I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 363

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Episode 363: Beyond the S-Class

[Special item]

Name: Star of the Distant Abyss

Rating: ???

It is a fragment from the abyss of Kinnungagaf. It is full of primordial power.

It is such a dangerous thing that a person who does not have the status can die just by touching it.

* There are a total of nine, and if you collect all of them, you can defy the law of the beginning.

*caution! If the user’s level does not reach a certain level, the user will be annihilated by the abyss of the beginning.

“No, nonsense! The star of the distant abyss?!”

Hella freaked out and staggered back. she deserved it

A star in the far abyss.

It was an object with deep and vast magical power, to the point of doubting whether it was used to return to the past.

A total of nine items exist in the world, and it is said that if you use them, you can defy the laws of the world. got one of them.

Of course you can’t help but be surprised.

Jaehyun was equally shocked.

‘He said he would settle the rewards for the 4th and 5th floors all at once. I never thought they would give me something like this.’

It was something that could be used anywhere.

Just giving stats or items doesn’t mean much to Jaehyun. Unless it was a mythical artifact, it wouldn’t have much of an impact on reinforcing reproduction.

But this case was different.

Jaehyun clearly realized that the existence of an item that allows him to intervene in this fate can be of great power.

This 4th tier. In Lullaby of the End, he was able to revive an elf with Yggdrasil’s grace.

It defied time and the law and saved Ruina.

Also, it was the best he could do for himself who interfered in the past.

In the process, Lars and Aindel, etc. Many elves were sacrificed, but not enough power was allocated to save them all. They perished there.

At this time, the item that could increase the quota was this piece.

A star in the far abyss.

‘If I can find just a few more of these, I can create a more favorable situation.’

Hela told her that she had to go to the other nine worlds and collect star fragments from the far abyss for that purpose.

And at that time, not only himself, but also told him that since it was time for a full-scale war, the other anti-Aesir gods would help him.

Jaehyun nodded.

It would take too much time to assemble all nine pieces by yourself.

It would save a lot of time if others helped.

“Now that we’ve got something to gain, let’s get out soon.”

Except for Jaehyun, the others did not receive proper compensation separately.

Of course, it’s absurd to say that 30 free distribution stats are nothing, but anyway.

“From generation to generation – the adversary, don’t really suffer – thank you so much! Gigigi – I would love to see you again if there is a chance!”

Ratatosque slipped out of Jaehyun’s pocket and said his last goodbye.

Jaehyun nodded and greeted him.

“okay. I’m sorry I doubted you at first.”

“Hehehe— ee—it’s good that everyone knows what happened to the relationship between the nameless Suri-sama and Nidhogg-sama! It’s all thanks to the adversary-nim’s active work!”

“Then go.”

Ratatosque propped himself up on his hind legs, then started swinging his front paws at Jaehyun. Jaehyun also felt the tip of his nose twitch.

It must have been because the difficulty level of the tower was difficult, so it seemed like he was attached to it.

“It looks like the portal to the outside has been activated over there. You should be able to ride it.”

Hella pointed in one direction and said. She seemed to be a portal that was probably transported right out.

Jaehyun was the first to take the lead and said, just in case.

“I will go first. You guys will figure it out a little later. Check my biological response, and if you don’t hear from me, contact me through the ring. got it?”

“okay. don’t worry.”

Kim Yoo-jung nodded.

Jaehyun nodded as if he believed, and stepped into the portal.

Then, the sensation of the light transmission magic working arose and was soon transmitted outside.

By outside, of course, it was in the middle of the sea.

It was a bit of a problem, but it wasn’t for Jaehyun.


Jaehyun came ashore as the essence of the sea and crossed his arms.

It seemed that my colleagues would be quite embarrassed if they came here.

therefore… .

“You have to mess around a little.”

Jaehyun, floating on the water alone, decided to harass the welcome colleagues.

* * *

After the Tower of Yggdrasil was over, the message of the end of the quest came to mind.

It was the quest to destroy the tower that Mimir first gave.

This is a quest that breaks the restrictions of the Aesir system used by Awakeners all over the world and removes the growth limit.

To put it simply, S-class was considered the highest grade, excluding the state of heaven and earth that Jaehyun and his friends had reached.

Beyond that, it means that all radars can reach it.

In addition, radars who could not grow after the age of 20 were able to grow. This will be a good hand for Jaehyun to prepare for war later.

Because of this, Jaehyun held a press conference after the attack on the tower was over. He, of course, summoned all of the World Radar Alliance through Richard.

After that, the plan was finalized so that it could be broadcast live on TV all over the world.



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Reporters from all over the world gathered here at the press conference to tell the story of Jae-hyun. All of them were trying to write an article first, even if it was just one word.

The world’s only adversary. A place where Min Jae-hyun announces new news.

Its symbolism was indescribable.

“As expected, this time the existence of other hostile gods will be revealed, right?”

“I don’t think so. surely… Most likely.”

“But you’re saying you’re a human and you can go against a god? Wouldn’t it be better to just give up?”

“okay! Reporting and what… If this happens, in the future… .”

Even among journalists, opinions were divided. In the middle of the disagreement, a man walked past the reporters and walked forward.

This is Moriya Lenki.

“To be able to survive there. After all, that guy is something different.”

He tilted his head as he walked with his sunglasses on.

“what? Looks like you went the wrong way. It’s full of reporters. I’m sorry, could you step aside for a moment?”

When he said that, lowering his sunglasses for a moment, the reporters in front trembled and moved out of the way.

At that time, Jaehyun and all of his colleagues were getting makeup done by Yeonhwa’s managers.

He said it didn’t matter, but Yoo Sung-eun said that it was better to leave a great impression as much as possible because it was the moment to announce his existence to the world.

He also agreed with the fact that it would be useful later, so Jaehyun didn’t say much. Anyway, it’s good to look good.

The other kids were also getting professional make-up and preparing for a full-scale press conference. Still, because I’ve experienced it a few times, the kids were pretty calm.

The members of Nine had this kind of experience often.

As such, there was nothing to be nervous about at an event like this.

Moreover, aren’t they the ones who died and came back to life in Yggdrasil?

Because they were so nervous about this press conference, their mentality was already hardened beyond adamantine. Jaehyun laughed.

“hey. Do you guys take care of your makeup too?”

“of course!”

Kim Yoo-jung received the words. She put some waves in her hair, and her lips were a little red. If you dress like that, even if you become a real actor… It took me a while to think about it.

It didn’t take long to figure out that it was an illusion.

Seo Ina was also beautiful. Her neat and mysterious hair and eyes harmonized with her, and her small but high nose gave off a wonderful beauty.

In the case of Ahn Ho-yeon, she received makeup so that her gray hair was slightly wet. The light redness at the corners of her eyes was a face optimized to melt her woman’s heart.

Lee Jae-sang kept the wave alive to stimulate the protective instinct.

Kwon So-yul received a make-up that made her beautiful blonde hair shiny and melted her unique flaws.

Hella did not attend the event separately. It was because she decided that it was still too early for her to go out in person.

Anyway, things were going smoothly.

Yoo Seong-eun crossed his arms while looking at Jae-hyun, who had become more handsome after receiving makeup. She grinned and put her hand on his shoulder.

“After all, it’s a little embellished, so I’m buying it. Your clothes look pretty good on you too?”

“Are you kidding me?”

Jaehyun nodded and crossed his arms. He had a pretty annoying face.

It was because I hadn’t been in the mood since I had come in the morning and put on a lot of things and put on a lot of things.

It was the first time I was this tired since the time I received clothes from Seo Eana.

But I couldn’t help it. Anyway, isn’t she a pro now?

Compared to Yoo Sung-eun, he had less experience dealing with the media.

It was an unbelievable situation.

“Anyway, it was really shocking. I don’t think you can really attack Yggdrasil… He’s my disciple, but I never even thought of it. So I was very worried.”

“The original disciple is Cheongchuleoram. Because I’m trying again.”

“Yes, yes. You’ll be fine.”

While Yoo Seong-eun was talking. Park Seong-jae approached and said.

“Suddenly, reporters and S-class raiders were all ready. It would be good to start soon.”

“yes. Then let’s begin.”

“I’ll give you a sign in advance to come in five minutes.”

Park Seong-jae bowed his head and approached the managers again to convey the message.

Finally, the moment when humanity faces a new phase. Jaehyun caught his breath.

He pondered for a long time whether the choice he was making was right.

But in the end, this is for the best. came to such a conclusion.


Jaehyun quietly called his colleagues.

“let’s go.”

He smiled, and as he went from the waiting room to the press conference outside, numerous camera flashes went off.

Jaehyun and the members sat down.

After taking the microphone, he slowly looked around and opened his mouth.

“hello. This is Min Jae-hyun.”

chump chump chump!

The flash exploded once again. However, Jaehyun didn’t shake at all and raised his hand for a moment to block the reporters’ cameras.

Then he opened his mouth again.

“This time, I entered the inside of Yggdrasil and, at the end of attacking it, I was able to bring good news and bad news to mankind.”

When he said that, the American reporter in the front raised his hand.

Jaehyun nodded and gestured, and he stood up.

“What is the good news?”

“The Awakener’s growth restriction has been lifted. The fact that he couldn’t grow beyond S-class, and the restrictions that prevented Raiders over the age of 20 from growing any more. All gone.

Our main enemy is Odin, the supreme god of Asgard, and he has been limiting the growth of our Raiders. I succeeded in disarming it in Yggdrasil.”

“I can’t!”

Voices erupt from everywhere.

Raiders can get stronger? This was shocking.

In fact, after the Valkyrie raid incident, countries other than Korea have been weighed down by a sense of defeat all along.

Because I saw the fight between Jaehyun and the Valkyries. It was because he thought that no one other than him could win the fight against the gods.

But if this is true…

It means that new possibilities are open to them.

It had to be good for them.

However, not all problems went away for them.

“… So what’s the bad news?”

This time, a question from a Korean reporter. Jaehyun nodded and continued.

“I declare here that I will never act for the cause.”

At those words, the conference hall turned upside down.

In name and reality, the current strongest radar was Jaehyun. But he declared that he would not move for the cause in the fight against God?

Reporters and radars from each country exchanged glances.

‘That means… … .’

‘If you lose Chuck with Min Jae-hyun’s radar… .’

‘This means that the country could be in danger of life and death!’

Everyone’s expressions turned cold for an instant.

rehearsal words. Because that meant that all countries that were not chosen by him were likely to be annihilated.

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