.

As Hela had told Jaehyun in the past, there was a crack between the brows of the fine-looking elves. In their eyes, a sense of compassion for Jaehyun came to mind.

I don’t know, but they will have doubts on the one hand.

What the hell did that human do to subdue Ras, the leader of their guards?

Among the high-nosed elves, Lars is by far the best. The son of King Aindel, and one of the few remaining direct descendants.

Jaehyun put magic power on his body.

He saw hundreds of elven knights surrounding him.

‘There is no one who has gained status. All of them are at the level of slightly stronger monsters.’

Of course, there was some ambiguity in those words.

The monsters Jaehyun thought of had reached at least S rank, and among humans, those who had reached that level were called the best.

However, it is because the level and level that Jaehyun has accumulated so far has increased.

It’s because I’ve been fighting over and over again with overly strong enemies.

They just misunderstood that the elven knights were weak.

Jaehyun nodded his head after thinking that it didn’t matter what it was.

“Come on all at once. I will give you any amount of time.”

* * *

Jaehyun and the soldiers were building friendship (?), while Aindel and Seo Ina were having a careful conversation in the back.

A pendant you own.

And it was because of Seo Eana’s divine power.

“Is that all you told me about how you got your power and the exact details?”

“… yes.”

“It’s really amazing… Alfheim’s sword you have. It’s not something anyone can have. It is a magic that only the direct line of the royal family can possess.”

“… royal… direct lineage?”

A direct descendant of the royal family.

Seo Ina tilted her head involuntarily. It was a concept she was completely unaware of.

If you knew it would be like this, would you have brought Jaehyun with you?

Eindel was on.

“is it so. Did you ever have a high elf on your father’s or mother’s side? Then there’s a good chance… .”

“… no. I am human. Just a little bit in an ordinary house… I grew up having a hard time. My father and mother died because of me, but he was an ordinary person.”

Aindel shook his head in disbelief and sighed briefly.

It was also not something that was easily accepted.

Why can humans in Alfheim be able to use magic that is passed down only to the direct line of the royal family?

If you think about it, it was like that from the beginning. A human brought Alfheim’s pendant and came here. Just before Tyr’s army rushes in. like a miracle

Aindel thought for a moment before opening his mouth with difficulty.



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“Currently, there is no elf in the elven royal family who can use Alfheim’s sword. That means…

It is also a story that Seo Ina-yang is a direct descendant of the elven king who is well versed in it… .”

“… I don’t know anything right. sorry.”

“No no. Still, it’s worth a try. And what you have now… That imprint will also help here.”

A while ago, Seo Eana showed everything she had to Aindel.

It was because Jaehyun thought she could help him upgrade his skills and told him to do so.

One of them was the reward obtained after clearing the hide and seek level.

Elf’s imprint.

It was an artifact that strengthened the season and gained status while being engraved.

In fact, Aindel seemed to be thinking of growing himself before the battle.

If not, there would be no reason to call the gymnasium and explain like now.

According to her, Alfheim’s sword has reached S-class, but it is not at full strength. In order to draw all these powers, the sorcerer must earn a rank, she says.

“But how do I get that rank?”

“Just like your colleague did, remember the most precious thing about yourself. You have a heart to protect. After that… It requires a constant process of forging yourself. Just like a dwarf smelting iron.”

It was a bit difficult for Seo Eana to understand, but she understood the previous words clearly.

your most precious thing. It’s something that reminds me of Min Jae-hyun.

It was simple.

Seo Ina thought. Like Kim Yoo-jung, she cannot help Jae-hyun with her sacrificial skills.

Then, with a stronger skill, you should be by his side and help him.

To do so, the process of obtaining rank is inevitable.

Somehow, here, he had to reach the first stage of Godhead Liberation.

‘… I’m going to try it.’

Seo Ina clenched her fists.

Soon the two started training. It was the beginning of a pretty painful day.

* * *

Of course, none of the elven soldiers who attacked Jaehyun could hurt him.

It was something that even their captain couldn’t do, so maybe it was natural.

Jaehyun was calm, and Lars was also calm because he had seen his superpower yesterday.

The only ones angry now were the elven soldiers.

Jaehyun looked at them and said.

“You lost because you were weak. Won’t you make me say it twice?”

“… I will follow.”

Still, I was glad I didn’t have to speak at length.

While Jaehyun thought about that, he quietly reflected on the characteristics of each elven unit.

He first looked to the left and said.

“You are all ragtags. No matter how poorly educated you are. Everything from forming formations to moving things is trash.

It’s even more amazing that the capital city hasn’t fallen yet with these unanswered soldiers.”

“what… !”

A hot-blooded soldier tried to charge, but Lars stopped him.

“Did you forget what he said? We have to accept him as our new captain.”

“Captain Lars… !”

Lars’ actions kept the others silent.

Jaehyun’s words immediately followed were unexpected.

“I will explain the first problem, so listen carefully. First of all, you don’t understand formation at all. Learn anew from basic troop deployment. Got it?”

“… … ?”

“I asked if you understand.”

“… Ah yes!”

Jaehyun asked twice, and only then did a soldier in front of him raise his voice and answer.

The reappearance was on and on.

“Second, you are elves. Basically, I’m more used to mana handling.

When I thought about fighting with such a trash weapon, a problem arose and I couldn’t show my full power until now. If you guys become dwarves, you might get a little bit of a temper… .”

“Well, then how should we fight? I can’t even fight with my bare hands… .”

“I will fight with my bare hands.”


That’s where Lars couldn’t help but be embarrassed.

Jaehyun held out his hand with a calm expression.

“From now on you.”

―Active skill 《Formation of magic tools》 is activated.

―Artifact 《Dragon Slayer Sword Balmung》 was created.

“Come into battle with a weapon you made yourself.”

* * *

In fact, if Jaehyun was most embarrassed about the battle with Ras, it was the weapon.

He was already dealing with a weapon that had been smelted, which was very insignificant. At most, the grade is C.

Jaehyun was dumbfounded. Even when fighting the Dark Elves in the past, they attacked themselves by throwing spears made with their own magic.

But to think of fighting with an elf, not a dwarf, not a magic weapon. This was an obvious loss.

“The magic tool that I made is basically excellent in all kinds of status ailments. It boasts several times higher efficiency than general equipment.

It has the downside of consuming mana, but this is not applicable to you who are born with a large amount of mana.”

Jaehyun explained and continued walking.

“Of course, I’m not talking about making something as big as I did. But bleeding, paralysis, etc. It should not be difficult to make magic tools with various effects.”

Of course, the grade will be given randomly. Learning the skill itself isn’t that difficult since it’s an elf, but… I must be struggling with this or that.

But it would be much better than using that piece of trashy iron.

Jaehyun showed a demonstration first and then repeated the elf knights’ postures.

yet. There was an unexpected existence that succeeded first.

“Me! I was the first to succeed!”

A lively voice came from the terrace of the royal castle behind.

It was neither the former captain nor the elite elf knights, but Ruina’s.

The daughter of King Aindel, Ras and Einherjar. And he was the one who informed Jaehyun about the death of the former king.

A long spear reaching an A rank in her hand. This seemed pretty usable even at a glance. A level that can’t be thought that she has learned magic for the first time.

“… Louisa?”

Jaehyun looked at her in disbelief. Maybe she should change her own evaluation of her a bit.

Jaehyun thought so and didn’t take his eyes off her.

magical genius.

At least, Ruina was a monster genius on the same level as Kim Yoo-jung and Seo In-na.

Jaehyun licked his lips.

What if you could grow Ruina well?

‘Maybe I can be the best Joker card.’

A smile spread across Jaehyun’s lips.

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