I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 382

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Episode 382: The Fifth Trial (2)

Chow ah!

The long sword climbs up the enemy’s legs at once and cuts them in a spiral pattern. Jaehyun stepped between the giant wolf’s legs and reached his eyes before he knew it.

Looking at Fenrir from close range, the pressure seemed to intensify. Jaehyun didn’t feel so intimidated anymore.

‘I don’t intend to be vigilant though.’

Jaehyun sighed and looked ahead.

Fenrir, the strongest wolf in mythology.

That bright red pupil resembled himself. Like a wild beast, I feel the fear of swallowing anything at any moment. The drooling jaws would also be able to devour voraciously whatever it puts in.

Thinking of putting my hand in there…

Although he is the god of war, I thought that Tyr was also not insane.

[That’s interesting.]

Fenrir was a mad talent that had grown to this point with just one body, without any artifacts.

The strongest existence that Loki gave birth to.

No matter how strong Jaehyun attacks him, he won’t break through easily.

However, Jaehyun had no intention of avoiding it.

Wasn’t the reason why I got this and that artifact in the first place to deal with him?

Rather than backing down, it was the right decision to fight him directly. If you lightly show your back, you’ll see yourself in his mouth in an instant.

Jaehyun took a few steps back, sweating.

Then, a late system sound and a quest window come to mind.

―You have accepted the main quest 《The Fifth Trial: The Trial of Fenrir》.

[Main Quest]

Trial of Fenrir

Fenrir, the god-devouring wolf, brings trials upon his adversaries.

Fight Fenrir, subdue him, and earn your rank.

Clear Reward: Liberation Level Increased by 1

Penalty for Failure: Death

As a result, the story the system tells is simple.

If you don’t beat that big guy, you’ll die. And for this, he must prepare for everything he has and be recognized for his strength.

Jaehyun had already prepared some countermeasures for this.

Perhaps, if he could use them properly, winning victory over Fenrir wouldn’t be too much of a stretch.

However, Jaehyun’s positive thoughts were something he could do because he hadn’t experienced Fenrir yet.

Fenrir showed his teeth and smiled.

[I was expecting it to be an adversary… You live up to my expectations exactly. but… It is still at the upper level of the 3rd level of liberation.]

He looked down at Jaehyun with his red eyes.

[Let me tell you one thing for sure. You’ll never be able to beat me with that level of skill. So, in this place I am looking at now, you have to go beyond your limits.]


What that means is clear.

stage of liberation. Fenrir was telling me to get over it at this moment.

‘It’s not even impossible.’

Jaehyun put strength on the longsword in his hand.

As an adversary, he has greater potential than anyone else. Also, several times so far he has crossed his walls.

It wasn’t any different than it was now.

However, Fenrir was not conceited either.

Fenrir was recognized as one of the strongest beings. A monster that makes even the gods tremble. Because he is such a being, Jaehyun, a human, thinks that he cannot easily reach him.

So, it is not conceit. It meant superior innate confidence.

“There has never been a time when I didn’t do my best.”

Jaehyun said so with force.

Fenrir also responded by pressing down on each letter.

[That’s something I’ll have to check. Now then, a proper fight… Let’s start.]

White smoke begins to leak from Fenrir’s mouth.

It was breath. A very cold, cold breath that seems to freeze everyone here spreads over Jaehyun’s shoulders and feet, making him freeze cold from his waist.

Jaehyun immediately activated the fire magic to prevent his body from stiffening.


quick response.

However, the coldness of Fenrir was not something that could be resisted that much. It’s a pity, but it’s a severe cold that goes beyond simple coldness.

Having fangs of bitter cold was what the giant wolf Fenrir feared.

Of course, the simple destructive power is also terrifying.

Jaehyun quickly repeated his thoughts.

‘It’s not the coldness that can be blown away with flame magic. If it wasn’t for Hel’s protection, I’d probably be frostbitten and unable to move.’

I felt very fortunate that the first ordeal was Hel’s.

At that time, Jae-Hyun crossed his limits by catching Night Shade, and as a reward, he obtained the protection of Hell, which can resist all status ailments.

That has considerably reduced Jaehyun’s consideration of compatibility when dealing with enemies so far.

[It’s clear what he’s thinking. However, the power of the cold that I possess is of the kind that cannot be completely twisted by Hel’s protection. Just extreme cold. It is not judged as abnormal.]

After Fenrir said that, this time he opened his mouth wide and began to shoot something.

The cold, the cold, was immediately discernible, but there was something more surprising than that.

Bruce right away. Because what he’s shooting is his breath.

Jaehyun quickly leaned back and bounced like a spring, kicking the ground.




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My instinct knows that I shouldn’t be hit by that, and I tell Jaehyun that. Jaehyun immediately injected magic into his hand.

―Active skill «Absolute Calculation».


As the shot breath breaks, the shards scatter like glass fragments. At first glance, it was nothing more than a very beautiful landscape.

Actually, it didn’t end there.

blah blah!

With its huge jaw wide open again, it approaches Jaehyun at close range. Jaehyun tried to roll over him, but the floor was already icy.

It’s a situation where you can’t be sure where you’ll land if you roll over there.

I couldn’t throw myself away recklessly.

Jaehyun immediately raised his longsword vertically to block Fenrir’s approaching fangs. Cleverly, Fenrir quickly fell back, and this time he slashed his claws.

I thought that this was really unavoidable, so I had no choice but to recreate it and used the special effects of the equipment.

―Active skill 《Shadow Fairy Tale》.

While activating Shadow Assimilation, Jae-Hyun let the enemy attack once.

The attacks followed with wild wolf howls.

There was Fenrir, which gradually became stronger from him, and Jaehyun had no choice but to focus all his energy on receiving the attack for a long time.

He didn’t even have time to wipe his cold sweat.

An unstoppable attack.

How the hell can I get out of this situation?

At that moment, Jaehyun put on a smile that put his worries to shame.

‘As expected, that’s the best.’

You can’t face the wolf in front of you without revealing all of your cards.

If so, you just bring your talents to the fore.

Even if it’s a power that hasn’t been completed yet.


―The special effect of the Artifact 《Mythic Longsword》 is displayed.

―The dust of Surt embedded in the artifact takes effect!

At that moment, Fenrir’s eyes narrowed for an instant. Jaehyun didn’t miss it.

Wild flames rise through the medium of the sword, and are soon shot towards the enemy.

* * *

Deep in the city of Daegu is a bridge connecting the human world and Asgard.

It was the place where Bifrost was located.

Few people know that this bridge is hidden here, but of course the Æsir’s watchman. Heimdall was different.

He is the one who protects Bifrost, and at the same time is the highest being who becomes another eye of Odin.

Because it is such a hidden place.

In fact, when Heimdall visited Midgard this time, he thought the neighborhood would be quite quiet.


“What are you?”

Contrary to his expectations, all kinds of people are gathered in front of him.

If you look closely, the face looks familiar… .

As if Heimdall knew right away, the corner of his mouth went up.

“Someone said they were the opponent’s colleagues.”


Ahn Ho-yeon, who was standing in front of him, responded first.

Behind him are Jaehyun’s colleagues and members of Nine.

Heimdall snorted as if it were absurd.

“As far as I know, the current achievements of the adversaries have reached the third stage of liberation. If a guy like that had come here to deal with me, I would have certainly thought you had a chance.

By the way, sending out these ragtags… Are you saying you want to run away?”

“… Jaehyun is not that kind of person.”

Seo Ina gave strength to her voice as she said that.

Well, she should have been more confident. No matter how much the previous existence is located in the 3rd stage of liberation, she is also a person with her dignity.

At least there was nothing to do or collapse in one sum.


“You don’t seem to know that taking your victory for granted isn’t so cool. Heimdall.”

The owner of the alluring voice heard from behind.

It belonged to Hel.

Then countless numbers of the dead and Hela followed behind.

Hel’s emergency meeting results. Smir and Jormungand were waiting in the preparation group, and Hel decided to directly participate in the battle this time. It was decided to operate the army of the dead together with Hela.

Heimdall, learning of the enemy’s plan, smiled.

“Since you can’t handle it alone now, do you keep it in check by gathering in groups? What a pitiful look. Hell.”

“That must be the saddest thing. It wasn’t enough that he was decapitated by a person he ignored, and I heard that he was trampled on for talking softly. Don’t you think that’s an honorable thing?”

“This bastard… !”

Heimdall came pretty easily to provocation.

After the members of Nine used all their pre-activated skills. Be prepared for an enemy attack.

Heimdall begins to fully release his character, and slowly proves his power.

‘I knew you were strong, but… I can’t believe this much!’

Kim Yoo-jung and Kwon So-yul had the same thoughts at the same time.

Heimdall, who had been attacked during the camp in the past. Back then, because they were so weak, they didn’t know how strong he was.

It is just a transcendent being. I was just barely aware of that.

However, the appearance of Heimdall, whose power limitations had completely disappeared following that time, was like that of a more fearful god of death.

Divinity permeated through the overflowing mana.

“Then until the adversary comes. Shall we start talking among ourselves?”

“That’s good.”

Hel retorted and clapped his hands. Then, a thin, black film formed around them and confined them.

A magic that Hel often uses. It was “Border of Death”.

It is similar to Jaehyun’s life-or-death in that it is a skill that prevents anyone from approaching the surroundings, but it was close to a barrier that never allowed anyone to enter from the outside without raising the caster’s attack power.

Heimdall frowned.

He scratched his head as if he was annoyed, then muttered as he took out an object.

“I had no intention of writing this from the beginning… .”

An artifact that Heimdall took out. It was also a flute he used often.

It’s a long war. It was the sound of the flute of death announcing the beginning of Ragnarok.

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