I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 387

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Episode 387: Mimi’s Brune (1)

The place Jaehyun wanted to go was Mimisbrunn, the spring where Mimir, the giant of wisdom, is located.

The place where Odin tried to gain wisdom even by giving up one of his eyes, and the place where he got ‘Odin’s lost eye’.

Jaehyun planned to head there to get some things.

… Kim Yoo-jung is in a position to go with her thanks to her sudden skill.

But for some reason, her expression didn’t look bad.

Jaehyun laughed and laughed.

“Why are you smiling like that when you go to a dangerous place? She really hates falling out with Poppy, but is that the case this time too?”

At the light question, Kim Yoo-jung shook her head as if she hadn’t worried at all.

“no? Yongyong is good, but actually, it’s not only because of that. I’m just… .”

At that time, why was Jaehyun? He thought he had asked something he shouldn’t have asked. When he was trying to catch up on his words, Kim Yoo-jung’s continued words had already clearly fallen into his ears.

“It’s good to be with you.”

Jaehyun sighed and coughed. Also, I haven’t gotten used to this yet. The Kim Yu-jung she knew was not the kind of person who would say things like this.

When did you become so shameless?

Jaehyun frowned for a moment.

“… … Hey, the situation is the situation. Are you saying that?”


Jae-hyun somehow didn’t look at her side and replied that way, but he raised his hand and made a gesture to apologize to his owner, saying that Poppy was on Kim Yoo-jung’s side.

… … Where the hell did you learn this from?

Seeing that Poppy had gained a little weight recently, he could only guess that it might be because Kim Yoo-jung ate a lot of her own food.

A state in which there is only one mental symptom and no physical evidence. In any case, since there was no evidence, Jaehyun couldn’t do anything other than sigh.

“Yes, I am sorry. What am I going to kill?”

“of course! You said you were possessed by them in the elven village too. you have a bad habit Just bewitching any girl like that!”

“Well, that’s what he said all of a sudden, and it has nothing to do with me.”

Jaehyun doesn’t know why he stutters to explain the story, but he thinks it can’t be helped and said that.

In fact, Kim Yu-jung did not intend to reprimand him sincerely.

Her heart was pure. worried mind.

Naturally, Seo Ina was like that too.

Because of this, Jaehyun was not very happy with this situation. He’s now her own and has brought her to her maximum efficiency… .

I couldn’t help the feeling of sorry in the back of my heart.

I wondered if she had been forced to drag her to such a dangerous place because she must have been afraid by using her heart.

If that’s the case, you’re really the bad guy. It’s cheap even if you curse.

While thinking about that, Jaehyun looked at Kim Yoojung’s profile for a while.

a few months ago.

The day I met Sigrun and Loki. What was Kim Yoo-jung’s expression when she found out that her own death was predicted in the future. He couldn’t forget her fear, her terrified look on her face.

Still, she sacrificed. She told Kim Yoo-jung because she was someone precious to her. That’s why Kim Yoo-jung did that.

Jaehyun couldn’t help but feel guilty.

“Don’t be so conscious.”

When I was immersed in such troubles, Kim Yoo-jung suddenly said so.

Jaehyun looked up and looked at her. Then Kim Yu-jung smiled and brushed the dust off Jae-hyun’s shoulder.

“I responded positively to your offer because I wanted to come. So don’t worry too much. If you’re so cowardly, even I will feel bad.”

“… … okay. thanks.”

Jaehyun couldn’t help but say that. He couldn’t help it because the situation was the situation, but he was well aware that his answer was unclear.

After everything is over, wouldn’t it be possible to give a clearer answer?

Wouldn’t the indecisiveness that was covered by the name that it couldn’t be helped end there?

By the time the accident branched out and continued, Kim Yoo-jung laughed.

“Then, at least I can give you a good answer later. is not it?”

* * *

After Kim Yoo-jung said, she looked at Jae-hyun’s back and smiled. As always, I thought and thought and thought and so on.

‘Min Jae-hyun… Maybe he’s worried about me. They’re forcing themselves to think that I’m following them to a dangerous place because of them.’

After all, one has always been a sucker for subjects that make good use of it.

In fact, Kim Yoo-jung knew well.

Why did Jaehyun decide to go with him? Because it has value for itself. Because she can be her strength when he fights.

That was all. Because the skill matches well with Jaehyun and is helpful, so he decided to head to Asgard with himself.

but… .

Even so, it was irresistible even for her that the yearning, like a small fire that bloomed in her heart, continued to grow in size.

Someone said, maybe love is like a fever and then disappears.

‘Now I have to hold my heart tight. I have work to do.’

Kim Yu-jung thought so and nodded her head slightly.

I have already conveyed my feelings, and I have already realized that my feelings have reached Jaehyun even a little bit. He really cares for Jae-hyun, and Jae-hyun did the same.

If he hadn’t cared for himself, would he have been able to cry for himself like he did back then?

Jaehyun shed tears of shock when he thought he was dead. that strong child The back, which had always been firm, collapsed.

Definitely not a false feeling.

Kim Yoo-jung still remembered clearly the expression on Jae-hyun’s empty expression after killing Sigrun for himself.

The same was true of the warm embrace mixed with the smell of sweat.

Everything was entirely for himself at that moment.

At that time, Kim Yoo-jung couldn’t help but admit that her feelings for Jae-hyun deepened.

Seo Ina. She loved her reappearance enough to overshadow her decision to rob her for the sake of her own best friend.



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I don’t know how that feeling will end.

The world is collapsing, and Ragnarok will tear all of Midgard apart. He could die both himself and his family. Still, she thought.

Let’s answer honestly at this moment and move forward little by little.

Maybe that’s the best you can do until the last moment.

She thought so and smiled a little. Then she brushed off the dirt that wasn’t even on Jaehyun’s shoulder and ran it lightly through her hair.

The pure white neckline is revealed, and the fresh citrus scent of the sprayed perfume spreads. He probably remembers that he also used this incense often.

Jaehyun doesn’t look like that, so he’s surprisingly not resistant to strong perfumes.

On the contrary, if you like this fresh scent, you will like it even more.

‘I’m sorry about Ina. This time, it’s time for me to borrow Min Jae-hyun.’

There probably won’t be any complaints about each other.

Thinking so, Kim Yoo-jung’s mouth still had a smile.

* * *

Jae-hyun and Kim Yoo-jung brought a huge tent that could easily fit two people and a bunch of other things and set them down on the floor.

When you open the gate for the first time, you enter the world of giants with Mimisbrunn. Getting to Jotunheim was pretty good, but finding the way wasn’t so easy.

I couldn’t help it because I hadn’t said that I would visit Jotunheim in the first place. He could neither ask for help from the Van Æsir faction, nor come under his guidance.

I just have to search like crazy.

‘The fortunate thing is that I can roughly guess the location of Mimisbrunn.’

Mimi’s Brune. The location of Mimir’s spring is briefly described in mythology, so you should be able to find it roughly.

Its location is the lowest of the three roots of Yggdrasil that extends toward Jotunheim. Even if I couldn’t find the exact path leading to him, that much was certain.

It was certain because he had been confirmed by Hella in the past.

bruise. bruise.

Several hours had passed since they started looking for them with such thoughts, and Jae-hyeon and Kim Yoo-jung searched for a way out of the dark cave.

It seemed that this place was an ancient dungeon. However, it must be a dungeon that existed from the real past, not the concept of a dungeon that raiders attacked.




There is no way that a monster that has reached the level of a myth will appear like it has just appeared.

If the people Jae-Hyun and Kim Yu-Jung were dealing with were discovered in the Midgard dungeon, the world would have been turned upside down.

They were not as worthy as God. However, it was quite unbearable for those who were about the size of those fragments to corrupt and glared at him.

Thanks to Jaehyun, he had to clean up the surroundings and move on.

Kim Yoo-jung also made sure to play a supporting role. Now, she has grown to the extent that her tolerable support skills can be activated without casting her.

Of course, the efficiency is a bit low, but her judgment, timing, and ability to read the battlefield were excellent enough to overcome it.

The reason why Jaehyun brought Kim Yu-jung came to light.

After the battle, Jaehyun decided to stop searching for a way and take a rest. It doesn’t matter if it’s his own case, but Kim Yoo-jung has not yet fully attained deification.

Liberation Stage 3. Only when you arrive there will you be given a chance to attend Hel’s meeting.

On the other hand, the members of Nine, with the exception of Eana Seo, had just reached the first stage. Even that was possible because she had raised her own level considerably while dealing with Heimdall.

Continuing the battle without rest was not good.

Even though Jaehyun had gained a reputation, it was quite important to stock up on mana and stamina.

“Did you only bring one tent?”

Jaehyun tilted his head at Kim Yoojung and asked.

Kim Yoo-jung pitched the tent and nodded with a slight deviation.

“uh? uh. I was wondering if there was a need to bring two of them. I’m too lazy to bring other things. It’s annoying when you clean it up.”

“If it’s something like that.”

Jaehyun nodded his head appropriately.

Somehow, it seemed that the dark inside was revealed, but it did not show.

Anyway, I need a break now. And the number and type of monsters appearing, as well as the identities of those who will appear in the future, must be estimated.

Otherwise, no matter how much you are at the 4th level of Divinity Liberation… .

“Isn’t that right too?”

Jaehyun laughed.

No matter how strong the monster was here, it wasn’t enough to bother him. Because the level he achieved is already within the world’s five fingers.

“Now, shall we get some rest?”

At Jaehyun’s words, Kim Yoojung nodded with a slightly heated face.

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