I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 388

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Episode 388: Mimi’s Brune (2)

The inside of the tent Kim Yoo-jung installed was very wide.

Thanks to the special treatment of the artifact, the interior went beyond cozy and felt quite luxurious.

Two super single beds and hangers and more. It was very comfortable to have all the necessary items neatly organized.

Jaehyun realized that having her purchase the tent and other equipment was a good choice.

As expected, the non-combat side is quite a gem.

Even more so in the current situation.

“By the way.”

When the two of them were lying in bed side by side. Suddenly, Kim Yoo-jung was so lucky. Her eyes turned to Jaehyun.

“After the second war, how will Gates and Raiders live?”


“hmm… Will everyone become unemployed? Anyway, I don’t like that.”

Jaehyun laughed at Kim Yoojung’s words. he said calmly.

“You said you were learning. Learn to act.”

“Hey, that has to be a face too. okay… what is it. Like Ina.”

“You are fine enough as I am. In the first place, what kind of face did the actor do? Do you ignore the extras?”

Jaehyun said that with the utmost sincerity. Kim Yoo-jung laughed loudly, but she suddenly came to her senses and pinched her cheek.

“Ouch… .”

“Then why are you pinching the ball?”

“It’s because I almost fell for your sweet words. why?”

“Why am I cheating on you? Can’t you believe it?”

At Jaehyun’s words, Kim Yoojung’s face softened again. She tries to force her face, but the corners of her eyes keep curling gently.

It is probably because of the psychology of wanting to confirm what he knows. Normally, it would have been quite annoying, but not now.

After Jaehyun calmly accepted the silence that passed for a while, he continued.

“After the war, I want to rest a little. I also want to find something interesting… I’m going to stick with some hobbies, and I’m just going to do that.”

“Ugh. You already have a lot of money, right?”

“okay. It’s so dirty that it rots. And who will touch me?”


Kim Yoo-jung laughed. I also thought it was a Jaehyun-like story. As she talked to him, what she felt recently was that, after all, he was a very old friend of hers.

No awkward silence, no feelings for each other. You can tell everything even if you don’t say anything.

A map of what each other needs.

That makes you infinitely more comfortable. That must be one of Jaehyun’s greatest strengths.

After thinking so, Kim Yoo-jung immediately turned off the light on the bed.

Then I straightened up and looked up at the ceiling for a while. Soon she fell asleep.

Today was a pretty tough day.

Fighting against numerous enemies and watching Jaehyun’s back, I tried to bear the burden he went through together. He doesn’t really know how helpful he was, but he seemed to have done his best, seeing as his eyes immediately closed.

So, after she fell asleep.

Jaehyun sat up for a while and looked at Kim Yoojung.

Exhausted, she spread out and slept. Due to her habit of kicking the blanket, Jaehyun puts the blanket over her again and steps out of her tent.

Numerous demons outside. He was thinking of estimating their skills to some extent in order to move tomorrow.

* * *

The next day dawned, and Jaehyun was able to figure out a few things for sure.

First of all, the place he is in is one of the hidden dungeons in Jotunheim. And here was the road to Mimisbrunn.

It was good news for Jaehyun.

I just cleared the darkness and hunted all the demons nearby, and a plate engraved with an intaglio on an unknown piece of wood popped out. There was a phrase written to prove that he was an adversary.

Then, after analyzing the rune words written there, this answer came out.

[This is the Dungeon of Wisdom in Jotunheim. Those who head for Mimisbrunn, head upward.]

Go up.

Paradoxically, like a giant, it occurred to me that I had hidden this space below. In reality, Jaehyun had been heading downward all the time.

Isn’t it a story that has been emphasized many times in Norse mythology that Mimir’s fountain is at the bottom? Ironically, however, this giant hid his fountain above.

Could it be that he changed the source of the water by opening a new path so that Odin could not find it?

It was possible enough for that Mimir.

The one who intervened in Odin’s Aesir system, delivered the artifact to himself, and revealed many hidden truths. Isn’t he Mimir?

The letters engraved on the wooden board disappeared as soon as Jaehyun read them. It was probably to prevent other beings from reading the woodblock.

‘That’s why I said it was impossible to find Mimir’s fountain.’

Members of the other anti-Aesir factions had told such a story.

And it was said to be absurdly dangerous, probably.

Jotunheim was more dangerous than Jaehyun knew. It is a conquered land already conquered by Odin, and there must be a lot of his minions there.

Moreover, their skills are unbelievable. It was said that there were also some people with different personalities, so he had no intention of sending Jaehyun.

If he dies, the prophecy will be twisted and everything will be in vain. Of course, no one wanted it.

‘but… Well, I’m not a good listener. For now, it’s just bumping into each other.’

Jaehyun knew that at times like this, he had to go out for a bit. Are there things that change when you are afraid and keep worrying and worrying over and over again?

If you can’t get an answer when you ask yourself, you have to rush at once.

Taking care of each and every task was accompanied by excessive fatigue.

“Then, if I just go up, I’ll be able to do something?”

Jaehyun nodded at Kim Yoojung’s words. However, it is still unclear how she should go up.

In order to find the way here, strong concentration and strength were required.

“hmm… How am I really supposed to go up there?”



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It was when Kim Yoo-jung was thinking about that. She nodded her head to see if Jaehyun had finished her thoughts. A little while ago, he had just confirmed that there was no way to go up using his magic detection.

He wore a light smile.

“Kim Yoo-jung. I guess we have to make our way.”

“What? but… It might be possible to break the bottom, but it’s impossible to make a way up.

Otherwise, the whole dungeon could be destroyed… … And the ceiling is that high, do you know how far it goes?”

In fact, the ceiling was very high. No matter how strong the representation was, reaching the end was impossible in the first place.

I couldn’t even be sure what would be at the end of the thick darkness. If Odin’s army and demons existed, there was also the possibility of being discovered by them.

In order to avoid their gaze as much as possible, it was necessary to make a new path here.

Jaehyun shook his head as if he was manipulating the inventory.

“Hey, do I look like someone who brags so ignorantly? It’s not like that, so don’t worry.”

“… Do you remember when Nidavellir was destroyed like that?”

Jaehyun shook a liquid he had taken out of his inventory after overhearing him, and began pouring it down slowly.

The contents of the liquid were pale green. It was strangely alive, and it was one of the potions he received from Lee Jae-sang.

What I brought to write for a time like this.

Soon after, the ground started to wobble. Jaehyun smiled triumphantly.

Koo Goo Goo!

The ground began to vibrate, and then something rose from the spilled floor. It was a plant that looked like a giant pillar.

To put it simply, it was a bean sprout from Jack and the Beanstalk that Lee Jae-sang made by properly combining the special plant growth promoter he received from Idun and the monster [Heavy Plant].

Jaehyun nodded his head for a moment as he looked at the tall trees.

“Until this goes up, you can specifically call me Jack.”

“… … crazy… … .”

Kim Yoo-jung did not put the word ‘guy’ on the back.

What can I do?

Right now, the method he brought out seemed to be the best, and Seo Eana is gentle and warm, but can’t she continue to treat Jaehyun fiercely and indifferently?

Kim Yoo-jung just let out a small sigh. Where Jaehyun can’t be seen.

After that, I followed the reenactment of sitting on top of a tree that continued to climb.



My vision shook dizzy with the trees starting to soar.

Like Kim Yoo-jung, who is also weak against motion sickness, she immediately felt sick. Jaehyun seems a little amused and she looks at her contorted face.

She clenched her fists slightly, but fortunately didn’t turn to him. Jaehyun laughed lightly.

Mimi’s Brune.

He is just getting on the express elevator where he can meet the giant of wisdom. Incidentally, it was also the moment Jaehyun faced Mimir’s body for the first time.

Jaehyun felt his heart pounding.

* * *

“Huh… under… … .”

Speaking of the results, Kim Yoo-jung also suffered from severe motion sickness.

There was no strength left in the clenched fists.

Now, Jaehyun has gotten used to it and it’s okay, but it seems like it’s difficult to get used to being shaken so fast.

Jaehyun looked around when he arrived. As a result of climbing the high ceiling for several tens of minutes, they were able to arrive at a place where light penetrated.

A place that looks like a holy temple. There was a lake with a mysterious atmosphere there. Jaehyun was sure.

That that place was Mimisbrunn.

“let’s go. Because they are all here.”

“Now, wait a minute… .”

Kim Yoo-jung was dragged away by Jae-hyeon with a hard sound.

It was a bit sad to see that scene, as if watching a cow being led to a slaughterhouse, but what can I do? Hansi is in an urgent situation now.

Jaehyun thought so and arrived right in front of the lake.

Then, clearing his throat, he shouted loudly.

“Mimir! We need your strength!”

The voice soon created a small ripple on the water’s edge.

With his actions, something soared. Jaehyun’s shoulder lifted.

What would Mimir look like from the past?

Jaehyun took a deep breath and saw a being appearing at the same time as all the steam disappeared.

A giant with horns in the gap between the misty water and the beautiful temple. Mimir appeared.

“I was waiting for you.”

Mimir had said so. Jaehyun was sure.

He already knew that he would come here first.

Also, what Jaehyun needed and came to find him.

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