I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 376

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Episode 376: Broc and Eytri Brothers (1)

Unfortunately, the Brock-Eytri brothers are stupid.

Also, the heart is weak and a bird’s heart.

Surprisingly, this was the story that the ‘black feet’ told Jaehyun.

As Jaehyun rode the rattling cart into the cave, he had no choice but to sigh at the pitiful treatment he had to face again.

‘Let’s just endure for three days… After that, all of them… !’

If you endure and endure for three days, the effect of the ring will disappear.

That means they can no longer hide.

After that happens, Jaehyun will be able to track them down by spreading his magic.

Even if any of these guys run away, you will be able to catch them somehow.

For him, now is the moment when he needs the most patience.

Let’s hold on a little. It will go by quickly in three days.

No slave would ever work more than ten hours a day.

Jaehyun thought about it and nodded his head.

But then. Suddenly, Eitri, the younger of the siblings, clasped her index fingers together and said in a hesitant voice.

“But brother… What do you want your slave to do first?”

“hmm… I know? What do I have to do first?”

‘… … what? Did you buy me without deciding what to order?’

Of course, two gold coins for a slave was far too cheap. It was almost like a special sale, probably. It’s understandable what they were screaming at.

But you brought yourself in without deciding what to do?

“Remove the gag from your mouth, let’s start with cleaning!”

Jaehyun, who heard their words, spat out the gag on his own.

It wasn’t even that I had properly closed my mouth in the first place.

he asked with a puzzled expression.

“… Do you want me to clean up?”

“okay! It’s our forge… It’s been exactly 100 years since I haven’t cleaned it!”

As Brock said, he puffed out his chest.

… Is that a characteristic of dwarves? Why are you all in that position?

Since he is naturally small, is he somehow trying to intimidate him by increasing his size?

I don’t know about Jaehyun, but he looked cute.

Anyway, anyway.

‘Do the cleaning. To me… ?’

Jaehyun’s brain stopped for a while because he had been treated so badly for the first time in a while.

Just a few days ago, didn’t he give a speech at a place where the best human radars gathered?

however… cleaning?

“Okay… It is.”

compelled to comprehend. No matter how incomprehensible it is, can you do anything about it?

Now, for three days, I have to accept the snow stamps of these guys. Jaehyun was not the type to mess around with his emotions.

Tok, tok.

As Jaehyun drew out his magic and started cleaning, the two brothers started having tea time seriously debating what to do now.

The scent of rosemary, chamomile, and honey spread through the air.

I thought maybe I’d give myself a drink too, but it didn’t happen. The Dwarves didn’t have enough capital to give tea to the slaves.

Jaehyun felt his insides boil.

your precious co-workers.

They reminded themselves of something they had forgotten.

‘The world is cold. You can’t trust anyone.’

that the world is cold.

It made me realize the forgotten truth.

At that moment, no one noticed that the corner of Jaehyun’s mouth went up for a moment.

For the dull Dwarf brothers, that change only lasted for an instant.

about two hours later. Jaehyun was able to finish all the cleaning.

All kinds of equipment needed for crafting and strengthening were lined up, and every time I organized them, I thought, ‘This should be over there…’ .’, ‘You can’t put this away… !’ A lot of stress piled up in the barrel of whining.

Even in the midst of that, the fact that the slaves were not openly treated was somehow pitiful. But it was the same as bothering himself with chores.

Aren’t they the ones who had a tea time and planned how to roll themselves?

‘Heinous things… .’

Jaehyun thought so and waited for the next instruction, but suddenly the brother took up the hammer for a while, as if he liked the clean smithy.

After exchanging glances for a while, the two dwarves heated the iron in the prepared bellows, poured it into the mold, and started making equipment. It was a sudden thing, but Jaehyun quickly focused.

The work was done with astonishing speed.

It was an astounding speed of work that exceeded the level of talent.

He didn’t know what he was making yet, but Jaehyun, who didn’t know much, looked at the way the frame was slowly being formed with the clear sound of “Kaang”.

about 30 minutes later.

Soon after, they wiped the sweat from their foreheads and smiled brightly.

“after… ! brother!”


The two twin brothers smiled at each other as they looked at the finished product.

However, it was not a reproduction. There was only an absurd, dejected smile hanging from the corners of his mouth. The reason was really trivial.

As Jaehyun looked at the object the two dwarves had made, a status window popped up before long.

[Equipment Item]



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Name: Wonderful Artisan’s Pickaxe (crafted by Brother Broc-Aitri)

Rating: S+

An artisan’s pickaxe that is said to be able to gather ore at once with just one hoeing.

It is the work of the Broc-Eytri brothers.

‘… It seemed to make something that seemed to exist… Are these bastards making pickaxes?’

In the meantime, what was absurd was the grade of the pickaxe they made.


It was a state of awe in the human world.

It is the highest grade except for Shinhwa, and the number of people holding it in their hands can be counted. Except for Jaehyun and his colleagues, there was no one who could handle it properly.

But can you make something like that right in front of you in 30 minutes?

As I looked around while cleaning, there were very few useful tools in the forge. Except for the hammer and the mold used for smelting, the blacksmith is familiar with the word narrow.

The only ore to be found there was an ingot of iron ore, commonly found rolling around. However, the finished product was not at that level.

‘How could that be? Are you using alchemy?’

The wonder that Lee Jae-sang felt only when he was making potions was felt in these brothers. He was the most outstanding person in his field among all Jaehyun knew.

A compliment like that was nothing short of praise for Brother Brock-Eytri.

However, at that moment, Jaehyun felt something pull on his backbone.

“however… .”

He tried to hide his embarrassment and took his luck.

Because something didn’t feel right.

“I… Why did you make the pickaxe… ?”

When Jaehyun asked cautiously, the brother responded with a happy expression.

“I have to mine a lot of ore with this! Right Brock?”

“huh! I need a special ore in ‘Wyvern Gorge’! We can’t go because we’re scared, so we’d better have slaves! Right Eitri?”

‘Somehow, out of the blue, he was making a pickaxe.’

Jaehyun sighed and accepted the pickaxe. The brothers excitedly began to tell the slave the location of Wyvern’s Rift.

However, even at that moment, Jaehyun had only one question.

‘They are stronger slaves than they are, so what if I hit the back of the head… Is there any solution?’

Of course, the Brock-Eytri brothers had no countermeasures. If it’s a problem because there are too many countermeasures, it’s a problem.

They were truly absurd gag brothers.

* * *

“… Will Jaehyun be okay?”

Seo Ina suddenly opened the door with those words. She said as Hoyeon Ahn put on an expression that seemed to have chilled her spine a little.

“well… I’m worried that we may have touched a hive we shouldn’t touch. It’s not someone else, it’s ‘that’ Jaehyun… .”

“Maybe they’ll hit you until they die?”

When Lee Jae-sang heard this, Kwon So-yul and Kim Yu-jung’s faces darkened noticeably. There is no reason why

It is because they were the main actors in this rock-paper-scissors manipulation incident.

Kwon So-yul plans it, and Kim Yoo-jung tricks him with an innocent face.

It was a perfect plan, indeed, and the cost would probably be dire.

Hella sighed lightly and recalled the situation from a moment ago.

[So, that brother needs a slave… … Are you saying that the ring they are wearing is something that avoids other people’s eyes? In order for the effect to go away, you have to stay together for three days?]

At Jaehyun’s absurd words, even Daren broke out in sweat.

The soles of his black feet had already suffered from hyperhidrosis, and sweat was dripping from all over his body.

Jaehyun had a cool look on his face.

[That means… Someone has to become a slave to the Brock-Atri brothers and take care of them for three days after hiding… … .]

[How about deciding with rock-paper-scissors?]

It was at that moment that Kwon So-yul intervened.

Jaehyun nodded his head, not feeling the smell of manipulation at all.

But then the preparations were already over.

The colleagues quickly exchanged glances and exchanged autographs.

And at that time, Kim Yoo-jung took a picture of the finish line.

[Then, this time, let’s go and come back with something special! We’re still one team, but wouldn’t it be nice to have someone come and go who comes out with the same thing but different things?]

Even pretending to hear it was sophistry, but Jaehyun didn’t care much.

That would be the case, because Kim Yoo-jung’s expression was so natural.

‘It’s Jaehyun’s fault for not suspecting that he used such a trick!’

Colleagues sincerely thought so. He was quite tired from catching dark elves, and he hated spending three days with a dwarf he didn’t know.

It can’t be helped, but shouldn’t the leader make sacrifices here?

[Rock Paper Scissors!]

Just like that, the rock-paper-scissors continued, and Jaehyun realized in a split second that he had been betrayed.

It was because when his own scissors fell miserably in front of him, the fists of other colleagues (even Hella) were lying in front of him.

[…] Did you make it?]

Jae-hyun questioned his colleague with only his heart, but he couldn’t get the result he wanted. because it’s already too late

he gave out the scissors And his teammates raised their fists.

As a group too!

… So, Jae-hyun went to persuade (?) the Brock-Atri brothers as a representative.

Ahn Ho-yeon wrapped his arms around both shoulders and trembled. Lee Jae-sang also swallowed her saliva.

At that time, the black-haired sole, who had been watching this from the side, collided with his teeth and trembled.

‘As expected, humans are dangerous. How could he abandon his comrades so quickly… ?! On top of that, when you play rock-paper-scissors, those hand gestures, urgent movements, and sense of urgency… It’s not something the dwarves can handle… !’

He truly became aware of human fears.

The reason for this is, ironically, rock, paper, scissors.

Darren knew at least that Blackfoot had such thoughts. Because he was thinking the same thing.

Sometimes, because of a strange thing, they become mistaken for humans… .

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