I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 365

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Episode 365: Nidabellir (2)

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It was a place where Dwarves, a race famous for their blacksmiths, were said to live, and it was a place often featured in all kinds of games.

Since the dwarves are especially important in Norse mythology, Jaehyun knew about them in detail.

All kinds of mythical items from Thor’s Mjolnir and Megingijord were born here from the Dwarves.

They have very good manual dexterity. Also, it was self-evident that it would be of great help to Jaehyun’s plan to kill Odin.

There is a reason why Smir recommended a visit.

If the targets to be recruited for wisdom were giants, dwarves were used to craft weapons, and elves were used for magic and combat.

Since each race has different powers, it is important to enlist everyone.

If it is to win the war, it must be.

‘It’s difficult if we don’t increase the number of pages on this side before the second Ragnarok. Anyway, I can’t kill all the enemies by myself.’

Isn’t that why he attacked Yggdrasil and lifted the growth restriction?

To give humans the strength to fight in this hellish war.

Therefore, Jaehyun was determined to capture the dwarves somehow.

If they donate their equipment to humans and giants. What if you were directly involved in the war?

Moreover, the advantage in war will naturally lean more towards this side.

Jaehyun realized this during the battle with Tyr.

‘There is a limit to overturning war with individual strength.’

It was a strategy game.

Like a turn-based game where you give and take turns, it may be a very fleeting moment, but the opportunity will definitely come. Whoever can save it is the winner.

It’s simple.

Jaehyun is going to convince the dwarves to become the winner.

“But it won’t be easy. Dwarves are very stubborn, and it’s not easy to find them. He’s probably hiding. I have a lot of fears too.”

Hella said while watching Jaehyun using Draupnir to open the road.

Now that it’s something he’s used to, Jaehyun was opening the way with magic without difficulty. The coordinates were simple, as he had heard of them from Hellas and the other half Aesir gods.

… It could only be said because Jaehyun has a genius talent for magic.

“are you okay. Because there is senior Soyul. It’s even weirder when you start with a navigation system and can’t find your way.”

“… Aren’t you being treated badly by me?”

Kwon So-yul yelled at him, but Jae-hyun ignored it.

Again, at times like this, ignorance was the best.

Ahn Ho-yeon tilted his head.

“Dwarf… Actually, I’m really curious. I’ve seen elves in the form of beasts, so I can guess what they would look like, but I’ve never seen dwarves in beast form.”

“They are cowards, but they say they are the cowards with the most money. Jormungandr, the gag man.”

“hmm… coward with a lot of money Are you the worst?”

Kwon So-yul muttered that. Kim Yoo-jung agreed and nodded her head.

If you were going to live as a hikikomori, there was no other option than that. Jaehyun also wanted to live like that before returning for the first time.

“… So, is there any way to attack the dwarves? You have to go to war… I’m worried that you won’t accept it… .”

“What is that? Gotta go and do something. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll even threaten you.”

Jaehyun’s words shocked Kim Yoojung.

“I can’t tell if you’re a villain or a good guy anymore. do only one just one!”

“Then I’ll do it badly.”

“… Don’t you usually choose a good role in that case?”

When Kim Yu-jung said that and opened her eyes, Jae-hyun shrugged.

“It’s natural when a bad guy does something bad, but people curse at a good guy. And when the villain does good, oh? why is he like that? I like it more while doing it. Just listening to it is honey.”

“… … .”

“If you understand, let’s go. It’s done now.”

Jaehyun opened the portal and gestured.

My colleagues were a little nervous because it was their first time riding the world transmission portal, but when he calmly pushed his body in, they threw themselves without question.


I suffered from extreme nausea.

“At least say something… .”

“This child… !”

Ahn Ho-yeon and Kwon So-yul look at Jae-hyun with resentment.

While everyone was singing, Jaehyun shook his head and said.

“If I had told you beforehand, no one would have tried to come in.”

No one could deny Jaehyun’s words.

They barely caught their breath and looked at the place where the darkness fell heavily. A mine with rails paved with sparse light.

It was to the extent that anyone could be sure that it was the place where the Dwarves lived.

Jaehyun smiled.

“You don’t even have to look for it. Shall we start negotiating?”

He was willing to raise his fist, if necessary, to conclude the negotiations.

* * *

“Damn it… !”

I heard the curse of the gigantic god sitting on the throne.

Odin. It was only two hours ago that he realized that his plan had gone awry.

[It is said that the adversary destroyed the control tower.]

News from his other crows. It was annoying enough to blow Odin’s mind away.

I could tell just by looking at his nervous face.



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The thick veins rising from the forearms bounced like sparks again.

‘What the hell is it? Adversary, your true identity… !’

It was the first time in the past thousands of years, no, 10,000 years, that it had angered him so much. No matter how much I think about it, I don’t understand.

How was the opponent able to become as strong as he is now?

He always seemed to make the best choice over and over again. It was something a normal human could not do.

Human beings are the ones who make the most mistakes. They envy each other and sometimes become overly emotional in order to take away each other’s possessions.

So, in the first war, those who would become Einherjar were chosen as humans.

Odin sat down on his throne, lost in thought.

Is it just luck?

It would be better if it was just for that reason.

But he was pretty sure he wasn’t.

When coincidences overlap, there must be a reason.

Perhaps the adversary has a secret.

Also, this is highly likely to be related to Hugin’s secret that Tyr said.

‘I’m not sure.’

Odin tensed his brain.

What is certain is that his plan has collapsed.

He planned to brainwash humans over several decades and turn them into Einherjar to participate in the second Ragnarok.

Unlike the first time, after subduing them with enormous power, he intended to attract them to his side.

However, that plan has just collapsed.

Because of only one person.

“Besides, clearing the tower means that he may have obtained the first star of the distant abyss.”

A star in the far abyss.

As far as Odin knew, it was clearly hidden in the Tower of Yggdrasil.

Hana herself couldn’t get it.

Even if you climb the top of the stairs, Yggdrasil. Because the damn world tree didn’t recognize him.

Yggdrasil always spoke to Odin.

―You are not the owner of the [Star of the Distant Abyss].

A voice falling as if declaring it.

Because of that, he has not been able to collect all the stars of the abyss yet.

So far, the number of stars in the distant abyss that Odin has collected is six.

He needed all nine stars to defeat his opponent and change his fate of losing everything.

“First, find the remaining two distant stars of the abyss first.”

If you take a little risk, even if you don’t collect at least one, you will be able to handle it with your own divinity.

Odin is a transcendent being among transcendents. Because he had the ability to handle that much weight.

If you like, I’ll get my hands dirty. If that’s how you can stop the enemy and bring all the glory to Asgard in your hands.

He was going to do anything.

There are now three remaining star fragments.

Among them, there were now two that he could get right away.

* * *

The dwarven village was quite similar to the ones in fantasy novels that countless people have read in the past.

Well, it’s only natural that the novel is based on Norse mythology.

Jaehyun looked at the damp caves around him and deployed his magical powers.

―Active skill «Flash Lv 5».

The spheres cling to the walls like moss, illuminating the cave and its surroundings.

Now this level of magic was not difficult for him at all.

While taking a class on understanding magic arithmetic in the past, he crossed the realm once. When he reached A-level, he definitely felt his magical talents.

Even more so, what about now that you have gained a godhood?

Of course, this kind of magic can be used like breathing.

“First of all, finding the dwarves will be the priority.”

Kim Yoo-jung said that and carefully looked at the trap sticking to the floor. Jaehyun destroyed it a while ago, and it had the effect of paralyzing those who stepped on it.

Like good blacksmiths, the precision of the trap was quite good.

Of course, there was no big problem with Jaehyun. Because his skill is such that he can grasp traps like this very easily.

Moreover, compared to when they first attacked Yggdrasil Tower, their colleagues had already grown a lot. That means he doesn’t even have to worry about it.

“It’s strange.”

Kwon So-yul suddenly stopped walking and said so. By the time she and her colleagues had already been walking inside for an hour or so.

“We can no longer obtain interior geographic information.”

“It seemed like that. It seems like something is going on here.”

Jaehyun smiled in response to her words.

dwarf. Surprisingly, Hella was not mistaken about her cowardice, and they completely concealed their habitation.

It must be guarding against the invasion of outsiders.

Jaehyun took a deep breath and filled the nearby air and mana with the depths of his lungs. A smile slowly spreads across his face.


“hey! What is it? Please say something.”

Jaehyun clenched his fists at the sound of Kim Yoojung’s voice. Then, he hit the floor with his fist filled with his magical energy with a squeaking sound.

Along with it, a huge sinkhole-like pit was created, and a long, dark path leading to a staircase opened beneath it.

“This looks like a real residence.”

“… I want you to say something before you break anything.”

“I’ll be careful next time.”

After answering Seo Ina’s story, Jaehyun took a step down.

Kim Yoo-jung quietly followed behind and muttered, “I thought you didn’t say that to me,” but Jae-hyun didn’t even pay attention this time.

For reference, the reason Jaehyun was able to find the hidden stairs is simple.

The mana in the air that had just permeated into the lungs. because their concentrations were different.

Dwarves are not very strong against magic. Its ability is excellent because it can create engraved equipment using runes, but that means that it is only equipment.

Thanks to that, the magic was quite crude, so it wasn’t too difficult to find the way.

They must have hidden their place like this, thinking that they would not be able to find their way because they could not even sense the increasing concentration.

Of course, it only seemed to Jaehyun that they openly opened their place.

“Wait a minute! Stop there!”

At that time, I heard the voice of a man with a long beard from under the stairs.

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