I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 351

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Episode 351: God of War (1)

“I know that Seo Eana-nim and Min Jae-hyun came from the future.”

Seo Ina was so shocked by those words that she could hardly open her mouth. I couldn’t guess how Ruina knew about this.

Is it just a feeling?

It was too accurate to say that.

“… Is there a reason you thought so?”

Seo Ina asked as calmly as possible. She was merely copying what Jaehyun used to do, but it was an effective enough question.

Ruina made a short sigh while saying “mm”.

“Did I tell you earlier? My father died while developing magic to transfer his powers to others.”

“… huh. I heard you.”

“Because that magic transcends time. And it was a magic that conveyed the power of elves to other races other than elves. So I thought Seo Eana-nim came from the future.”

indeed. If that’s the case, that explains it.

In fact, most of the magic that belonged to the transmission or transmission system is passed through one leg to a creature similar to itself or to those with power equivalent to it.

However, at this time, it is impossible to transfer magic power to an elf with the same character.

If so, Louisa’s father would have tried to pass on the direct power of Louisa to humans, the race most similar to elves.

However, in the process of transferring power to beings of the same time and space, there must have been many problems. The most difficult thing about magic was, of course, arithmetic.

Also, calculating the time and specifying the coordinates of the space was particularly difficult, and did not even dare to try.

So, the former king of the elves gave direct power to humans at random. That is to say, he delivered Alfheim’s sword.

With such an ointment, Seo In-na’s strength came to dwell.

Magic close to awe that only the direct lineage of elves could possess.

Seo Ina nodded slightly.

If so, everything was back and forth. The fact that Seo In-na has Alfheim’s sword, and even though she is not an elf, she can handle the pendant and direct power.

“… It means that the power I possess was originally yours.”

“that’s right. but… Its power is still incomplete.”

Saying that, Ruina stretched out her hand and lightly let her mana flow.

Overwhelming power is gathered from the branches of magical power that are weakly mixed. Even at first glance, it had a character almost similar to Seo Ina’s.

Seo Ina watched him quietly and asked.

“… Why?”

“Because Seo Eana-nim’s power is only half. I haven’t been able to transfer all my powers yet. You must have felt it while practicing with her mother. That Alfheim’s sword doesn’t work properly.”

“… huh. I definitely felt it. like… Feeling blocked by a wall… .”

Seo Ina stuttered and recalled the time. When Aindel was teaching her, she acutely felt her own inadequacies.

However, it was not due to lack of talent or imperfection.

As if the fundamental power itself was lacking… .

It was as if that feeling had strangled her.

Aindel also said.

[Weird… The power that Inna is using is definitely Alfheim’s sword. However, the current power is too low.

The real Alfheim’s sword should be at least three times as powerful as this one… .]

Seo In-na, who had returned from her thoughts, felt warmth along with her voice.

“That is why.”

Ruina didn’t let go of Seo Ina’s hand and began to slowly pour her power into Seo Ina’s body. Divine attribute magical power and rank.

It was also the same as what Seo Eana was dealing with.

“For whatever reason, it must be that in the process of power transmission, not all power was transmitted to you.”

“… Power was not transmitted… ?”

“You will need me to complete the power. I’ll cooperate. that person… You want to help Jaehyun?”

“… please.”

After Seo Eana said that, she began to accept her power.

Ruina said even so, time would be tight. But she was determined to do something about it.

Tyr. The god who commands the army of demons is approaching.

The opponent that Jaehyun himself said was stronger than himself.

They were marching towards this place, bearing the fishy musk.

For a moment, Seo Ina fell into the illusion that the ground was shaking.

It was only two days later that I could confirm that the sensation was not wrong.

* * *

There is a man called the god of war.

There is a person called the god of justice.

When he moves, all the demon beasts follow him to form an innumerable army, and the screams and deaths of countless people follow.

So we call them like this.


“Everyone march! I will capture the capital city of Alfheim!”

Tyr’s harsh voice bursts out.

Then, the peaceful city of the elves comes into his field of vision.

It looked like he couldn’t stand it because he was looking forward to how much fun he would have prepared.

However, he did not know.

presence of reappearance. What a mere human existence will cause to oneself.

* * *

After two full days have passed. royal.

“An enemy is coming. Are you all ready?”




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At Jaehyun’s words, the elven knights raised their swords in unison and settled down in perfect order. Of course Lars was there too.

After two days of training, they completely trusted Jaehyun.

As a result of working hard as he said, a new level was seen every moment. This was because the elves were growing close to their limits.

There were no mistakes in the past that were ignored because they were only human beings.

Those who are already in front are the captains, beings who have released 3 ranks.

Among them, it was even nicknamed liberator.

… Well, he said that he was cringing and told him to shut up right away.

“Captain. Tyr’s army seems to be trying to break through the capital city in a straight line. It is expected that there may be more wolf-type witches ambushed in the forest.”

“okay. If that’s the case, he’s a bastard enough to do that. He’s a bastard who has no interest in anything other than winning. He could do something ungodly at any time. be careful.”


After giving the order, Jaehyun prepared to greet him at the front door.

‘Tir is the god of war. He is good at all kinds of tactics. Perhaps after the war begins, the monster army will raid the rear and front lines of the elves.’

It is an enemy that cannot be easily dealt with.

Moreover, this time it is a grand battle. You cannot win by winning only yourself.

In the end, it meant that if everyone couldn’t fulfill their role in their place, it would be the end. In many ways, it was a difficult battle.


Jaehyun wasn’t even playing those days.

I searched for a way to become stronger, and now I am in the best condition.

‘I’ll win no matter what.’

It would be a difficult battle, but he was determined not to lose.

‘I’ve already heard quite a bit. With these guys.’

As Jaehyun prepared for the war, he clearly remembered one thing. Those who are here are already dead in reality.

Even if you save them here and now, you can’t be sure that they will survive in reality.

But you have to do your best.

Even if you may not be able to change it, don’t regret it.

Wasn’t that the driving force that made me grow up until now?

‘I will not tolerate any mistakes.’

He regained his composure and began to move.

“let’s go. Lars Ner takes over the second squad and starts in the back row.”

“I get it. then… see you live again If possible.”

With that said, the two started running on different paths.

Jaehyun is the front gate through which Tyr advances, and Lars attaches to the back row and prioritizes long-distance support.

Also, if something goes wrong with him, he has to do something behind the scenes. To attract attention, or to protect the rear.

Of course, he had no intention of sacrificing himself, but in order to win, it was best for Jaehyun to stand in the vanguard.

“Let’s start with a light greeting.”

At that moment, Jaehyun put his hands on the floor.

Numerous black beasts, like dots, swarming from the front like clouds. Their eyes are shining red.

kurrrrr… !

The types of demons were indeed diverse. From goblins to dragons.

They were all corrupted and controlled by Tyr. He has already heard that his soul has been taken away and he cannot return to the original state.

Jaehyun put his mana on it and let it flow strongly once.

―Active skill «Earthquake Lv 5».

As the earth’s axis was broken, countless demons and barriers were created.

However, if it was going to stop there, there would be no reason for Jaehyun to stand in the vanguard.

He quickly followed and cast his magic.

―Active skill 《Formation of magic tools》 is activated.

kurrrrr… !!

It was when Jaehyun held Balmung in his hand.

Column 1. A black dragon soars above Jaehyun’s army and begins to emit flames downward.

The desperate voices of the soldiers were heard.

“Captain! the dragon… !!”

“Don’t worry and protect the ground.”

After Jaehyun said that, he activated a leap in the air and soared into the sky. A series of natural movements, as if stepping on a stepping stone.

It meant that Jaehyun’s skill proficiency had greatly improved.

Jaehyun smiled and looked ahead.

‘good. I just wanted to try it, and it worked.’

Then he put strength into the sword in his hand.


After seeing Sigurd’s memories recently, the strengthened armor glows.

Jaehyun thought.

A sword that boasted the best effect against dragons.

What if you attack the dragon with Balmung, who has become a myth?

He grinned, and then the system sound was heard.

―Active skill «Advanced Great Sword».

Jaehyun’s swordsmanship, including his swordsmanship, had all reached an advanced level.

The power that rode up from his hand slowly settled into the sword, and soon settled into Balmung, creating a ripple.

A sword that slashes dragons.

Its power is exerted to the limit, and passive skills are also activated.

―Passive skill «Dragon Slayer (Myth)» is activated.

―Attack power against dragon monsters is maximally calibrated!

Along with the sound of the system, Jaehyun’s whole body is filled with red energy.

transcendent. In other words, the divine attack and the primordial mana are mixed, and the expressed swordsmanship begins to shoot toward the enemy as it is.


The dragon, which was gliding to avoid the sword path, spread its wings.

It was to change the direction of the air current.

However, this was to no avail.

‘I’m going to do it like Sigrun did to me in the past.’

Jaehyun was controlling it by injecting detailed mana into his sword strike.

Just like Sigrun had done in the past, he was manipulating the grain of the wind and accurately changing the trajectory of his attacks.

death sword.

It was a skill that only the Valkyrie chief could use to pursue those who committed crimes. Jaehyun was imitating it at least similarly.

Jaehyun knew. That his sword would reach the enemy accurately.

Wow… !

Aaaaaaa… !!

With a huge explosion, the dragon’s huge body, unable to dodge the attack, began to fall rapidly toward the floor.

Jaehyun shouted.

“Avoid everyone! The dragon is falling!”

As if they had waited for those words, the elven knights split like the Red Sea according to Jaehyun’s words in perfect order. They had already become subordinates who faithfully followed Jaehyun’s words.

With a satisfied expression on his face, Jaehyun is now at the end of the enemy camp.

I remembered a being on a horse.


What kind of expression will the god of war and justice have after losing his dragon?

Jaehyun was thinking of going to check this from now on.

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