I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 358

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Episode 358: Reunion

“Hella… what the heck… … !”

Ahn Ho-yeon looked at the monsters raised up by Hella with a shocked expression.

It was a natural reaction. Weren’t they definitely the ones who died at the hands of Kim Yoo-jung?

However, Hella was not enough to revive those magic beasts and reborn them as undead. It was clearly believed in his mind to be impossible.

‘That kind of thing… How is that possible?’

“Looking at this, I am Hel’s only alter ego. The stronger I get, the more I can use my body’s power little by little, similarly.”

Hel continued to revive the dead demons.

As an undead monster.

Also, as their faithful servants.

Kim Yoo-jung continued her magic as if she immediately noticed what kind of strategy she had set up.


A riot is heard. She was the aftermath of the divine magic she unleashed.

Kim Yoo-jung decided to kill the monsters in the battle line as quickly as possible to empower Hela. Of course, we don’t know how many troops she can manage.

However, if she is confident enough, you can trust her. Everyone in the party had the same idea.

Because Hella has been constantly proving her worth to her colleagues.

“Let’s keep dealing with the enemies!”

Ahn Ho-yeon shouted.

In the meantime, Hella’s explanation continued.

“Hell has the power to open the gate and summon the demons of Helheim. Most think that’s all.

but… What makes her really strong is that she can bring the dead back to life as undead.”

The members understood her explanation, but also showed a surprised expression.

undead. Obviously, they were opponents they fought often, but they had never witnessed such a birth.

Not to mention, opportunities to be protected by the newly born (?) undead are not common. It’s not that tamers don’t exist in the world of radar, but… .

There’s no way anyone would raise guys with this look.

“Hella, by any chance, how many undead can you make?”

Unexpectedly, Kwon So-yul asked.

Hella smiled lightly, feeling the magic overflowing nearby.

“Usually, it wouldn’t be less than 20%, but… In the current atmosphere, about 50% of them can be made into my own soldiers.

As long as you can hold out against them for some time.”

At that, his colleagues laughed. They ran quickly and took their seats.

With the undead created by Hela as the main axis, they built a formation standing behind them. Counterattack after defense. It was the formation that Jaehyun explained to them.

… Of course, it was the first time for them to digest this formation on such a large scale.

“Anyway, how do you catch them all?!”

“I have to do something first. under… .”

“We will stand in front!”

The party prepares for battle while sighing and burning the spirit of victory.

A battle just as annoying as the one they fought against an enemy who imitated them a while ago.

However, they did not lose focus.



They constantly killed the monsters of the enemy formation. Slashing, destroying the body with magic. They dealt with poison and various medicines.

It was an individual battle, but it was also a harmonious battle.

A battle that is considerate without blocking each other’s battle path at all. At the end of the battle that continued like flowing water, there was only victory.

After about six hours like that.

Hella’s number of undead monsters exceeded half, and less than half of the enemies remained.

She ran the army without hesitation.

The voice of Hella slowly descends.

“All the dead, listen to me. I am Hel’s representative, Hella. You lost your body and were born with a new body. Respond to my voice.”


The dead who became allies stood up all at once, and the floor began to vibrate. Even the members of Nine were weighed down by overwhelming pressure.

Kim Yoo-jung gulped down and looked at Hella.

‘this… The power of Hella.’

Hella laughed. The light in her eyes casts a cool light.

“Destroy all enemies in front.”

At the same time as the words fell, all allies screamed and ran and started attacking the enemies. He cuts down and butchers the beings that were allies just a moment ago.

as if it were their mission.

‘It is certainly. The current Hela may not be as good as Jaehyun, but… At least I can generate power just below that level.’

Ahn Ho-yeon analyzed like that and watched Hella operating numerous squads. His neck trembled, proving that he was engrossed in her battle.

Hela was feeling it too.

It wasn’t as good as Jaehyun’s on the field here, but he was able to generate almost 70% of his strength. Full of dark attribute mana. It was thanks to that.

Hela looked at the already organized battlefield and was surprised for a moment.

‘… I never really thought that I could become this strong. On the subject of being an alter ego… I thought I had my limits… … .

Jae-hyun. I hate to admit it, but I think I learned a lot from you.’

With that thought, finally, even the last remaining Witchbeast was completely organized.

“after… So, is it finally a reunion?”

Kim Yoo-jung muttered that with a strangely feverish face on her face.

Colleagues nodded.



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“okay. At least it looks like we haven’t caught on.”

Kwon So-yul laughed. Ahn Ho-yeon and Lee Jae-sang also had happy faces.

“let’s go.”

“Now there is only one thing left. Destroying the system’s control tower with Jaehyun… When that is over, the full-scale war will begin.”

Ahn Ho-yeon’s words turned everyone’s faces into seriousness.

okay. The journey so far has been prepared for this after all.


A war between the gods and the nine worlds.

Without proper finishing, they cannot get what they want in the end. Even to protect Jaehyun and the person he loves.

They needed to move on.

It was around the time that the thought spread.

―You have cleared Yggdrasil’s 《4th Floor: Tomb of the Dead》.

―Transfers climbers to the 5th floor.

* * *

―The 4th and 5th tier rewards are settled at once.

Jaehyun, the group, and Ratatosque were not transferred to the white room this time. According to the description of the system, rewards are given along with clearing the 5th floor.

that too at one time. There must be a reason, Jaehyun thought.

‘Well, just saving Ruina, a genius elf, was enough compensation… … .’

Jaehyun saved Ruina from the 4th floor a while ago.

Her talent is that of Kim Yu-jung and Seo E-na. She was about as good as they were or more than she was. It’s not as good as Jaehyun himself, but… .

while he was thinking The transfer magic transferred the reappearance to the center of the 5th floor before I knew it. It was a place where a little damp and magnificent pillars rose haphazardly.

Underneath the pillars supporting the ceiling, a mossy floor with stone slabs and some patterns painted on it was revealed. I couldn’t figure out the details, but somehow it was a gloomy atmosphere.

The portal on the left had the same shape as the one seen on the first basement level. Jaehyun immediately looked to the right, and then he was able to meet familiar faces.


Jaehyun shouted in a lively voice. Where his voice reached, Kim Yoo-jung and his colleagues were standing there.

They greeted Jaehyun and Seo Ina and waved their hands.

Kim Yoo-jung ran first and hugged Seo In-na.

“Inaya! are you okay?! Didn’t Min Jaehyun bully you?!”

Jaehyun was dumbfounded by that, but decided to just let it go.

It was a greeting I hadn’t had in a while, and it was because I was more grateful than anything else that I had arrived here alive. Ahn Ho-yeon, Lee Jae-sang, and Kwon So-yul approached with a smile.

“I barely survived.”

“Jaehyun-ah, are you okay?! Would you like more potions?”

“You look fine.”

The three of them were worried about Jaehyun in their own way.

Jaehyun smiled and gestured to Hella behind him to come quickly.

“Can I join the touching reunion of colleagues?”

“Because you are useful, you are a colleague. what. You seem to have grown quite a bit lately.”

“Ugh. Are you kidding me now?”

“You know that I have now attained complete godhood, right? Now, in terms of rank, I’m at the top… .”

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I can’t hear you. How was Miss Ina?”

After Hella said it humorously, she approached Seo Eana.

“… Nice to see you again. Hella.”

“me too. Wasn’t that person harassing you?”

“… Why does everyone think I did something?”

“… hmm… … .”

Jaehyun said it as if he was unfair, but Seo Ina did not defend him and waited.

After all, nothing happened, right?

As they attacked the tower, the two became closer. This was an undeniable fact.

“You can’t believe you really laid a hand on Ina… .”

“Anyway, I’m glad everyone is safe. I almost died several times.”

Jaehyun lightly interrupted Kim Yoojung’s words.

Ratatosque also joined the conversation, raising his hand.

“G-g-g-g-yes! So-so-please include me in the welcome ceremony!”

The tangled squirrel hat was quite cute. Although she wasn’t sure if she was a good guy in many ways.

By the way, at the end of the 4th floor, he was barely able to speak, but according to the story, it is said that he fainted in Seo Eana’s pocket.

… Well, isn’t that the cowardly squirrel?

Fainting in the middle of a war is quite possible.

‘by the way. I have to move to carry out the last quest soon.’

With that thought in mind, Jaehyun looked around.

Information on the 5th floor has not yet been disclosed.

However, before that.

Jaehyun had a simple conversation with his colleague and gauged their changed momentum.

Colleagues who are finally starting to gain status.

Even by the looks of it, they were quite strong.

‘Of course, it would be difficult to compare with Inna, who has already achieved the first stage of liberation… .’

Still, the rate of growth at this rate was phenomenal.

Wasn’t he not even sure if he would be able to get the rank in the first place?

However, it seemed that Yggdrasil had given them a good opportunity.

like that.

When Jaehyun is smiling with satisfaction. Suddenly, I felt a chill from behind.

When he looked back, there were two women glaring at him with narrowed eyes. It was Seo In-na and Kim Yoo-jung.

We talked for a while, but the face seemed to have something I wanted to ask.

Kim Yu-jung strode forward and asked.

“hey. Jaehyun Min. I heard that you were completely confused after seeing the elves?”

“… … what?”

“Ina told me everything!”

Kim Yoo-jung gave Jae-hyun a kick in the shin.

“Sometimes he acted like he wasn’t interested in women, and suddenly something happened to him?! Why, it seems that humans are not your taste?!”

“… … Inaya?”

Jaehyun looked at Seo Ina in amazement, but she only whistled.

The appearance of making a fuss.

To Jaehyun, that only seemed cute, but somehow he realized one thing.

‘… Ina, it seems that the back end is quite long… .’

I was just staring at it out of curiosity, but it was Jaehyun who didn’t expect it to happen that long.

by the way… After all, aren’t the two of them rivals?

But why do we tell each other such stories?

As Jaehyun, of course it would have been nice to get along well, but what I was curious about was the truth. But he couldn’t even ask.

Kwon So-yul, who had come to his side before he knew it, grinned and stabbed Jae-hyun in the side.

“Hey what are you doing? Aren’t you going to apologize quickly?”

“… yes? What did I do wrong?”

“I don’t know about that.”

To make matters worse, Jaehyun had no choice but to apologize in the end because other kids said that. In addition, it was the first time the elf had seen it like that, so he had to add that he was amazed.

It was the same with the story that he was unknowingly taken away.

“My lady—as expected, the adversary-sama is very popular!”

Even Ratatosque was talking about it, so Jae-Hyun put a single chestnut on his forehead.

“Hehe-hehe, it hurts!”

“shut up.”

Like that, while they were having a conversation as usual and talking about their own stair attack.

―Yggdrasil’s 《The 5th Layer: The Old Myth of the Adversary》 begins.

―Quests are forcibly accepted by the Nornir system.

―Accept the main quest 《Black Storm and Repair》.

―Yggdrasil’s boss monster 《Corrupted Nameless Repair》 appears!

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