I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 390

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Episode 390: Breathing Game

crying-! crying-!

A child is heard crying. The voice of a child crying sadly in the dark is heard spreading towards the two of them.

In the next moment, the darkness that covered Jae-hyun and Kim Yoo-jung lifted and the son-in-law became brighter.

Soon after, a beautiful woman’s face and clear voice entered.

It stops the two of them from moving.

“why. why are you crying so much Mom is here.”

The woman’s voice was infinitely warm.

As is usual for parents looking at their beloved child, her face is full of only smiles.

A clean smile without that common annoyance.

This made the viewer forget even what they were in right now. I just feel blind love and warmth.

While Jaehyun was watching blankly, Kim Yoojung suddenly asked.

“That woman… no way… ?”

“… … okay. Seeing how pretty she is, she must be Freyja.”

Jaehyun calmed down and said calmly.

Somehow, she felt Kim Yu-jung’s staring eyes reaching her, but now was not the time to talk about it.

Moreover, Jaehyun’s words were persuasive.

Freya. she is the god of beauty

Her cream color, which appeared in mythology, is known to be truly phenomenal, and it was said that the level was unparalleled.

Jaehyun had never seen a woman as beautiful as Freya in her life.

A face that is strangely different from those who are called beautiful in the human world.

She was singing a lullaby for her child.

“Let’s focus. Even if it’s a piece of memory, you don’t know what will happen.”

Jaehyun focused his mind as he said that. As he expected, it didn’t take long for things to happen.

It was because Freya’s expression hardened coldly as she heard a knock from outside. She gave a little more of her strength to the hand that held her own child.


Jaehyun and Kim Yoojung felt a strange sense of anxiety in that scene.

It’s like looking up at the dark clouded sky before a bout of rain. A feeling of being soaked in such unpleasantness suddenly enveloped the two of them.

Then comes Freya’s slightly trembling voice.

“Who are you? What happened?”

“I have been ordered by Odin.”

Odin’s henchman, who was waiting outside, spoke. Freya’s brow was completely wrinkled. It seemed that she hadn’t yet sided with Odin.

The edge stood at her words.

“I would have said it before. I will not go to war with Odin. I don’t like using humans, and I won’t oppress other gods and races.”

“Odin said he would respect Freya’s wishes. However, I only came once to ask you to join the Aesir at a meal.”

Freya seemed to think for a moment, but eventually put the child down and sighed and started to pick out a dress from the closet.

At that moment, Freya’s monologue was heard in Jaehyun and Kim Yoojung’s ears.

[I regretted my decision to attend Odin’s banquet that day for the rest of my life.]

[I shouldn’t have gone to the banquet.]

[Odin’s ugly lie… I couldn’t believe it.]

The saliva of the two fell once more, and the son-in-law went dark again. The two instinctively realized that they were moving to the next scene.

that disturbing monologue.

That something happened out of it.

‘What this means is still unknown.’

However, I was sure that the dinner hosted by Odin would not stop at just a leisurely party.

However, I can’t help it.

Now I just have to watch.

* * *

Subsequently, pieces containing Freyja and Odin’s memories are clearly engraved on the retinas of Jaehyun and Kim Yoojung.

It took my breath away just to watch.

It wasn’t just a matter of tension. It was because overwhelming mana was leaking out from everywhere to the point of nausea.

Freya was briefly seen attending the banquet, and then the scene changed again.

Kim Yoo-jung felt a little nauseous because of the screen that rotated frequently.

It was okay for Jaehyun because he had been through this so often, but it seemed like he wasn’t used to it.

Jaehyun asked with a worried expression.

“hey. Are you okay?”

“ah… uh.”

Before he can answer correctly, the next scene plays again. This time it was from someone else’s point of view, not Freya’s.

I see a palace with a throne and large windows.

Jaehyun sighed and looked at the person sitting there.


“That… Are you Odin?”

Kim Yoo-jung asked Jae-hyun, who was muttering.

“okay. The beginning of everything… It’s from him.”

The fact that the races of the nine worlds were oppressed. That the world was out of balance.

Also, the fact that Jaehyun is now facing an extreme situation.

It all started with the existence sitting on that throne.

Jaehyun bit his lip. Kim Yoo-jung realized that he was angry now.



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Hugin was also by his side. Odin asks Hugin.

“so. The way to capture Freyja is really sure, isn’t it? Hugin.”

“of course.”

There was also a black screen.

Jaehyun thought about that and focused as much as possible on the conversation between the two. Their story was full of shocking things, so Jae-hyun and Kim Yoo-jung had to try to suppress their anger as much as possible.

“The child’s soul was stolen. However, she couldn’t contain only that piece… Well, this should be enough to fool her.”

Hugin said to Odin, holding a small necklace in front of him.

At that moment, Jaehyun felt an uneasy imagination branching out in his mind. Hopefully not. He thought so, but the opponents were those Odin and Hugin.

“A child’s soul contains about 10%. After all, magic that goes against the law is still difficult to properly handle… .”

Odin examined the necklace and then nodded.

“Still, at this level, we can get her on our side. Go then.”

“All right.”

At Odin’s words, a shadow rises from under Hugin’s feet and he disappears.

As always, it was a magic that hid the appearance he had seen.

“that… Could it be that Freya’s child’s soul was fragmented into pieces?”

Kim Yoo-jung asked with a breathless face as if she didn’t want to believe it. Jaehyun wanted to shake her head there, but to her regret, she was telling the truth.

The tiny vitality felt within it. It was because it was felt from the child Freya was carrying just a moment ago.

Freya’s monologue continues.

[After the banquet, what I saw in front of me returned was my child, who had already turned into a cold corpse. my sweet child… The child is not breathing anymore.]

* * *

The scene changed again.

Jaehyun and Kim Yoojung’s shock continued.

Hugin visits Freyja. He is seen rolling on the dirt floor of the gymnasium. However, there was not even a hint of agitation in his expression.

After all, it was the crow itself that felt no emotion.

“How dare you do that with my child… !! I will tear you to death Odin and you… !”

“Calm down.”

It was the time when Freya, who had lost her temper at Hugin’s words, began to slowly thrust the blade into his throat. That her voice of her Hugin came to her in her worst way.

“The child can still be saved.”

Saying that, Hugin held out his necklace.

It was not an object with beautiful decorations or precious jewels, as has been heard in the world.

It just contained Freya’s most precious thing.

It contained fragments of the child’s soul. Freya’s hands trembled at the faint breath of her child that she felt from it.

“Go to war. If you hold the nine worlds together with Odin, your child will be spared. I vouch for it.”

“With my child… You mean to bargain?”

“If it is for the sake of peace, I will gladly do so.”

Hugin’s words. It was too paradoxical.

To say the word peace after ruining a person’s life? Jaehyun was genuinely disgusted with him.

He suffered that way too.

He lost his mother and attacked himself. That, of course, was painful for Jaehyun. She was humiliated and wanted to pay it back.

he knew That that was Odin and Hugin’s main tactic.

But there’s never a way to get over it. A person who is caught mortgaging what is dear to him becomes the weakest and the strongest.

Knowing that, Odin and Hugin must have made such a proposal. I also knew Jaehyun. Of course, I didn’t understand it with my head, but that’s the worst option. I also knew that it was the best for Odin.

Jaehyun thought.

Freya would not be able to refuse their offer.

Sometimes there are things that can be exchanged for life and belief.

He knew it more clearly than anyone else.

[I thought for a long time, but I realized that nothing is more important to me than a child. so… I decided to become Odin’s dog.]

If it is necessary, so be it. Even if it was a reproduction.

I probably had to do that.

After Hougin disappeared, Freya hugged the necklace and sang while shedding tears.


The endless lullaby rang through the gymnasium for a long time.

* * *

Freya stood on the battlefield.

Other gods, giants, and elven races condemned her.

It was a seemingly reasonable accusation. Freya. Thinking that she would never side with Odin, she betrayed her and eventually gave up on her own convictions.

But what happened in between. she didn’t tell anyone

Because Odin asked for it.

Also, since her own child was being held hostage, she couldn’t act hastily.

[Odin spread a rumor to me who lost my child and tried to get him back. ‘She coveted a beautiful necklace and joined Odin’s side to get it.’]

[But I can’t help it. If only I could bring my child back to life. If I could feel the weak but warm warmth that held my index finger, if I could sing a lullaby again, I could do anything.]

Freya puts on a helmet.

But, why?

The smell that emanated from it was not that of steel, but it felt like the thick smell of blood shed by others because of him.

Numerous Valkyrie troops follow her.

Numerous white wings rise in the air and on the ground, and flags engraved with crows symbolizing Odin float on the battlefield.

she shouts in a voice mixed with resentment.

“All charge!”

With that, the first Ragnarok began.

It was the beginning of a war.

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