I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 368

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Chapter 368. Engraving (3)

King of the Dwarves.

Daren’s throne room was not too far from the entrance.

Even though it was a kingdom of dwarves in the first place, it was unavoidable because it possessed only a small part of Svartal Fame.

Jaehyun did not kneel or lower his head while looking at Daren.

He had come to help them as an enemy anyway, so he decided that there was no reason to take a low profile.

Actually, that judgment was right.

“I am Daren, King of the Dwarves. I heard that you are the adversary recognized by the anti-Aesir faction.”

He didn’t feel disrespectful at Jae-hyun’s attitude at all and took his luck like that.

I doubted that maybe the black-haired sole had said that all human manners are like that.

‘Come to think of it, should I run to the king as well?’

Jaehyun nodded his head moderately, thinking about such a foolish thought.

“okay. I am the enemy. Well, that’s what they call it on their own.”

“So what you want from me is engraving?”

“okay. As you dwarves already know, Odin is on the move. I need your strength… .”

“I cannot allow that.”

Jaehyun’s eyebrows rose subtly.

Maybe this dwarf needs to be beaten to come to his senses.

I can feel that thought slowly rising from the end of the danjeon.


“Because there is no certainty that we will win this war.”

At Daren’s words, Jaehyun’s breath suddenly became tight. It was the same with Hella.

“Darren. Do you know what you are talking about?”

“Of course. Hell’s alter ego. Long time no see.”

“I don’t think it’s time to say hello.”

Hella’s answer was cold.

of course. You can’t accept an offer like that without a hitch.

I doubted whether I knew what the situation was like or not.

“Tell me why you can’t engrave me.”

Jaehyun had no choice but to say that while opening his magic. I had the idea of ​​at least a moderate armed demonstration if necessary.

I used that method when I persuaded Lars in the kingdom of the elves in the past.

Sometimes when it comes to persuading others, nothing is more certain than force.

“No matter how it comes out, I can’t accept your offer… … .”


Jaehyun rolled on the ground with a bang. The ground vibrated and a roar poured out.

Darren sighed at Jaehyun’s high-handed attitude and said,

“… … Be honest. I’m afraid of Odin. and… It’s also because I can’t trust you.”

Hella’s expression hardened for a moment.

Darren was on.

“You said it 10,000 years ago. We will definitely win the war, so please lend us the power of crafting equipment and engraving. If you do that, you will surely destroy Asgard. But how did it turn out?”

“So you’re going to sit down before you even try?”

To put it in perspective, the story was similar to what Smir had said at the beginning.

At that time, he witnessed the death of his father, Hrungnir, right in front of his eyes. The shock caused him to sit down and not want to get up again.

However, Jaehyun showed his potential there.

At that time, it was only a speck of hope, but now Smir completely believed in reappearance. He seemed to have to go through that process again.

If you prove yourself, the dwarf in front will also think about reappearing again.

Jaehyun said with a calm voice.

“I was also recognized by that stubborn giant, Smir. Why don’t you try believing at least once? I don’t think it’s a business to lose money.”

“It’s something even Loki couldn’t do. What more could a weak human being do?”

Daren was wise. Unlike Blackfoot, he wasn’t stupid.

The proof was that the name was normal.

Jaehyun thought for a moment.

‘What should I do? Should it be suppressed by force? … … However, that method should only be used in the worst case. If I do that, I’ll end up doing the same thing as Odin.’

Their fears are understandable.

Dwarves were weak in the first place, and nevertheless supported the anti-Aesir forces 10,000 years ago.

But that turned out to be a failure.

Also, the hellish war made them lose their place of life. It made them hide deeper from the attacks of the Dark Elves.

Therefore, it is a situation in which they have no choice but to feel natural fear.

In fact, it occurred to me that after being stuck in a basement like this for a long time, everyone is bound to become very timid.

Jaehyun asked, crossing his arms at Daren’s stubborn attitude.

“How am I going to believe you?”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m asking how you can trust me and lend me the power of the dwarves.”

“… That is something no human could ever do.”

Jaehyun laughed.

“Because I decided to set my own limits like that. Isn’t that why you’re stuck in such a narrow pit like this?”

“dare… ! Do you dishonor our compatriots who died in blood because of you… !!”

The king’s eyes begin to glow and burn.



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He was weak, but even so, he was not so weak at heart that he endured the criticisms of his predecessors and his own people.

The reappearance was on and on.

“I want you to know. As you said, I am human. It wasn’t long before I got the rank. The war of 10,000 years ago is none of my business.”

Actually, that was a lie.

Jaehyun has seen countless deaths so far. 10,000 years ago, countless lives were lost.

It was pitiful, and at times I felt myself weak and suffered from insomnia in constant pain.

But that’s no reason to hold yourself accountable.

Because at the time, reproduction did not exist.

It was only natural that he would not take any responsibility for the past war. Do you hear stories like that in those circumstances?

Considering Jaehyun’s usual personality, this was a story that could never be overlooked.

He was with a cold smile.

“What have I to do with the filthy weakness of the Van Aesir bastards during the first war? I’m just asking you as an individual of mine. How can you trust me?”

“… … .”

Darren closed his eyes and was silent for a moment. His long beard hangs down.

Actually he knew. How strong the human being in front of me is. Isn’t that the opponent who destroyed the rare masterpiece he created just a moment ago?

Also, if it’s enough to break your weapon, you have to go far beyond at least the 3rd stage of liberation. Perhaps the adversary has surpassed that realm.

That too, in a human body, in less than a year.

It might be worth believing a little bit. It was the same with the artifacts worn on the body.

That alone was proving that he was strong enough to look at.

Also, no matter how dwarves are stuck in the tunnel, Thor’s two sons. I had heard that Modi and Magni were dead.

It was also the same that it was the enemy who killed him.

“What can you do?”

“I can’t kill Odin right now, but… okay. The rest will do whatever you want.”

Jaehyun said that with a confident face. His expression was unstoppable, as if there was not even an inch of lies.

“good night. Make one bet.”


“If you bring back the lost land of the dwarves, I will help you. I will believe you again. How is it?”

“… If it is the land of the dwarves… .”

Seo Ina muttered softly. Hella answered her question.

“Svartal Fame… It’s a story about bringing them all back. That’s too much to ask for.”

she bit her lip.

The Dark Elves were the ones who were currently at the highest level in Svartal Fame. In the past, Jaehyun had killed one of those nine kings, but… .

He was only 9 kings.

Kings get stronger as you go up, and King 1 was almost at the level of reaching the 3rd stage of liberation.

Hella could hardly understand Daren’s intentions, telling her to deal with such an enemy when time was urgent.

However, Jaehyun was calm.

“You take back the land, we borrow your strength… Well, it sounds like a good deal to each other. What do you guys think?”

“… I will be your strength whenever you go.”

Seo Ina was the first to answer. Other co-workers have also nodded to her.

Kim Yoo-jung crossed her arms and said.

“Because I can’t help it. what… It would be better for us to go together than you go alone.”

“okay. Then I will do that. Daren, won’t you change your mind?”

At Jaehyun’s words, Darren nodded.

“As the king of the dwarves, I will accept this bet in the name of my ancestors. And if you succeed, I swear to be loyal to you until the end of the war.”

“Well, loyalty is not necessary.”

He shrugged his shoulders and said so, then quickly kicked off the seat. There was no hesitation in his movement when he turned around.

I figured it would be like this anyway.

It was because they thought that the dwarves would not accept their request without any conditions.

It would have been nice if I could eat even a little bit raw, but I can’t help it.

However, even though it was annoying for Jaehyun, he wasn’t worried at all.

If it was Dark Elves in the past, he had dealt with them before, and he had a useful title. In addition, his colleagues also gained divinity and their level was quite high.

At that time, the enemies of about 9 kings would not have been difficult to deal with individually, except for Lee Jae-sang.

“… wait a minute.”

The moment Jaehyun turned around like that. Daren summoned Jaehyun for a moment.

* * *

Darren looked at the adversary in front of him and recalled a past hidden deep in his heart. It was a story about his family and ancestors from a long time ago.

The former king of the dwarves.

There was a man called Kurin.

Of course, he was brave, and he hated betraying his trust. So he joined the Ban Esir and died.

He lost his life along with his compatriots while fighting to defend his beliefs.

Daren has been growing up hearing stories about this since childhood.

Never stand on the side of the weak who are not strong. It will only kill your own people.

If you want to be king, think of nothing other than the comfort of your people.

Darren was cowardly, but he thought he was right.

Because the previous generation was overpowered by the enemy so easily that it was embarrassing, and died.

Because their land was taken away by the Dark Elves.

but… Why?

The adversary in front of him was the one he wanted to believe.

He believes in himself and moves forward without hesitation.

In fact, they are the weakest race, humans.

Darren thought.

No matter how extraordinary talent he may have been, it must have taken his own hard work and a hellish forging process to become as strong as he is now.

Like pouring molten iron and continuing to tap on the shaped equipment, he would have endured the pain by continuously knocking on himself.

Thanks to that, it must have been able to become a well-forged sword like it is now.

After thinking for a while, Daren made a decision. to try him out.

I decided to make sure that I was the one who could really keep my word.

“… Since you have received my request, I will give you an advance payment.”

“Advance payment?”

“okay. Take out your most used weapon and show it to me. I will show you my engraving technique.”

Jaehyun’s eyes widened. Because he did not know that in this way he would get the imprint of the weapon.

he already knew Darren said he only wanted to test himself.

However, there was no reason to avoid it. In any case, it was a good thing for Jaehyun.

He pondered for a while, then took out an artifact and put it down in front of Daren.

This was an artifact completely different from what my colleagues expected.

They groaned in bewilderment.

“… Why, out of many things… ?”

At the words of his colleagues, Jaehyun gave a light smile.

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