I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 391

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Episode 391: Dungeon (1)

Opening of Ragnarok.

With that, bloody battles of numerous races began.

Every day, the corpses piled up like a mountain were clearly in Freya’s eyes, but she had no choice but to look away.

The only child’s soul is trapped in a necklace and waiting for itself. She may be that by now her speechless child is desperately looking for her mother.

He had no choice but to fight and fight for his child.

That other people’s lives matter. I knew very well that I shouldn’t use weak humans as weapons or weapons, but I couldn’t help it.

Rather than those you will never see again, your own children. She was many times more important to her.

Jaehyun and Kim Yu-jung felt extreme pain and intense compassion as they watched Freyja go to the battlefield over and over again.

The ambition that started with the strongest in Asgard spread like a holy fire, and many gods and giants. Also, the deceived humans, namely the Einherjar, are driven into the battlefield.

As a result, many people’s lives were lost.

just goes out like a candle It was so painful for them to even contemplate all of it from a distance, at least from a very small angle.

“Freya… He was forced to go to war. for his own child. I want to bring it back… … .”


Jaehyun couldn’t do anything other than just affirm.

It’s already happened. It is impossible to turn this around.

Also, he knew.

That this would never return her child to Freya. It’s just that this is nothing but a long, long tragedy.

“At first, Odin and Hugin said. I couldn’t contain all of the child’s soul. He put a mere 10% of his soul into the necklace.”

What that meant was clear.

A child cannot be brought back to life.

No matter how many times Freya wears a bloody helmet, no matter how many times she goes to war. In the end, she can’t get her child back.

That was a tragedy.

Jaehyun felt the rage burning calmly.

That’s right, that’s why Sigrun was so loyal to her.

Now everything is starting to make sense.

Strangely enough, Sigrun’s loyalty to Freyja. It was, after all, an expression of deep respect as a person.

[After that, Odin decided to call the necklace containing the breath of the child held by me as follows.]


[I was always with that necklace, and I breathed out with the child. All the gods and giants pointed their fingers at me.]

[It’s just a pretentious garbage that sold everything for a necklace… … .]

[But I have no regrets. Even though I know that many lives have been extinguished because of me. I did my best.

Honoring their souls, I will go to the battlefield every day. It is no different now. my child… If I can get my precious child back, I will do anything.]

[Even if that means selling your soul to Odin… … .]

Just like that, the story is all playing out. At some point, all landscapes stop. The surroundings stopped for a moment like polygon pieces in a game.

Soon, with the sound of glass breaking, the retina was dyed black again. Then, Jaehyun and Kim Yu-jung woke up at the sound of Mimir’s voice.

“Sometimes the truth is such a cruel thing.”

Kim Yoo-jung, who pondered Mimir’s words for a long time, opened her mouth.

“We have to get her back. You can’t let it be used like this. can’t i do something? At least she has to let Freyja know that she can’t bring her own child back… … .”

“I think so too. Of course, Freya committed an indelible sin. But that’s not what he wanted to do in the first place. I don’t want to see her writhing in her pain any more. She doesn’t want to wear an iron helmet anymore and be cursed by her fishy iron smell.”

Mimir said so with a sad expression. It seemed that the giant had already anticipated the reaction of the two.

It was Jaehyun who had been thinking about it for a while.

“Tell me what to do.”

“Before that, let me ask you one thing. Do you have her confidence to convince her?”


“Aren’t you the one who hasn’t married yet and hasn’t even had children?

Someone like that told Freya that her child was dead, so don’t side with Odin anymore. I don’t know if she’ll believe that and agree with you.”

“If I can convince you somehow… !”

“I will do my best. but. It is not that there is no other option than persuasion.”

Kim Yu-jung’s voice. Jaehyun cut his teeth and looked straight at Mimir.

You can’t even feel a bit of agitation in the expression that burns with compassion and anger. Jae-hyun looked at the giant in front of him and Kim Yoo-jung alternately, then strained his neck and continued.

“No matter how much she suffered, if she stopped what I was about to do and tried to harm my colleagues and family… I will kill her.”

“… … I knew you would answer like that.”

Mimir nodded and poured some water from the spring and handed it to Jaehyun.

“The memories contained in this well are almost the same as what you saw. If Freya was fed this, her own child would die. You will realize that you have crossed a river of no return.

… Of course, you will have to think about how to feed them. Maybe Frey can help. Still, my brother is my brother.”

“All right.”

After Jaehyun said, he took the cup and put it in his inventory.

Kim Yoo-jung was a little shaken as she saw Jae-hyun say she would kill Freyja.

Now he speaks harshly, but in the end he was thinking about how to save her. He had no intention of killing Freya.

Is there any best way?

Jaehyun is still thinking about this.

‘Because I was that kind of kid from the start.’

Kim Yoo-jung understood that. The moment Jae-hyeon was about to turn around thinking she had nothing more to ask of Mimir. Mimir pointed out one thing.

“Again, to meet Freyja, you’d better take her first.

As you may have already heard from the other gods, her brother is now imprisoned in Asgard’s dungeon. I will show you the way.”


With Jaehyun’s consent, an old map made of parchment appeared and was placed in his hand.



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It was a map showing the approximate topography and major structures of Asgard.

Jaehyun left Mimir’s spring without turning back and got on top of the plant again.

When Kim Yoo-jung got on board with him, Jae-hyun opened his heavy mouth.

“let’s go.”

Along with that, you can feel the plants creeping downward.

It felt like the ground was going out. Naturally, Kim Yoo-jung suffered from motion sickness several times more severe than when she came up this time.

* * *

When Jaehyun is busily wandering around the nine worlds, preparing for the upcoming Ragnarok. The human world was still unable to grasp its seriousness.

The biggest problem was the World Radar Alliance.

They were pouring out primary-color articles about Jae-hyun and his colleagues every time, and Jae-hyun was slowly dying from the media.

Since Yeonhwa is defending Jaehyun, there is still public opinion in support, and Jaehyun’s position in Korea has already been solidified, so there were no major problems.

In any case, it was true that Jaehyun’s position in the world declined.

Those who support him are rejected as ‘heresy’, and everything that symbolizes reappearance is being burned.

Its seriousness need not be clarified.

“Is Jaehyun okay?”

Yeonhwa’s office.

Yooseong, who was sitting on a luxurious sofa, opened his mouth at this sudden surprise.

Seongjae Park, who was standing next to him, nodded without hesitation.

“Jaehyun is already the best radar. If he can’t… … Maybe everyone else should think about the end.”

Well, it does.

The end that Park Seong-jae said was really simple.

end of everything.

In Ragnarok, humans are trampled on by the gods and all die.

To prevent that from happening, Yoo Seong-eun has been running raids and raising the ratings of Yeon-hwa’s radars.

Thanks to Jaehyun’s recent lifting of the growth limit, a new level was opening up every time he defeated a monster.

Now, the recoil of Sacrifice is also almost reduced, so I can use it a few times without difficulty, and I heard that Balak and Moriya also entered closed training.

All top S-class raiders are preparing for war.

It was a ball of reenactment. can’t help but admit it.

“I heard that my brother also rose to S rank this time? congratulation.”

“It is still a long way from being helpful.”

Park Seong-jae also recently reached the S rank and proved his worth. Paradoxically, at the moment when the world was in the most crisis, they were reminded of what radar is.

A person who hunts monsters, finds treasure, and protects humans.

In order to fulfill that last duty, they continued to make efforts.

Also, the effort will be rewarded.

Sung-jae Yoo and Seong-jae Park. Not only Moriya and Camilla, even Ballack.

In addition to that, numerous radars benefited from reappearance and were breaking through their limits.

That is the strong evidence of reproduction.

Just because you don’t go forward alone.

Because we pave the way so that we can move forward together, and always do our best.

That’s why Jaehyun can be that strong, Yoo Seongeun and Park Seongjae thought so.

Other S-class raiders also think so, so they support Jaehyun.

“We’ll do the best we can here.”

“I will always look after you.”

The two of them thought of Jaehyun’s face for a while as they had such a conversation.

Why? At this moment, I miss that sly expression quite a bit.

* * *

Asgard’s dungeon.

Here, on the floor just above the lowest level, was imprisoned one of the Æsir’s great enemies.

His name is Frey.

Freya’s older brother, fertility and sunlight. And he was the rain god.

He was locked up for 10,000 years with his hands and feet bound and unable to eat anything. Neither his own family, Freyja, nor the others outside of him were seen.

However, hope did not completely disappear from him.

Loki. This is because there have been many stories about him recently breaking out of prison.

Although he almost lost his power when the second Ragnarok was lifted, and was unable to attempt a prison break… .

Loki was also Loki.

‘Did you say the enemy… . Soon he will find me.’

Frey already knew that the adversary would come looking for him.

Also, that he will bring a new wave of this second war.

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