I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 355

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Episode 355: A Mad Storm


Tyr’s painful voice leaked out with a short scream.

“You bastard… !”

A sword lodged precisely in the lungs.

This boasted a sharpness that could not easily be endured by Tyr, no matter how divine.

A reproduction that has reached the 3rd stage of liberation.

Because his divinity had already far surpassed that of the outside world.

‘How on earth did a human have such power… !’

The pain begins to radiate and the wound deepens. Jaehyun smiled and pushed harder at his stomach.

to kill him here.

I could feel Tyr’s anger clearly spreading, but this level of release did not mean much to Jaehyun anymore.

Now he himself is a complete god.

Not only that, but with the correction of the artifact, it is in a much stronger state than the original grade. Even if he now fights Tyr, he has a certain chance of winning.

Moreover, not too long ago, Jaehyun encountered Odin.

overwhelming force. I met the predator’s eyes and realized it there.

That it was absurd to be frightened by such an enemy now.

Jaehyun sighed and opened his mouth.

“Say it again.”

With those words, Tyr’s expression changed completely.

Jaehyun’s words continued.

“You die here.”

With a cold smile, Jaehyun opened his magic with the opposite hand.

From now on, he also intended to open up all of his strength to the limit and deal with the enemy. Tyr. Hiding one’s power in front of him is meaningless.

Tsutsutsutsut… !

Then, he pours his divinity into it and harmonizes it.

Gradually, the mana was dyed black, and changes began to occur in Jaehyun’s body.

It was similar to what it looked like when the ‘Red Moon Plateau’ was first opened in the past.

If there is anything different from that time, only the right eye, not both eyes, has turned into an inverted eye. The protruding blood vessels in the body have almost disappeared.

And it was just that a more brilliant golden light began to seep from the left eye.

Jaehyun was barely keeping the line right now.

he remembered

The memory of breaking the crystal of the beginning of the past and going to the brink of runaway.

The physical condition at that time could not be said to be good even with empty words. However, now he is facing an enemy that cannot be defeated without using the power of the time.

Therefore, Jaehyun decided to reproduce some of the powers of that time.

It’s difficult to open the Red Moon Plateau because he hasn’t trained enough yet, but now he’s trained his strength to the limit.

It wasn’t that hard to take that risk now.

‘If only for a little while. Suffice.’


Tyr pushed Jaehyun back as he was stabbed by the sword.

However, Jaehyun reacted skillfully as if he knew this would happen.

He bent his body for a moment and reacted swiftly to the enemy’s attack as if it were being bounced off. In addition, the enemy’s follow-up hit was also kicked and neutralized.

It was a one-on-one experience that had been steadily built up over the past time.

Jaehyun, of course, did not stop there.

―Active skill 《Life and Death》.

―Implement a huge dome that confines the designated target and yourself!

life and death.

It was a skill obtained through the item set effect on the VVIP floor in the past, and it was a skill that opened a huge dome and confined each other so that they could face enemies one-on-one.

By the way, once the dome is open, unless you have a certain level of power, you cannot enter it. Simply put, it meant being able to isolate the enemy.

Jaehyun smiled.


He’s strong, but he’s never going to be able to guarantee victory when fighting him one-on-one. Currently, Jaehyun is already recognized by the gods.

‘To increase the probability of winning the most, I tie Tyr.’

That was Jaehyun’s conclusion.


Doo doo doo!

The huge dome opened and began to trap Tyr and Jaehyun, leaving countless soldiers behind.

Jaehyun said while watching Tyr’s face crumple in real time.

“Now let’s talk about it alone without the other kids.”

“This bastard… !”

A swear word burst out of Tyr’s mouth, unbelievably harsh for a god. It is impossible to think that he is a god who is infinitely close to the highest of Aesir.

It was such a harsh speech.

It was natural.

Right now, it was clear that he had been humiliated by that human.

‘That guy… If it’s one-on-one, I’m betting that you’ll be able to win perfectly against me. dare… !’

It was an unacceptable treatment for him.

The supreme god who always sat on high places.

Are humans arrogant against the god of war and justice?



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“To disrespect… There is no way!”

However, the screaming Tyr’s abdomen was already stained red.

Even his whole body was dyed purple by the power of Nidhogg’s fangs. It was because no matter how high he was, he was not resistant to Nidhogg’s poison.

Jaehyun had expected this from the beginning.

“You’re using low numbers.”

“It’s not what you say.”

Jaehyun smiled as he felt his dislike for Tyr grow.

A chillingly cold smile. It was full of contempt.

“Let’s finish now.”

After losing his luck, Jaehyun took another leap forward.

Tyr, conscious of Jaehyun closing the distance, threw a long spear he took out from the subspace.

A spear with formidable destructive power. It was a level where Jaehyun had no choice but to distance himself without doing his best to block it.

No matter how much a god of war handles monsters, the strong are the strong. The arrogance that he could beat himself.

Tyr was about to launch the spear with that arrogance.

However, Jaehyun smiled. without slowing down.

He just laughed.

―Active skill 《Shadow Fairy Tale》.

At the first hit of Shadow Fairy Tale, the evasion effect is activated, and the enemy’s spear is accurately shed.

This made it possible to continue the reenactment floating in the air.

Tyr’s face was stained with astonishment.

Jaehyun did not intend to come down with the corner of his mouth raised.

Along with him, Ina Seo, Ruina, and even Lars. Everyone’s hands are tightly clasped.

If Jaehyun’s attack hits.

If the attack that was being launched now could reach it, we might be able to win.

maybe you can keep it

because he knew that

But then.

“The surest principle of war is one.”

A heavy voice fell, and a mean laugh formed at the corners of Tyr’s mouth. Something quickly fired along with him, and he blocked Jaehyun’s attack instead.

Jaehyun’s eyes narrowed.

That moment.

Jigsaw Jigsaw!

The subspace began to slowly crumble.

A barrier created by life and death. It started to fall apart.

‘Nonsense… Tyr and I on this battlefield. Are there other people close to that level?’

The condition for breaking the barrier was obviously the intervention of a similarly powerful person.

Jaehyun felt goosebumps rising.

This must have been exactly what Tyr expected.

After a while.

Jaehyun found out who broke the barrier. What appeared before his eyes were none other than familiar beings with wings.

It was Valkyrie. A large army made up of them.

Moreover, the one who destroyed the dome was at least a superior being on a level similar to Sigrun.

The moment Jaehyun’s nerves were on edge, words leaked from Valkyrie’s mouth.

“… Tyr. As you commanded, I have received a request for assistance.”

“okay. You’re a little late. Punishment will come later, so first of all these humans and elves.”

The corners of Tyr’s mouth draw an arc.

His lowly lips twitch.

“Kill him.”

Along with the voices, the screams of the elven soldiers drowning in grief came from beneath the broken barrier.

“What, what?! suddenly… Unconfirmed… !”

“Why is Valkyrie here?!”

The bewildered voices of the soldiers. The situation was getting worse.

Jaehyun’s conversion attack missed, and the enemy suffered deep wounds, but he was still alive.

But there was a bigger problem than anything else.

It’s reappearance and seina. The time was drawing near for both of them to reap the power that had brought them to their limits.

In such a situation, the number of enemies increased again.

‘what? Where the hell did that number of enemies… !’

At the time Jaehyun was thinking about it, Tyr laughed heartily.

“ha ha ha! It is a large-scale teleportation portal that is the pride of Asgard. I’ve been prepared for times like this. How is it? Do you think you can kill me even now?!”

as his words fall. Someone’s moan erupted from behind Jaehyun.

woman’s thing. That, too, was familiar.



The heart of the King of the Elves was pierced by a certain Valkyrie’s sword.

The person who killed her was a being wearing a different helmet than Sigrun, but it was a being close to the 3rd stage of Divinity Liberation, even if it felt like it.

By the way, the one who broke the life-death of reappearance is also an existence that has reached the 3rd stage of liberation.

An enemy that was difficult to deal with appeared in many places at the same time.

Except for Jaehyun, there is no one who can hunt them here.

The reason Seo In-na was able to show a good performance against the beast was because she always had the upper hand.

However, Valkyrie is different.

Although twisted, they possess divine attributes. It is a situation in which no mutual superiority can be expected.

In such a situation, Seo Eana is now in a state where she can hardly use her own season.

The usage time has run out.

In this situation, the worst thing that shouldn’t have happened overlapped.

Aindel. Valkyrie’s sword pierced her heart, and she was slowly dying. As a result, the soldiers’ morale began to sink.

death of the king. It was a law with a far-reaching effect in any war.



Lars and Ruina ran towards their mother. Seo Ina fired an attack at the Valkyrie who killed Aindel. Because she still had the effect of her skill, I was able to pull her back a bit.

Two children shed tears in front of their dying mother.

“mother… !”

“What if I die like this… mom! Please come to your senses! please… … .”

Louisa was almost screaming. Lars thought for a moment.

There is no way to reverse the current situation.

hope is… All gone.

‘I am weak. I can’t do anything. … Maybe no one here.’


“Min Jaehyun!”

His harsh voice suddenly burst out.

At that moment, Jaehyun heard the sound of the system in his ears.

―The conditions for clearing the first hidden quest are revealed.

[Sometimes stopping will open the way to go further.]

Jaehyun’s brow furrowed. The system, which had been silent for days and days, suddenly reacted. Even in a sudden situation like now.

There must be a reason.

But before that, there was something clearly left in Jaehyun’s mind.

Aindel is dead.

The Valkyries have arrived. And countless elves are being slaughtered.

The power to stop Tyr… You may no longer have yourself.

That fact weighed heavily on Jaehyun’s shoulders.

at that time.

Jaehyun recalled a conversation he had with soldiers he had trained for a while.

It was time to continue training after letting them know that he had Odin’s skills.

Jaehyun judged that at the time, the skill was too powerful and difficult to handle, so he wouldn’t be able to use the frenzied storm.

Actually, it said so.

At least in this war, no, it’s a skill that needs to be sealed when attacking the tower. I think it would be better not to wait.

Its power is certain, but it can also entangle the people around it.

Jaehyun had no choice but to forbid the skill.

however. The answer that came back was completely different from what I expected.

[Min Jae-hyeon Guard Captain. it’s okay. If the worst comes, use magic. If it can kill Tyr, we will gladly accept death.]

They were already ready to accept death.

If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t have been able to say that to Jaehyun.

‘Even if it’s painful, I have to do it.’

That moment.

Jaehyun’s mouth was tightly shut. Along with that, the power that Jaehyun had shown up until now goes off the rails once again.


―Active skill 《Frenzy Storm》 is activated.

―This is a skill that the user cannot handle properly yet.

―Skills start running out of control!

Blood slowly began to flow from Jaehyun’s eyes.

he was sure Most of the elves here will die.


Even so, they will all the more want to stop Tyr, even with their own death.

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