I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 379

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Episode 379: Broc and Eytri Brothers (4)

To begin with, the supply of materials did not take too long. There were more witches in the valley than I thought.

‘Well, is it natural?’

The ruling race of Svartal Fame was the Dark Elves. But they had little reason to hunt demons.

Food problems are often caused by hunting or raising livestock. In addition, in the case of Dark Elves, who are sometimes sent to Midgard, they hunt humans directly.

In fact, they had no reason to hunt demons at all.

In addition, the Dark Elves were able to use these monsters again.

It was because they were the ones who were wearing taming-related magic.

Moreover, the Dwarves did not even dare to think of hunting down demons and collecting rune stones.

In order to mine the runestone, you have to penetrate the beast and go deep into it, but the force required for this is far beyond what the dwarves can handle.

Because of this, Darren also could not secure this runestone, so he diluted it and used it.

however… .


‘… … There were so many runestones in Svartal Fame.’

It was Daren who looked shocked at the mysterious blue stones pouring out of the basket.

When he was looking for it, he found it well if he could only find one every ten days.

But, how many runestones did Jaehyun bring?

There seem to be at least 100 of them.

… How is that possible?

“how is it? Do you think you are ready to engrave?”

“Wow, that’s a skill worth using.”

Darren said so disingenuously. Because she did not want to reveal all of her own resources, it was the expression of a sense of qualifications that came out without her knowledge.

Jaehyun, of course, was clearly seeing through this as well.

“Well then, you can engrave as many engravings as you like… Next is the equipment. Hey slaves.”

“ah… yep!”


The two dwarf brothers trembled and answered Jaehyun.

They are now named Slaves No. 1 and No. 2.

It’s a disgraceful name, but I couldn’t help it. Wouldn’t it be better to roll in this world, even if it’s a field of dog shit, rather than die?

If you endure a little longer…

If he perseveres just a little longer, he will tell the black lion’s left foot about its ugliness, and if that happens, he will be able to somehow improve the unfair contract.

The plan of those who thought so was broken right in the exact next moment.

“Black feet. You keep an eye on them to make sure they’re doing the right thing. Got it?”

“Ah, I see… .”

The sole of that black lion’s left foot!

The only hope is to bow one’s head to the human being who is said to be the enemy.

What the hell is that human being, even the sole of the black lion’s left foot…

Did even the best fighters become such a disgrace?

The brothers eventually had to accept the deplorable thing.

He became a slave, and he will be given almost no pay in the future… It meant that he had to continue working while receiving 2 gold coins each.

“First of all, what I need is a long sword.”

Jaehyun parted his lips like that, unaware of the other person’s speed.

long sword.

It was just the weapon he needed.

Neither the staff nor the wand are familiar to him. The sword already possessed three types: rapier, greatsword, and dagger.

Since he hadn’t obtained a long sword with a long blade yet, Jaehyun was feeling sad inside.


‘Hoyeoni uses a long sword well.’

Jaehyun was thinking of making a sword and sharing it with Ahn Hoyeon. After he touches the sword once, he produces it as an image of a magic tool and gives the original to An Ho-yeon.

That way, two people can benefit from the materials for making one sword.

‘Anyway, my gloves are classified as weapons, so I can’t equip two weapons. This is the most efficient way.’

Of course, the engraving was intended to be different. But it was better to share weapons.

So, Jae-Hyun has just commissioned the production of the best longsword.

For two gold coins.

“The ingredients are all gathered. that is… Give me three days, and I’ll finish it in no time.”

“three days… ? It sounds familiar… … .”

At Eitri’s words, Jaehyun responded with a cold smile.

After all, it was like him with a long back end.

Darren interrupted.

“My engraving will take that much for each piece of equipment. You’d better think of it as a well-deserved rest here for a month.”

“It is. Is there a gymnasium?”

In the meantime, Jaehyun, of course, had no intention of resting. Isn’t it not enough time for him to grind and polish himself? Every day was precious now.

Odin, Thor, Tyr, etc.

There were many strong gods who had ill feelings towards them.

Of course, it is true that he has grown so as not to bow down, but Jaehyun is still weak.

“every. You need to train with me again for a while.”

At Jaehyun’s words, the party was a little taken aback. Hadn’t they already gone through his training several times? that’s really… .

It was not something that could be endured with spirit or passion.



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“I don’t want to close my eyes. Could it be my mistake?”

“… Of course it is an illusion.”

Ahn Ho-yeon quickly nodded and responded.

There was no one here who did not know that behind that smile there was fear.

Jaehyun laughed.

‘Brothers Brock-Eytri… I heard that the Æsir gods came to us several times and offered huge amounts of gold to embrace them.’

do they know

The fact that the Broc-Atri brothers, whom they had been searching for so long, were being exploited for only two gold coins per piece of equipment.

That too to their nemesis, their antagonist.

* * *

As the weapon’s production progressed smoothly, Jaehyun and the party continued to practice.

Since they are now fully matured in their skills, Jaehyun had to bring out some of his strength. In the past, those who faced without even taking out the rank.

But now it was safe to fight after freeing the 2nd level.

Otherwise, you’ll get caught.

‘It’s new, but you’ve really grown a lot. Guys… !’


Jae-Hyun thinks so and perfectly cuts off Ho-Yeon An’s stabbing sword.

After drawing a trajectory for the sword and avoiding it with a light movement of lowering its head, it counterattacks with a flurry of fluff.

He had nothing in his hand. But the effect was great.


Ahn Ho-yeon raises his knee to block Jae-hyun’s attack. Even so, it was quite difficult to withstand because each attack was heavy.


At that timing, Kim Yoo-jung rushes towards Jae-hyun.

However, Jaehyun knows that this is an operation. she is a fake

“… haap!”

A small cheer came from the left side, not from the right side of her run. It belonged to Seo Ina. What I heard while climbing the tower.

He was used to Jaehyun.

Jaehyun laughed lightly as he saw the two rushing towards him.



Let’s roll on the ground, the axis of the earth breaks and creates a roar. This slowed the movement of the two for a very short moment.


Jaehyun managed to deflect Seo Ina before he knew it.

The situation where only Kim Yoo-jung continues the rush.

‘shit! I’m no match!’

Chii profit!

She quickly stopped and applied the brakes.

But it was a meaningless action. Jaehyun was already in front of his nose. He was smiling.

“I’ve been thinking about it.”

Jaehyun said so. Kim Yoo-jung’s spine became chilly.

“No matter how much I think about it, it doesn’t make sense that So-yul sunbaenim worked alone in the rock-paper-scissors case. Even with Ina, the chancellor hyung, and Hella.”

He clenched his fist.

“I think it’s 100 percent that you participated. yes?”

“Oh, no… !”

―Active skill 《Subordinate》 is activated.

―The designated target is telling lies.

“Ohh. It just caught on.”

Jaehyun throws his fist back. Its appearance was like that of a raider without hesitation. Kim Yoo-jung muttered with a face that gave up.

“… okay. Hit just one hit. Hit it!”


Unfortunately, Jaehyun wasn’t the kind of person to look after him. This was in the name of training, but it was also Jaehyun’s revenge.

Although he forgot about Seo Eana’s food when he first came back, aren’t these colleagues who enslaved him for 18 hours a day and 3 days?

Whoa… !

After a while. The wind blew.

Just like that, when all of my colleagues fell for Jaehyun.

Daren and black feet. And the Brock-Atri brothers were secretly spying on their training. And I was sure

Never mess with them!

“Three, the world seems wide… I never thought there would be such a monster… !”

“okay. little brother… I think so too. The fact that humans are so strong… never heard of it! Yes. Black feet?”

The black soles have already given up on thinking.

Thanks to Jaehyun, other dwarves have now started calling themselves black feet.

How absurd!

It was black-haired soles that took pride in their name. To shorten the name my mother cherished, one letter at a time, like that.

Even if it’s a human way, isn’t it too much… !

Then, suddenly, Brock opened his mouth.

“I… however. Why does the adversary call only Blackfoot by abbreviated name… ? Neither Darren nor we are reducing it… .”


Blackfoot finally realized that he had been tricked.

But it was already too late. They were too strong to talk to now.

So he had no choice but to say:

“That’s because I’m closest to him!”

“Oh oh… !! After all, you are black-haired!”

“You look like a dwarf legend!!”

At the words of the two dwarves, the black-haired sole stretched out its shoulders for no reason.

What, life… Even if it wasn’t until then, we defeated the Dark Elves together. Wouldn’t he consider himself a colleague?

Therefore, he never lied!

Anyway, that’s it!

* * *

The time of a month passed quickly like that, and the equipment of the colleagues was finally completed.

With excitement, Jaehyun began to appreciate the weapons of the Brock-Atri brothers.

First of all, the weapons and armor of allies. The weapons that Jaehyun had already chosen were quite usable, so I filled them one by one, starting with the most urgent parts, and the equipment was prepared at a level that could be used even at a glance.

The hardness was so great that it could withstand being hit by the Æsir god dozens of times, plus the effect of the engraving made by Darren.

These are truly the best tools available today.

Jaehyun nodded with a satisfied expression and next looked at his equipment.

At that moment, he couldn’t help but be surprised for the second time since the regression.

‘These children… I thought you were an idiot, but you’re more skilled than I thought, right?’

Jaehyun tried to swallow the words down his throat, but when he thought about it, he thought that there was no need to do that, so he pulled him out again.

“I thought you guys were idiots, but you were quite usable guys, right?”

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