I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 369

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Episode 369: Recapture (1)

The artifact Jaehyun brought out was surprisingly not something he used often.

[Demon Sword Tyrbing]

He held it out in front of Darren.

Colleagues tilted their heads as if they couldn’t understand at all.

“… Why did you choose this out of so many?”

A sword that cannot be leaded until one person is killed when it comes out of the scabbard. Its danger does not need to be explained by mouth.

But why did Jaehyun make such a choice?

If it’s the one you use often, isn’t it Nidhogg’s Fang or the recently strengthened dragon slasher Balmung?

If not, it would be nice to engrave an engraving on the side of the armor.

But why?

Jaehyun did not explain why he made that decision.

Darren saw Jaehyun’s weapon. He brushed his beard once.

“This… Weapons made with magic. That too… It’s a magic sword. It looks like there’s a lot of human blood on it. It’s a dangerous thing.”

Darren’s eyes narrow.

“Where did you get this from?”

“As spoils.”

Jaehyun shrugged his shoulders as if he had no reason to explain further.

The meaning was clear, so Darren didn’t ask more.

I just said that I thought I should make one thing clear.

“Is it really okay to engrave an engraving on this weapon?”

There are many ways to engrave other weapons.

He was repeating it now. In fact, no dwarf would be happy to engrave an imprint on an object that is difficult to handle.

Especially if it’s a magic sword.

However, Jaehyun also had his own circumstances. The reason why he bothered to strengthen Tyrbing.

It was clear.

‘I need a powerful shot. There must be a single best shot that can send away a being higher than me at once.’

Because it was a reproduction that had not yet reached the 4th stage of liberation.

It was to be able to put a proper shot against an enemy of a higher rank than himself.

In that sense, the choice to engrave a seal on Tyrbing could be seen as the right choice.

There are a total of three mythical equipment that can be crafted.

However, not all were equally powerful.

Since ancient times, each weapon has its own characteristics, so you have to fight by changing it from time to time.

However, there is one thing that needs to be made clear in the process.

‘Be sure to pack at least one weapon that can hit you right away. Otherwise, when you have a chance to kill the enemy, you may blow it up.’

It was the same when I fought Hugin.

If he had been a little stronger, he could have killed him with one shot at the Red Gate.

Since one arm was amputated, there was no lack of harvest, but it was true that it was regrettable inside.

However, Jaehyun’s thoughts will inevitably not be understood by others.

Because it was too risky.

However, Jaehyun thought differently. Few have ever been so close to death every moment. Now his head was colder and more rational than ever.

Darren sighed for a moment and said.

“Do you know the weight of the ghosts and blood that clung to this weapon? If I knew, I wouldn’t be able to use this weapon.”

“Weapons are meant to be wielded. I don’t care how many people died from this.”

Jaehyun immediately responded, and then went on.

“You are a dwarf and a blacksmith. Daren… did you say You’d better think well. What are you making right now?”

making weapons.

In particular, it smelts a cold weapon like the sword that Jaehyun took out. The meaning of casting is clear.

to kill someone

What else is it to kill?

To make one’s own decisions about the life and death of others. It was the blacksmith’s job to feel that pressure. It’s not just pounding well and blowing wind for smelting.

“… It won’t take long. finish it soon Sleep in this town today, and leave tomorrow morning.”


Jaehyun nodded.

If that was the case, it was well worth the wait.

* * *

After the conversation with Darren, Jaehyun returns to the village inn.

He closed his eyes for a moment and remembered the story Hela and Smir had told him. It was at the time of the regular meeting in Helheim, before setting out on the journey.

[actually… From the beginning, the owner of Svartal Fame was not a Dark Elf.]

Smir was so lucky. Jaehyun asked about him in detail, and the other gods told him various things.


Jaehyun thought.

In order to properly explain this, it is the most primitive period.

The story of the birth of Ginnungagap and the various races that were born thereafter cannot be left out.

Ever since the far and deep abyss was first born.

After Audumra was born by melting the ice of Niflheim, the world pulsated in earnest.

Subsequently, numerous races were born, and among them there was no one called ‘Dark Elves’. It meant that it was a species that did not exist at all.

If so, a question may arise here.



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Where the hell did the dark elves come from?

Why did he become the owner of Svartal Fame, the dwarven dwelling?

To find out, we have to pull back a little bit of time again.

when the world began.

In the beginning of nature, only gods, elves, giants, humans, and various spirits existed as the main races.

They rose up on their own, built a civilization, proved their worth, and established themselves in their respective worlds in earnest.

By the way, at that time, Odin was already preparing for war. Just like now, it was to obtain the whole world and satisfy his own ambition.

However, at that time he was still weak.

Of course, it was said that he was weak compared to now, but it was true anyway. Odin was weak at the time, and he was no better than the others.

At that time, Asgard’s leader was Tyr.

Because he, the god of war and justice, became the leader of Asgard at once, leading huge support and followers.


Odin didn’t like that. Because of this, he decided to work. He was determined to seize the supremacy of Asgard himself.

In fact, if it were another god, he might have been content with his position.

However, Odin was not satisfied with his position. So he comes up with a plan. It was to use it by encouraging other forces to help him rise to the pinnacle.

The first target was the elf.

Odin went to the elf and said.

If you help me, I will push Tyr and take over Asgard.

And that I will obtain all the worlds and make your life easier.

However, elves were innately noble beings. Convincing them with their high noses was virtually impossible.

Because of this, Odin turned his eyes the other way.

‘It breaks down from the inside out.’

That was Odin’s main method.

No matter how solid it is, if it starts to crumble slowly from the inside, it will be destroyed the moment you don’t even realize it.

He was sure that if he could use this, he could seize power.

Odin used the rune language he learned in Yggdrasil to get his hands on the forbidden magic.

Forbidden magic here refers to magic that affects the great flow of the world.

For example, interfering with time, space, life, etc.

It would have been unbelievable to realize such a thing with magic, so many people had to sacrifice. However, Odin secretly succeeded in the experiment.

Forbidden magic. The first one was this.


Literally creating a rift in any being, then granting him more power with runes. Then nurture the seeds of discord and corrupt them.

That was Odin’s magic.

Odin swallowed the elves in an instant.

Odin, who took their form, began to kill his own people, and the elves became suspicious of each other. It was the beginning of the fall.

In the process, among the elves, of course, there was no choice but to create an alienated group.

Odin held out his hand to them.

I will give you stronger and superior power. So take my hand, that’s what I said.

They couldn’t deny it.

Thanks to Odin’s power, a fallen elf. In other words, the Dark Elves were born.

However, at a time when the war had not yet begun. Since the elves were still alive, Odin chose Svartalfame as their home.

Dwarves had little interaction with elves, and were far from humans. I only interacted with God occasionally. Those who are full of selfishness who are independent children of heaven and earth.

Because that’s what Odin thought was a dwarf.

Odin also thought that the weapons they made were extremely dangerous.

Because of this, after making the Dark Elves unable to exert their momentum, they waged a long war.

That was the first Ragnarok.

… Thanks to hearing all of these stories, Jaehyun was able to respond as he does now. After all, information is the best asset.

Because of this, he felt the need to organize the Dark Elves once.

Aren’t they the ones who are on Odin’s side anyway, because of their past?

It was judged that if they eliminated them before the war escalated, they would be able to increase their odds.

Of course, it didn’t show on the outside at all.

I also thought that it would be nice if I could erase even a little more debt from my heart to Daren.

* * *

The audience room of Nidavellir Palace, where night has come.

Daren, who was looking at the floor near Jaehyun’s place, smiled.

A person who came to visit me a little while ago. His power was beyond his imagination.

No, it wasn’t just strength.

Loki I saw in the past. He wasn’t even that good at talking.

There was an invisible leadership in the enemy.

At first glance, he seemed like a bully, full of thoughts of tearing things off, but… .

It was never all.

‘I see what he wanted to say. A blacksmith making a sword. He knew exactly what the act meant.’

How many battlefields and how many battles had he gone through to realize that?

With that thought in mind, he placed his hand on the sword he had left behind.


The demonic sword was shining transparently in the moonlight. Dangerous is beautiful. Beautiful things are dangerous. As if realizing that truth, the fine figure of the sword is revealed.

Darren began to increase his magic power, then took out his quill and runestone. He was a necessary item for imprinting.

he catches his breath

‘I hope my choice can change the fate of the dwarves… .’

Thinking so, he soaked the tip of his quill in the blue liquid extracted from the runestone.

After bringing a pen to the mouth of the pure white sword’s naked body, I listened to the sword’s cry. It was a sorrowful cry that no other race could hear.

woo woo woo… … .

Fragments of the souls of those killed by this sword. It remained there, unformed.

That’s why Darren hesitated.

This sword has eaten a lot of its owner.

Knowing that, I thought that the enemy would surely die by this sword.

“But the adversary said he would handle that too.”


I was just going back to what he said.

the adversary said.

I wasn’t confident 10,000 years ago. So what happened then is not my business.

So Darren laughed.

As his pen touches the sword, letters slowly begin to be engraved.

“Even if you die, it’s not my part-time job anyway.”

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