I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 353

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Episode 353: God of War (3)

timeline of the world.

Jaehyun is well aware of that.

Because it’s a story you’ve already heard.

He didn’t even know why he was able to return, but at least it’s certain that there is a way to interfere with the timeline.

Because you are the proof

Jaehyun actually returned to the past and is here 11 years in time.

A twenty-seven-year-old D-class martial fighter radar.

I turned back that time and arrived here.

Although it was not an easy task, Jaehyun has worked hard so far.

And now, I was able to grow to the point where I could compete with Tyr on equal footing.

‘It’s about time. The value of that power is enormous.’

The first time Jaehyun saw the quest window for this layer.

The system said that it would not give Jaehyun any compensation for clearing.

The reason for that, Jaehyun was finally able to realize.

‘If I save everyone here and now, they will be alive 10,000 years from now.’

history changes

change takes place

Jaehyun kept thinking over and over again.

There are many time lines, but in the end, only one world remains as orthodoxy.

That, too, was known.

That’s why Yggdrasil is testing his potential.

Using the immense power of fate, can you change the tragedy of the past for yourself? He was also asking if he could move forward.

If you stop Tyr and save Alfheim here, you can revive the kingdom of the elves. We will be able to fight alongside them again in the future.

With Alfheim’s help, it would be one of the great cards in Ragnarok.

It must be on a level comparable to any other mythical level item.

Jaehyun perfectly grasped Yggdrasil’s intentions. And if he wanted to, he would do as he expected of him.

because he said

“Your future disappears here.”


It may have sounded like an odd provocation to Tyr, but at least it wasn’t to Jaehyun.

“It’s ridiculous.”

“I’m going to tell you not to be vigilant. From now on. Are you ready?”

―Activate the active skill 《Sacrifice》.

―Perfectly healed the user!

―Skill proficiency increases!

Jaehyun lightly activated the skill and healed his wounds.

Watching this, Tyr smiled as if he was having fun.

“I thought he was a swordsman, but he’s also quite talented in magic.”

“I don’t think it’s a compliment.”

“If you can’t do one thing right, your eyes go to the other. It would be foolish to deal with me with mediocre skills.”

Jaehyun laughed at that.

He was originally a wizard.

In the past, he was a martial artist who used a sword, but now he is a wizard.

In addition, the use of swords has continued until now.

Past experiences were not to be ignored. Even if it belonged to a D-class fighter.

Jaehyun did not think that he was weak because he was biased to one side.

He also has a heal skill. He also has various weapons.

There were still many cards that he hadn’t revealed to himself.

“Be careful not to make a mistake.”

After turning the sword once, Jaehyun blew magic into the greatsword.

enchantment. The magic of the lightning attribute was poured into it.

Manifestation of Godhead. Along with that, the electric shock that numbly rode up through the whole body penetrated the sword.

Jaehyun didn’t waste time, he immediately approached the enemy and cut his sword.


The swords of the two beings collide.

However, the destructive power was, of course, stronger in Jaehyun. The longsword might have the upper hand in agility, but the destructive power was nothing compared to the greatsword.

“Power is… It’s worth writing too. Then speed!”

Tyr bent his sword at an angle and let it flow, then climbed Jaehyun’s neck and raised the longsword vertically.

However, Jaehyun had already expected this.

Moreover, one thing Tyr was mistaken.

“Better than you.”

Jaehyun laughed and immediately replaced his sword with Nidhogg’s fangs.

Holding the sword in reverse, he slashed the sword as it rode up his throat. Then he thrust his sword straight through Tyr’s shoulder.

“I am faster.”


Tyr’s brow crumpled more ferociously than ever before.

It was the first time in his life that he had been hurt by a human.



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“What is this… !”

“I told you.”

Jaehyun smiled coldly.

“Your future is disappearing from here.”

* * *

Lars succeeded in wiping out half of the enemies before he knew it.

It was thanks to the efforts of the soldiers who were trained by Jaehyun and achieved magical achievements.

Lars wholeheartedly acknowledged Jaehyun’s ability. chest deep.

His skills were the same.

‘To show a battle like that against Tyr… Plus, I use magic freely. How the hell… !’

No matter how you look at it, Jaehyun was fighting Tyr on equal footing.

This was a stage that could not even be dreamed of unless it was Nidhogg or one of the strongest in the Nine Worlds.

I knew Jaehyun was strong, but I didn’t expect it to be this level… .

‘No matter how much I think about it, that guy is completely beyond my expectations.’

His defeat was understandable.

At that time, in the fight at the gymnasium, he realized that Jae-hyun hadn’t even used 1/10 of his strength against him.

Reproduction is strong. Incredibly.

‘But even if it’s equal, the number of enemies is greater. Just as expected… .’

Lars quickly became worried.

Rather, Jaehyun was not worried.

However, the problem was that there were too many enemies.

That was bad news.

Even at first glance, each monster is on a level comparable to that of an elite elf knight.

But the number was well over three times.

Even if there are mages who heal from the rear, the same goes for enemies.

Orc shamans and the like do not have as much magical achievement as elves, but they are quite good. Perhaps if they do their part, their chances of winning are slim.

‘But that doesn’t mean I can’t let all my people die here.’

“Everyone don’t be afraid! Cut the enemy! And go forward!”

Ras shouted and faced the strongest demon beast in the battle line.

As he showed his best efforts, the knights standing behind him also ran to protect Ras, even though they were frightened.

I will protect the kingdom and take back Alfheim.

With that kind of heart, they held swords and spears with earnestness and dealt with the Witchbeast.

However, despite this, countless elves were torn apart by demonic beasts and had their necks bitten off. His head was split, and he was crushed to the point of futility.

Lars stepped on the corpses of those people and moved forward.

There was nothing I could do.

the present self.

no i am weak

* * *

Lars. you will be strong

Become a king who loves everyone regardless of race.

Haha, of course, if your talent isn’t enough, your sister Ruina might become king.

Those were the words my father once said.

Remembering that time, I am swinging my sword.

Because there is a human being who fights to prove that his father’s words are not wrong.

That’s why I’m trying, and working hard, not to fall behind.

now there is no sound

In a state of trance, all I hear in my ears is the sound of swords clashing and the growling of enemies.

And there was only the roar of the battle between Jaehyun and Tyr.

As the battle continued over and over again, I felt an inexplicable uplift.

It was clearly digging into my lungs. It made my heart beat and reminded me of my lack. I think I know now.

reappearance. What he said I lacked.

It is the heart to keep.

hard heart.

What doesn’t shake.

Without it, I felt inadequate now.

I felt nervous about not being strong.

It made me sensitive and tried to break it.

If I did my best, then I will accept it even if I die here.

I now swing my sword with that thought in mind.

The more you use the sword, the sharper it feels.

Of course, along with it, you feel the pain that your arm will fall off and your wrist will tear, but you have to endure that too.

I have to do it now.

Even for that guy fighting in front.

* * *

Tyr in the present timeline has heard that the adversary is attacking the 4th floor of Yggdrasil. He carefully examined Hugin’s recent movements.

The place where Hugin was last discovered. It was a library.

A library full of books located in the very center of Asgard.

This is actually a very special space that only God can enter. Even if it is Odin’s crow, it means that Hugin is not a place to come and go.

Even so, he visited this place without permission from Odin.

that… .

‘Maybe it means there’s something up. There are things that other gods cannot say. He’s looking into it.’

Tyr quickly realized.

Soon, he lightly breathed his magical power on and began arranging the books in the order in which they were recently placed.

Books floated in the air, and soon began to be sorted one by one. This is because recently used items can be sorted in reverse order using magic, as it is now.

It is a backward tracking magic that deals with light time.

Of course, if this was the case, it would have been easier to have a servant do it instead of doing it yourself… .

“Lug guy. Apparently, there is something that has not been revealed to Odin as well as to me… … . If we can catch the tail here, it would be perfect.”

The thought of wanting to peel off Hugin’s dirty mask was Tyr like a chimney.

Also, in order to avoid Odin’s crow’s eye, he needed to organize the library himself and find his weakness.

Maybe I’ll get the power to crush Odin again.

‘No matter what, only I should know this fact.’

He piled up the books Hugin had read and looked through them, trying to find what they had in common.

Eventually, after spending about two hours there, he was able to gather some information.

First of all, the books he read were all related to the history of the past and Ragnarok.

The second is that you can’t read all of the books yourself.

It was that there was a part where the traces of broken letters remained.

“There can be no wrongly printed books in Asgard’s library. The books here are all treated with high-level magic. Even so, why are there traces of broken letters… ?”

It was completely incomprehensible.

Tyr continued to examine only the part where the letter was broken.

The part where a being appears among the marked parts of several books. When I looked, the letters were broken here and there.

Strangely enough, there was a story written about a human being.

Like a novel, it never existed in his memory.

A story of a man’s heroism.

“past… a human… existed… .”

Tyr sparsely read the words that had not yet been erased.

At the end of it, I felt him pause for a moment.

Immediately, his body trembled.

“The first person who has attained the status of a human subject… we have them… called the adversary.”

His last words hovered in the air and fell to the floor.

Tyr’s pupils constricted.

adversary… How did that name come from here?

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