I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 383

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Episode 383. The Fifth Trial (3)

Odin leaves the throne for the first time in a while and searches all over the nine worlds with Hugin. He was pensive with a cynical face.

There is only one thing that fills his head. It was a deep question about the adversary.

‘The adversary from 10,000 years ago. After all, he was a real person.’

In fact, even before Odin heard from Tyr, he already knew that another adversary existed. It’s easy to see if you think of his usual obsession with perfectionist tendencies.

Never take care of things haphazardly, never choose a road that has no chance.

That was Odin’s way, and indeed it always worked out what was best for him. Because of this, Odin always analyzes the situation to the limit and handles the work.

No matter how dire the situation was, it was the same.


In the past, Odin also looked through all the books related to the adversary in Asgard’s library.

He had already acquired all the knowledge, so he thought that he would not be able to know anything, but there were records of disparate things that even he did not know.

first adversary.

It was mixed with the story that such a human existed 10,000 years ago.

But Odin felt strange. Why can’t even the person at the top of the Æsir remember the information related to the human with the alias of the adversary that existed 10,000 years ago?

He was the one who knew everything about the nine worlds. However, it was somewhat reluctant to have a history that even the person himself did not know about.

The most incomprehensible thing is, of course, the error of memory.

As if the film was cut somewhere. In Odin’s memory, only fragmentary, at most a few scenes floating around as fragments came to mind little by little.


when I was deep in thought. Odin, who had been walking quietly, suddenly got lucky.

Hugin immediately looked back and lowered his head.


“Are you hiding anything from me?”

Probably no one can answer that question by saying that there is something hidden. Even so, Odin asked.

“of course.”

Hugin said so without hesitation.

It was a vague answer. As if she was waiting for her question.

There was not even a slight change of emotion in Hugin’s eyes.

It was natural. Because he was a being who could handle emotions. That’s why you can respond calmly to your own questions.

In that respect, Hugin was both an excellent horse and a loser.

However, even in that situation, Odin closed his eyes as the thoughts continued to wander through his head. Why the hell did Tyr say such a thing the other day?

What kind of correlation is there between the prophecies of the three Norn sisters about the enemy and their own death?

‘What am I missing? and.’

Odin remembered the first time he saw Hugin.

‘What is Hugin hiding from me?’

But it was a meaningless question.

Odin quickly lost interest and turned his attention the other way.

No wonder. There was no reason to worry.

Odin is the god at the top of the Æsir. And Hugin is a mere trifle. It is nothing more than an existence that has shared its status a little.

Right now, he probably won’t be able to defeat even his opponents.

“How is the process of finding the star in the far abyss?”

“It’s going smoothly. Since Tyr and Freya-nim are stepping out on their own, we should be able to find them anywhere.”

“okay. Tell everyone not to disappoint me.”

“All right.”

After saying that, Hugin greeted her with the same attitude as the first time.

Then, in the blink of an eye, he was already gone.

shadow welcome. It was one of the powers Odin gave him.

“I don’t know what he is hiding. Everything will be meaningless.”

At that moment, there was a small shimmer in the space floating in the air.

Odin did not miss.

he thought

Hugin must have been listening to his story a while ago.

And that he would never change anything he was planning.

* * *

The main of the fifth trial is basically winning the battle against Fenrir. It was simple, but not so easy to do.

There was no need to explain why.

‘Fenrir… The guy is getting stronger with each battle. Are you testing me?’

are testing

Jaehyun was initially a little annoyed by the premise.

The pain of the last four times that I’ve been through in the name of trials. It made him grow and put him where he is now.

Now I wanted to feed myself at least one room.

Even though it was an ally, it was a refusal to stand in the position of being constantly tested. Even if it’s the huge monstrous wolf in front of you.


With a spirit, he drew the newly obtained sword.

Fenrir’s leg, which had already been cut off a while ago, had been healed after being sutured, so it was necessary to deal with him with more frequent and faster attacks.

Although it would not be possible to spread swordsmanship with all the strength like it did at the beginning, but if you crossed over several times and aimed at the same part, there was no possibility at all.

It was quite difficult, but Jaehyun believed he could do it.

At that time, Fenrir opened his mouth and said.

[Hmm. You have a useful sword. It looks like you met the Broc-Atri brothers.]



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It was not unreasonable to speculate. Among the Dwarves, there were not many people who had this much talent for equipment production.

Didn’t Ivaldi’s sons completely stand on Asgard’s side?

The only ones who could make weapons for Jae-Hyun, who was now his adversary, were those crazy clumsy Dwarves.

If there’s one thing that’s fortunate, it’s that my skills aren’t clumsy.

“That’s it. They are now my slaves.”

[haha! Did you give them quite a bit of gold?]

“Two coins.”

[…] … ?]

Jaehyun didn’t have the confidence to explain the situation in detail to Fenrir, who expressed his doubts, so he leaped forward. Then, with his arm straight, he cut his sword horizontally.


A short sound of blood dripping was heard. but shallow

When Jaehyun intuitively realizes it and tries to move his body backwards.

Fenrir’s fangs approached Jaehyun before he knew it, and was pinning itself into his shoulder.

“… Big!”

Jaehyun quickly stepped back. Then he took a moment to examine the enemy in front of him. In fact, it’s not that small when you look at it.

It’s definitely something to overcome… In any case, it is an opponent to fight together on the battlefield.

“If I ask you to kill me, won’t you do that?”

[Of course.]

“Why does everyone say this every time they go through an ordeal? We are on the same side.”

[If you can’t defeat me anyway, I’d rather die here because I can’t kill Odin. Maybe he’ll stuff you and put his head on display as an example… .]

“An eerie sound.”

After Jaehyun healed his shoulder with Sacrifice, he fired an accurate sword strike towards Fenrir’s neck.

“Don’t do it!”

intangible sword.

It glowed, slowing the enemy’s awareness of the attack by one beat.

The attack hit Fenrir directly and left a scar on his neck. In the aftermath of the blazing flame, the bitter cold that surrounded him began to break.

Jaehyun continued to dig into his body. As he started running, Fenrir cried in amusement.

[You’re a quick guy. As expected, the story of Mimir and Loki was true!]

“What? I think it will be more fun from now on.”

Jaehyun smiled as well. The sword draws a trajectory, and the enemy’s fangs and teeth repeat precisely to target him.

Jaehyun used magic to dodge attacks and increase their speed. It was to make full use of the Battle Mage’s strengths.

Anyway, this is an ordeal.

Trials were prepared for growth, and he was ready to defeat Fenrir in front of him. Jaehyun said as he released his godhead at once.

―Release your divine power to the limit.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t play for a long time.”

[I hate procrastination too. so.]

He pulled out all the skills that Fenrir also possessed. The intangible energy soon takes shape and even the air freezes to pure white.

In the next moment, Fenrir’s teeth collided with the icy earth of reappearance, and a roar poured out.

Hail and hail fell like rain from the sky with a loud bang.

* * *


“If you attack me now, you will be allowed to use your divine power so that Asgard can show its strength in war. You don’t think that would put you at a disadvantage, do you?”

Although Heimdall spoke calmly, in fact, he was unable to accurately grasp the intentions of the anti-Aesir gods.

Why are they suddenly holding themselves in check through the consumption of divine power?

I hadn’t even thought of it this way. Either way they are weak.

Because of this, I thought I would take the most time to fight.

But, what does this look mean?

Hell, Hela, and allies of the adversary surrounding him.

Heimdall thought while blowing the flute to lower the enemy’s stats.

‘It’s best to run away from here.’

Gjallarhorn. Heimdall’s flute is ineffective against opponents of the same rank.

Therefore, in the end, it means that it is of no use to Hel.

In order to deal with her, Tyr, who was excellent in the same large army, was the best, but he was not so advantageous.

It is difficult to deal with even her alone.

But even more so the guys in front… At some point, it seems to have even been equipped. It’s clumsy, but the quality cannot be ignored.

Heimdall knew this, so he decided to make a gap.

Then he runs away, and along with the other gods, destroys Midgard.

yes, you can do that

“I’m sorry… !”

It was then.

The reason why Hel suddenly opened a barrier like a curtain and blacked out his vision.

‘Have you been hit… !’

It was the moment when Heimdall, who grasped the situation, opened his magic.


With a voice that seemed to be incomprehensible to Heimdall, one of his legs was accurately cut and he rolled on the floor.

Blood fountains splashed out.

He hurriedly looked behind him, barely holding onto the collapsing center with his hand.

Ahn Ho-yeon was there.

He is looking down at him, brushing his blood-soaked gray hair.

In an instant, I felt my heart pounding like crazy. This feeling was something she hadn’t felt even when she competed with her god.

Why? He is a human who is neither faster nor higher than himself.

But why did I suffer?

Just when the accident didn’t connect properly, Heimdall realized.

Ahn Ho-yeon’s weapon. And how deceptive is the effect of the buffs his teammates used on him.


That his secret technique, Gjallarhorn, hadn’t been eaten by them at all.


Heimdall cursed and corrected his posture. From now on, I had no choice but to fight.

Even from the people who thought they were the weakest.

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