I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 377

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Chapter 377. Broc-Eytri Brothers (2)

bang! bang!

As a result, there was no need to use a pickaxe.

Jaehyun was gathering ore using his fists and magic. Basically, the ore belonged to a fairly hard side.

However, it was not enough to withstand Jaehyun’s fist in the 3rd stage of Divinity Liberation.

Jaehyun judged that fists were more efficient than using a pickaxe that didn’t fit his body. It was really fast, so it wasn’t a big problem.

In the first place, the Brock-Atri brothers didn’t even come together.

Maybe he said he would think about how to roll more slaves to be more efficient. Somehow he feels like he’s a real slave.

It made me a little upset.

‘I don’t think they’re that bad… Also, I don’t think they’re good guys either. Seeing them do things like this.’

It’s fortunate that the owner doesn’t hit me, but the degree to which I get things done is extraordinary.

First cleaning, then sent to the mine to mine 200 special ores. It’s a very breath taking situation.

The Wyverns in the Wyvern Gorge had already been cleaned up with one meteor shot. It’s annoying to stick to it, so I’m going to take a look at it at once.

They’re not as smart or strong as dragons anyway.

Even if the number of objects is reduced a little, there is no way that troublesome things will happen.

“By the way, this mine… The interesting stones are quite far away.”

Jaehyun thought so and looked at the three or four stones he obtained from collecting 200 special ores.

Huung… .

A small stone that makes a sound like the wind blowing. It was an object that came in one hand, and it had small letters written on it.

The writing inside was a character that Jaehyun was very familiar with.

‘Rune language.’

Runes were engraved on the stones.

That said, this stone he was holding was something called a “rune stone”. This meant that it was the most important tool for engraving.

Before he was first enslaved by the Broc-Atri brothers, Jae-hyeon had a chance to hear about it from Darren, so he knew it well.

[Engraving is basically carried out through rune words, which draws out the personal magic of the practitioner and the power of equipment that reacts to this runestone.]


[okay. It’s a rare item in Svartalfame. Even if you search all the mines, you won’t be able to find more than three or four.

Therefore, when we proceed with engraving, we melt this runestone and then use it to imprint. Let’s see… Each runestone can engrave nearly a dozen pieces of equipment.]

It was good news for Jaehyun.

Daren says that the more you strengthen your weapon without diluting the imprint stone as much as possible, the stronger your weapon can be made.

The imprint becomes stronger.

However, there was one problem here too.

If imprinted with an undiluted runestone, it could be difficult for the user to properly control it, and the equipment could be destroyed.

However, there was no problem with Jaehyun at all.

‘In the first place, even if my equipment is destroyed, I just have to remake it. You can use the imagery of magic tools.

Besides, since I’ve already gotten so many runestones, it would be easier to get stronger if I use the undiluted solution itself for engraving.’

such a judgment was made. It’s clear, but it was quite a harvest.

The number of rune stones, after that, you can use (?) Kwon So-yul to get more. Wasn’t it her specialty to read the field map and get hidden objects there?

‘Should I be a little grateful to the Broc-Atri brothers?’

With that thought in mind, Jaehyun entered the workshop where their blacksmith’s was located.

At that moment, his evaluation of his two brothers was completely overturned again.

“I’m here? slave?! Then, the next step is to help with our bellows!”

Eitri said that, and Jaehyun kept his mouth shut before finally speaking.

“… Did I just come back?”

“… huh? Aren’t slaves supposed to keep working?”

A natural look, as if he really didn’t know anything.

Seeing this, Jaehyun felt weak disillusionment. Are these guys the ones who made Thor’s hammer ‘Mjolnir’?

I still couldn’t believe it, but Jaehyun sighed as if he couldn’t do it.

“so. How do I clean the bellows?”

* * *


Thor is lost in contemplation, looking down at his mightiest hammer.

A weapon crafted by two dwarves who are now in hiding.

Its power was truly unmatched.

“Brother Brock-Eytri… If I could get my hands on it, I should have done it a long time ago. I have no idea where it disappeared.”

They have a special ring that can hide their presence.

Just as Andvari had a ring to make gold, so they also have an object to protect their lives.

Thanks to that, Thor had no choice but to give up the idea of ​​asking them for other items after the war. He couldn’t.

If you can’t find it, no matter how Thor, you can’t exercise power. Now, it’s a fact that I’ve asked another blacksmith to make things.

Nevertheless, a thirst for Mjolnir remained in Thor’s heart.

‘Of course, even now, Mjolnir is the best weapon. but… .’

The speed at which the adversary grows stronger. And the death of his two sons was somehow disturbing.

Not only that.

Recently, I heard that even Freya and Tyr are looking for the enemy.

It is natural to have a turn come to you, but this could change at any time.

You can’t read what the Æsir’s supreme god is always thinking.

“The adversary said that he had recently risen to the top of Yggdrasil. You freed humans and proved your worth.”

The Aesir system is now as good as completely broken.



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Again, Odin only gave them the strength to stand alone.

At best, he wanted to unleash monsters and gates in Midgard and turn them into Einherjar, but all of his plans were destroyed.

‘You have to be careful. It’s good to be a little more cautious.’

The adversary was no longer an opponent to be ignored.

Thor constantly ruminated on himself to avoid making a mistake.

What’s the easiest way to beat him?

How much power can he use?

How many artifacts do you have?

Analyzing everything completely wasn’t really in Thor’s temperament. He was a combat fanatic who genuinely enjoyed fighting.

Besides, he’s stupid and stupid. So I wasn’t used to this process itself.

Tyr, who is said to be the god of war, is good at the same thing as he is now. And only Freya, one of his rivals.

But I couldn’t help it.

Thor sincerely intended to fight Jaehyun. That’s why he decided not to collide just with a sense of goodwill.

“Are you listening?”


To Thor’s words, his servant, who was waiting in front of the door, answered in a voice.

Thor said in a stern voice.

“I will prepare to head for Midgard.”

After roughly finishing his thoughts, he was in a situation where he had regained his strength to move slowly. Now, if we just swoop down on him, everyone… .

“There was a message from Lord Odin.”

“… what?”

Odin’s message.

It was completely unexpected for Thor.


It meant that something he hadn’t anticipated intervened in his plan.

Thor asked, frowning.

“Tell me the contents of the message.”

“All the gods of Asgard are focusing on collecting the ‘stars of the far-off abyss’, and for the time being, we will not touch our opponents. said.”

“Shit… .”

Somehow, Thor was convinced that the realization of his plan would be delayed.

Perhaps he wasn’t the only one who felt this dismay.

Tyr and Freya. Aren’t they feeling it too?

How annoying it is to have your prey stolen by someone else.

* * *

Two days after being enslaved by Brother Brock-Atri.

Jaehyun was finally able to properly grind the bellows, and was able to watch the tools being made right in front of his nose.

I was irritated because I had to work for about 18 hours a day, but it miraculously subsided every time I saw the brothers’ skills as field managers who were close to divine.

Is it because he is happy that he can use their power to make his own weapons?

Or is it because the eyes feel pleasure just by appreciating their beautiful, awe-inspiring skills?

‘I don’t want to admit it, but Brock-Eitri’s skills are certain. He’s better than anyone I’ve ever seen.’

Speaking of blacksmiths, everyone Jaehyun had seen so far was human.

Items received after joining Yeonhwa for the first time. It was the work of J, the guild’s exclusive blacksmith. But the young robber said it was a mess and ate it.

Anyway, it was the first time Jaehyun had ever seen him make items himself like this, but he knew that this technique was truly miraculous.

“slave! Go over there and get me a pitcher of water!”

He’s so engrossed, but he’s a guy with skills… whenever I’m thinking about it.

Always the idiot brothers would hit candles and have them run errands.

Jaehyun sighed and brought the kettle he had put on the back to replace it.

Then, they melted the ore and started creating new items with highly purified materials.

The types are so diverse that it is impossible to recite all of them, but there were many types of weapons. There were quite a few pickaxes (…) and other tools needed in real life, but their skills were the most valuable when making weapons.

‘What if I wield that sword? If I can hold it in my hand and even use the power of engraving… ?’

Jaehyun felt his heart pounding at that thought every day.

Like that, Jaehyun kept repeating the bellows and running errands.

Finally, I was able to spend all three days.

―All the effects of the artifact «Ring of Stealth» have ended.

Jaehyun almost roared as he listened to the system message.


“Tongue, brother! No, slaves are crazy!”

“Yes! brother! Slaves are crazy!”

The two dwarves hugged each other and shuddered as they watched Jaehyun change.

Even though he was a slave, Jaehyun’s momentum seemed frightening.


Jaehyun slowly walked towards the two brothers and said.

“Come on, you guys. Have you ever been able to pamper me?”

“Why, why, slave! we just… .”

“okay. You think that slaves have to do what they are told to do. but isn’t that it? That your first premise was absolutely wrong?”

Jaehyun laughed.

“I am not a slave. and.”


On the wall of the blacksmith’s cave, the marks of Jaehyun’s blow are clearly visible.

It was a fist mixed with resentment.

“You guys should do something for me. Because they used high-level personnel like me… What, at least 30 years?”

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